Your Face Never Lies

An Introduction to Oriental Diagnosis

Author: Michio Kushi

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780895292148

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 96

View: 2013


A quick glance in the mirror can tell you much about your health. The shape of your face alone reveals a great deal. Your posture, skin tone, facial structures, and handwriting can tell you even more. They all reflect the vitality of your constitution at birth, the quality of your diet, and the strengths and weaknesses of your internal organs. Your Face Never Lies will lead you beyond the narrow limits of western medicine. Much more than a tool for helping those who are ill, the ancient skill described by macrobiotics expert Michio Kushi, will help you to better understand yourself, your life, and your relationship with nature. And, through the enhancement of your inherent observational abilities, this time-proven technique can begin to benefit you and those around you in only a few days.

Face Reading

Author: Richard M. Phelan

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1438923643

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 210

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Personology for profiling has been used for many years. It has proved to be an invaluable tool to understand human behaviour, career assessment and relationships. Understanding who you really are by your genetic facial traits has opened up a new outlook on life for many people, as your face never lies. Finding out what your gifts and challenges are, has reduced stress in many people's lives as they now have positive direction and purpose. As regards finding your ideal partner, you will understand that looks although at first may appear to be important yet they are no bases to plan a long term relationship. Understanding the traits of your children and those around you will greatly improve your relationships. This information is not based on intuitive or psychic readings but is supported by scientific research and studies over the past 70 years with controlled studies and investigation programs making it the most validated method or system known to date with 92% accuracy. The system was discovered by the late Judge Edward V. Jones USA, validated by Personologist Robert Whiteside and further advocated by Personologist, Dr Paul B. Elsner. This system was pioneered and used with excellent results. This book has been prepared to present to the public valuable and accurate information that will be of positive benefit to all that may use this excellent tool.

You Can

A Collection of Brief Talks on the Most Important Topic in the World-Your Success

Author: George Matthew Adams

Publisher: Ravenio Books


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 130

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THE little Talks that make up these pages were written quite as much to help me as to help you who honor me by reading them. As a matter of common fact we are all inherently related to each other, so that what I have for you, you have for me. Other minds—away back, and all along into the now— have given to me, and I, as a sort of Un-ordained Fashioner, hand over to you what was in the first place as much meant for you as for me. If you catch fire from contact with the ideas and suggestions that these few pages clothe anew, this book shall have been Worthwhile. The easiest thing in the world is to Succeed. You can’t help it if you follow the rules and play the game the best way you know how according to Yourself, instead of according to the one next to you, or above you, or somewhere away from you. One thing I hope—and that is that you will feel the human warmth of sincere Purpose that first inspired these little Talks. To me the pleasure of Work and Achievement is so great that for you to get my experience, shall mean increased pleasure returned to me. Most of these suggestions were written between tasks while the plowing and work of tilling the business soil was at full energy. Some were written at Night, at Morning, on Trains, in Hotels, and some while “out on pleasure bent.” They have all been squeezed out of busy hours, which in turn is an apology for everything they lack except the desire back of them to be Helpful. So, I walk as another human in the ranks and join you in your largest Success. YOU CAN—I know. G. M. A. Montclair, New Jersey, June, 1913

You Can - A Collection of Brief Talks on the most Important Topic in the World - Your Success

Author: George Matthew Adams


ISBN: 0359087345

Category: Success

Page: 115

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There's a man in the world who is never turned down, wherever he chances to stray; he gets the glad hand in the populous town, or out where the farmers make hay; he's greeted with pleasure on deserts of sand, and deep in the aisles of the woods; wherever he goes there's the welcoming hand-he's The Man Who Delivers The Goods. The failures of life sit around and complain; the gods haven't treated them white; they've lost their umbrellas whenever there's rain, and they haven't their lanterns at night; men tire of the failures who fill with their sighs the air of their own neighborhoods; there's one who is greeted with love-lighted eyes-he's The Man Who Delivers The Goods. One fellow is lazy, and watches the clock, and waits for the whistle to blow; and one has a hammer, with which he will knock, and one tells a story of woe; and one, if requested to travel a mile, will measure the perches and roods; but one does his stunt with a whistle or smile -- he's The Man Who Delivers The Goods....

The Yoga Face

Eliminate Wrinkles with the Ultimate Natural Facelift

Author: Annelise Hagen

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1440629056

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 224

View: 339


View our feature on Annelise Hagen's The Yoga Face. To keep their faces looking younger, women today try everything from invasive procedures such as plastic surgery and Botox to expensive cosmeceuticals. The Yoga Face is a new and completely natural alternative anti-aging regimen that women can do anytime and anywhere-and in just minutes. The exercises, developed by yoga expert and instructor Annelise Hagen, are based on a simple principle: The muscles of the face are no different from the muscles of the rest of the body. If you don't exercise the muscles below the neck, they become weak and flabby, and the same thing will happen to your face with age. Just as yoga routines work the muscles in the body, the stretches and movements in The Yoga Face tighten and tone the face muscles-and combat wrinkles. "Working out" with fun facial exercises such as the Louis Armstrong "Satchmo," the Marilyn Monroe "kiss," and the "Lion Face," readers will notice changes quickly; and over time, the results are dramatic. Illustrated with more than seventy-five instructive photos throughout, The Yoga Face offers an easy, safe, and effective solution to help women turn back the clock and have beautiful, young-looking skin.

