Writing Research Proposals for Social Sciences and Humanities in a Higher Education Context

Writing Research Proposals for Social Sciences and Humanities in a Higher Education Context

This book provides a support framework with step-by-step guidance about what constitutes a good research proposal and what can be done to maximize one’s chances of writing a successful application.

Author: George Damaskinidis

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781527530898

Category: Education

Page: 289

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A research proposal is a plan that a candidate submits to gain approval for post-graduate research. Although it is a typical requirement for any research in higher education, it has failed to receive the attention it deserves from the academic community as a procedure of systematic teaching and learning. This book provides a support framework with step-by-step guidance about what constitutes a good research proposal and what can be done to maximize one’s chances of writing a successful application. It also presents advice and practical activities to enhance skill development, and shows how success is within reach if we are willing to face our flaws and grasp how to use the available information productively and persuasively.
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Academic Writing in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Academic Writing in the Humanities and Social Sciences

This book, specifically designed for the Humanities and Social Sciences, assists new and established scholars in the process of writing and editing English texts.

Author: Kristin Blanpain

Publisher: ACCO

ISBN: 9789033461132

Category: Academic writing

Page: 215

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Increasingly, researchers are expected to write in English to reach an international audience. Many feel at a disadvantage to native speakers in getting their work published, even if their command of English is adequate for discussions and informal conversations. This book, specifically designed for the Humanities and Social Sciences, assists new and established scholars in the process of writing and editing English texts. Its objectives are threefold: - to give guidelines for using academic style and language and for writing specific academic genres, such as abstracts, research proposals and especially research articles; - to provide a wide range of vocabulary and grammar resources for practice and consultation; - to teach learners strategies for improving and editing their own writing. Examples and exercises are based on a corpus of academic texts, ensuring relevance and authenticity. The book can be used for self-study as well as in the context of an academic writing course. It can also serve as a reference work to be consulted when writing and editing texts.
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Resources in education

Resources in education

The study of material culture as a context for both visual and verbal language learning is important in social studies and the fine arts.



ISBN: MINN:30000010536799

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Instructional design Theories and Models A new paradigm of instructional theory

Instructional design Theories and Models  A new paradigm of instructional theory

Review of Educational Research, 61, 239-264. ... learning: Research proposal submitted to the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

Author: Charles M. Reigeluth

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780805828597

Category: Education

Page: 715

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Instructional theory describes a variety of methods of instruction (different ways of facilitating human learning and development) and when to use--and not use--each of those methods. It is about how to help people learn better. This volume provides a concise summary of a broad sampling of new methods of instruction currently under development, helps show the interrelationships among these diverse theories, and highlights current issues and trends in instructional design. It is a sequel to Instructional-Design Theories and Models: An Overview of Their Current Status, which provided a "snapshot in time" of the status of instructional theory in the early 1980s. Dramatic changes in the nature of instructional theory have occurred since then, partly in response to advances in knowledge about the human brain and learning theory, partly due to shifts in educational philosophies and beliefs, and partly in response to advances in information technologies. These changes have made new methods of instruction not only possible, but also necessary in order to take advantage of new instructional capabilities offered by the new technologies. These changes are so dramatic that many argue they constitute a new paradigm of instruction, which requires a new paradigm of instructional theory. In short, there is a clear need for this Volume II of Instructional Design Theories and Models. To attain the broad sampling of methods and theories it presents, and to make this book more useful for practitioners as well as graduate students interested in education and training, this volume contains twice as many chapters, but each half as long as the ones in Volume I, and the descriptions are generally less technical. Several unique features are provided by the editor to help readers understand and compare the theories in this book: *Chapter 1, which discusses the characteristics of instructional theory and the nature of the new paradigm of instruction, helps the reader identify commonalities across the theories. *Chapter forewords, which summarize the major elements of the instructional-design theories, are useful for reviewing and comparing theories, as well as for previewing a theory to decide if it is of interest, and for developing a general schema that will make it easier to understand. *Editor's notes provide additional help in understanding and comparing the theories and the new paradigm of instruction to which they belong. *Units 2 and 4 have introductory chapters to help readers analyze and understand the theories in those units. This is an essential book for anyone interested in exploring new approaches to fostering human learning and development and thinking creatively about ways to best meet the needs of learners in all kinds of learning contexts. Readers are invited to use Dr. Charles Reigeluth's Web site to comment and to view others' comments about the instructional design theories in this book, as well as other theories. Point your browser to: www.indiana.edu/~idtheory
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Student Attainment in Higher Education

Student Attainment in Higher Education

In the following section, we present a case study of university students' ... improving the context of higher education students' writing development.

