You Might Be from Manitoba If

You Might Be from Manitoba If

As Cummings proves, this is a province that is proud of who it is and likes nothing better than a good laugh.

Author: Dale Cummings


ISBN: 1927097606

Category: Canadian wit and humor, Pictorial

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As the cartoonist for the Winnipeg Free Press for 30 years, Dale Cummings delivers his unique take on his home province, tickling the funny bone on every page. As Cummings proves, this is a province that is proud of who it is and likes nothing better than a good laugh.
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If you live in south central Manitoba, you might have heard of Norquay – an early
community northeast of Pilot Mound. If you live near Portage la Prairie, you might
know about Norquay Beach – located south of the Assiniboine River. If you live ...

Author: Jennifer Lawson

Publisher: Portage & Main Press

ISBN: 9781553790341

Category: Education

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Manitoba Past and Present is custom-written for Manitoba teachers to match the "Social Studies Manitoba Curriculum Framework of Outcomes (2003)" document for Grade 4. This special Hands-On Social Studies component meets all the outcomes in Cluster 3: Living in Manitoba and Cluster 4: History of Manitoba. This Manitoba module follows the same great Hands-On format. Each lesson has materials lists activity descriptions questioning techniques assessment suggestions activity sheets and visuals
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Manitoba Law Journal A Review of the Current Legal Landscape 2013 Volume 37 1

Manitoba Law Journal  A Review of the Current Legal Landscape 2013 Volume 37 1

How do you fit into the modern economy the traditional peoples of Manitoba? If
you know anything ... Secondly, you would think that the more balanced and
nuanced perspective would come from academia – think again. That's not always
the ...

Author: Darcy L. MacPherson, et al.

Publisher: Manitoba Law Journal


Category: Law

Page: 532

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The Manitoba Law Journal is a peer-reviewed journal founded in 1961. The MLJ's current mission is to provide lively, independent and high caliber commentary on legal events in Manitoba or events of special interest to our community. This issue has articles from a variety of contributing authors including: Amar Khoday, Ami Kotler, Brandon Trask, Bruce MacFarlane, Bryan P. Schwartz, Dale McFadzean, Darcy L. MacPherson, Delloyd J. Guth, Donn Short, Douglas D. Ferguson, Edward D. Brown, Eveline Milliken, Gord Mackintosh, Janelle Anderson, Jeffrey Oliphant, John Burchill, John Pozios, Lee Stuesser, M. Lynne Jenkins, Martha E. Simmons, Miranda Grayson, Philip Girard, Richard J. Chartier, Richard Wolson, Romeo Dallaire, Sacha R. Paul, Sarah Buhler, Susan Noakes, and Trevor C. W. Farrow.
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Freshwater Fishes of Manitoba

Freshwater Fishes of Manitoba

To use a key, it is best to have a specimen of the fish you are trying to identify at
hand. If only a picture is available, it may work, but a picture likely won't show all
the features you need to make full use of the key. Each step in a key consists of ...

Author: Kenneth Stewart

Publisher: Univ. of Manitoba Press

ISBN: 9780887553745

Category: Nature

Page: 300

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Manitoba's ninety-three species of fish give the province the third most diverse fish population in Canada. The provinceís variety of geological features, with its major lakes, rivers, tributaries, and watersheds, is due in large part to its history as the basin for Glacial Lake Agassiz. This, combined with its access to the waters of Hudson Bay and large American river systems, has provided habitat for a wide diversity of freshwater fish. Species from lampreys to goldeye, catfish to perch, bigmouth bass to slimy sculpin swim in waters from arctic rivers in the north to Red River tributaries and down to the Mississippi in the south.Freshwater Fishes of Manitoba is a comprehensive, user-friendly guide. Each species is accurately depicted in detailed colour photographs and accompanying map, with descriptions of physical characteristics, spawning and feeding habits, distribution, habitat, ecological role, and economic importance. The guide also includes an extensive glossary, keys to identifying the families, species, and subspecies, and information on documentation and preservation of specimens. Freshwater Fishes of Manitoba is not only the definitive guide to these fishes of Manitoba, it is also accessible and reliable for a range of users from general fishers to professional fish biologists.
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Orchids of Manitoba

Orchids of Manitoba

How. YOU. Can. Help. to. Protect. Wild. Orchids. Orchids, including lady's-
slippers, are very sensitive plants that need unique conditions to grow and very
specific kinds of habitat. For this reason they are easily damaged or destroyed
and do ...

