What Once Was Lost

What Once Was Lost

It was true that ever since she'd caught a glimpse of him in her vision a few months before, she'd felt a mysterious connection. In the two days she'd known him, he'd been angry, contrite, honest, forgiving, downright passionate, ...

Author: Ashley ShaRee Hathaway

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9780578064222

Category: Fiction

Page: 300

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Gwendolyn Mitchell, a girl raised by a loving aunt and uncle, mysteriously flees the small country town in which she's lived to become a teacher. Little does she know that her decision to leave will be the beginning of her worst nightmares. Frightened and alone, she wakes up in a hospital not knowing who she is or how she's gotten there. Now she must fight the battle of her life as she struggles to find some light in her mind and a link to her past. Set in the late 1800s, in the mid-western countryside, Gwendolyn struggles to rediscover her identity, unveils shocking truths about her past, and strives for forgiveness, even from the man whose heart she broke almost a year ago.
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What Once Was

What Once Was

It was true that the same dishes were available here in New York, but we both knew it was not as authentic as back home. There was something special but more so unique about eating at the corner open market in Delhi while standing at ...

Author: George Tiwari

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781440148439

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 192

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Aditi's nightmares are straining her marriage, yet her husband Michael remains steadfast; always there to help her through another fitful night. He wonders what is so deeply disturbing the beautiful woman he met in a New York coffee shop so many years ago. Aditi's solution to her distress is a vacation to their beloved India. As the trip unfolds, Aditi's anguish deepens, and she collapses on a dirt road near her childhood home. Recovering in the hospital, Aditi is finally able to release the memories and emotions she's suppressed since her seventh birthday. To the amazement of her husband, her son, her parents and even herself, the story of her childhood unfolds in intricate, yet painful layers. Readers of all ages will enjoy this heartwarming and inspirational story as Aditi sets out on a journey for the truth. Immerse yourself in the blessings, family bonds, innocence, and cultural identity, as the author vividly portrays Aditi's struggle to face what was already written in her destiny.
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What Once Was One The Passage of Hellsfire Book 2

What Once Was One  The Passage of Hellsfire  Book 2

I stared at my friends, trying to decide if what Renak said was true. I shook my head to clear the fog. Their movements were so fluid while they handled their weapons. The sounds of battle that resonated were so real.

Author: Marc Johnson

Publisher: Longshot Publishing

ISBN: 9781953076014

Category: Fiction


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In the land of Northern Shala, the dark wizard Premier raised an army of foul creatures from the Wastelands and led them against the ancient guardian city of Alexandria. Hellsfire, a young farmhand turned apprentice wizard, defeated Premier and saved Alexandria, but not before the battle claimed his mentor’s life. Hellsfire, now a full-fledged wizard, must finish what he started by hunting down Premier and seizing the source of the wizard’s dark power and corruption—the Book of Shazul. He must travel deep into the Wastelands, through Premier’s home territory, dodging the scattered remnants of a defeated army lusting for blood and vengeance. But beating in the heart of the Wastelands is an ancient power more dangerous than Premier or his creatures—and it’s been waiting for Hellsfire for a thousand years. It will force the young wizard to make a devastating choice—one that could change the course of history not only for Alexandria and the Wastelands, but for all of Northern Shala and the lands beyond. And to save his homeland, Hellsfire may have to lose the person he loves the most. What once was one, will then be two, and never again be whole...
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Before the discoveries of quantum mechanics , the question whether what once was true always will be what once was true , automatically received an affirmative answer . Now the answer turns out to be negative , or at least " not ...

Author: Robert Nozick

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 0674006313

Category: Philosophy

Page: 416

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Casting cultural controversies in a whole new light, an eminent philosopher presents bold, new theories that take into account scientific advances in physics, evolutionary biology, economics, and cognitive neurosience.
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What Once Was Lost

What Once Was Lost

She clung to her bold statement, praying it was true. The woman's eyes widened. “Why, certainly I never meant to intimate ...” She ducked her head, the halo from the beam of sunshine disappearing with the motion.

