Healthy at 100

The Scientifically Proven Secrets of the World's Healthiest and Longest-Lived Peoples

Author: John Robbins

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 9780307485861

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 384

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Why do some people age in failing health and sadness, while others grow old with vitality and joy? In this revolutionary book, bestselling author John Robbins presents us with a bold new paradigm of aging, showing us how we can increase not only our lifespan but also our health span. Through the example of four very different cultures that have the distinction of producing some of the world’s healthiest, oldest people, Robbins reveals the secrets for living an extended and fulfilling life in which our later years become a period of wisdom, vitality, and happiness. From Abkhasia in the Caucasus south of Russia, where age is beauty, and Vilcabamba in the Andes of South America, where laughter is the greatest medicine, to Hunza in Central Asia, where dance is ageless, and finally the southern Japanese islands of Okinawa, the modern Shangri-la, where people regularly live beyond a century, Robbins examines how the unique lifestyles of these peoples can influence and improve our own. Bringing the traditions of these ancient and vibrantly healthy cultures together with the latest breakthroughs in medical science, Robbins reveals that, remarkably, they both point in the same direction. The result is an inspirational synthesis of years of research into healthy aging in which Robbins has isolated the characteristics that will enable us to live long and–most important–joyous lives. With an emphasis on simple, wholesome, but satisfying fare, and the addition of a manageable daily exercise routine, many people can experience great improvement in the quality of their lives now and for many years to come. But perhaps more surprising is Robbins’ discovery that it is not diet and exercise alone that helps people to live well past one hundred. The quality of personal relationships is enormously important. With startling medical evidence about the effects of our interactions with others, Robbins asserts that loneliness has more impact on lifespan than such known vices as smoking. There is clearly a strong beneficial power to love and connection.

Heal without Pill

Author: Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury

Publisher: Diamond Pocket Books Pvt Ltd

ISBN: 8128822802


Page: 256

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This book is designed to provide information about the subject matter covered. While all attempts have been made to verify information provided in this publication, neither the author nor the publisher assumes any responsibility for errors, omissions or contrary interpretation of the subject matter. The purpose of this workbook is to educate. Any perceived slight to specific individual or organization is unintentional. This book is the way to make better-educated decisions, to find the root cause of life’s challenges and show ways to eliminate these causes. It also is intended to help you to establish your personal level of optimum health in the shortest amount of time.

The Healthiest Diet on the Planet

Why the Foods You Love - Pizza, Pancakes, Potatoes, Pasta, and More - Are the Solution to Preventing Disease and Looking and Feeling Your Best

Author: Dr. John McDougall

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 0062426788

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 224

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The bestselling author and internationally celebrated physician and expert on nutrition offers an appealing, approachable health solution—eat the foods you love to lose weight and get healthy. For years, we’ve been told that a healthy diet is heavy on meat, poultry, and fish, and avoids carbohydrates, particularly foods high in starch—empty calories harmful to our bodies. But what if everything we’ve heard was backwards? High in calories and cholesterol, animal fats and proteins too often leave you hungry and lead to overeating and weight gain. They are often the root causes of a host of avoidable health problems—from indigestion, ulcers, and constipation to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. On the other hand, complex carbohydrates like whole grains, legumes, tubers, and other starches provide your body with essential proteins and nutrients that satisfy the appetite while simultaneously fighting illness. But Americans eat far too few calories from carbohydrates—only about forty percent, according to Dr. John McDougall, internationally renowned expert on nutrition and health, featured on the documentary Forks Over Knives. The Healthiest Diet on the Planet helps us reclaim our health by enjoying nutritious starches, vegetables, and fruits. McDougall takes on the propaganda machines pushing dangerous, high-fat fad diets and cuts through the smoke and mirrors of the diet industry. He offers a clear, proven guide to what we should and shouldn’t eat to prevent disease, slow the aging process, improve our physical fitness, be kind to the environment, and be our most attractive selves. Featuring two dozen color photos and mouth-watering, easy-to-follow recipes for buckwheat pancakes, breakfast tortillas, baked potato skins, rainbow risotto, red lentil soup, green enchiladas, dairy-free lasagna and pizza, and more, The Healthiest Diet on the Planet will help you look great, feel better, and forever change the way you think about health and nutrition.

Love, Laugh, and Eat

And Other Secrets of Longevity from the Healthiest People on Earth

Author: John Tickell, M.D.

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0062286277

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 240

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PBS host, weight-loss expert, and renowned authority on longevity, Dr. John Tickell shares the secret to a long life: moderation. Moderation in everything except love, laughter, and fish (and a few vegetables!). Based on common sense, sound science, and good food, Love, Laugh, and Eat is an easy-to-follow guide that will help put the bounce back in your step and add years to your life. With his characteristic wit and medical expertise, Dr. Tickell lays out his proven Activity, Coping, and Eating (ACE) program, which simultaneously works out your body, your brain, and your mouth—the three keys to a healthy life—through physical activity and stress-management techniques and his revolutionary Four Simple Rules of Nutrition. He also serves up a seven-day detoxification plan and a series of delicious, manageable, and satisfying meal plans that actually work, as well as his eight Fall-Safe Snacks to keep you energized morning, noon, and night. Through Dr. Tickell's Love, Laugh, and Eat program you will: Look better Sleep better Feel better Love better Inspiring and engaging, Love, Laugh, and Eat is the approach to healthy living and longevity you've been waiting for. Healthy living has never been so easy—or so much fun.

Secrets of the Centenarians

What is it Like to Live for a Century and Which of Us Will Survive to Find Out?

