Repertoire Authenticity and Instruction

Repertoire  Authenticity  and Instruction

SURVEY OF ELEMENTARY MUSIC TEACHERS REGARDING THE USE OF AMERICAN INDIAN MUSIC YOUR BACKGROUND 1 What is your experience with Amencan Indian music ? ( check any that apply ) other ( specily ) I attended a workshop I attended a pow wow ...

Author: Robert J. Damm

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 0815338147

Category: Education

Page: 156

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First Published in 2000. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
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The Mind Hack Recipe

The Mind Hack Recipe

And no matter who you are, what your background is, where you were born or grew up, how much money you have (or lost), how difficult your life was or is, the root-cause is NOT outside of you. This is often the most difficult concept to ...

Author: Jason Mangrum

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing

ISBN: 9781683502531

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 90

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The Mind Hack Recipe is a recipe book for mind power. Going beyond theory, the techniques inside have been tested and practiced extensively to obtain verifiable, repeatable scientific results. Anyone who gives these techniques an honest try may quickly notice their effectiveness in shifting thought patterns, emotional blockages and subconscious programming. Aside from the seven major techniques listed inside, there is a “Mind Hack Recipe Rolodex” featuring several other mental and psycho-energetic techniques that have been extensively tested and verified by Jason Mangrum to be highly effective.
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The Principles and Power of Vision

The Principles and Power of Vision

If you're afraid to step out in your vision because it's so big, then let your courage come to life as you trust God. ... No matter what your background is, your relationship with your Father in heaven will help you overcome your ...

Author: Myles Munroe

Publisher: Whitaker House

ISBN: 9781603741415

Category: Religion

Page: 240

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Whether you are a businessperson, a departmental manager, an employee, a homemaker, a student, or a head of state, author Myles Munroe explains how you can make your dreams and hopes a living reality. Through The Principles and Power of Vision, you will… Discover your purpose in life. Understand why vision is essential to your success. Grasp the necessary keys for fulfilling your life’s dream. Develop a specific plan for achieving your vision. Overcome obstacles to your vision. Your success is not dependent on the state of the economy, what careers are currently in demand, or what the job market is like. You do not need to be hindered by what people think you are capable of or a lack of resources. This book provides you with time-tested principles that will enable you to fulfill your vision no matter who you are or where you come from. You were not meant for a mundane or mediocre life. You do not exist just to earn a paycheck. Revive your passion for living. Pursue your dream. Discover your vision—and find your true life.
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Capital Disruption

Capital Disruption

The Stories of Nine Pioneers and Their Vision to Change the Lending Industry. Dudley: Nathan: actually. ... A lot different from what you see in the consumer finance space. Going back to Nathan: What's your background?


Publisher: Gatekeeper Press

ISBN: 9781619847569

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 210

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"Are we witnessing traditional capital sources being disrupted? Dudley interviews nine founders from business, consumer and real estate lending platforms and other key industry influencers. These relatively nascent platforms have scaled to originate hundreds of millions and in some cases billions in loans. Learn about the inspiration of the founders and their path toward identifying their market fit. The stories are informative for those seeking to learn more about marketplace and alternative lending or those who find the entrepreneurial journey inspirational."
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The Cartel

The Cartel

“Then what would you have to report?” Alvarado asks. “That they haven't been tortured,” Ana ... Alvarado glares at her with the hatred that a macho man feels toward an uppity woman. ... What's your background? Where did you serve prior ...

Author: Don Winslow

Publisher: Vintage Crime/Black Lizard

ISBN: 9781101875001

Category: Fiction

Page: 640

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The New York Times bestselling second novel in the explosive Power of the Dog series—an action-filled look at the drug trade that takes you deep inside a world riddled with corruption, betrayal, and bloody revenge. Book Two of the Power of the Dog Series It’s 2004. Adán Barrera, kingpin of El Federación, is languishing in a California federal prison. Ex-DEA agent Art Keller passes his days in a monastery, having lost everything to his thirty-year blood feud with the drug lord. Then Barrera escapes. Now, there’s a two-million-dollar bounty on Keller’s head and no one else capable of taking Barrera down. As the carnage of the drug war reaches surreal new heights, the two men are locked in a savage struggle that will stretch from the mountains of Sinaloa to the shores of Veracruz, to the halls of power in Washington, ensnaring countless others in its wake. Internationally bestselling author Don Winslow's The Cartel is the searing, unfiltered epic of the drug war in the twenty-first century.
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Staging Gay Lives

Staging Gay Lives

CRAVER: [Gets to his feet] What did you say your name was? FAIROUz: I don't laugh at him. CRAVER: What's your background? He's never clear where he's from. FAIROUz: Can you tell me how he's doing? CRAVER: I told you over the phone I ...

