What About the Kids

What About the Kids

Fathers and children need each other after divorce. But all of a sudden, you're
confused about how to go about being a good father. Part of the reason is that
when you're married, you're always the father even if your business takes you
away ...

Author: Sandra Blakeslee

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781401397616

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 400

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The groundbreaking handbook that helps parents guide their children through divorce and co-parenting -- including the introduction of step-parents -- from a New York Times bestselling author and child psychologist. This is the definitive work from the renowned child psychologist Judith Wallerstein on a subject that concerns millions of American moms and dads: How can you protect your children during and after divorce? Divorce is not a single event but a lifelong trajectory of changed circumstances that demand a different kind of parenting than we have ever known. In What About the Kids? Wallerstein draws on thirty years of in-depth interviews with children of divorce and their parents to show how to create a new family with compassion and wisdom. It covers issues that arise at the time of divorce as well as suggestions for talking to your children months and years after the event. Eminent psychologist Judith S. Wallerstein shares her unique insight and advice in What About the Kids? -- the first comprehensive guide to easing the impact of divorce on your children -- including: The best and worst ages for children to experience their parents' divorce Right and wrong ways to explain divorce to your children Choosing a custody arrangement that's best for your child How to involve the grandparents -- a major resource? Getting the children on your side when you form new relationships The positive effects of divorce on children (believe it or not) How divorce can actually make you a better parent Raising children who grow up able to form lasting relationships
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Kids Classrooms and Capitol Hill

Kids  Classrooms  and Capitol Hill

By second semester every child in your class will have a shiny new laptop ! In fact
, in six years all middle and high school students will have laptops , too ! " “
Sounds wonderful . Who , exactly , is responsible for them ? Can the kids take
them ...

Author: Kelly Flynn


ISBN: UOM:39015077652389

Category: Education

Page: 189

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There's a battle going on in public education right now. Education reform is every politician's favorite new cause. But educators, the experts in teaching and learning, are being left out of the conversation. And true education reform cannot happen until we see the issues clearly. Edgy, funny and poignant, Kids, Classrooms, and Capitol Hill explores the issues, big and small, facing the key players in what sometimes feels like an impossible quest-- educating our nation's youth. So before you choose sides, read this book. Chances are you won't hear this point of view from people who are actually working in schools. If there's one thing educators are afraid of, it's that they'll say the wrong thing and tarnish their beloved profession. So they spout the party line and make nice, zealously guarding the truth and the reputations of their schools. But the truth is this: This thing called education is complicated, messy, excruciatingly difficult, humbling, humorous, aggravating, and fleetingly, rewarding. To find out more about Kelly and her book, visit her website, YouTube channel or the Kids, Classrooms, and Capitol Hill Facebook page.
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What about the Children

What about the Children

In this book, Julie Lynn Evans will help you to do what she does professionally, by identifying with your children and providing powerful practical tools to overcome their problems.

Author: Julie Lynn Evans

Publisher: Bantam Press

ISBN: 0593060709

Category: Children of divorced parents

Page: 352

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Foreword by Professor Peter Hill, Consultant Child Psychiatrist, Great Ormond Street Hospital for ChildrenMore than 28 per cent of children in the UK are affected by the separation of their parents. Often they have to cope alone. Many adults tell themselves that children are resilient, while others feel they are hurting the people they love the most.In this book, Julie Lynn Evans will help you to do what she does professionally, by identifying with your children and providing powerful practical tools to overcome their problems.What About the Children?-* Advises on children of all ages from toddlers to teenagers* Helps carers, friends and relatives, as well as parents, to interpret a child's symptoms and reactions* Explains how a child's friendships, schooling and overall well-being are affected* Provides tips on how to really listen and take action when a child tries to communicate difficult feelings* Highlights advantages for children with single, separated or divorced parentsWith case studies to illustrate a whole range of symptoms, Julie Lynn Evans demonstrates the myriad ways in which children express their emotions under stress. From the 'dragon child' to the 'too-good child', her sensitive and calm voice will reassure you at a time when your own world is under great strain.
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New Kids on the Block

New Kids on the Block

KIDS. The Kids also have signed to do a movie with Columbia Pictures . The
guys have been making suggestions to the screenwriters about the story , and
will take time away from their concert tours to shoot the film in the winter of 1990
for an ...

