Where the Locals Eat


Author: Pat Embry,Rachel Lawson

Publisher: Where The Locals Eat

ISBN: 1928622089

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Page: 204

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Compiled by the editors and researchers of Brentwood, Tennessee-based Magellan Press, the pocket-sized, 204-page Where the Locals Eat: Nashville features reviews of more than 340 of Music City's long-time favorite restaurants, new discoveries and best-kept secrets, from Southern meat-and-threes and hot chicken shacks to the finest steakhouses and American Contemporary hot spots.

Balancing Act

Twenty-one Strategic Dilemmas in Cultural Policy

Author: François Matarasso,Charles Landry

Publisher: Council of Europe

ISBN: 9789287138620

Category: Europe

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Author: Enrico Massetti

Publisher: Enrico Massetti Publishing

ISBN: 1312898666

Category: Travel

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David Herbert Lawrence, the famous English writer, loved Italy. He traveled through it far and wide, often on foot. Sardinia inspired him, and he dedicated his excellent book to it, "Sea and Sardinia," where he wrote: "Sardinia is left outside of time and history." Of course, nowhere is left outside of time and history. However, Lawrence's affirmation has an absolute "poetic" truth, which captures and sums up a sensation which unites everyone who goes to Sardinia. The feeling of finding oneself in a region where the stunning beauty of nature, the limpid waters of the sea, the reserved and genuine character of the people, the exquisiteness of the many typical dishes, the ancient traditions, and the various expressions of Sardinian culture, will never change. In spite of the twists and turns of history, and in spite of the passing of time. The Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs, Byzantines, and Spanish all arrived in this beautiful island: Sardinia assimilated and reinterpreted all these different influences, integrated them into its own culture, but did not allow its heart, its profound way of feeling, to be touched or changed. This is a guide for a visit to Sardinia lasting ten days to two weeks. The itinerary starts from Olbia, on the Costa Smeralda, and then touches La Maddalena, Porto Torres, Sassari, Alghero, Macomer and its nuraghi, Oristano, Iglesias, Cagliari, Sorgono, Nuoro and Orosei. There are descriptions and photos of the attractions and description of the best beaches that are near the locations being described. Cuisine and several recipes in Sardinia are covered. It has information on how to get to Sardinia by either air or by a ferry service. It contains reviews on many restaurants in the towns covered by the guide. The guide is organized in a circular fashion; you can start from Olbia or from any other city where you can arrive via air or ferry. P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }

The Hotel Lincoln

Author: Zephyros Major

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595486185

Category: Fiction

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With Cuba on the cusp of change, a young American arrives. Gabrel Sourdough looks like a turista, but behaves like a man with more than souvenirs on his mind. His suspicious timing rejuvenates the ailing, paranoid Comandante. His odd movements launch rusty spies back into opposition. His desires expose the shady lives of a crafty old boxer and a desperate young girl, threatening their fragile survival. As the islanders search for clues to the mysterious traveler's purpose, questions about their own motivations emerge.

Mardi Gras Mambo

Author: Greg Herren

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.

ISBN: 0758289936

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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In Bourbon Street Blues and Jackson Square Jazz, Greg Herren introduced the wickedly naughty--and irrepressible--Scotty Bradley, who's never met a drink he didn't want, a decadence he could resist, or a hunky trick he won't treat to a little bit of himself. Now, in Mardi Gras Mambo, Scotty's back on the crowded, party-happy streets of New Orleans, getting ready for a Carnival he'll never forget--if he lives through it. . . It's Carnival time in New Orleans, and Scotty Bradley, ex go-go boy turned private eye, is looking forward to relaxing with his boyfriends, Frank and Colin, and partying it up right. But nothing ever seems to work out the way Scotty wants it. Not only is it cold and rainy, ruining his elaborate costume plans, but former FBI agent Frank has "issues" with dropping a hit (or two, or four) of Ecstasy. Hello! Ecstasy at Mardi Gras is practically guaranteed in the Gay Bill of Rights! Fortunately, Frank gets over himself, the weather clears up, Scotty's dealer, Misha, delivers the goods, and the boys are off to the races. And that's when the real fun begins. After a night of partying, they come home to find the cops waiting for them. Misha has apparently been murdered and guess who was the last person to see him alive? Turns out his wheeling and dealing had gotten him in trouble with a lot of people--including the Russian mob. And those guys don't play around. Suddenly, Scotty's missing not just one but two boyfriends. And as the streets of Nola come alive in a hot human frenzy of sequins, music, dancing, and the sweat of thousands of revelers ready to throw caution and clothing to the wind, Scotty is in a desperate race to save the men he sometimes loves and keep Fat Tuesday from being the last day any of them ever see. . . "When Herren introduced young, well-muscled former New Orleans bar dancer Scotty Bradley, he gave crime fiction one of its most engaging gay heroes." --Booklist Greg Herren is a personal trainer and writer who calls New Orleans home. Former editor of Lambda Book Report, he has published in many publications, including Harvard Gay and Lesbian Review, A&U, Genre and Instinct. He is currently working on a sequel to Mardi Gras Mambo. He has no pets, no plans to adopt or artificially inseminate, and tries to live quietly with his partner of eight years.

The Locals' Guide to Edinburgh

Author: Owen O'Leary,Claudia Monteiro

Publisher: Echo eBooks

ISBN: 0956921337

Category: Reference

Page: 145

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Like a friend in a foreign city, The Locals' Guide to Edinburgh is a new departure in travel guides. Based around interviews with 17 local legends, the book gives a fresh insight into Scotland's capital from a diverse range of people living there. In addition, tips on where to stay, eat, drink and party are sandwiched between recommendations for romantics, winter retreats and festival fanatics. Where other guides need a holiday in itself just to read them cover to cover, we ve cut to the chase to give you the best bits Edinburgh has to offer. Look out for Scottish words for the weather, a recipe from award winning chef Martin Wishart, a poem by Alastair Reid and a few lines about films and books that define different aspects of the city. All of this content is beautifully presented by designer Claire Dowling whose own love affair with Edinburgh inspired her breathtaking design. Our 17 local legends have given their personal recommendations and based on their different lifestyles, how they interact with the city and why they love living here. Each are photographed in some of their favourite places by photographer Matthew Reid whose work throughout the guide gives us a taster of why Edinburgh is often referred to as Athens of the North . Interviewees include; Scottish rugby legend Gavin Hastings, architect Malcolm Fraser, taxi driver extraordinaire Bob McCulloch and pub owners Anna and Mike Christopherson.

Creating New Markets in the Digital Economy

Author: Irene C. L. Ng

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107049350

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 260

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This book provides practical advice to help readers innovate and identify new business models, products and services within the connected digital economy.