With A Little Dash Of Crazy

With A Little Dash Of Crazy

This inspirational story tells the tale of how turning 50 years of age became the catalyst for Nikki Love, an occasional marathon fun-runner, to reunite with her ambitious, give-it-a-go self of younger years by embarking on an extraordinary ...

Author: Nikki Love


ISBN: 1838194800

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 256

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Running 63 marathons in 63 days in the year that you turn 50 seemed a little crazy to most, but maybe a 'little dash of crazy' was what it was going to take. This inspirational story tells the tale of how turning 50 years of age became the catalyst for Nikki Love, an occasional marathon fun-runner, to reunite with her ambitious, give-it-a-go self of younger years by embarking on an extraordinary running adventure. With a plan to run 63 marathons in 63 iconic locations throughout the UK, Nikki soon learns that plans don't always go to plan. Instead, being adaptable, remaining committed to the big picture and relying more on her mental toughness, as well as a 'little dash of crazy', rather than conventional marathon running skills and techniques would be the key to her success. Nikki shares the highs, the lows, the raw emotion, the sheer hard work and commitment needed as well as her vulnerable side as she tells the story of the places she visits, the people she meets, the many obstacles she overcomes and the lessons she learns as she runs a marathon a day for 63 days through the scenic landscape of Scotland, England and Wales.
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Lose Weight Like Crazy Even If You Have a Crazy Life

Lose Weight Like Crazy Even If You Have a Crazy Life

I went from a lot of flavored creamer to a little less, then just a dash, then I stopped buying it and switched to no creamer at all.

Author: Autumn Calabrese

Publisher: Galvanized Media

ISBN: 9781940358512

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 304

View: 505

You can lose weight like crazy, and you can achieve anything! Autumn Calabrese shares the revolutionary step-by-step approach to lose weight that made her one of the top fitness and nutrition celebrities in the world. No cutting corners and no BS: In this book she reveals the personal struggles that shaped her approach to overcome excuses that led to this 30-day plan to succeed at weight loss, and life! Hey there! I’m Autumn Calabrese. I’m a Midwest girl, a single working mom who really had no business being in the business of health and fitness. But I found my passion in helping people achieve their weight-loss and health goals. I turned myself into a mini mega-mogul of nutrition and fitness with two of Beachbody’s most successful programs ever: 21 Day Fix and The Ultimate Portion Fix. I’ve led a crazy life and it’s still crazy—probably a lot like yours. I’ve faced tremendous hardships and disappointments that have deflated my self-confidence. But I’ve found a way to turn “failures” into “redirections” that have transformed my life. And you can do it, too! Over the past five years, I’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people finally get control of food and lose 10, 20, 30, even more than 100 pounds with my breakthrough weight-loss programs. And, now I’m going to do the same for you! Imagine enjoying your favorite CARBS, WINE AND COCKTAILS, AND EVEN CHOCOLATE CAKE and still melt fat to build the lean, fit, healthy body you’ve always wanted! Here’s my proposition: Give me just 30 days of your time, trust my process, GO ALL IN, and see what happens to your body. If you’ve ever struggled to lose weight before, I know why, and I have the solution. Lose Weight Like Crazy is NOT a DIET. There’s Zero Deprivation. It works by automatically controlling your portion sizes, eliminating those unhealthy, sugary processed foods that trigger cravings, and filling you up on a proven ratio of healthy whole foods. It’s simple. It’s backed by science. And it works. Here’s what YOU can expect while you lose weight like crazy: You won’t count calories! You won’t feel hungry or deprived! You can enjoy dessert! You can have a cocktail with your friends! You can speed up your results by adding fast, fun exercise routines that you’ll love! (free lifetime access to my 2 new workout videos included with the book!) You can maintain your new body and feel amazing—for life!
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Crazy Feasts

Crazy Feasts

... patted dry and partly mashed tiny dash of cinnamon and nutmeg dash of pepper, but no salt because of salty cheese and anchovies optional: garnish of ...