Author: Doris Ellen Ames

Publisher: Native Orchid Conservation

ISBN: 9780973486407

Category: Orchids

Page: 158

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The University of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba

In a way I, like the rest, moved about hasitantly, all of us perhaps fearful of what
we would find. . . . There were so many of us. So, on this happy morning as we
milled about, looking for faces we had seen or known in some camp in Canada
or ...

Author: J. M. Bumsted

Publisher: Univ. of Manitoba Press

ISBN: 9780887553851

Category: Education

Page: 228

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Established in 1877, just seven years after the founding of the province itself, the University of Manitoba has grown to become an international centre of research and study. It is the birthplace of discoveries such as the cure for Rh disease of newborns and the development of Canola, and its alumni include Marshal McLuhan, Margaret Laurence, Monty Hall, Israel Asper and Ovide Mercredi. Historian J.M. Bumsted looks at how the university was forged out of the assembly of several, small, denominational colleges, and how it survived and even thrived during challenges such as the 1932 defalcation and the 1950 Manitoba flood. He gives special attention to student life at the university, tracing the changes, from Freshie initiations in the 1920s and student musicals in the 1950s to the activism of the 1960s and 1970s. "The University of Manitoba: An Illustrated History" is an entertaining and lively social history of an institution whose development has reflected the changes of society at large.
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Manitoba Law Journal Five Decades of Chief Justices of Manitoba 2012 Volume 36 Special Issue

Manitoba Law Journal  Five Decades of Chief Justices of Manitoba 2012 Volume 36 Special Issue

with you, and the two of you would sort of be doing it together. I've thought a bit
about this, but not much, and it may turn out not to be a good idea at all, but sort
of a transition. DLM: So there'd be certain courses that you'd take if you wanted to

Author: Darcy L. MacPherson, et al.

Publisher: Manitoba Law Journal


Category: Law

Page: 208

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The Manitoba Law Journal is a peer-reviewed journal founded in 1961. The MLJ's current mission is to provide lively, independent and high caliber commentary on legal events in Manitoba or events of special interest to our community. This special issue has articles from a variety of contributing authors including: Ainslie Schroeder, Alfred M. Monnin, Arnold Naimark, Bryan P. Schwartz, Darcy L. MacPherson, Jack London, Martin Freedman, Melanie R. Bueckert, Michael E. Rice, Richard J. Scott, and Samuel Freedman.
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Rural Employers Information Pathway for Hiring Temporary Foreign Workers in Manitoba

Rural Employers  Information Pathway for Hiring Temporary Foreign Workers in Manitoba

Manitoba. Why: • After 6 months of work you may decide to keep your employee
permanently and help them apply for ... Manitoba Labour and Immigration • Apply
through the Provincial Nominee Programme Duration: • If you and your worker ...


Publisher: Rural Development Institute


Category: Emigration and immigration

Page: 25

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Phantom Lake

Phantom Lake

You can find the town and a tiny blue splotch to mark the lake, if you have a
Saskatchewan highway map. Look up, about 800 ... Though I am due south of a
Manitoba town, I am actually in Saskatchewan, one province to the west of

Author: Birk Sproxton

Publisher: University of Alberta

ISBN: 9780888647696

Category: Fiction

Page: 228

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Phantom Lake explores the stories, legends, and tall tales that make up “Flin Flon,” a real imaginary place perched on rocky outcrops and lakes of the Canadian Shield. Birk Sproxton traverses the high latitudes of Manitoba and Saskatchewan in a quest for the mystery of Flin Flon and in search of himself. The northern stories, like Shield Lakes seen from the air, become ink-blots to test the writer’s mettle. Sproxton tells of the first gold rush, the draining of Flin Flon Lake, the emergence of the open pit, smelter smoke and slag pour, headframes, and tailings ponds. At the center of this fictional and historical mosaic lies the elusive Phantom Lake.
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Official Report of Debates House of Commons

Official Report of Debates  House of Commons

can ment . House of Commons , from considerations of political secure the rights
of the Catholics of Manisafety , if from no ... we doubt whether the most servile
follower of that there never would have been a Manitoba the Government would ...

Author: Canada. Parliament. House of Commons


ISBN: UCAL:B2887171

Category: Canada


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Riel s Defence

Riel s Defence

PRISONER: No, excuse me, I feel weak and if I stop at times, I wish you would be
kind enough to — 5 MANITOBA ACT NOT FULFILLED [25] But the last clause of
the Manitoba Act speaks also a little of the North-West, speaks that temporary ...