Author: Scott Nance

Publisher: Movie Publisher Services

ISBN: 1556982429

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 94

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Looks at the lives of the members of the popular singing group, charts their rise to fame, and reviews their albums.
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The Kids Book of the Night Sky

The Kids Book of the Night Sky

Introduces methods for observing the sky at night, the moon, the stars, constellations for each season, and the planets, recounts legends about the sky and the stars from many traditions, and suggests skywatching activities.

Author: Ann Love

Publisher: Kids Can Press Ltd

ISBN: 9781553371281

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 144

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Introduces methods for observing the sky at night, the moon, the stars, constellations for each season, and the planets, recounts legends about the sky and the stars from many traditions, and suggests skywatching activities.
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Real Men Enjoy Their Kids

Real Men Enjoy Their Kids

How to Spend Quality Time with the Children in Your Life Wenda Goodhart
Singer, Stephen Shechtman, Mark Singer. Comment It would be useful to point
out that a friendship can last throughout a lifetime . Also , that sometimes friends ...

Author: Wenda Goodhart Singer

Publisher: Nashville : Abingdon Press

ISBN: 0687355982

Category: Child rearing

Page: 175

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Raising Kids on Purpose for the Fun of it

Raising Kids on Purpose for the Fun of it

This book helped the kids to understand the plays , and helped me to update my
knowledge of Shakespeare ' s work . When we finally sat in the Elizabethan
outdoor theater , Mark , then about eight years old and a real wiggler , sat
spellbound ...

Author: Gwen Weising

Publisher: Fleming H Revell Company

ISBN: 0800753224

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 192

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Categories: Family & Relationships

What about the Kids

What about the Kids

This is done both in this short paper and in the larger research paper of the same title by Frances Press."--P. 1.

Author: NSW Commission for Children & Young People


ISBN: 0734771347

Category: Child development

Page: 9

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"Our earlier work A Head Start for Australia?s Children provided a blueprint for what Australia needed to do to give our children a good start in life. What about the kids?, builds on this earlier work and puts forward concrete suggestions for policy improvements to support the care and education of all babies and young children. This is done both in this short paper and in the larger research paper of the same title by Frances Press."--P. 1.
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Rules for Raising Kids

Rules for Raising Kids

In other words , condemn the act , not the kid . As I mentioned before , it is fine to
encourage your kids to be successful , but how about the everyday things they
get involved in that are causing problems ? We talked about things they do right ...

Author: Robert I. Lesowitz

Publisher: Charles C. Thomas Publisher

ISBN: UVA:X000634843

Category: Child rearing

Page: 186

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"Rules for raising kids is a book about prevention. It is a guide for parents, teachers, physicians, and will be extremely helpful for anyone who deals with children. This book tells how to raise kids so they won't have problems at a later time. And more importantly, it is a book that shows how to deal with minor problems so that they don't become major problems. Unlike so many that have come before, Rules for Raising Kids is understandable, readable, humorous, and most of all, it is sufficiently concrete and specific to help people deal with the problems of raising children."--Back cover.
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How to Take Great Trips with Your Kids

How to Take Great Trips with Your Kids

Also , if certain accommodations have something special to offer the kids , you
might want to book now just to make sure you ' ll get in . Don ' t feel you have to
make reservations for each night on the road , though ; you ' ll want to allow for ...

Author: Sanford Portnoy


ISBN: 1558320733

Category: Travel

Page: 176

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Practical advice for parents; includes new chapters on family resorts and single-parent travel.
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A Child is Being Beaten

A Child is Being Beaten

Violence Against Children, an American Tragedy Naomi Feigelson Chase. work I
did ? If that were a private case , for the amount of work I did I could charge ten
thousand dollars . I ' ve been to the school , I ' ve talked endlessly with the ...

Author: Naomi Feigelson Chase

Publisher: Henry Holt & Company

ISBN: UOM:39015000300452

Category: Political Science

Page: 225

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Examines the widespread and increasingly serious problem of child abuse and neglect in America, surveying the roles of parents, courts, social services, and institutions and possible correctives and preventions
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Take the Kids Paris and Disneyland Resort Paris

Take the Kids Paris and Disneyland Resort Paris

It is dangerous to let young children walk behind them where they cannot be
seen . Many kids come to the Disneyland Resort Paris Theme Parks with a single
idea - they ' re about to come face to face with their favourite Disney characters .

