The World Mother As Symbol and Fact

The World Mother As Symbol and Fact

This is a new release of the original 1928 edition.

Author: C. W. Leadbeater


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This is a new release of the original 1928 edition.

The Elder Brother

The Elder Brother

The Work of Theosophists, Adyar Pamphlet No. 155, TPH, Adyar, n.d. The World Mother as Symbol and Fact, TPH, Adyar, 1928. Written in collaboration with ...

Author: Gregory Tillett

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317311317

Category: History

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A leading figure in the Theosophical Society, Leadbeater was a prolific author, writing on subjects ranging from Buddhism, Masonic history and the origins of Christianity through to the power of thought and the fourth dimension. Leadbeater was also the force behind Annie Besant, the discoverer and educator if Krishnamurti, and became Presiding Bishop of the Liberal Catholic Church. For all his influence Charles Leadbeater remains largely unknown as a man. This biography, first published in 1982, dispels many of the mysteries surrounding his life, and Leadbeater emerges as neither evil degenerate or infallible saint, but as a complex and eccentric adventurer into the realm of the occult. This title will be of particular interest to students of history and theology.
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J Krishnamurti A Life of Compassion beyond Boundaries

J  Krishnamurti  A Life of Compassion beyond Boundaries

1928. The World-Mother as Symbol and Fact, Adyar, Madras, Theosophical Publishing House. Here Leadbeater explains that there is an angelic side to the ...

Author: Roshen Dalal

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9789389109658

Category: Biography & Autobiography


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Among the most famous visionaries of our times, J. Krishnamurti (1895–1986) continues to transform thought, lifestyles, and education across continents more than three decades after his death. In this new biography, tracing the nine long decades of his life, from his growing-up years, his relationships to his writings and talks, Roshen Dalal provides a much-needed corrective – an objective and balanced view of his legacy. Adopted by Theosophists at the age of fourteen, and proclaimed a world teacher and messiah, in 1929, Krishnamurti dissolved the Order of the Star created for him and went on to develop his own philosophy. What is it about his ideas that draws the following of generations of people? Delivered to a divided world then, what makes his message so relevant now? While his ideas on education are idealistic, why do they continue to be everlasting in their contribution and appeal? Krishnamurti’s vision is of a world without boundaries or wars, a world where compassion and goodness predominate, and his message is that such a world can be arrived at only through individual transformation.B24 There is no direct path to transformation, yet through intense perception and understanding, it is possible to achieve this goal. Carefully reconstructing the events and extracting the essence of his talks, Dalal dispels several myths, explains his teachings, and reveals the underlying theosophical and occult influence in Krishnamurti’s life. Here is the most complete biography yet, of one of the greatest thinkers of the twentieth century.
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Encyclopedia of Occultism Parapsychology

Encyclopedia of Occultism   Parapsychology

... The World Mother as Symbol and Fact ( 1928 ) Spiritualism & Theosophy Scientifically Examined and Carefully Described ( 1928 ) , Reincarnation ( 1930 ) ...

Author: Leslie Shepard

Publisher: Gale Cengage

ISBN: MINN:31951D006193418

Category: Occultism

Page: 2008

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A compendium of information on the occult sciences, magic, demonology, superstitions, spiritism, mysticism, metaphysics, psychical science, and parapsychology, with biographical and bibliographical notes and comprehensive indexes.
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General Catalogue of Printed Books

General Catalogue of Printed Books

Author: British Museum. Department of Printed Books


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Beyond Belief

Beyond Belief

Studies in Australian Affairs Macmillan , Melbourne , Melbourne , 1928 ... C.W. Leadbeater The World - Mother as Symbol and Fact TPH , Madras , 4th 1 ...

Author: Jill Roe

Publisher: UNSW Press

ISBN: UCAL:B3946317

Category: Theosophists

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Alexandre Hogue

Alexandre Hogue

Because it wouldn't have symbolized the fact that Mother Earth was raped. This plow is a phallic symbol. Grant Wood had a dead plow in his painting—it's ...

