What the World Is Like to Bea Moore

The Treasure

Author: Lisa Catanzarite

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1425163211


Page: 54

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"What the World is Like to Bea Moore: The Treasure" is an inspirational story about one of life's greatest treasures uncovered by a seashell-collecting little girl, affectionately named "Bea Moore."

The Cambridge Companion to Blues and Gospel Music

Author: Allan Moore

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107494532

Category: Music

Page: 234

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From Robert Johnson to Aretha Franklin, Mahalia Jackson to John Lee Hooker, blues and gospel artists figure heavily in the mythology of twentieth-century culture. The styles in which they sang have proved hugely influential to generations of popular singers, from the wholesale adoptions of singers like Robert Cray or James Brown, to the subtler vocal appropriations of Mariah Carey. Their own music, and how it operates, is not, however, always seen as valid in its own right. This book provides an overview of both these genres, which worked together to provide an expression of twentieth-century black US experience. Their histories are unfolded and questioned; representative songs and lyrical imagery are analysed; perspectives are offered from the standpoint of the voice, the guitar, the piano, and also that of the working musician. The book concludes with a discussion of the impact the genres have had on mainstream musical culture.

The Right to Say No to God and Christianity

The Alternative

Author: Dr. William Derrick Moore

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781467051224

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 148

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The Right to Say No to God and Christianity is abook that deals with the spiritual condition of many people today.There are a growing number of people who are exercising their God given right to say no tohim, hisholiness, love and truth. This group of people wants to experience the alternatives to God and righteousness. They have created a movement and lifestyle that exists without a holy God. This movement promotesthe idea that "this life is as good as it gets" so enjoy what you want now because there is no life after death and certainly no consequences for your deeds while on earth other then from the civil authorities. This movement also exalts man as the only moral authority. The present condition of the world bears witness to what has happened to the world since man has taken on the roleas the truemoral authority. A negativeconsequence of man being a moral authority is hissupport of the spiritual war thathas caused massive destruction to the moralstandards that God has ordained for us to live by. Many people are engaged in activities that can be characterized as open rebellion against God and his righteousness. God's morality is no longer a standard that must be maintained but a standard that can be altered to justify un-godly behavior. Sin feels good and many people want to feel good. They live their lives to please the desires of the flesh. They do thisregardless of the eternal consequences that we all must face for our actions. This book serves as a guide for Christians to follow during this time of open rebellion against God.

The Development of Commonsense Psychology

Author: Chris Moore

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 1136911464

Category: Psychology

Page: 248

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How do children develop an understanding of people as psychological entities - as feeling, thinking beings? How do they come to understand human behavior as driven by desires and informed by reason? These questions are at the heart of contemporary research on children’s "theories of mind." Although there has been an enormous amount of research on this topic, nobody - until now - has provided a coherent account that traces the development of theory of mind from birth to five years. This book begins by analyzing the nature of commonsense psychology and exploring the developmental processes relevant to its development. It then describes the manner in which the child moves from being a newborn with perceptual sensitivities to people, to an infant who can share psychological experiences with others, to a young child who can recognize people, including both self and others, as individual psychological beings. Finally, the book shows how, throughout this developmental process, the child’s social interactive experiences are used by the child to generate ever more sophisticated forms of commonsense psychology. The Development of Commonsense Psychology incorporates material from a wide range of research on early development, including infant social interaction, joint attention, self development, language development, theory of mind, and autobiographical memory. Suitable as a text for senior undergraduate/honors courses or graduate level courses in early development, the primary audience for this book is developmental psychologists. However, it is also written in a way that will make it accessible and appealing to anyone with an interest in social cognitive development in early childhood, including parents, educators, and policymakers.

Jesus' Parables about Priorities

Author: James W. Moore

Publisher: Abingdon Press

ISBN: 1426722958

Category: Religion

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James W. Moore Parables slip up on us. They flip our values. They turn our world upside down. They surprise us. This is the great thing about the parables of Jesus: They are always relevant and always personal. They speak eloquently to you and me, here and now. In this book, we will examine some of Jesus’ thought-provoking parables, parables about priorities, to see if we can find ourselves and God’s truth for us in these magnificent “truth-stories.” They are, after all, truth-stories from the mind of Jesus that can change our lives as they proclaim God’s truth for you and me. —adapted from the introduction Each of the six chapters features a key passage of Scripture and is centered on a theme from one of Jesus’ parables, including The Priority of Love The Priority of Grace The Priority of Being Prepared The Priority of Courage The Priority of Forgiveness The Priority of Strong Foundations JAMES W. MOORE, popular speaker and preacher, is the author of Yes, Lord, I Have Sinned, but I Have Several Excellent Excuses; God Was Here and I Was Out to Lunch; When Grief Breaks Your Heart; There’s a Hole in Your Soul That Only God Can Fill; and many other books. He and his wife, June, live in Fairview, Texas.

The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations

Author: Oxford University Press,TME.

Publisher: Oxford [England] : Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780198601739

Category: Reference

Page: 1136

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More than twenty thousand quotations from every era and location are combined in a comprehensive reference that also encompasses details of the earliest traceable source, birth and death dates, and career briefs for each entry, as well as a thematic and k

The Sovereignty of Good

Author: Iris Murdoch

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 113457570X

Category: Philosophy

Page: 128

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Iris Murdoch was one of the great philosophers and novelists of the twentieth century and The Sovereignty of Good is her most important and enduring philosophical work. She argues that philosophy has focused, mistakenly, on what it is right to do rather than good to be and that only by restoring the notion of ‘vision’ to moral thinking can this distortion be corrected. This brilliant work shows why Iris Murdoch remains essential reading: a vivid and uncompromising style, a commitment to forceful argument, and a courage to go against the grain. With a foreword by Mary Midgley.


A Novel

Author: Lisa Moore

Publisher: Open Road + Grove/Atlantic

ISBN: 1555848133

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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A novel that “does for Newfoundland what Empire Falls did for dying small-town Maine and The Sportswriter did for suburban New Jersey” (Publishers Weekly). Winner of the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize and a Globe and Mail Book of the Year St. John’s, Newfoundland, is a city whose spiritual location is somewhere in the heart of Flannery O’Connor country. Its denizens jostle one another in uneasy arabesques of desire, greed, and ambition, juxtaposed with a yearning for purity, depth, and redemption. Colleen is a seventeen-year-old would-be ecoterrorist, drawn inexorably to the places where alligators thrive. Her mother, Beverly, is cloaked in grief after the death of her husband. Beverly’s sister, Madeleine, is a driven, aging filmmaker who obsesses over completing her magnum opus before she dies. And Frank, a young man whose life is a strange anthology of unpredictable dangers, is desperate to protect his hot-dog stand from sociopathic Russian sailor Valentin, whose predatory tendencies threaten everyone he encounters. This debut novel, which moves with swiftness of an alligator in attack mode through the lives of these brilliantly rendered characters, examines the ruthlessly reptilian, and painfully human, sides of all of us. “Glints with wit and jarring insight.” —The Globe and Mail (Toronto) “An astonishing writer.” —Richard Ford