Author: Graham Steventon

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317548584

Category: Education

Page: 218

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Student Attainment in Higher Education: Issues, controversies and debates is a timely exploration of student attainment in a rapidly changing higher education context and a rapidly changing world. The effects of neoliberalism and the commercialization of everyday life on education have been well documented, but with a focus on pedagogy, whilst student success is measured through grades, statistics and metrics. By exploring attainment in a broader context, this book provides a unique contribution to the critical literature on contemporary higher education. Within the themes of understanding attainment and challenging practice, the book sets out to explore student attainment as complex and multifaceted. It achieves this by looking at different conceptualizations of what attainment means and to whom; how attainment is shaped by different and often competing agendas and vested interests. The book highlights these wider issues, controversies and debates that underpin student attainment, whilst at the same time engaging with strategic and local interventions, which set out to improve aspects of the higher education system and increase individual and social agency within it. Sharing a range of pedagogical approaches and interventions, some of the key topics include: addressing attainment gaps engaging mature learners nurturing the intellectual identity the impact of activity choices. Creating a dialogue amongst different audiences about national and international controversies and debates around the topic of student attainment, this contribution will be beneficial to teaching professionals, policymakers and strategists. As an edited collection with contextualisation in the wider research arena, the book has both national and international applicability and transferability.
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EBOOK Succeeding with your Master s Dissertation A Step by Step Handbook

EBOOK  Succeeding with your Master s Dissertation  A Step by Step Handbook

In this book John Biggam demystifies both the concept, and process of a dissertation. Biggam clearly explains the different parts of a dissertation, and offers a pragmatic structure which can be used by students to help frame their ideas.

Author: John Biggam

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)

ISBN: 9780335243228

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction


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What do I need to do to write a literature, context or systematic review? How do I explain my research methods and write up my findings? Help! How do I prepare for a viva? This essential handbook carefully guides the student through the entire dissertation process from start to finish, offering clear, straightforward and practical advice. Biggam uses clear illustrations of what students should do- or not do - to reach their full potential, helping them to succeed with their dissertation and avoid common pitfalls along the way. Thoroughly updated, this popular book takes the student from research proposal, through literature reviews, research methods, and writing up, referencing and avoiding plagiarism, through to submission and marking, featuring: • New chapter on ‘Introducing the Master’s Dissertation’ focusing on the skills you need to succeed • New material on Contextual Review for computer science, art and performance art students • Updated material on the benefits of using university library databases and social media in research • Expanded advice on the emotional journey and where to find assistance and support • New Research Methods chapter for art, drama and computer science students This is key reading for any social science, business, humanities or healthcare student required to complete a dissertation as part of their studies. It will also prove useful for undergraduate students considering postgraduate studies and for supervisors facilitating dissertation supervision. "This book is a really excellent and friendly guide through the Master’s dissertation process. It is clearly and engagingly written and easily understandable to a student. It also guides students gently from a general understanding in the first chapter, down to a significant level of detail in each subsequent chapter with worked examples and relevant practical tips. It also usefully highlights common mistakes. The book presents a realistic view of undertaking a Master’s degree, presenting the generic skills needed for success and acknowledging that life outside the dissertation is complex, messy, and can sometimes get in the way! It is particularly useful and relevant to my students as, unlike many other books on this topic, it does not ignore practice-based forms of research, in fact the book includes a substantial chapter on practice-as-research in the creative disciplines. This chapter includes software alongside creative arts and is therefore particularly suitable for inter- or multi-disciplinary postgraduates using technology to enhance their existing understanding of a subject (or their practice) through research. I also really like the fact that the chapter on Abstracts is at the end (where it belongs!) and that students are explicitly told to write it last – no matter how many times I tell my students this, it is a common and recurring mistake!" Daisy Abbott, School of Simulation and Visualisation, The Glasgow School of Art, UK "The dissertation component of a Master’s programme can be very daunting for students. In this book John Biggam demystifies both the concept, and process of a dissertation. Biggam clearly explains the different parts of a dissertation, and offers a pragmatic structure which can be used by students to help frame their ideas. Also, the guidance given in the book is written in a reassuring tone which is never patronising. The summary on good practise in dissertation writing should be particularly useful during the planning stage, and as a final check for students." Dr Donna Murray SFHEA, Head of Taught Student Development, Institute for Academic Development, The University of Edinburgh, UK
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Student Empowerment in Higher Education Reflecting on Teaching Practice and Learner Engagement

