Words Are Working Wonders

Words Are Working Wonders

Words can work wonders. Sometimes, however, they can also result in disaster. This happens, when either our heart or our mind or intellect is not engaged. Words are working wonders if we are speaking with both heart and mind.

Author: Sylvia Wetzel

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9783739271750

Category: Religion

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Words can work wonders – and disasters. Words will work wonders if we are speaking with both heart and mind. With heart I mean a deep feeling of connection with everything and everyone and with mind a clear view of our strengths and weaknesses and of the differences between us and – the ability to recognize its own limits. Then our rational mind wisely surrenders the upper hand in our life to our heart, which, somehow, ”knows” that it is connected. Key words: talking with heart and mind, communication, connection, truth and lies, honesty, promises, forgiving, conflicts, poems, words of truth, courtesy etc
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Faith Works Wonders

Faith  Works  Wonders

While many people have heard of Catholic Charities and 300,000 people work as staff, board members, or volunteers with Catholic ... Works. Wonders.®1 With their permission, that is both the title of this book and its internal structure.

Author: Fred Kammer SJ

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781498274623

Category: Religion

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Written in preparation for the 2010 centennial of the national organization Catholic Charities USA, Faith. Works. Wonders. introduces the mission, scope, and impact of Catholic Charities agencies in communities across the nation. This book also describes the work, motivation, and spirituality of the three hundred thousand staff, board members, and volunteers in local Charities agencies; this network composes the largest voluntary social service network in the country. In addition, the author draws on the broad experience of Catholic Charities and his long association with Charities to explain the sometimes-surprising positions of the organization and its leaders in our continuing national discussions on social welfare, faith-inspired organizations, and the appropriate roles of the private and public sectors in promoting the common good and caring for the least fortunate. Within the framework of the registered slogan of Catholic Charities of the archdiocese of Washington DC, the nine chapters in turn lay out Faith-the mission, identity, and power of Catholic Charities rooted in the Scriptures, experience, history, and Catholic thought. Works-the focus of agencies and people on service to people in need, advocacy and empowerment for justice and compassion, and "convening" religious and civic partners to create a better society. Wonders-the who, what, and why of volunteers; the quest for quality and innovation; the stance of determined pluralism in the Church community and public square; and the miracle of virtue and spirituality born in the service of others. Appendices provide 1) an outline of the history of Catholic Charities in the USA dating back to 1727 in the author's hometown of New Orleans, and 2) the principles developed by Catholic Charities and other voluntary-sector leaders for the protection of the sector in this country.
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Wonder and Education

Wonder and Education

If wonder undermines the aura of inevitability that surrounds the status quo, that is in principle a good thing; it means that wonder can indeed function as an antidote to TINA. The important work wonder does (or that comes to awareness ...

Author: Anders Schinkel

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781350071919

Category: Education

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Many people, whether educators or not, will agree that an education that does not inspire wonder is barren. Wonder is commonly perceived as akin to curiosity, as stimulating inquiry, and as something that enhances pleasure in learning, but there are many experiences of wonder that do not have an obvious place in education. In Wonder and Education, Anders Schinkel theorises a kind of wonder with less obvious yet fundamental educational importance which he calls 'contemplative wonder'. Contemplative wonder disrupts frameworks of understanding that are taken for granted and perceived as natural and draws our attention to the world behind our constructions, sparking our interest in the world as something worth attending to for its own sake rather than for our purposes. It opens up space for the consideration of (radical) alternatives wherever it occurs, and in many cases is linked with deep experiences of value; therefore, it is not just important for education in general, but also, more specifically, for moral and political education.
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Englisch Deutsches und Deutsch Englisches W rterbuch

Englisch Deutsches und Deutsch Englisches W  rterbuch

2 ) man who works wonders , the Virgin ; ( also wonder.working ) - thấtige church ) ( -thätiges Bild ) miraculous image , miracles 8c .; ( often in a bad sensel miracle- Hülfe , miraculous , wonder - working aspicture , amulet .