Author: Hans V. Hansen

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 9780773590472

Category: History

Page: 331

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In 1885, Louis Riel was charged with high treason, found guilty, and consequently executed for his role in Saskatchewan's North-West Rebellion. During his trial, the Métis leader gave two speeches, passionately defending the interests of the Métis in western Canada as well as his own life. Riel's Defence studies these speeches, demonstrating the range of Riel's political and personal concerns. The first and better known of the two speeches addresses the jury, while Riel's second speech - rarely reprinted - addresses the court following his guilty verdict. Both orations have been edited, annotated, and reprinted, and are followed by essays from diverse perspectives including philosophy, law, history, political science, religion, and communication studies. Through the course of their inquiry, contributors come to understand more about Riel's personal character and political thought, as well as his arguments supporting Métis land claims, grievances against the federal government, and his immigration plan for the North-West. Evaluating the rhetorical quality, legal merit, and cultural stakes of his speeches, Riel's Defence reveals the significance of the last public statements made by a man who indelibly shaped Canada’s history by combining his personal vision with a national vision.
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The Story of Owen

The Story of Owen

Instead, we'd go down into the US through Buffalo, and go all the way around to
Saskatchewan by way of Montana. Canada would be cut in half. The presence of
metal north of Sudbury, he suggested, was the only reason that Manitoba even ...

Author: E. K. Johnston

Publisher: Carolrhoda Lab ®

ISBN: 9781467739993

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 312

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Listen! For I sing of Owen Thorskard: valiant of heart, hopeless at algebra, last in a long line of legendary dragon slayers. Though he had few years and was not built for football, he stood between the town of Trondheim and creatures that threatened its survival. There have always been dragons. As far back as history is told, men and women have fought them, loyally defending their villages. Dragon slaying was a proud tradition. But dragons and humans have one thing in common: an insatiable appetite for fossil fuels. From the moment Henry Ford hired his first dragon slayer, no small town was safe. Dragon slayers flocked to cities, leaving more remote areas unprotected. Such was Trondheim's fate until Owen Thorskard arrived. At sixteen, with dragons advancing and his grades plummeting, Owen faced impossible odds—armed only with a sword, his legacy, and the classmate who agreed to be his bard. Listen! I am Siobhan McQuaid. I alone know the story of Owen, the story that changes everything. Listen!
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The Court of Queen s Bench of Manitoba 1870 1950

The Court of Queen s Bench of Manitoba  1870 1950

To suggest that a right could be abrogated because of what was 'implied' in a
statute was wrong at law. ... in courts throughout the country.104 I have told you
that you should not convict if you have a reasonable doubt of the prisoner's guilt.

Author: Dale Brawn

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9780802092250

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 508

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This study of the Manitoba judiciary is not only the first biographical history to examine an entire provincial bench, it is also one of the first studies to offer an internal view of the political nature of the judicial appointment process. Dale Brawn has penned the biographies of the first thirty-three men appointed to Manitoba's Court of Queen's Bench. The relative youth of Manitoba as a province and the small size of its legal profession makes possible an exceptionally detailed investigation of the background of those appointed to the province's highest trial court. The biographical data that Brawn has collected for this book highlights the extent to which judicial candidates underwent a socialization process designed to produce a legal elite whose members shared remarkably similar views and ways of thinking. In addition, these biographies suggest that until at least 1950, seats on provincial benches were rewards for political services rendered. Many lawyers became judges not because of their legal ability, but because they had made themselves known in the communities in which they practiced. This fascinating study offers an intimate look at personalities ranging from prime ministers to members of the bench and both senior levels of government.
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Papers Read Before the Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba

Papers Read Before the Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba

In all cases therefore , where the word “ Commission ” is used , one should read ,
“ Commissioner Lowry . ... If the Manitoba Radio Regulation Act had ever been
enacted into law , it would have made the Commissioner the virtual czar of radio

Author: Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba


ISBN: UOM:39015053681873

Category: Manitoba


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Abductions and Aliens

Abductions and Aliens

"It's really something you won't believe," she said, "but I was told you might be
able to meet with me. Do you ever go to the University of Winnipeg?" "Not often," I
replied. "Is there a way you could come to the University of Manitoba sometime?