Student Empowerment in Higher Education  Reflecting on Teaching Practice and Learner Engagement

... where we worked closely with humanities and social sciences students, there was a diverse range of assessment methods, such as research proposal, ...

Author: Anjoom A. Mukadam

Publisher: Logos Verlag Berlin GmbH

ISBN: 9783832550899

Category: Education

Page: 558

View: 706

Student Empowerment in Higher Education brings together the accumulated knowledge and experience of many accomplished teachers and students from higher education institutions around the world, and has much to offer those who are engaged in higher education, as students, teachers or support staff. The authors offer personal reflections in teaching, learning, mentoring, assessment, hands-on activities, course design and student identities in higher education across the globe, supported by academic research and scholarship. Readers are provided with a window into tried and tested empowering practices in varying contexts, enabling them to see what works and what does not, alongside the challenges and possibilities. A distinctive feature of this book, and its paramount strength, is that it explores best practices in student empowerment, whilst reflecting on matters of teaching and learning that are familiar to students and teachers alike, and also explores practices in a variety of disciplines. The intention of these volumes, therefore, is not only to inform readers about the diverse learning and teaching approaches of the authors, but, most importantly, to facilitate processes of student empowerment and promote reflection on teaching and learning practices. "In recent decades, higher education policy discourse has persistently implied that a university education is 'delivered' to students under the impersonal banner of 'the student experience'. Not only does this commodify the diverse, individual experiences of students into one marketable product, it also creates false barriers and power dynamics between students and their teachers. In Student Empowerment in Higher Education, the students and lecturers who collaborated to write this important volume have literally blown such misleading notions out of the window! I highly recommend each varied and autonomous chapter to learn what really inspires confidence and success in university students." Professor Sarah Hayes, Professor of Higher Education Policy, University of Wolverhampton "The two volumes of Student Empowerment in Higher Education offer the reader rich and varied examples and understandings of student empowerment from around the world. The authors provide reflective accounts of learning and teaching from diverse perspectives and disciplines, which focus on many different areas of practice in higher education. It is this variety that will appeal to many readers, as the source of ideas and inspiration for numerous possible routes to empowerment. With many chapters co-authored by students and staff, the book models the collective responsibility students and staff have for enhancing student empowerment." Dr. Catherine Bovill, Senior Lecturer in Student Engagement, University of Edinburgh; Fulbright Scholar, Elon University, North Carolina, USA; Visiting Fellow (Knowledge Exchange), University of Winchester
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Internationalisation of Social Sciences in Central and Eastern Europe

Internationalisation of Social Sciences in Central and Eastern Europe

The provision of high-quality expertise to social scientists to assist with the application writing and submitting process would improve the absorption ...