Author: Marilyn Ekdahl Ravicz

Publisher: eBookIt.com

ISBN: 9781456627874

Category: Cooking

Page: 242

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CRAZY FEASTS is a culinary history cookbook that includes descriptions of ten banquets that were quite crazy or bizarre in several senses. Each feast is preceded by a short description of the location and historical setting in order to give a background for the dishes served, as well as for the particular kind of craziness involved. The feasts vary in historical depth from the Roman Empire period to the first decades of the twenty-first century. The locations include cities from Rome to other European capitals, as well as Mexico City, when it was called Tenochtitlan as the Spanish conquistadores entered it in the early sixteenth century. Each feast described was either an actual historical incident, or is an imagined banquet that could well have occurred given the culture and habits of the time. Each feast described is followed by recipes garnered from that culture and historical period. CRAZY FEASTS is a salute to human folly and the happy circumstances of glorious banquets meant to stimulate your sense of fun and folly should you decide to create a crazy feast of your own.
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Crazy Little Thing

Crazy Little Thing

A fun, freaky survey—with a dash of science, a soupçon of nuttiness, ... But in Crazy Little Thing, Liz Langley instead decides to question all of the ...

Author: Liz Langley

Publisher: Cleis Press

ISBN: 9781936740031

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 256

View: 162

There are plenty of books offering advice about how to find or keep love. But what else can be learnt from those who have visited the edges of love and desire, making stops along the way in the spirit world and passing the fascinating territory of mental disorders, God and extraterrestrial activities? Popular sex columnist Liz Langley answers those questions, resulting in a fascinating picture of why it is that people want to be in love.
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Crazy Horse

Crazy Horse

He states that Young Little Hawk was killed while Crazy Horse was ... states that soldiers killed Young Little Hawk, after a dash to stampede a post herd.

Author: Kingsley M. Bray

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

ISBN: 9780806183749

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 528

View: 734

Crazy Horse was as much feared by tribal foes as he was honored by allies. His war record was unmatched by any of his peers, and his rout of Custer at the Little Bighorn reverberates through history. Yet so much about him is unknown or steeped in legend. Crazy Horse: A Lakota Life corrects older, idealized accounts—and draws on a greater variety of sources than other recent biographies—to expose the real Crazy Horse: not the brash Sioux warrior we have come to expect but a modest, reflective man whose courage was anchored in Lakota piety. Kingsley M. Bray has plumbed interviews of Crazy Horse’s contemporaries and consulted modern Lakotas to fill in vital details of Crazy Horse’s inner and public life. Bray places Crazy Horse within the rich context of the nineteenth-century Lakota world. He reassesses the war chief’s achievements in numerous battles and retraces the tragic sequence of misunderstandings, betrayals, and misjudgments that led to his death. Bray also explores the private tragedies that marred Crazy Horse’s childhood and the network of relationships that shaped his adult life. To this day, Crazy Horse remains a compelling symbol of resistance for modern Lakotas. Crazy Horse: A Lakota Life is a singular achievement, scholarly and authoritative, offering a complete portrait of the man and a fuller understanding of his place in American Indian and United States history.
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Two Crazy Novels and Scaredy Pants

Two Crazy Novels and Scaredy Pants

So even though I tried not to face reality and just dash it under the bed like a little dust, the truth was there. I caught him myself at Jimmy's store with ...

Author: Bernice Rayford

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9781430306436

Category: Fiction

Page: 76

View: 944

Two crazy stories and one short play. The author indeed has a wild imagination. I think she never knows what she will write. She just sits down and writes and writes.
Categories: Fiction

The Crazy Tales of Pagla Dashu and Co

The Crazy Tales of Pagla Dashu and Co

Dashu's madness is something they would understand. ... Always a naughty little village boy, sometimes a mischievous imp, a great storyteller who makes up ...

Author: Sukumar Ray

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9789350096192

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 208

View: 940

‘Dashu got away with it because he was ‘mad’.’ You never know what’s going to happen in Pagla Dashu’s world – it’s an out-and-out romp. Life is never ordinary or dull when Dashu is around and this round-eyed, curly- haired schoolboy shakes up people and places till everyone and everything is as topsy-turvy as our hero. From his classroom antics to his playtime tactics, Dashu’s impish audacity has you rolling on the floor with laughter. Join him and his equally wacky company of madcap schoolboys and geniuses, show-offs and know-it-alls, scientists and explorers, and many other unforgettable characters who will take you on a crazy roller-coaster ride through poetry epidemics, strange robberies, chaotic school plays, and imaginary lands populated by magical creatures. These 25 classic stories by Sukumar Ray have been put together for the first time in English by the Jadavpur University Translators’ Collective and feature rare illustrations by the father-son duo of Sukumar Ray and Satyajit Ray. PLUS! Book Mine Gems: 48 extra-special pages: Know more about the author, his work and his times. Plus things to think about and to do.'
Categories: Juvenile Fiction

Crazy Little Man Called Love

Crazy Little Man Called Love

What was it like having a crazy guy in your house? ... matter how arcane and then they add a good dash of hatred to every line knowing that God must have ...