Author: John Withington

Publisher: Reaktion Books

ISBN: 1780238835

Category: History

Page: 256

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In October 1995, a blind, deaf, French grandmother broke a world record. Jeanne Calment became, so far as we know, the oldest human being who has ever lived when she reached the age of 120 years and 238 days. She went on to survive for nearly three more years—dying in 1997 at 122 years and 164 days. On the long journey to her record-breaking age, Madame Calment acquired more and more company. The United States today has more centenarians than any other country, and they are the fastest-growing section of the population, with at least fourteen times as many centenarians as there were sixty years ago. Secrets of the Centenarians delves into the intriguing background of this incredible increase. In the book, John Withington explores the factors that determine who among us will reach one hundred and who will not. Is it determined by lifestyle or by genetics or by geography? Why do women outnumber men so heavily among centenarians? What kind of life can you expect if you reach one hundred? Is surviving that long a blessing or a curse? Withington answers these questions and more, along the way telling stories of celebrity centenarians like the comedians Bob Hope and George Burns, songwriter Irving Berlin, Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, Britain’s Queen Mother, and the scientist who invented LSD. Finally, Withington explores whether—even if the number of centenarians keeps increasing—there remains a maximum life span beyond which we cannot survive. Thoughtful, well-researched, and highly entertaining, Secrets of the Centenarians reveals some of the most intriguing secrets of growing older.

50 Secrets of the World's Longest Living People

Author: Sally Beare

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0786737603

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 320

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Today we are living longer than ever before, and a few of us can expect to live to 100 or more. But many people feel that they will inevitably suffer the diseases of old age in their final years. Pharmaceutical companies have spent billions of dollars trying to find a cure for the "diseases of aging"—they may have found ways to stem some of the symptoms, but they have yet to find a panacea. Yet there are places in the world where, all along, people have commonly lived to 100 or more without suffering so much as a headache. How do they do it? The answer is simple: through sound dietary habits and balanced, healthy lifestyles. The 50 Secrets of the World's Longest Living People looks at the nutrition and lifestyle mores of the world's five most remarkable longevity hotspots—Okinawa, Japan; Bama, China; Campodimele, Italy; Symi, Greece; and Hunza, Pakistan—and explains how we too can incorporate the wisdom of these people into our everyday lives. It offers each of the secrets in detail, provides delicious, authentic recipes, and outlines a simple-to-master plan for putting it all together and living your best, and longest, life.

World Link

Developing English Fluency. (Teacher's)

Author: Susan Stempleski

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9780838425626


Page: 210

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Teacher's Edition includes "Lesson Planning Guides" for each unit and "Professional Development Pages."

The Key to Happiness

How to Find Purpose by Unlocking the Secrets of the World's Happiest People

Author: Meik Wiking

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 024136843X

Category: Self-Help

Page: 288

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** FROM THE INTERNATIONALLY BESTSELLING AUTHOR ** **Previously published as The Little Book of Lykke** "A wonderful guide to happy living. It's based on hard evidence and written with a wonderful sense of fun" Richard Layard, Centre for Economic Performance, LSE and author of Happiness Happiness is just around the corner with this practical guide from happiness researcher Meik Wiking Meik Wiking understands happiness better than anyone. In his role as Founder and CEO of the world's only Happiness Research Institute, he has travelled the globe interviewing the world's happiest people to discover the key components of happiness. In The Key to Happiness, Meik explores the hidden treasures which can improve your happiness, and divides them into the six building blocks of happiness; togetherness, money, health, kindness, trust and freedom. For each happiness block he offers practical tips: for togetherness he encourages setting up a mini-library in your apartment building or starting a tool-sharing programme in your street; for kindness he suggests leaving a surprise gift on a stranger's doorstep, helping a tourist find their way or telling someone who means a lot to you that they do. Drawing on social science, case studies and Meik's original research, this practical guide shows us that you can find happiness in a simple way of life. While Meik has travelled across the glove to discover the secrets of the world's happiest people, this book shows us that you can be just as happy where you are. This book is the perfect guide on how to survive and navigate the modern world with a smile on your face. "An inspiring and highly engaging exploration of what really makes us happy, all underpinned by the latest research" Dr Mark Williamson Director of Action for Happiness

The Anti-Ageing Diet

Includes the Diet Secrets of the Longest-living and Healthiest People on Earth

Author: Sally Beare

Publisher: Piatkus Books

ISBN: 9780749927356

Category: Aging

Page: 304

View: 1559


Today, we are living longer than ever before. However, many of us are anxious at the thought of living to 100, knowing that we may be plagued with 'diseases of ageing' such as cancer, heart disease and stroke during our final years. Yet there are places in the world where people commonly live to 100 or more without suffering so much as a headache. How do they do it? The answer is simple: through dietary and lifestyle habits. The Anti-Ageing Diet looks at the 'secrets' of the five most remarkable longevity hotspots of the world - Okinawa (Japan), Symi (Greece), Campodimele (Italy), Hunza (Pakistan) and Bama (China). Sally Beare then explains how you can incorporate their secrets of health, happiness and longevity into your everyday life. She includes simple-to-follow nutritional and lifestyle advice, plus delicious, authentic local recipes for you to try yourself.

100 Years Young

Enlightened Medicine and the Secrets of Longevity

Author: Gary Courtenay

Publisher: Apple Tree Publishing Company Limited

ISBN: 9781896817019

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 260

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That's the message in Gary Courtenay's new book on anti-aging. Learn how to: -- Avoid the most common medical mistakes people make in their senior years. -- Prevent age-related diseases through diet, exercise and mental attitude -- Develop your own health and longevity program