Author: Ilona Pálné Kovács

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135998011

Category: Political Science

Page: 227

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Internationalisation of Social Sciences in Central and Eastern Europe explores the way in which social sciences, in comparison with other sciences in Europe, have been divided by the political orders of West and East. As part of the field of science policies in Europe, this book contributes to the creation of a new understanding of the European academic landscape of social sciences with particular focus on CEE countries. In its investigation of the emergence of social sciences in Central and Eastern Europe following the collapse of the totalitarian systems, this book discusses how the internationalisation of the social sciences and the convergence between Western and Eastern social scientific life is hindered by factors including funding, academic contacts, and curriculum development. The issues addressed within the text serve to prompt the realisation that coherence in European social sciences can be reached only if new academic traditions and cultures are developed, and science policies harmonised. This book is essential reading for undergraduate and graduate students of European Integration, CEE or Transitional Studies, and any courses related to science policies. It is also relevant to science administrators and policy makers at national and European level.
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In Search of Meaning and Coherence

In Search of Meaning and Coherence

done a lot of work in and related to science education , publishes his major works in ... the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada .

Author: Wolff-Michael Roth

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789087902254

Category: Education


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In the course of his research career, much of which was based in his own classrooms, Wolff-Michael Roth explored numerous new theoretical frameworks when the old ones proved to be unable to account for the data. In this book, surrounding 11 of his publications spanning 20 years of work, the author tells a story of how science education research concretely realized and singularized itself.
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Twenty Writing Assignments in Context

Twenty Writing Assignments in Context

Proposal Writing is an undergraduate (senior-level) writing course in the ... social sciences, and humanities. as a genre, funding proposals can be one ...

Author: Melissa Bender

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476627298

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 288

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 Twenty original, classroom-tested assignments: This innovative collection of college writing assignments explores the practical applications of each lesson. Drawing upon current best practices, each chapter includes a discussion of the rationale behind the assignment, along with supplemental elements such as guidelines for evaluation, prewriting exercises and tips for avoiding common pitfalls. The assignments are designed for a range of courses, from first-year composition to upper-division writing in various disciplines.
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Going Global through Social Sciences and Humanities A Systems and ICT Perspective

Going Global through Social Sciences and Humanities  A Systems and ICT Perspective

Keywords: Professionally-oriented Oral and written Undergraduate speech ... In order to make foreign language learning in a non-linguistic university more ...

Author: Zhanna Anikina

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783030114732

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 442

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This book presents contributions submitted to the 2nd international conference Going Global through Social Sciences and Humanities (GGSSH 2019) held in Tomsk, Russia on 27–28 February 2019. The conference focused on such issues as interdisciplinary pedagogy, language teaching and learning, cultural studies and linguistics, particularly highlighting global academic integration and professional development for research. As such, the event provided a platform for discussions and sharing publication activities, to help Russian academics to take first steps toward global research. Showcasing the ongoing Russian research in focus areas, this book is of interest to a diverse academic audience working in social sciences and humanities, particularly those from the post-Soviet countries.
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Locating US Theological Education In a Global Context

Locating US Theological Education In a Global Context

Conversations with American Higher Education Hendrik R. Pieterse ... PhD teaching faculty and comparatively little research and writing by faculty members; ...

Author: Hendrik R. Pieterse

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781498244695

Category: Religion

Page: 198

View: 790

CONTRIBUTORS: E. Byron Anderson, K. K. Yeo, Margaret Eletta Guider, OSF, Lester Edwin J. Ruiz, Brent Waters, Namsoon Kang, Luis R. Rivera, and David Esterline. Theological education in the United States finds itself in untested circumstances today. Rapid social change is creating an increasing multicultural, multiracial, and multireligious context for leadership formation. At the same time, international enrollment, cross-border educational initiatives, student and faculty exchanges, and more are connecting US theological schools with a global community of Christian teaching and learning. How do US theological institutions "locate" themselves within this global ecology of theological formation so as to be both responsible participants and creative shapers within it? That is, how do they discern their proper place and role? It is questions like these that the contributors to this volume explore. Building on the decades-long discussion about the globalization of US theological education, this book argues that, in engaging such questions, US theological institutions have much to gain from a sustained conversation with the burgeoning literature on the internationalization of American higher education. This research offers theological institutions a trove of insights and cautionary tales as they seek to discern their rightful place and role in educating leaders in and for a global Christian church. CONTRIBUTORS: E. Byron Anderson, K. K. Yeo, Margaret Eletta Guider, OSF, Lester Edwin J. Ruiz, Brent Waters, Namsoon Kang, Luis R. Rivera, and David Esterline
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Higher Education in Austerity Europe

Higher Education in Austerity Europe

It helped the higher education sector remain competitive on an ... in particular in the social sciences and humanities where research was not on the same ...