Author: Rain Carrington

Publisher: Rain Carrington


Category: Fiction

Page: 254

View: 448

Running to America to lick the wounds of a broken relationship, Sidney Haxby still could not find the Dom he desired. Set to go back to London, he decides to stay a few more days taking in the solitude and beauty of Apishipa Creek while spending time with his father, big bad Dom Lin. When Brandon Love crashes a dinner party and offers to take Sidney home, they get snowed in for days, forced to confront the feelings they had for each other from their sessions at the BDSM club, Manacle. Seeing in each other what they’d always longed for, they begin a relationship, putting Sidney where he wanted, on his knees at the feet of the Master he feared he would never have. A trip to London so Sidney can settle his affairs puts him in peril. Can Brandon save Sidney, or will their pasts get in the way of their future together? And what is the mysterious stranger trying to tell them about the house in Apishipa Creek they all lived in at one time or another? Find out in Crazy Little Man Called Love….
Categories: Fiction

Creatures of Passage

Creatures of Passage

A hush came over the children, for that meant Dash was off. “Oooh ...” a little girl named Lulu said. “You crazy, boy.” “And they gonna be bringing Dash up ...

Author: Morowa Yejidé

Publisher: Akashic Books

ISBN: 9781617758881

Category: Fiction


View: 603

With echoes of Toni Morrison's Beloved, Yejidé's novel explores a forgotten quadrant of Washington, DC, and the ghosts that haunt it. "In this beautifully written and gloriously conceived novel, Morowa Yejidé reveals her mastery yet again. This book is both contemporary and ancient, frightening and stirring, playful and wise, an unforgettable blurring of reality and genres from its haunted Plymouth automobile to the mysteries in the fog in this alternate America and hidden Washington, DC. With its lyricism and bold imagination, Creatures of Passage is unlike anything you've ever read." --Tananarive Due, author of Ghost Summer: Stories "Comparisons will be made to Toni Morrison and they will be well-founded, but Morowa Yejidé is in a class of her own with Creatures of Passage, a mesmerizing tale about love, loss, revenge, death, and restoration that hovers close to the edge of fantasy yet is deeply grounded in history and in a reality easily recognizable in the contemporary world." --Elizabeth Nunez, author of Even in Paradise "Although set in our recent past, Creatures of Passage is at heart a powerful ghost story about people haunted by the shadows of time and the shadows of blood. In the pages of this novel we discover a world that is fully recognizable, as concrete and real as Toni Morrison's Ohio, but also as fantastic and mythical as Gabriel García Márquez's Macondo. That said, make no mistake: Morowa Yejidé is a masterful storyteller in her own right, able to spin and sustain an inventive tale illuminated by a singular truth, that death is 'another form of living.'" --Jeffery Renard Allen, author of Song of the Shank Nephthys Kinwell is a taxi driver of sorts in Washington, DC, ferrying passengers in a 1967 Plymouth Belvedere with a ghost in the trunk. Endless rides and alcohol help her manage her grief over the death of her twin brother, Osiris, who was murdered and dumped in the Anacostia River. Unknown to Nephthys when the novel opens in 1977, her estranged great-nephew, ten-year-old Dash, is finding himself drawn to the banks of that very same river. It is there that Dash--reeling from having witnessed an act of molestation at his school, but still questioning what and who he saw--has charmed conversations with a mysterious figure he calls the "River Man." When Dash arrives unexpectedly at Nephthys's door bearing a cryptic note about his unusual conversations with the River Man, Nephthys must face what frightens her most. Morowa Yejidé's deeply captivating novel shows us an unseen Washington filled with otherworldly landscapes, flawed super-humans, and reluctant ghosts, and brings together a community intent on saving one young boy in order to reclaim itself.
Categories: Fiction

Crazy Love

Crazy Love

The one who said she needed to live a little, to let this crazy-ish snowboarder—who had such a lovely dash of Boy Scout—work his way into her life.

