Your Voice Is Your Business

Your Voice Is Your Business

broadcast its message into communist countries during the cold War, it was called “the Voice of America.” When a tire company created a classical music program to tout its unlikely upper crustiness, it was called “the Voice of Firestone ...

Author: Orlando R. Barone

Publisher: Plural Publishing

ISBN: 9781597569521

Category: Medical

Page: 302

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Your Voice Is Your Business: The Science and Art of Communication, Second Edition combines the latest in voice research and technology with the most powerful, state-of-the-art presentation skills and methods. The result is an integrated and comprehensive approach to connecting the technically based aspects of voice production with an applied, skill-based grasp of interpersonal effectiveness. This text serves as both a practical handbook and a resource on human vocal production in real-world settings. Relevant techniques of positioning, gesture, and paraverbals are incorporated in the study of successful voice presentation. Additionally, technical information is integrated into the text and reviewed at the end of each chapter. This second edition responds to the readers' desire for an expansion of the topics, illustrations, and techniques found particularly effective in the first edition, and provides new information reported in recent speech-language pathology literature in two brand-new chapters with vivid, powerful, and direct explanations and exercises. Your Voice Is Your Business The Science and Art of Communication, Second Editionhas been designed for ease of use for the student of voice science or anyone eager to use their communication abilities to their best advantage at work, on stage, or in everyday life. This text includes terminology and references suitable to the serious student of the voice, as well as detailed, realistic scenarios to further any professional's knowledge on the art of human communication, and will be a staple in multiple fields including speech-language pathology, communications, theater and drama, and business. Disclaimer: Please note that ancillary content (such documents, audio, and video) may not be included as published in the original print version of this book.
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Podcast Academy The Business Podcasting Book

Podcast Academy  The Business Podcasting Book

Steps to Defining Your Voice The path to defining the voice of your podcast should be fairly clear by now. There is no magic formula, and it's only three simple steps: 1 What is your current company image? Who are you?

Author: Michael Geoghegan

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781136031946

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 448

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Exclusive Podcast Academy training now available in a book! Podcast Academy, the leader in audio/video podcast and new media education, brings you their first book, Podcast Academy: The Business Podcasting Book, based on their seminars. Written by industry experts, this book brings you practical experience that you can apply to your own business. It covers planning, content creation, legal considerations, branding, marketing, advertising, monetization, and much more. The authors and contributors have been behind many of the earliest corporate podcasts and share their knowledge, success, and real-world experience with you. Podcasting is changing the way organizations are communicating with their customers, prospects and the media. It is an essential new medium for any company looking to extend their communications outreach, and expand their brand awareness. This applies for companies, organizations, charities, schools and groups that range in size from small to Fortune 500 enterprises. If you are thinking about podcasting as a medium for your organization, The Business Podcasting Book will give you a solid understanding of how to create your own company's voice, measure your efforts and maximize your opportunity. Implement your podcasting strategy now!
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The Art of Voice Acting

The Art of Voice Acting

Voiceover is also an art! It is a highly specialized craft with skills that must be developed. The voiceover performer is an actor who uses his or her voice to create a believable character. The business of voiceover might, ...

Author: James R. Alburger

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9780240812113

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 432

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Wow! I am reading your book The Art of Voice Acting, and I want you to know it was worth way more than the cover price! The insights into the business, the A-B-Cs... it's all incredibly helpful. I was told by a producer in Vancouver, B.C., to get your book, he called it "The Voiceover Bible." He was so right! Gord Brooks Voice Services (Canada) Thank you for such a wonderful book! Your sense of humor is delightful, the content is superbly detailed and your encouragement throughout is greatly appreciated. I wanted to let you know just how first-rate I think The Art of Voice Acting is. I have taken two (2) Master classes in the past year-and-a-half but I got more practical information in just the first few chapters of your book than from the seminars. Thank you again for sharing your expertise. Daria M. Dutzmann, voice actor Just a note of thanks for your excellent book The Art of Voice Acting. I had the opportunity to do some radio spots today---and for the first time, started to touch on "voice acting" instead of "voice over." This really made a difference in my read---and the director was delighted! Eric Funk, President, Entertainment on Hold, Inc. I have been a successful voice over for about 10 years and recently bought and read The Art of Voice Acting. I must have been guided to do it! It was like receiving a (gentle) kick in my behind, spurring me to get reorganized, regalvanized, newly inspired because---to say the truth---I was sitting on my laurels doing very little to perfect my skills or bring new life to my career. Now I feel full of new energy. This is what I call an inspired purchase!" Anna Rigano, professional voice actor (UK)
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The Story Biz Handbook How to Manage Your Storytelling Career from the Desk to the Stage

The Story Biz Handbook  How to Manage Your Storytelling Career from the Desk to the Stage

How to Manage Your Storytelling Career from the Desk to the Stage Dianne de Las Casas. • Maintain good general health. ... So why would I leave the house without my best voice on—especially when I'm in the business of using my voice?