Author: Jon Nixon

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781474277273

Category: Education

Page: 256

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The financial crisis of 2007/2008 prompted governments across Europe to adopt austerity measures aimed at the reduction of their escalating budget deficits. Higher Education in Austerity Europe explores how the resulting cuts in public expenditure - together with the increasing reliance on the privatisation of services - have impacted on higher education directly through the reduction of public sector provision and indirectly as a result of the social and political consequences of that reduction. Moreover, it explores how the effects of these economic policies have differed markedly across the national regions of Europe, with the result that inequality has increased significantly both within and between national regions, and this, in turn, has led to social and political dislocation within and across communities. It is only by viewing higher education within this broader context that we can begin to understand the full implications of the austerity measures introduced over the last ten years. Jon Nixon draws together leading scholars to delve into the complexity of impact and response generated by these measures. Part 1 focuses on cross-European perspectives; Part 2 on the impact of austerity measures within national systems; and Part 3 on new perspectives and possibilities. The volume also includes considered responses from 'outsiders' by academics located in Asia, Australia, and the USA, providing an additional dimension to the analysis. As well as analysing the full impact of austerity measures across some of the worst hit national regions of Europe, the contributors also identifying openings and possibilities for renewal.
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American Higher Education Transformed 1940 2005

American Higher Education Transformed  1940  2005

ing of the society's needs in relation to new intel- lectual, social, and political areas. The multiplica- tion of nonteaching research centers, institutes, ...