Author: Kendra C. Highley

Publisher: Entangled: Embrace

ISBN: 9781640634510

Category: Fiction

Page: 277

View: 539

Semi-pro SBXer Luke Madison can’t afford any distractions. He’s chasing his dreams in Aspen, not realizing the dire consequences of his actions. Now, if Luke can’t pull off a miracle, his family could lose everything, and there’s no way he’ll let that happen. No pressure or anything. Charlotte Brown is determined to become a doctor—a neurologist to be precise, and she’s always precise. She doesn’t have time for anything except school, waitressing at a mountaintop café, and studying. Meeting the ridiculously sexy Luke Madison won’t change that plan, even if kissing him makes her pulse race. Neither can afford to slip up. If Charlotte doesn’t pass the MCAT this time, that’s it. Her dream of saving people—people like her mother—is over. And when Luke risks everything one last time, losing is not an option. Even if it means losing each other.
Categories: Fiction

Crazy Little Thing Called Matchmaking

Crazy Little Thing Called Matchmaking

She made a mad dash to the trash bins at the side of the house. In her haste, she'd forgotten to turn on the perimeter lights, but she didn't go back, ...

Author: Maggie Van Well

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press Inc

ISBN: 9781509219919

Category: Fiction

Page: 324

View: 266

Dubbed “The Child Whisperer” by his peers, twenty-nine-year-old Jake Harris is a lollipop-sucking, video game-playing pediatrician, who moves to Seashore Cove, Long Island to start a family. What develops is an immediate attraction to his new nurse, Kate, and a list of reasons why he must keep his distance. Kate Henderson is a grieving widow with two teenage boys, struggling to keep her head above water. Her growing desire for the new doctor must be ignored. But Kate’s sons think they’d make the perfect match. The duo comes up with crazy little schemes intended to ignite a spark and succeed in throwing them together. But is that enough to make Kate and Jake take a chance on love?
Categories: Fiction

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Logan swallowed a quick gulp of coffee, setting the Styrofoam cup back in the holder in the dash. Hot and strong—perfect. “This your first hurricane?

Author: Beth K. Vogt

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781476789781

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

View: 206

Paramedic Vanessa Hollister has overcome what her mother called "the biggest mistake of her life" and is planning an elegant destination wedding in Destin, Florida with her new fiancé. But will the reappearance of her first husband from her what-were-you-thinking teenage elopement disrupt her dream of an idyllic beach wedding? As a professional storm chaser, Logan Hollister is used to taking risks. Coming face to face with his ex-wife eight years after their divorce compels him to confront his greatest regret: losing Vanessa. Does their past give him the right to interfere with her future? Is God offering them a second chance at happily ever after?
Categories: Fiction

A Crazy Little Thing Called Death

A Crazy Little Thing Called Death

balance, I put one hand up to dash the tears from my face. Bloom came around the car to me. He took my forearms, but I wrenched out of his grasp.

Author: Nancy Martin

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101210932

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

View: 292

Nora Blackbird has made the society pages yet again. The impoverished Philadelphia heiress has agreed to wed Mick Abruzzo, son of New Jersey’s most notorious mobster. Now Nora has to help him survive the Blackbird curse: Every time a Blackbird sister marries, the groom is bound to die. But Nora’s superstitions are eclipsed by some ominous news. Penny Devine, ex-Hollywood starlet and daughter of the Philadelphia Devines, has disappeared, and strangely, her family is very eager to have her declared dead. When it’s revealed that Nora has inherited Penny’s extensive couture wardrobe, eyebrows rise even higher. The only way for Nora to keep her name clear and save her sanity is to snoop among the snooty…until she sniffs out the truth.
Categories: Fiction

That Crazy Little Thing Called Love

That Crazy Little Thing Called Love

My only problem : the ring was several stories below , in my car . I excused myself and took the elevator to the bottom floor . After making the mad dash to ...

Author: Jud Wilhite

Publisher: Standard Publishing

ISBN: 0784719446

Category: Religion

Page: 159

View: 991

Relationships can be incredibly challenging. That Crazy Little Thing Called Love provides relevant and encouraging reminders of God's plan for married living from the Song of Solomon . . . and gives a nod to songs from pop culture.
Categories: Religion

How to Drive Women Crazy

How to Drive Women Crazy

... noticeof the ripe young legs flashingin the sun asthegirls jumped rope. ... mad dash outside and yank up a little girls skirt and look at her drizzles.

