William Wegman: Being Human

Author: William A. Ewing

Publisher: Chronicle Books

ISBN: 9781452164991

Category: Pets

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William Wegman's whimsical photographs of his Weimaraner dogs have been celebrated in the art world and enjoyed by pet lovers for nearly four decades. In this entirely new volume, renowned photography curator William A. Ewing presents more than 300 images from the artist's personal archive, unearthing previously unseen gems alongside the iconic images that have made Wegman—along with dressed-up dogs Man Ray, Fay Ray, and others—beloved worldwide. Presented in sixteen thematic chapters, William Wegman: Being Human foregrounds the photographer's penchant for play and his evergreen ability to create images that are at once funny, striking, and surreal. Audiences of all ages will fall in love—for the first time, or all over again—with Wegman and his friends.

William Wegman

Author: Willaim Wegman,William A. Ewing

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780500293195


Page: 352

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William Wegman is a world-renowned American artist whose paintings, photographs, videos and drawings have been exhibited in museums and galleries internationally. Today he is perhaps best known for his collaborations with his longstanding muses, an ever-expanding cast of Weimaraners, for whom performing elaborate scenarios or merely posing demurely for their portraits comes as second nature. Curated in close collaboration with distinguished photography author William A. Ewing, William Wegman: Being Human is the most extensive collection of Wegman's photographic work yet to be published. The book is organized thematically, presenting a wealth of exceptional work in such a way as to highlight the versatility of Wegman's everinventive mind as he explores what it means to be human. From portraits of characters we so easily recognize - a suburban housewife, a famous actor, a nightclub singer, a golfer dressed in plaid - to imagery that toys with a wide range of visual languages, Wegman quotes freely from fashion photography, Cubism, colour theory, the tradition of the nude and the history of art itself. Essays and an interview explore Wegman's approach to his subjects and their life in the studio. With over 300 images made over the last four decades, many published here for the first time, William Wegman: Being Human will delight and engage both those who are new to Wegman's work and those who have admired his art for many years.

William Wegman


Author: Joan Simon,William Wegman

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300114447

Category: Art

Page: 292

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An examination of William Wegman and how he transposes images of daily life to reflect both beauty and absurdity.

Twilight of the Assholes

The Chronicles of the Era of Darkness 2005–2009

Author: Tim Kreider

Publisher: Fantagraphics Books

ISBN: 1606993984

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

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In this new volume of cartoons, Twilight of the Assholes, reality gets ever bleaker and Kreider’s humor becomes increasingly apocalyptic, deranged, and hilarious. He juxtaposes the Biblical Christ with His blonde, flag-draped, machine-gun-toting American incarnation in “Jesus vs. Jeezus,” proposes a third political party that represents Americans’ real values in “The Sex Party,” draws the dead Saddam Hussein as a mischievous invisible imp still causing trouble, and envisions the officials of the Bush administration getting their comeuppance in the grisly fashion of Dick Tracy villains. And he finds two cartoons’ worth of “Reasons to Look Forward to the Next Terrorist Attack.” Also included is his infamous entry into Iran’s Holocaust cartoon contest, “Silver Linings of the Holocaust.”

William Wegman

paintings, drawings, photographs, videotapes

Author: William Wegman,Martin Kunz,David A. Ross,Kunstmuseum Luzern

Publisher: Harry N Abrams Inc

ISBN: 9780810939516

Category: Art

Page: 224

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Looks at Wegman's paintings, drawings, photographs, and videos, and discusses his use of humor

Looking at Animals in Human History

Author: Linda Kalof

Publisher: Reaktion Books

ISBN: 9781861893345

Category: Art

Page: 222

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Taking in a wide range of visual and textual materials, Linda Kalof in Looking at Animals in Human History unearths many surprising and revealing examples of our depictions of animals.

What Do Children and Young Adults Read Next?

A Reader's Guide to Fiction for Children and Young Adults

Author: Janis Ansell,Pam Spencer Holley

Publisher: Gale / Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9780787648008

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 750

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Lists books by subject and title and recommends what book children and young adults should read next based on their previous likes and dislikes.

Wegman's world

5 December 1982 to 16 January 1983, Walker Art Center

Author: Lisa Lyons,William Wegman,Kim Levin,Walker Art Center

Publisher: N.A


Category: Photography

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