With Forked Tongue

With Forked Tongue

A Legend of Lake Murray Susannah Ellis Wilds. With Forked Tongue @3 A Legend of Lake Murray fwmmza/v Ella': Wb'lab: Writers Club Press San Jose NewYork Lincoln Shanghai With Forked Tongue A Legend of Lake Murray All Rights.

Author: Susannah Ellis Wilds

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595171453

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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According to legend, somewhere beneath the 50 thousand acres of man-made Lake Murray, lie the graves of the only accused witches ever executed in South Carolina. Kate Martin has become obsessed with this legend of her beloved home, or so her friends and family believe. In a tale of testing faith—perverted, faltering, profane, and pious – Kate struggles to discover the truth behind a blighted belief in the supernatural while she deals with her own doubts and demons of a very mortal sort. As she peels away the layers of fantasy surrounding the myth of madness and mayhem, she is drawn dangerously deep into heresy and evil, until twenty-first century and eighteenth century begin to blur and the hiss of a sinister legend becomes the din of monsters.
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White Woman Speaks with Forked Tongue

White Woman Speaks with Forked Tongue

with. Forked. Tongue. No one who writes today can or should forget their race and their gender. The 'I' who has written this book is white: privileged, yes, middle class, yes; and everything it has to say is limited and coloured by ...

Author: Nicole Ward Jouve

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781000653120

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 226

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Originally published in 1991. The style of this startlingly original appraisal of a broad range of women’s writing suggests a new direction for feminist criticism, combining as it does challenging, intellectual debate and fresh textual analysis with fictional example and autobiographical detail to make a wholly new invention in the field. In addressing the need for the critic to say ‘I’ and to own judgments and statements instead of attributing these to an apparently impersonal third person, the author here points up some of the shortcomings of much prevailing ‘feminist’ analysis, challenging the very foundations of the Anglo-American feminist idea. Purposely avoiding the ‘totalising’ effect of much academic criticism, the writer/critic finds a new format and a new methodology for her insights and observations on a range of writers, from Doris Lessing to Hélène Cixious. Her unique analysis of the links between criticism and autobiography enable her to highlight the absurdity of attempting to write in the light of recent critical and scientific knowledge as if the self were a stable, unified construct, introducing instead a new, creative understanding of the methods and modes of women’s writing. This sparkling collection presents an exciting and original new voice in literary criticism. It tackles issues fundamental to literary theory, feminist criticism, psychoanalysis and cultural studies, offering new critical insights and providing a significant and wholly original feminist contribution to these key fields.
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Forked Tongue

Forked Tongue

000 1551 "What hath this actor won now by his forked question?" — Gardiner 1604 "... a forked kinde of argument." — Cawdry 1667 "Hiss for hiss returned with forked tongue To forked tongue." —Milton, Paradise Lost (X, 518) 1837 "Mr. Hunt ...


Publisher: Transaction Publishers

ISBN: 9781412823746

Category: Education

Page: 361

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Today children who are not fluent in English-legal and illegal immigrants, refugees, and native born-are the fastest growing portion of our population, accounting for more than half the children in classrooms in many city schools. Bilingual education programs established by federal and state laws have required that such students be taught basic subjects in their native languages rather than in English. Judged by most applicable measures-such as achievement scores and dropout rates-these programs have not been successful. This edition includes new material on recent efforts to reform bilingual education, on the growing trend across the country toward English language programs, on the latest national research studies, and on the movement to make English the official language of the United States. Forked Tongue is a devastating inside account of how the twenty-eight-year experiment in bilingual education has failed our language-minority children-and why. Rosalie Porter draws on local, state, and international experience to provide us with the first authoritative account of which policies, programs, and practices actually succeed with the children they are intended to serve. Forked Tongue will be of interest to educators, sociologists, and scholars interested in second language acquisition.
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Firewater and Forked Tongues

Firewater and Forked Tongues

... and some red-willow bark mixed with tobacco for the old-time kinnikinnick, which the Chief enjoyed, as between puffs he recalled notable Councils of Treaty with Government agents. He said they always talked with “forked tongues” and ...

Author: M. I. McCreight

Publisher: Pickle Partners Publishing

ISBN: 9781787209077

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 134

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As a dedicated Native American advocate since the age of 20, author Major Israel McCreight saw the sad plight of the Indians in the period following the Custer Fight and the Battle of Wounded Kane. This book, first published in 1947, is the account of the versions of U.S. history according to the old Sioux Chief, FLYING HAWK. Flying Hawk, who was a nephew of Sitting Bull and fought with Crazy Horse at Little Big Horn, dictated his narrative to McCreight, thus making this an account not from the perspective of “the white man”—but as it really happened... A fascinating read!
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Forked Tongue

Forked Tongue

Author: W. C. Rask


ISBN: LCCN:2006491150


Page: 60

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With Forked Tongues

With Forked Tongues

continued to be either mother - tongue or English . English was becoming more important in Kenya as Great Britain had made a decision to colonize there and had offered tracts of arable land to European settlers , especially British ...

Author: Florian Coulmas

Publisher: Karoma Pub

ISBN: UOM:39015061199736

Category: Communication policy

Page: 204

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The Forked Tongue

The Forked Tongue

... at one moment sipping and nibbling primly , at another talking loud across the table with a forkload of food poised perpendicularly in mid - air . ... a a a > The man was beginning to feel the THE FORKED TONGUÉ . 149.

Author: Robert J. Langstaff DE HAVILLAND


ISBN: OXFORD:590292820


Page: 423

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The Forked Tongue

The Forked Tongue

Author: Burton Raffel

Publisher: Hague : Mouton

ISBN: UCSC:32106001651212

Category: Translating and interpreting

Page: 192

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Categories: Translating and interpreting

Forked Tongues

Forked Tongues

Forked Tongues Speech , Writing and Representation in North American Indian Texts By David Murray “ [ Forked Tongues ) creates a new definition of American Indian literary texts as a selfrepresentational genre .

Author: David Murray

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 0253339421

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 181

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..". creates a new definition of American Indian literary texts as aself-representational genre. This is an intelligent and insightful application ofpost-modern critical methods to American Indian texts. The scope of the study isbroad and ambitious, and the attempt to define Indian self-representations fromcolonial times to the present is innovative and instructive." -- Raymond J.DeMallie ..". very suggestive, provocative, engaging... --Studies in American Indian Literatures ..". Murray's bookestablishes itself as the single best introduction to Native American text-making inparticular and the betrayals of the translation in general. An essential acquisitionfor all college and university libraries, and highly recommended for larger publiclibraries." -- Choice "It is a pleasure to recommendwith wholehearted enthusiasm David Murray's Forked Tongues." -- WesternAmerican Literature
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