Author: Ferdinand Delery

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781469756929

Category: Self-Help

Page: 80

View: 845

She descended upon me on the sofa as if she floated from her room. I could feel her heart racing when she softly touched me as she sat down. I must say here that this young lady was always a vision to my eyes. Ever since the first time that I laid eyes on her I thought that she is one of the dreamiest sights that I know. After she floated next to me she started telling me her story. I had never had an idea that this is what was in her history. A strange pallor descended upon the room as she spoke. I got the sensation that the color of crimson or purple hung in the air over the scene. The more that she got into her story the weirder got the sensations that I was feeling. You have to remember here that we were in New Orleans. I truly thought that she was just kidding around at first and just "picking" at me. But, the deeper she got into her history, the more I began to realize that she was 100% serious. I was beginning to feel something a little scary in the air.
Categories: Self-Help

Crazy Harry

Crazy Harry

“You made a mad dash for that boulder, didn't you crazy? ... Seagull and little Ray were putting gas in the tractor, pickup and flatbed truck.

Author: Robert Crowell

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9781411654341


Page: 318

View: 278


Crazy Penny

Crazy Penny

She looked down at its fall, spanned and bounced the tiny wooden pencil ... dash with his muscular mad figurine as she watched the heavy rubber toy .

Author: Ricky Taillefer

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 9781460250235

Category: Fiction

Page: 376

View: 491

The story... Crazy penny, Fantasy. JASON 31, passionate gambling journalist money crashes until a know-all-coin character hacks casino machines moving attractive jackpots withdrawing the frenetic corrupted management team into a city pursuit. Away from this crazy story, currency is slowly dying starting its smallest nomination. Each one can invoke a powerful invisible value to save the next economic recession or crash. This story embraces three brief examples such as the cashier remote donation, a gambling machine and a gas pump station's powerful invisible penny. The goal is: To have everyone saving the world with little pieces.
Categories: Fiction

Those Crazy Camera Guys

Those Crazy Camera Guys

The door slammed open and Petty Officer Madison and Little Caesar stumbled ... Little Caesar, A.J., Ding-a-Ling, and Redneck all made a wild dash for the ...

Author: Ken Bumpus

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781466906228

Category: Humor

Page: 148

View: 711

After serving twenty-six years as a navy photographer, documenting Navy and Marine action in Kores (Inchon, Iwon and Hungnam) and three tours in Vietnam, Ken Bumpus, PHCM, US Navy (ret.), has drawn from his background to produce this novel, a fictional depiction of one Combat Camera Team's Vietnam adventures.
Categories: Humor

The Crazy Rich Asians Trilogy Box Set

The Crazy Rich Asians Trilogy Box Set

Crazy Rich Asians; China Rich Girlfriend; Rich People Problems Kevin Kwan. you two?” Fiona teased. “Haha. A little bit, maybe. But right now I just enjoy ...

Author: Kevin Kwan

Publisher: Anchor

ISBN: 9780525566670

Category: Fiction

Page: 1800

View: 512

The New York Times bestselling Crazy Rich Asians series reveals the outrageous world of high-net-worth society with humor and heart. Crazy Rich Asians is now a major motion picture. “There’s rich, there’s filthy rich, and then there’s crazy rich.” —People New Yorker Rachel Chu does not know that her loving boyfriend, Nicholas Young, also happens to be Singapore’s most eligible bachelor and likely heir to a massive fortune. So when she agrees to spend the summer in Nick’s home, her life unexpectedly becomes an obstacle course of old money, new money, nosy relatives, and scheming social climbers. And that’s all before she discovers the true identity of her long-lost father . . . This box set includes the entire trilogy: Crazy Rich Asians, China Rich Girlfriend, and Rich People Problems.
Categories: Fiction

Car Crazy

Car Crazy

The company soon began producing a light , compact vehicle — the Curved
Dash Runabout . Just when it appeared that ... Otto was born on June 14 , 1832 ,
in the little town of Holzhausen , Germany . After attending the local schools , he ...

Author: Dean D. Dauphinais


ISBN: STANFORD:36105018344247

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 392

View: 182

Contains an assortment of car-related information, trivia, and personal anecdotes
Categories: Technology & Engineering