Author: John M Clum

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429965753

Category: Social Science

Page: 496

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A collection of ten contemporary plays, by writers who reflect a range of cultural origins, about male homosexuality.
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Achieving Your Pinnacle A Career Guide for Actuaries

Achieving Your Pinnacle  A Career Guide for Actuaries

Many people transition to the profession after several years in a different field and hence their math skills are often rusty as they begin learning the material for the first exams. No matter what your background, employers are much ...

Author: Tom Miller


ISBN: 9780557070282

Category: Actuaries

Page: 188

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Tom Miller recognized the need to write this book a few years ago, after reviewing postings on popular discussion pages frequented by actuaries. He was surprised and troubled by the magnitude of misinformation posted on these websites. Clearly actuaries and actuarial students posting this information are only trying to be helpful to one another, but they frequently lack the necessary experience and expertise to offer sound advice. Tom seeks to provide readers of his career guide with valuable insights regarding the actuarial employment market, covering topics such as choice of product specialization, how to conduct effective job searches, switching successfully from insurance to consulting and inside tips on what clients are really looking for when they interview you. Armed with deep knowledge and a unique perspective on the actuarial profession, Tom expects that this book will be a resource that will help you make better career decisions and "Achieve Your Pinnacle."
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Love Me Tender

Love Me Tender

As for your skin...?” Sera dug her heels into the floor so as not to topple back as Hazel moved in closer again, eyes pouring over Sera's face. “Darling, your skin is divine. What's your background? Greek? Yugoslavian?

Author: Ally Blake

Publisher: Tule Publishing

ISBN: 9781943963386

Category: Fiction


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It was love at first sight… When her Papa loses his job, indomitable Serafina Scott insists it’s her turn to take care of him – meaning landing a well-paying job…and fast. Which is how she ends up working for the Cinderella Project, a high-end matchmaking business, even though she’s certainly no expert on affairs of the heart. Until she meets Murdoch, the gruff builder restoring her extravagant new work place. He’s inscrutable, infuriating, and gorgeous… Convincing them was a whole other matter. Murdoch finds Sera confounding…and luminous. But beneath her firecracker exterior, she is dangerously soft-hearted, and the last thing she needs is a broken brute like him. While Sera does her best to convince Murdoch that they are a match made in heaven, Murdoch makes it his mission to prove her wrong. Will it come down to who’s the most convincing…or who’s most willing to be convinced?
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Rise and Grind

Rise and Grind

Outperform, Outwork, and Outhustle Your Way to a More Successful and Rewarding Life Daymond John, Daniel Paisner. fact, some of the strategies are in ... Doesn't matter what your background is or what resources are available to you.

Author: Daymond John

Publisher: Currency

ISBN: 9780804189965

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 320

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New York Times bestselling author of The Power of Broke and "Shark" on ABC's hit show Shark Tank explores how grit, persistence, and good old-fashioned hard work are the backbone of every successful business and individual, and inspires readers to Rise & Grind their way the top. Daymond John knows what it means to push yourself hard--and he also knows how spectacularly a killer work ethic can pay off. As a young man, he founded a modest line of clothing on a $40 budget by hand-sewing hats between his shifts at Red Lobster. Today, his brand FUBU has over $6 billion in sales. Convenient though it might be to believe that you can shortcut your way to the top, says John, the truth is that if you want to get and stay ahead, you need to put in the work. You need to out-think, out-hustle, and out-perform everyone around you. You've got to rise and grind every day. In the anticipated follow-up to the bestselling The Power of Broke, Daymond takes an up close look at the hard-charging routines and winning secrets of individuals who have risen to the challenges in their lives and grinded their way to the very tops of their fields. Along the way, he also reveals how grit and persistence both helped him overcome the obstacles he has faced in life and ultimately fueled his success.
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Frowning, she looked at Greg and asked, “What's your background?” Josh, nodding toward Greg, said, “Dr. Lee, Greg Langlois is the engineer who solved the dual frequency firing problem on the Blaster and fixed the software that allowed ...

Author: David E. Stevens

Publisher: Cambridge Free Press

ISBN: 9780998980867

Category: Fiction

Page: 509

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Your Cell Phone Could Be Your Worst Enemy. Hackers have cracked the global cell phone network and Internet. Stock markets, GPS navigation and even secret CIA files are all under their control. The world is on the verge of a catastrophic economic meltdown, but one country has not been affected, China. Is this a coincidence or a dangerous plan to bring the world to its knees? IMAGINE is the second book of the award-winning Fuzed Trilogy.
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