What is Science

What is Science

Introduction Twelve scientists and philosophers have contributed freshly written essays.






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What is Philosophy of Science

What is Philosophy of Science

[N]o science is possible without a philosophical background. Ralf Hagedorn There is no such thing as philosophy-free science; there is only science whose philosophical baggage is taken on board without examination.

Author: Dean Rickles

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781509534180

Category: Science

Page: 160

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Philosophy of science puts science itself under the microscope: What exactly is science? How do its explanations of the world differ from those of other subjects, including so-called “pseudo-sciences”? How should we understand and evaluate scientific methods? What, if anything, can science tell us about the nature of physical reality? Dean Rickles guides beginners through the central topics in philosophy of science. He looks at the origins and evolution of the field, the issues that arise when distinguishing between science and non-science, the concepts of logic and associated problems, scientific realism and anti-realism, and the nature of scientific models and representing. Rickles brings the subject to sparkling life with a user-friendly tone and rich, real-world examples. What is Philosophy of Science? is the must-have primer for students getting to grips with this broad-ranging and important topic.
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What is Creation Science

What is Creation Science

Nevertheless, they are all anticreationist evolutionary religions, and have generally adapted easilyto modern “evolution science.” The basiccriterion of evolutionism isthe rejection of apersonal transcendentCreatorwho supernaturally ...

Author: Dr. Henry M. Morris

Publisher: New Leaf Publishing Group

ISBN: 9781614583066

Category: Religion

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What is the better explanation? Many Christians are not aware that a growing number of legitimate scientists now embrace the Genesis explanation of origins. In What is Creation Science, two of the most respected members of that group have given us the benefit of their knowledge: Dr. Henry Morris, who has served on the faculties of five universities, Dr. Gary Parker, a former evolutionary biologist. Their findings throw the brakes on the "evolution train."
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What is Christian Science

What is Christian Science

is no more Christian than it is scientific. Between the teachings of Jesus and those of the Boston lady there are irreconcilable differences. It is the claim of practitioners in Christian Science that they are following the example and ...

Author: M. M. Mangasarian

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9783752418415

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Reproduction of the original: What is Christian Science? by M. M. Mangasarian
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What is this thing called Knowledge

What is this thing called Knowledge

SCIENCE? In the previous part of this book we looked at the different sources of knowledge. Our task in this part of the book is to examine some specific kinds of knowledge. Scientific inquiry is widely considered to be a paradigmatic ...

Author: Duncan Pritchard

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134573677

Category: Philosophy

Page: 220

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What is knowledge? Where does it come from? What kinds of knowledge are there? Can we know anything at all? This lucid and engaging introduction grapples with these central questions in the theory of knowledge, offering a clear, non-partisan view of the main themes of epistemology. Both traditional issues and contemporary ideas are discussed in sixteen easily digestible chapters, each of which conclude with a useful summary of the main ideas discussed, study questions, annotated further reading and a guide to internet resources. Each chapter also features text boxes providing bite-sized summaries of key concepts and major philosophers, and clear and interesting examples are used throughout. The book concludes with an annotated guide to general introductions to epistemology, a glossary of key terms, and a summary of the main examples used in epistemology, This an ideal first textbook in the theory of knowledge for undergraduates coming to philosophy for the first time. The third edition has been revised and updated throughout and features two new chapters, on religious knowledge and scientific knowledge, as part of a whole new section on what kinds of knowledge there are. In addition, the text as a whole has been refreshed to keep it up to date with current developments.
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What is Theory

What is Theory

These anti - essentialist movements are , I would say , on a par with the contested position of theory.101 Going back a few decades , the sociologists of scientific knowledge mainly opposed philosophy of science , presenting a totally ...

Author: Hervé Corvellec

Publisher: Copenhagen Business School Press DK

ISBN: 8763002507

Category: Social Science

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There is no consensus in the social and cultural sciences on what theory is, and that is as it should be. A consensus would be outright dangerous for the diversity of intellectual life. The perspectives represented in this volume show that theory can be understood as plot, hope, beholding, doxa, heritage, a stalemate, disappointment, personal matter, or family concept. But, even if theory can be defined in many ways, it cannot be defined in any one way. Beyond disciplinary and epistemological differences, theory has the steadfast characteristic of being what academics work with. More than an epistemological matter, the book's title question is an entry into the dynamics of academic practice. The book consists of a multidisciplinary collection of essays that are tied together by a common effort to tell what theory is. These essays are also paired as dialogues between senior and junior researchers from the same, or allied, disciplines to add a trans-generational dimension to the book's multidisciplinary approach. What Is Theory? has been designed for upper division and graduate students in the social sciences and the humanities, but it will also be of interest to anyone who has felt that the question of what theory is can be more easily asked than answered. Contents include: Why Ask What Theory Is? * The History of the Concept of Theory * History of Ideas at the End of Western Dominance * Looking at Theory in Theory in Science * Theory Has No Big Others in Science and Technology Studies * What Social Science Theory Is and What It Is Not * Theory as Hope * Theory Crisis and the Necessity of Theory - The Dilemmas of Sociology * Theory as Disappointment * Theory - A Personal Matter * Theory - A Professional Matter * Economic Theory - A Critical Realist Perspective * For Theoretical Pluralism in Economic Theory * What Is Theory in Political Science? * For a New Vocabulary of Theory in Political Science * Theorizing the Earth * Spatial Theory as an Interdisciplinary Praxis. *** "This highly original, lively and refreshing book is more than welcome: it is needed....the contributors' insights, passion and diversity fully restore the creative value of theorizing as a way to grasp, understand and more importantly shape the world." - Franck Cochoy, Professor of Sociology, U. of Toulouse
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Concepts in Physical Science

Concepts in Physical Science

technological and scientific achievements of today are a product of this compartmentalization and specialization, as is also the communications gap between scientist and nonscientist. It is only by seeing science as an integrated whole ...

Author: Clark College. Cooperative General Science Project


ISBN: PSU:000029594665

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Presents the basic concepts of science utilizing the historical and philosophical approach.
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The Kingdom of God is Within You What is Art

The Kingdom of God is Within You  What is Art

The other part, experimental science, – including mathematics, astronomy, chemistry, physics, botany, and all the natural sciences, – is exclusively occupied with things that have no direct relation to human life: with what is curious, ...

Author: Лев Tolstoy

Publisher: Litres

ISBN: 9785040546657

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English Mechanics and the World of Science

English Mechanics and the World of Science

H G means 1 : Srcani Chest T. MYTH AND SCIENCE SCIENTIFIC CRITICISM . [ 35121 . ] - It is a pity that " 0.J. L. " should so thoroughly endorse the old mistake about tho alleged conflict between science and religious beliefs .



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