Author: Wilson Smith

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9780801886713

Category: Education

Page: 521

View: 581

Part IV. Graduate Studies Introduction Graduate surveys and prospects 1. Bernard Berelson, Graduate Education in the United States, 1960 2. Allan M. Cartter, "The Supply of and Demand for College Teachers," 1966 3. Horace W. Magoun, "The Cartter Report on Quality," 1966 4. William Bowen and Julie Ann Sosa, Prospect for Faculty in the Arts and Sciences, 1989 5. Denise K. Magner, "Decline in Doctorates Earned by Black and White Men Persists," 1989 Improving the Status of Academic Women 6. AHA Committee on the Status of Women in the Profession, (the Rose Report), 1970 Consequences of Democratization 7. Lynn Hunt, "Democratization and Decline?" 1997 Rethinking the Ph.D. 8. Louis Menand, "How to Make a Ph.D. Matter," 1996 9. Robert Weisbuch, "Six Proposals to Revive the Humanities," 1999 10. AAU Report on Graduate Education, 1998 Future Faculty 11. James Duderstadt, "Preparing Future Faculty for Future Universities," 2001 Part V. Disciplines and Interdiscplinarity Introduction The Work of Disciplines 1. Thomas Kuhn, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, 1962 2. Peter Galison, How Experiments End, 1987 3. Carl E. Schorske, "The New Rigorism in the 1940s and 1950s," 1997 4. David A. Hollinger, "The Disciplines and the Identity Debates," 1997 Area Studies 5. William Nelson Fenton, Area Studies in American Universities, 1947 Black Studies 6. Martin Kilson, "Reflections on Structure and Content in Black Studies," 1973 7. Manning Marable, "We Need New and Critical Study of Race and Ethnicity," 2000 Women's Studies 8. Nancy F. Cott, "The Women's Studies Program: Yale University," 1984 9. Florence Howe, Myths of Coeducation, 1984 10. Ellen Dubois, et. al., Feminist Scholarship, 1985 11. Lynn v. Regents of the University of California, 1981 Interdisciplinarity 12. SSRC, "Negotiating a Passage Between Disciplinary Boundaries," 2000 13. Marian Cleeves Diamond, "A New Alliance for Science Curriculum," 1983 14. Margery Garber, Academic Instincts, 2001 Part VI. Academic Profession Introduction The Intellectual Migration 1. Laura Fermi, Illustrious Immigrants, 1971 At Work in the Academy 2. Jack Hexter, "The Historian and His Day," 1961 3. Steven Weinberg, "Reflections of a Working Scientist," 1974 4. David W. Wolfe [on Carl Woese], Tales from the Underground, 2001 5. Adrienne Rich, "Taking Women Students Seriously," 1979 6. Carolyn Heilbrun, "The Politics of Mind," 1988 7. Lani Guinier, "Becoming Gentlemen," 1994 Working in Universities/Working in Business 8. Judith Glazer-Raymo, "Academia's Equality Myth," 2001 9. Michael McPherson and Gordon Winston, "The Economics of Academic Tenure," 1983 10. American Historical Association, "Who is Teaching in U.S. College Classrooms?" 2000 and "Breakthrough for Part-Timers," 2005 11. Lotte Bailyn, Breaking the Mold, 1993 Teachers as Labor and Management 12. NLRB v. Yeshiva University, 1980 13. Brown University, 342 National Labor Relations Board, 2004 Protocols and Ethics 14. Edward Shils, "The Academic Ethic," 1982 15. Donald Kennedy, Academic Duty, 1997 16. Neil Smelser, Effective Committee Service, 1993 17. Ernest Boyer, Scholarship Reconsidered, 1990 18. Burton R. Clark, "Small Worlds, Different Worlds," 1997 19. James F. Carlin, "Restoring Sanity to an Academic World Gone Mad," 1999 Part VII. Conflicts on And Beyond Campus Introduction What Should the University Do? 1. Students for a Democratic Society, "The Port Huron Statement," 1964 2. Diana Trilling, "The Other Night at Columbia," 1962 Campus Free Speech 3. Goldberg v. Regents of the University of California, 1967 A Learning Community 4. Paul Goodman, The Community of Scholars, 1962 5. Charles Muscatine, Education at Berkeley, 1966 6. Mario Savio, "The Uncertain Future of the Multiversity," 1966 The Franklin Affair 7. John Howard and H. Bruce Franklin, Who Should Run the Universities, 1969 8. H. Bruce Franklin, Back Where You Came From, 1975 9. Franklin v. Leland Stanford University, 1985 10. Donald Kennedy, Academic Duty, 1997 Inquiries 11. Archibald Cox, et al., Crisis at Columbia, 1968 12. William Scranton, et al., Report of the President's Commission on Campus Unrest, 1970 Academic Commitment in Crisis Times 13. Sheldon Wolin, "Remembering Berkeley," 1964 14. Kenneth Bancroft Clark, "Intelligence, the University, and Society," 1967 15. Richard Hofstadter, Commencement Address, 1968 16. William Bouwsma, "On the Relevance of Paideia," 1970 17. John Bunzel, "Six New Threats to the Academy,"
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The Doctorate as Experience in Europe and Beyond

The Doctorate as Experience in Europe and Beyond

... academic lingua franca in thesis writing, research funding proposals and publications, especially in the areas of the humanities and social sciences.

Author: Michael Byram

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351213561

Category: Education

Page: 296

View: 958

The Doctorate as Experience in Europe and Beyond presents a detailed and fascintating account of completing a doctorate from the perspectives of researchers, supervisors and students. It provides an in-depth insight through qualitative data, interpretative methods and insider experiences for a truly unique perspective. Given the popularity of doctoral studies and their increasing importance outside of academia, the PhD has needed to evolve and develop, particularly given its role in the internationalization of universities. Drawing on in-depth interviews with international participants, this book explores case studies and comparative analysis of the dimensions of researcher identity, the processes of supervision and the use of languages for teaching and learning and conducting research. Providing a keen insight into how the internationalization of higher education is affecting the doctoral experience, The Doctorate as Experience in Europe and Beyond is ideal reading for all academics, doctoral supervisors and examiners as well as postgraduate students involved in doctoral education.
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Integrating Research Into Undergraduate Education

Integrating Research Into Undergraduate Education

... The Changing Roles of the Humanities and Social Sciences Leader : Reed
Dasenbrock , Professor of English and Dean , College of Arts and ... While
students may study a subject and learn how to do sophisticated analysis of a
work within the context of a class ... Session leader Dasenbrock proposed that
undergraduate research be defined as the process whereby students ... This lack
of early training disadvantages students when they try to write a senior thesis the
following year .