Author: Helen Truszkowski

Publisher: Cadogan Books

ISBN: 1860118453

Category: Travel

Page: 256

View: 406

Take the Kids guides are written specifically for parents, grandparents and caregivers. Each guide not only draws on what is of particular interest to kids, but also takes into account the realities of childcare -- from tired legs to low boredom thresholds -- enabling both grown-ups and their charges to have a great day out or a fabulous vacation. -- Full color: over 100 photographs, many original -- Essential: expert advice on health, safety, emergency contacts, and budgeting -- Reliable: full listings of child-friendly hotels, cafes, and restaurants -- Inspiring: the best sights and entertainments: museums, zoos, theme parks, castles, and farms -- Entertaining: quizzes, games, fascinating facts, and intriguing tales to amuse the kids This guide takes trawlers to Paris, Europe's top tourist destination with 12 million visitors a year. Chock full of ideas for the ultimate family break, the guide takes a fresh look at the city from a child's height -- taking in the big wheel at the Tuileries, a magic show at the Musee de la Curiosite and the fire-eaters at the Pompidou Center. Straightforward advice on safety, listings of child-friendly businesses, and games and quizzes to distract tired kids will help to make the trip as hassle-free as possible. Now in its second edition, the guide covers both the awe-inspiring sites of the city and the magnetic attractions of Disneyland Paris; another country altogether that is less than an hour away.
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Smart Kids Stupid Choices

Smart Kids  Stupid Choices

the old folks like something there must be something wrong with it , so the kids
have to toss it on the junk pile . That reminds me of the 16 - year - old boy who
was buying a shirt in a department store . As the sales clerk was ringing up his ...

Author: Kevin Leman

Publisher: Dell

ISBN: 0440504422

Category: Social Science

Page: 192

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Explains how parents of teenagers can keep the lines of communication open, set a good and honest example, and walk the tightrope between giving guidance and allowing adolescents the freedom to grow
Categories: Social Science

Hearing on Effects of Media Violence on Children

Hearing on Effects of Media Violence on Children

You had time to talk to your friends at work ; you asked if they had seen them ;
you talked to parents of your children's friends ; there was time to do that research
. When you go into a video store with thousands of them all at the same time ...

Author: California. Legislature. Senate. Select Committee on Children and Youth


ISBN: UCBK:C021847195

Category: Children

Page: 85

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Categories: Children

Kids Booze

Kids   Booze

Kids don't read the ads in magazines , or get hyped up by them . So beer is it .
Suds . They can look pretty cool to kids . In , I mean . COUNSELOR : How about
the advertising of liquor distributors who are selling chocolate - flavored drinks
that ...

Author: Wilbur Cross

Publisher: E P Dutton

ISBN: UOM:39015016181847

Category: Social Science

Page: 180

View: 286

A question-and-answer source book for parents and teachers who want to help young people with drinking problems emphasizes practical, tested solutions to the problem of teenage alcoholism and lists helping organizations
Categories: Social Science

The Kids World Almanac of Basketball

The Kids  World Almanac of Basketball

Author: Bill Gutman

Publisher: St Martins Press

ISBN: 0886877768

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 284

View: 218

Provides a concise history of basketball; profiles of today's NBA teams, players, and coaches; overviews of memorable moments and records; and tips on how the game is played and can be improved. Simultaneous.
Categories: Juvenile Nonfiction

The Children s Cop

The Children s Cop

Like someone the kids could trust . Someone they might want to confide in . After
more than an hour of music , lights and kids who claimed not to know anything ,
Jackson was battling weariness and the growing belief that coming here had ...

Author: Sherry Lewis

Publisher: Harlequin Books

ISBN: 0373712375

Category: Fiction

Page: 296

View: 102

Detective Lucy Montalvo enjoys her challenging job in the juvenile division of the Missing Persons department at the Houston Police Department. Due to estranged family, she struggles with feeling along until she meets Jackson Davis, the uncle of a missing girl.
Categories: Fiction

Kids On Line

Kids On Line

Neither did a lot of kids in computer teacher Jean Stringer ' s eighth grade class
at St . Julie Billiart School in Hamilton , Ohio . That ' s why they decided to study a
variety of careers and write letters to adults over the Internet , asking them about ...

Author: Marian Salzman

Publisher: Turtleback Books

ISBN: 0785770437



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How to Raise Good Kids

How to Raise Good Kids

Sammy just ran with the wrong kids." As he writes about this incident, Wilkerson
says, "Mr. Rogers was right, as far as he went in his thinking. It was Sammy's
friends who had led him astray. But why had Sammy run with the kind of
teenagers ...

Author: Barbara Cook

Publisher: Bethany House Pub

ISBN: 0871232332

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 187

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Categories: Family & Relationships