Western Illuminated Manuscripts

Western Illuminated Manuscripts

... in Cambridge University Library Paul Binski, Patrick Zutshi. OVESTERN ILLUMINATED MANUSCRIPTS PAUL BIN SKI PATRICK ZUTSHI WESTERN ILLUMINATED MANUSCRIPTS Cambridge University Library's collection of illuminated manuscripts. Front Cover.

Author: Paul Binski

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781139500609

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Cambridge University Library's collection of illuminated manuscripts is of international significance. It originates in the medieval university and stands alongside the holdings of the colleges and the Fitzwilliam Museum. The University Library contains major European examples of medieval illumination from the ninth to the sixteenth centuries, with acknowledged masterpieces of Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance book art, as well as illuminated literary texts, including the first complete Chaucer manuscript. This catalogue provides scholars and researchers easy access to the University Library's illuminated manuscripts, evaluating the importance of many of them for the very first time. It contains descriptions of famous manuscripts, for example the Life of Edward the Confessor attributed to Matthew Paris, as well as hundreds of lesser-known items. Beautifully illustrated throughout, the catalogue contains descriptions of individual manuscripts with up-to-date assessments of their style, origins and importance, together with bibliographical references.
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Western Illuminated Manuscripts

Western Illuminated Manuscripts

... the Early Twentieth Century, with a Complete Account of the George Reid Collection National Art Library (Great Britain), Rowan Watson ! *---! *, *) a!_*...*...*_*... ... u_*...*...*..*...*... ......... WESTERN ILLUMINATED MANUSCRIPTS.

Author: National Art Library (Great Britain)


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Western European Illuminated Manuscripts

Western European Illuminated Manuscripts

Great Duke of the West”, to the French throne. The “pro-Burgundian” bias, as G. Chernova has shown in her study, is characteristic not just of the text, but also of the illustrations. The illumination of this splendid manuscript is ...

Author: Anrdei Sterligov

Publisher: Parkstone International

ISBN: 9781644617946

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Anyone fortunate enough to have actually held a medieval manuscript in his hands must have felt excited at this immediate contact with the past. Both famous and unknown authors wrote philosophical, natural scientific and theological treatises, romances about knights and courtly love; humanists and theologists translated and commented upon the classical literature of antiquity; travellers wrote descriptions of their incredible journeys; and ascetic chroniclers recorded and kept alive the historic events of their times for future generations.
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Illuminated Manuscripts in Cambridge

Illuminated Manuscripts in Cambridge

The present two-volume catalogue deals with the early manuscripts produced in the Frankish Kingdoms, the splendid, richly illustrated books from the Northern and Southern Netherlands ranging from the thirteenth to the sixteenth century, ...

Author: Nigel Morgan


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