Author: Susie Kalil

Publisher: Texas A&M University Press

ISBN: 9781603442145

Category: Art

Page: 232

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Presenting the unique vision of an American original . . . Alexandre Hogue, a renowned artist whose career spanned from the 1920s to his death in 1994, inherited the view of an America that imagined itself as filled with limitless potential for improvement, that considered high art and great ideas accessible to ordinary working people, and that saw no reason for an intellectual chasm between a learned elite and the masses. He always viewed himself as a radical, yet his passion stemmed from a deeply conservative idea: that art, culture, and nature should form a central force in the life of every human being. His well-known Dust Bowl series labeled him as a regionalist painter, but Hogue never accepted that identity. His work reveals the spirit of Texas and the Southwest as he experienced it for nearly a century. In his later years Hogue worked in forms of crisply rendered nonobjective and calligraphic one-liner paintings. Bringing to light new information regarding the Erosion and Oil Industry series, this book gives special attention to lesser known, post-1945 works, in addition to the awe-inspiring Moon Shot and final Big Bend series. Each series—from the hauntingly beautiful Taos landscapes and prophetic canvases of a dust-covered Southwest to his depictions of the fierce geological phenomena of the Big Bend—serves as a paean to the awesomeness of nature. Houston-based curator and critic Susie Kalil grew close to Hogue from 1986 to 1994, a time during which she interviewed him, considered his oeuvre with him, and came to share his vision of the nature and purposes of art. In Alexandre Hogue she reveals Hogue as he presented himself and his work to her. Collections with Alexandre Hogue's paintings: Musee National D'Art Moderne, Pompidou, Paris DallasMuseum of Art Museum of Fine Arts, Houston The GilcreaseMuseum, Tulsa The Philbrook Museum of Art, Tulsa University of Tulsa Tulsa Performing ArtsCenter Smithsonian Institution (NationalMuseum of American Art), Washington, DC OklahomaMuseum of Art, Okla City The SheldonMuseum of Art, University of Nebraska, Lincoln PhoenixArt Museum University of Arizona, Tucson Art Museum of SouthTexas, Corpus Christi Panhandle Plains Historical Museum, Canyon, Tx. StarkMuseum, Orange, Tx Southern MethodistUniversity, Dallas SpringfieldArt Museum, Springfield, Missouri WeatherspoonArt Museum, University of North Carolina at Greensboro The Federal Reserve Bank, Dallas The Williams Companies, Tulsa
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Peter Pauper Press fine gifts since 1928

Peter Pauper Press fine gifts since 1928

Safari Adventure Mega Magna Forms Scratch & Sketch Snapple Real Facts TM Solar System Scratch ... World's Best Mother - in - Law You Said It , Mom !


Publisher: Peter Pauper Press, Inc.




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The Theosophist

The Theosophist

Young people should be thoroughly instructed in sex - law and facts and the meaning and purpose ... The World - Mother as Symbol and Fact , by the Rt . Rev.



ISBN: UCSC:32106019963476

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The Facts on File Companion to the World Novel

The Facts on File Companion to the World Novel

Yet if Pirgu's world is inferior, it is also more dynamic, and it prevails as a symbol of the newly emerged, post- World War I brave new world for which the ...

Author: Michael Sollars

Publisher: Infobase Publishing

ISBN: 9781438108360

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Page: 948

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Jubilee Congress of the Folk lore Society Sept 19 Sept 25 1928

Jubilee Congress of the Folk lore Society  Sept  19 Sept  25  1928

138 , 142 ; Lethe , Die Sage von der Sonnenauge , ( 1917 ) . facts but his interpretation of facts . As historian he Mother Earth and the Children of the ...

Author: Folklore Society (Great Britain)


ISBN: IND:39000005800623

Category: Folklore

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1928 1975

                             1928 1975

Secondly , for Minas , his mother's image in his works was intrinsically linked to the ... That message linked his pictorial world with that of Sarian .

Author: Շահեն Գեւորգի Խաչատրյան


ISBN: UOM:39015067628191

Category: Painters

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Childhood Re imagined

Childhood Re imagined

For Jung, the collective unconscious is 'an image of the world which has taken ... us to look at symbols, while the causal view leads us to look at facts.