Author: Chris A. Rutkowski

Publisher: Dundurn

ISBN: 9781459724990

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 392

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We can't escape them; aliens are everywhere. They sell us soft drinks and star in their own sitcoms. But to the many people who believe they have been abducted aboard strange crafts, aliens are a very serious reality. Stories of these encounters, taken from investigators' files, have been vividly depicted in television specials and motion pictures. Despite their predominance as a cultural phenomenon, experts offer drastically conflicting opinions: aliens are harmless creatures whose aim is to better understand humans; aliens are angel-like entities here to enhance our spiritual awareness; aliens are conspiring with the government in a plot to enslave humans; and aliens are genetically breeding with humans to create a new race of hybrids. But, what is really going on? Are aliens abducting thousands of unsuspecting people each year? Are they then inserted with tracking devices and monitored? Based on his own investigative files and almost twenty-five years of research, science writer Chris Rutkowski asks hard questions, looking critically, yet compassionately, at the stories of abductees. He is an astronomer, educator and published commentator within the area of study known as "ufology." Rutowski presents case histories of many abductees, showing both their diversity and similarities, and examines how our understanding is shaped by media, by science, and by society itself.
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These are again all very large patrol areas, though i suppose right now control of
the highways is the main thing. “General, the numbers in Manitoba might look
helpful if we could concentrate the detachments, but i'm afraid that is just not an ...

Author: Douglas L. Bland

Publisher: Dundurn

ISBN: 9781926577357

Category: Fiction

Page: 512

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A surprise attack on the nation’s military bases and power stations sends the Armed Forces scrambling. When impoverished, disheartened, poorly educated, but well-armed aboriginal young people find a modern revolutionary leader, they rally with a battle cry of "Take Back the Land!" Theirs is a fight to right the wrongs inflicted on them by "the white settlers." They know they are too small to take on the entire country, but they don’t need to. Over a few tension-filled days as the battles rages over abundant energy resources, the frantic prime minister can only watch as the insurrection paralyzes the country. But when energy-dependent Americans discover the southward flow of Canadian hydroelectricity, oil, and natural gas is halted, they do not remain passive. Although none of the country’s leaders see it coming, the shattering consequences unfold with the same plausible harmony by which quiet aboriginal protests decades ago became the eerie premonitions of today’s stand-offs and "days of action."
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Deputy Ministers in Canada

Deputy Ministers in Canada

They fired some of the people that they considered to be people they didn't want
to have around and they brought in NDP people from Manitoba. If you weren't on
that team, you could forget it. Basically, you would have no access” (interview 9 ...

Author: Jacques Bourgault

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9781442665187

Category: Political Science

Page: 480

View: 564

Collectively, provincial deputy ministers command the largest assembly of government budgets, employees, and influence in Canada, but despite their importance, they have not been the subject of systematic study until now. This unique volume, which deals with a uniquely significant topic, reviews the role of deputy ministers within government, providing a major new understanding of their responsibilities and interactions at both the federal and provincial levels. It also contributes important comparative analysis not previously available. Featuring contributions by many of Canada’s most prominent scholars of public administration, Deputy Ministers in Canada examines a number of factors in the evolution of deputies’ roles. Taking into account social, political, and administrative history, the essays probe topics such as the socio-economic characteristics of administrative elites, the politicization of recruitment processes, the impact of New Public Management, and varieties of ministerial-bureaucratic relations. Together, the essays in Deputy Ministers in Canada make an important contribution to the political science and public administration literature.
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L ona

L  ona

FLIGHT TO WINNIPEG: We were flying over dense clouds, and most of the time, I
couldn't see the ground at all, but I ... We Were coming doWn through the clouds
andI could just barely see the Wing, When suddenly, there Was Manitoba, the ...

Author: Guy Gauthier

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469167732

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 196

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Lona left her husband behind, and followed the sun to Florida. She took fl ight, like a migrating bird, and lay on the hot sands, hungry for love. She lived like there was no tomorrow. But her nights of revelry ended in loneliness. She wandered all over the continent, searching for something she never found.
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Report of the Annual Convention Manitoba Horticultural and Forestry Association

Report of the Annual Convention   Manitoba Horticultural and Forestry Association

You will notice how green they are when everything in this dry country is withered
and yellow and sere . We will never have lawns like Theirs perhaps , but we can
have , by a good selection of grasses and by intelligent care , excellent lawns .

Author: Manitoba Horticultural and Forestry Association


ISBN: OSU:32435027748904



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