Author: Josef Leonhard Hilpert


ISBN: ONB:+Z251528101


Page: 1010

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The Works of Saint Augustine v 1 Sermons on the Old Testament 20 50

The Works of Saint Augustine  v  1  Sermons on the Old Testament  20 50

Blessed be the Lord , the God of Israel , for he alone works wonders . After pondering all that has been said , the psalmist bursts into a hymn , blessing the Lord , the God of Israel . The prophecy once made to the barren wife is being ...

Author: Saint Augustine (of Hippo)


ISBN: UOM:39015054291029

Category: Theology

Page: 528

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A Dictionary of the English and German and the German and English Language German and English

A Dictionary of the English and German  and the German and English Language  German and English

2 ) man who works wonders , the Virgin ; ( also wonder working ? --thätige cburch ) ( -thätiges Bild ) miraculous image , miracles & c .; loften in a lond sensel miracle- Sülfe , miraculous , wonder - working aspicture , amulet .

Author: Joseph Leonhard Hilpert


ISBN: NYPL:33433069238875

Category: English language


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A Practical Dictionary of the English and German Languages German and English

A Practical Dictionary of the English and German Languages  German and English

-blume ; --vou , adj . wonderzed at a thing ; to marvel at ; –thun , wirken , || ful ; -wasser , n . aqua mirabilis ; -meijca , to perform , to do or to work wonders or m . Bot . many - eared wheat ; -welt , f . world miracles ; II . in ...

Author: Felix Flügel


ISBN: GENT:900000049148

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Wonder Women of the Bible

Wonder Women of the Bible

in your church, at your work, in your activities, or among your friends. ... Deborah, Esther • Wonderful Women: Ruth and Dorcas • Women Who Work Wonders: Anna, Martha, Priscilla, Phoebe • Women Who Do Incredible Things: Jael, Abigail, ...

Author: Brenda Poinsett

Publisher: New Hope Publishers

ISBN: 9781596690943

Category: Religion

Page: 242

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Do you ever doubt your ability, lack courage, or feel undervalued, overlooked, or limited in what you can do? Change your outlook by connecting with the Bible's wonder women.
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Manager Moving Mountains

Manager Moving Mountains

For a very simple reason: Even wonder drugs have a limited sphere of action. Outside of this sphere, they don't work wonders, and not only that, they even often generate negative 'return.' I remember, for example, a sagging sales team ...

Author: Nicole Gaiziunas

Publisher: MI Wirtschaftsbuch

ISBN: 9783864161445

Category: Business & Economics

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Every executive board would like to have the best in their field. Unfortunately, this undertaking has been failing extensively and categorically for years. Every year billions are spent on executive and personnel development, talent management, training and qualification, with modest results. No man-agers can move mountains like this, not to mention the range of challenges which are mounting up in this time of exogenous shocks, threatened global supply networks and dwindling raw material sources. The 'input' principle is to blame: Too much emphasis is placed on what is put in. The 'best in class' pay attention to what comes out. They work according to the principle of 'return': Training should no longer just make it possible for managers and employees to move mountains. The mountains need to be moved in the training itself. This is self-financing and profit-generating because it creates 'return projects' which are designed to increase turnover, reduce costs and/or improve efficiency. That's how mountains are moved! With this new understanding of management development and the unleashed power of developing personalities. In short, with future competence. The author spotlights twelve megatrends from business and society that managers across all industries will need to master with future competence in the next few years. They lead in to Change Management 2.0: Transformation instead of just change.
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The Works of that Eminent Servant of Christ Mr John Bunyan

The Works of that Eminent Servant of Christ  Mr  John Bunyan

O when God is in the means , then shall that means ( be it never fo weak and contemptible in itself ) work wonders , 1 Kings xix . 19 .; Matth . xxvi . 74. 75 .; Mark xiv . 71. 72 .; Luke xxii . 60. 61. 62 . The world understood not ...

Author: John Bunyan


ISBN: NYPL:33433089910503


Page: 884

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