ISBN: UIUC:30112078581862

Category: Education, Higher

Page: 148

View: 410

This document presents the proceedings of the Reinvention Center's second major conference, "Integrating Research into Undergraduate Education: The Value Added," co-sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation. The goal of the conference was to distill the distinct characteristics of the educational experience research universities can offer and to articulate the "value added" of such an experience to undergraduates so that it is readily comprehended. The conference was organized around three plenary sessions, each of which probed an aspect of the overall theme. These sessions were followed by meetings in which small groups examined issues raised by the speakers from institutional and disciplinary perspectives. Some of the questions probed at the conference included: (1) Based on their singular assets, what is the unique educational experience research universities can offer? (2) How can universities integrate their dual missions of "knowledge creation" and "knowledge transmission" in order to enrich and give new meaning to their undergraduate programs? and (3) How can research universities communicate the value of a research-infused education to their diverse constituencies? Presenter biographies and an index are included. Individual presentation summaries contain resources/references. (Contains 43 figures, 2 photographs, and 5 tables.) [This report was produced by the Reinvention Center at Stony Brook.].
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Knowing Knowledge and Beliefs

Knowing  Knowledge and Beliefs

Specifically, as Muis et al. proposed, multiple contextual levels need to be ... of Higher Education (2005), SFU is classified as “research very high,” the ...

Author: Myint Swe Khine

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1402065965

Category: Psychology

Page: 470

View: 830

Bringing together prominent educators and researchers, this book focuses on conceptual and methodological issues relevant to the nature of knowledge and learning. It offers a state-of-the-art theoretical understanding of epistemological beliefs from both educational and psychological perspectives. Readers discover recent advances in conceptualization and epistemological studies across diverse cultures. This is an unbeatable resource for academics and researchers alike.
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Spaces journeys and new horizons for postgraduate supervision

Spaces  journeys and new horizons for postgraduate supervision

At the research level, in thesis-only contexts where no formalised subject learning ... engineering and mathematics (STEM) or social sciences and humanities ...

Author: Eli Bitzer


ISBN: 9781928357810

Category: Education

Page: 360

View: 275

After centuries of barely visible incremental development, postgraduate education has experienced twenty years of considerable turbulence as governments recognise its latent power, some responding more quickly than others and each in different ways. This anthology, drawing on research, deep reflection and praxis, illustrates the current situation in a range of geographical environments that result from such interventions, or lack of them, providing readers both with information about neglected contexts, challenges and concerns and with stimulating ideas about how they might be managed more effectively. Professor Emerita Pam Denicolo, University of Reading, UK
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The Oxford Handbook of Methods for Public Scholarship

The Oxford Handbook of Methods for Public Scholarship

... survey of literature on grant writing in the humanities and social sciences, ... of the steady progression of the bureaucratization of higher education, ...

Author: Patricia Leavy PhD

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190936389

Category: Psychology

Page: 624

View: 227

The Oxford Handbook of Methods for Public Scholarship presents the first comprehensive overview of research methods and practices for engaging in public scholarship. Public scholarship, which has been on the rise over the past 25 years, produces knowledge that is available outside of the academy, is useful to relevant stakeholders, and addresses publicly identified needs. By involving stakeholders in the entire process, and making the findings accessible, public scholars contribute to a crucial democratization of research. The Oxford Handbook of Methods for Public Scholarship features a wealth of highly respected interdisciplinary contributors, as well as emerging scholars, and chapters include robust examples from real world research in varied fields and cultures. The volume features ample discussion of working with non-academic stakeholders, coverage of traditional and emergent methods including those that draw from the arts, the internet, social media, and digital technologies, and coverage of key issues such as writing, publicity, and funding.
Categories: Psychology