Author: Shiho Main

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134173716

Category: Psychology

Page: 216

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What can Jungian psychology contribute to understanding children and childhood? Childhood Re-imagined considers Carl Jung's psychological approach to childhood and argues that his symbolic view deserves a place between the more traditional scientific and social-constructionist views of development. Divided into four sections this book covers: Jung on development theoretical and methodological discussion the Developmental School of analytical psychology towards a Jungian developmental psychology. This book discusses how Jung's view of development in terms of individuation is relevant to child development, particularly the notion of regression and Jung's distinction between the child archetype and the actual child. It shows how Jung's understanding of the historically controversial notion of recapitulation differs from that of other psychologists of his time and aligns him with contemporary, post-modern critiques of development. The book goes on to investigate Fordham's notion of individuation in childhood, and the significance of this, together with Jung's approach, to Jungian developmental psychology and to wider interdisciplinary issues such as children's rights. Main also examines the plausibility and usefulness of both Jung's and Fordham's approaches as forms of qualitative psychology. Through its detailed scholarly examination of Jungian texts and concepts Childhood Re-imagined clarifies the notion of development used within analytical psychology and stimulates discussion of further connections between analytical psychology and other contemporary discourses. It will be of particular interest to those involved in analytical psychology, Jungian studies and childhood studies.
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The Occult World

The Occult World

The Masters themselves appear in symbolic form throughout the world. The symbol of fire, they contended, is also universal, as is the symbol of the Mother ...

Author: Christopher Partridge

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317596752

Category: Religion

Page: 780

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This volume presents students and scholars with a comprehensive overview of the fascinating world of the occult. It explores the history of Western occultism, from ancient and medieval sources via the Renaissance, right up to the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and contemporary occultism. Written by a distinguished team of contributors, the essays consider key figures, beliefs and practices as well as popular culture.
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Archetypal Symbols in Fairytales

Archetypal Symbols in Fairytales

The Profane and Magical Worlds Marie-Louise von Franz ... 111, verse 30, the mother, Atli, in the shape of a snake fatally bites King Gunnar: Crawling the ...

Author: Marie-Louise von Franz

Publisher: Chiron Publications

ISBN: 9781630518561

Category: Literary Criticism


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This newly translated volume of the Collected Works of Marie-Louise von Franz, one of the most renowned authorities on fairytales, presents a systematic and wide-ranging approach. Von Franz amplifies a variety of fairytale motifs to show that the magical realm is alien to the profane and mundane realm of ordinary daily life. She was one of Analytical Psychology’s most original thinkers and here she presents a lucid, concise exploration of the archetypal symbols found in fairytales. Fairytales, like myths, provide a cultural and societal backdrop that helps the human imagination narrate the meaning of life’s events. The remarkable similarities in fairytale motifs across different lands and cultures inspired many scholars to search for the original homeland of fairytales. While peregrinations of fairytale motifs occur, the common root of fairytales is more archetypal than geographic. A striking feature of fairytales is that a sense of space, time, and causality is absent. This situates them in a magical realm, a land of the soul, where the most interesting things happen in the center of places like Heaven, mountains, lakes, and wells. At the age of eighteen, Marie-Louise von Franz was invited to meet Carl Gustav Jung at Bolingen Tower. She immediately recognized that there exist two levels of reality, one outer and the other inner. Within months she had enrolled at the University of Zürich and began attending Jung’s lectures at the E.T.H. (Eidgenösiche Technische Hochshule or the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology). Less than a decade after meeting Jung, von Franz had completed her doctorate in classical philology and begun seeing her first analysands. She was a prolific writer, a dedicated teacher and lecturer, and was possessed of a “far-reaching and often non discriminating Eros that accepted everyone seeking help.” (Alfred Ribi, MD in Fountain of the Love of Wisdom, Chiron, 2006)
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Decoding The Lost Symbol

Decoding The Lost Symbol

The Unauthorized Expert Guide to the Facts Behind the Fiction Simon Cox ... build a library of rare and arcane material from the four corners of the world.

Author: Simon Cox

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1439172617

Category: Reference

Page: 256

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Available four weeks after Brown’s The Lost Symbol hits the market, Simon Cox, author of Cracking the Da Vinci Code and Illuminating Angels and Demons , offers the definitive—and first—guide to the eagerly awaited follow-up to The Da Vinci Code , featuring Robert Langdon. . Dan Brown and his phenomenally bestselling books often send readers searching for more information on secret societies, forgotten history, and more. Featuring eight pages of color photographs and plenty of black-and-white illustrations, Decoding The Lost Symbol is an A-to-Z guide to key concepts and questions raised by readers of Dan Brown. .
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Cambridge Anthropology

Cambridge Anthropology

Officially , however , it was only in 1928 that the World Mother mission was ... as a symbol of ( in her own words , when she briefly spoke as a Mother at a ...



ISBN: UOM:39015028850447

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