Author: Kim Vogel Sawyer

Publisher: WaterBrook

ISBN: 9780307731265

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

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A woman meant to serve, a child in the dark, a man standing apart—can these three souls embrace a God with new plans for them? On a small Kansas farm, Christina Willems lovingly shepherds a group of poor and displaced individuals who count on her leadership and have come to see the Brambleville Asylum for the Poor as their home. But when a fire breaks out in the kitchen leaving the house uninhabitable, she must scramble to find shelter for all in her care, scattering her dear “family.” With no other options, Christina is forced to approach Levi Jonnson, a reclusive mill owner, to take in a young blind boy named Tommy Kilgore. Levi agrees with reluctance but finds himself surprised by the bond that quickly grows between him and Tommy. As obstacles to repairing the farm pile up against Christina, she begins to question her leadership ability and wonders if she can fulfill the mission to which she's dedicated her life. And when an old adversary challenges Christina, will she find an unlikely ally—or more—in the aloof Levi? Can Levi reconcile with the rejection that led to his hermit-like existence and open his heart and life to something more, especially a relationship with a loving God?
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Six Great Ideas

Six Great Ideas

Closely akin is the form of skepticism—or relativism—that makes the truth of a statement depend upon the ... This should not be interpreted to mean that the objective truth has changed—that what once was true is no longer true.

Author: Mortimer J. Adler

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781439104927

Category: Philosophy

Page: 256

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This enlightening study is the result of group discussions at Dr. Adler's annual seminar in Aspen, Colorado, and conversations between Dr. Adler and Bill moyers filmed for public television. Each summer, Mortimer J. Adler conducts a seminar at the Aspen Institute in Colorado. At the 1981 seminar, leaders from the worlds of business, literature, education, and the arts joined him in an in-depth consideration of the six great ideas that are the subject of this book: Truth, Goodness, and Beauty - the ideas we judge by; and Liberty, Equality and Justice - the ideas we act on. The group discussions and conversations between Dr. Adler and journalist Bill Moyers were filmed for broadcast on public television, and thousands of people followed their exploration of these important ideas. Discarding the out-worn and off-putting jargon of academia, Dr. Adler dispels the myth that philosophy is the exclusive province of the specialist. He argues that "philosophy is everybody's business," and that a better understanding of these fundamental concepts is essential if we are to cope with the political, moral, and social issues that confront us daily.
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Time and Space a metaphysical essay etc

Time and Space  a metaphysical essay  etc

What once was truth is now rejected as error , “ και γαρ μη οραν ένια κρείττον ή οράν , ” and what once was good is now rejected as bad . Reason transforms what once was true and good into untrue and bad , and the will rejects them from ...

Author: Shadworth Hollway Hodgson


ISBN: BL:A0018106345


Page: 587

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Time and Space

Time and Space

What once was truth is now rejected as error , “ και γαρ μη οραν ένια κρείττον ή οράν , ” and what once was good is now rejected as bad . Reason transforms what once was true and good into untrue and bad , and the will rejects them from ...

Author: Shadworth H. Hodgson


ISBN: BSB:BSB10043470

Category: Space and time

Page: 587

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A Metaphysics for the Future

A Metaphysics for the Future

In contrast to the Cartesian viewpoint that what once was true will always carry the property of having once been true, it may be that the birth of a new cosmos or new technology might even possess the characteristics of time reversal, ...

Author: Robert Allinson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351742030

Category: Social Science

Page: 284

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This title was first published in 2001. This work is intended to serve not only as an expression of a new idea of a philosophy, but as an "apologia" for philosophy as a legitimate and independent discipline in its own right. It argues that in the 20th century, truth has not been abandoned, but merely modified. The text proposes a return to truth and suggests that it is only after apprehending the truths of consciousness that the philosopher's mirror may become a kaleidoscope through which reality may be contemplated. First order truth lies in the realm of discovery, and discovery takes place only within the moment of subjective re-enactment.
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Polish Logic 1920 1939

Polish Logic  1920 1939

What once was true remains true for ever. All truth is eternal. These sentences seem to be intuitively certain. We believe, therefore, that if an object A is b at instant t, it is true at any instant later than t that A is b at instant ...

Author: Storrs McCall

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 9780198243045

Category: Logic, Modern

Page: 406

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