Author: Dianne de Las Casas

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9780313363801

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 408

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Beginning with wonderful tips and advice about the art and presentation of storytelling, this is a complete resource about how to build a storytelling career. Storytellers come to their careers centered on the stories they love and soon realize that in order to make a living at what they love, they must build a business. This in-depth book tells them just how and what to do in every detail, from choosing a sound system to building a website to using podcasts and setting up an office. Resource lists and tried and true ideas abound as the author shares her marketing and business success story throughout. Each chapter is a story in itself, beginning and ending with different traditional folktale openings and closings. There is even a chapter on how to plan for retirement.
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Your Voice Your Vote 2020 21 Edition

Your Voice  Your Vote  2020   21 Edition

The state of your personal economy depends on how the overall economy in the country is doing. ... As people buy less, demand goes down, so fewer goods and services are produced, which means lower business revenue and profit—leading to ...

Author: Martha Burk

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781510752542

Category: Political Science

Page: 187

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What Every Woman Needs to Know to Bring About Change in the Voting Booth In a presidential election year with our currently divided political climate, it is more important than ever for women voters to be educated and informed about issues that affect them deeply. Your Voice, Your Vote 2020–21 Edition is a manifesto for every woman voter and for male voters who care about the women in their lives. Martha Burk empowers the reader to cut through the double talk, irrelevancies, and false promises, and focuses directly on what's at stake for women not only from now through the 2020 election, but also in the years beyond. Written from a nonpartisan viewpoint, Dr. Burk lays out the records of both the Democratic and Republican parties as well as their platforms on topics such as: Health care Pay equity Reproductive rights Maternity leave, family leave, and child care Social security, sick leave, and long-term care Violence against women LGBTQ rights Education and Title IX Taxes and the economy Women in the Military Affirmative action The Equal Rights Amendment Informative and insightful, Your Voice, Your Vote should be carried to every political rally, every press conference, every precinct meeting—and into the voting booth.
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Power Etiquette

Power Etiquette

The person you talk with on the phone cannot see the size of your office, your office furnishings, or you. All their conclusions about you, your business, and your ability to deliver what you promise, are based on your voice and your ...

Author: Dana May CASPERSON

Publisher: AMACOM

ISBN: 9780814437575

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 200

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No-nonsense guidance to a crucial set of personal career skills. Can table manners make or break a megamerger? Can a faxing faux-pas derail a promising business relationship? Can an improper introduction cost you a client? Can manners (or lack of them) really kill a career? Absolutely. In an era when companies are competing on the basis of service, manners are much more than a social nicety — they're a crucial business skill. In fact, good manners are good business. This no-nonsense “manners reference” refreshes readers on everyday etiquette and makes sure they're on their best behavior. It provides quick guidance on such pertinent and timely topics as: * telephone and e-mail etiquette * table manners *grooming and business dress * written communications * gift giving * resumes and interviews * making introductions * public speaking * networking, and more.
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Consumer The Boss Essentials on Consumer Behaviour and marketing Strategies

Consumer   The Boss  Essentials on Consumer Behaviour and marketing Strategies

the brand building process, is to create a brand logo and tagline for your company. ... A brand voice could be: • Professional • Friendly • Service-oriented • Authoritative • Technical • Promotional • Conversational • Informative There ...

Author: Dr A Madeswaran

Publisher: Archers & Elevators Publishing House

ISBN: 9788194706571

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Tales for Coaching

Tales for Coaching

In addi- tion , I believe that using your voice for business storytelling with adults in a business context requires a particular skill . The way you use your voice to start a story is crucial . This is your equivalent of ' cric ! crac ...

Author: Margaret Parkin

Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers

ISBN: 0749435216

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 210

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Annotation * Companion to the highly successful 'Tales for Trainers'
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The Security Leader s Communication Playbook

The Security Leader   s Communication Playbook

Bridging the Gap between Security and the Business Jeffrey W. Brown ... An easy way to start the process is to record your voice speaking in a normal, casual way. Listening to a recording of your voice will make you aware of some of the ...

Author: Jeffrey W. Brown

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781000440270

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 394

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This book is for cybersecurity leaders across all industries and organizations. It is intended to bridge the gap between the data center and the board room. This book examines the multitude of communication challenges that CISOs are faced with every day and provides practical tools to identify your audience, tailor your message and master the art of communicating. Poor communication is one of the top reasons that CISOs fail in their roles. By taking the step to work on your communication and soft skills (the two go hand-in-hand), you will hopefully never join their ranks. This is not a “communication theory” book. It provides just enough practical skills and techniques for security leaders to get the job done. Learn fundamental communication skills and how to apply them to day-to-day challenges like communicating with your peers, your team, business leaders and the board of directors. Learn how to produce meaningful metrics and communicate before, during and after an incident. Regardless of your role in Tech, you will find something of value somewhere along the way in this book.
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How to Start a Home based Car Detailing Business

How to Start a Home based Car Detailing Business

sound and image of your business for those making contact with you via phone. Here are a few of those systems and what they offer: n Grasshopper—This service will do manythings, including voice mail, a tollfree number, and a long list ...

Author: Renny Doyle

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780762789184

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 240

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Whether you plan to go it alone or build a team, this book takes you through all phases of setting up and running a thriving home-based car detailing business, from estimating start-up costs to opening your doors. This book includes profiles of professional detailers and business professionals who share valuable insight on owning a business. Learn all about equipping your business, exploring web-based and traditional marketing methods, establishing a solid sales system, and expanding your own home-based car detailing business. Look for useful charts and worksheets throughout the book, including: Vehicle Evaluation Form Sales Forecasts and Cash Flow Projections Sample Estimate Worksheet Sample Bid and Invoice Client Check-In Form
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