The Camera Never Lies

Author: David Rawlings

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 078523070X

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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Daniel, Kelly, and Milly appear to be the perfect family. But an old camera will expose secrets no one wants developed. Daniel Whitely is a successful marriage counselor and bestselling author, yet his own marriage is in crisis and his daughter is drifting further away each day. To make matters worse, the deadline for his second book has come and gone, and he still hasn’t written a single word. When Daniel inherits an old camera from his grandfather, he notices an inscription on the bottom: “No matter what you think you might see, the camera never lies.” Daniel begins using the camera, but every time he develops his photos, they threaten to reveal secrets that could sabotage both his marriage and his career—exposing him as a fraud and destroying the life he has worked so hard to build. He’s faced with a choice: keep his secrets and save his career or come clean and possibly save his family. Which will he choose? Which would you choose? Praise for The Camera Never Lies: "In his intriguing novel, The Camera Never Lies, David Rawlings challenges us to wonder what our photographs would look like if our souls, not our faces, were captured by the lens. This fascinating story will capture your imagination and your heart."—Rachel Hauck, New York Times bestselling author of The Wedding Dress “The camera never lies, and neither does this gripping story about unearthing our deepest secrets in the most fantastical of ways. A message relatable to us all, bottled in an adventure we all love to read.”—Melissa Ferguson, author of The Dating Charade "A thought-provoking look at the real price that secrets extract—not just from the person keeping them, but from their loved ones, too.You'll close this story and be compelled to examine your own life . . . and also look at those around you and wonder, 'Who else looks like they have it all together but is drowning on the inside?'"—Jessica Kate, author of Love and Other Mistakes

Bones Never Lie

(Temperance Brennan 17)

Author: Kathy Reichs

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448184983

Category: Fiction

Page: 480

View: 7247


The gripping new Temperance Brennan novel from the world-class forensic anthropologist and Number 1 bestselling author Kathy Reichs. Tempe is faced with the horrifying possibility that the killer who got away in Monday Mourning is back... For a decade, Temperance Brennan has been haunted by the one who got away. The killer of young women. The monster. And the one who has now come back. Feeding on fear, grief and rage. Killing again. Killing girls. Getting closer. Coming for Tempe.

A Lady Never Lies: Affairs By Moonlight

Author: Juliana Gray

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1472204824

Category: Fiction

Page: 301

View: 1038


A Lady Never Lies is the utterly enchanting first novel in Juliana Gray's debut Affairs By Moonlight trilogy. You'll be swept away by the fabulously inventive plot, witty writing, heart-stopping romance and glorious Italian setting. Perfect for fans of Julia Quinn and Suzanne Enoch, Juliana is a dazzling new talent in romance. Lady Alexandra Morley, an alluring widow, is desperate to devise a plan to reverse her fortunes. When fate lands her in the arms of Phineas 'Finn' Burke, an attractive inventor, she despairs of ever getting what she needs...until they kiss. Finn has always been impervious to the charms of the female species, intent only on perfecting his 'horseless carriage' engine. He never dreamed he'd meet a woman like Alexandra, who is as stubborn as she is beautiful. Despite the brewing scandal, Finn longs to make Alexandra his wife, but he must first convince the maddening lady that their love is the only thing that matters. For more gorgeous historical romance check out the other titles in her Affairs By Moonlight trilogy: A Gentleman Never Tells and A Duke Never Yields as well as her Princess In Hiding Trilogy: How To Tame Your Duke, How To Master Your Marquis, How To School Your Scoundrel.

Natural Body Natural Mind

Health, Ecology and the Human Spirit

Author: Bill Tara

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1465334017

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 173

View: 1977


Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times This book takes a radical look at why wealthiest society in history is producing a culture where degenerative disease, emotional stress and social discord are the norm. It explores how our modern enchantment with technology and unlimited economic growth creates a gap between our everyday actions and our true human potential. By focusing on the relationships between Humanity to Nature and Health to Culture, Food to Health and Health to Emotion Mr. Tara presents a vision of how daily actions can create a world that works for everyone. Natural Body / Natural Mind challenges the values of science, religion and the marketplace with a passionate appeal to compassion, common sense and the wisdom of the heart.


Author: Firouzeh Razavi

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 0761863923

Category: Fiction

Page: 77

View: 4429


Overwhelmed by family stresses and longing to paint again, Negin retreats to her secluded mountain cabin. Unexpected obstacles challenge her artistic reawakening and force her to confront her fear of being alone. Isolation allows readers to journey along with Negin in her quest for calm despite life’s raging storms.