Fifty Hollywood Directors

Fifty Hollywood Directors

Thematically, this focus on justice and the law regularly appears in Lumet's movies, from Twelve Angry Men in 1957, ... you're involved in the justice system.6 In The Hill (1965), an agonizing portrait of the warped justice system in a ...

Author: Suzanne Leonard

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317593942

Category: Performing Arts

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Fifty Hollywood Directors introduces the most important, iconic and influential filmmakers who worked in Hollywood between the end of the silent period and the birth of the blockbuster. By exploring the historical, cultural and technological contexts in which each director was working, this book traces the formative period in commercial cinema when directors went from pioneers to industry heavyweights. Each entry discusses a director’s practices and body of work and features a brief biography and suggestions for further reading. Entries include: Frank Capra Cecil B DeMille John Ford Alfred Hitchcock Fritz Lang Orson Welles DW Griffith King Vidor This is an indispensible guide for anyone interested in film history, Hollywood and the development of the role of the director.
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Judicial Elections in the 21st Century

Judicial Elections in the 21st Century

All ads referenced and analyzed in this chapter are accessible via the Brennan Center for Justice Buying Time website at ... 8 See, for example, “STSUPCT/WV Bastress Warped Justice.

Author: Chris W. Bonneau

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781317288220

Category: Political Science

Page: 274

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Leading authorities present the latest cutting edge research on state judicial elections. Starting with recent transformations in the electoral landscape, including those brought about by U.S. Supreme Court rulings, this volume provides penetrating analyses of partisan, nonpartisan, and retention elections to state supreme courts, intermediate appellate courts, and trial courts. Topics include citizen participation, electoral competition, fundraising and spending, judicial performance evaluations, reform efforts,attack campaigns, and other organized efforts to oust judges. This volume also evaluates the impact of judicial elections on numerous aspects of American politics, including citizens’ perceptions of judicial legitimacy, diversity on the bench, and the consequences of who wins on subsequent court decisions. Many of the chapters offer predictions about how judicial elections might look in the future. Overall, this collection provides a sharp evidence-based portrait of how modern judicial elections actually work in practice and their consequences for state judiciaries and the American people.
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Warp and Weft

Warp and Weft

We have already come across this mythical beast in an earlier theme (Rites and rituals: how the butcher became the prime minister!) when we looked at the character yang (“sheep”) which is linked with the notion of justice.

Author: Keekok Lee

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing

ISBN: 9781606932476

Category: Foreign Language Study

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This book attempts to deconstruct certain key clusters of Chinese characters and words to make them yield fascinating tales about the country's culture and history.
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Mind Warp 20 20

Mind Warp 20 20

JUSTICE. On parchment plain as all could see I wrote my thoughts to set me free. Yet they remained trapped by line in words of limitation from my mind. By feelings that I could not say and by this form bring out that way.

Author: Richard D. Kydd, Jr.

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595295319

Category: Poetry

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In Mind Warp 20/20 (After Shock), his fifth volume of published poetry, Richard D. Kydd JR. shows once again the wide breadth of his perspective. Just when poems such as the street-wise A Fool's Way and the tragically cynical Crack Down convinces you his vision is bleak, he surprises you with the optimistic spirituality of Spirit in Flight, or the haunting imagery of Life of Its Own. Kydd's work is full of seemingly contradictory surprises. Many of his poems deal with apparently helpless struggles and situations, yet there is an undercurrent of humor that shows the poet's maturity and acceptance of difficult circumstances. The facetious frustration of Meter Beater transitions smoothly to the still funny but savage reaction to unemployment of Job Hunter. He swings with ease from the raunchy physical humor of Free Style to the romantic spirituality of Intertwined. Searingly realistic but tempered with deep compassion and a true awareness of the beauty of humanity, this collection of Kydd's work reveals him to be a champion of the disadvantaged, and a mature observer of life's troubles and rewards.
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God With Us

God With Us

But instead of welcoming him, they confront and drill him, looking to trick him into saying something for which their warped justice can kill him. Let this scene of Jesus' confrontation with the Jewish leaders in the temple play out in ...

Author: Margaret Montreuil

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781591607199

Category: Religion

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This devotional is a journey with Jesus across the pages of the Gospels. It is a contemplative, bible study guide into the life and love of Jesus Christ. As a spiritual formation book for individual use, or for groups, this book also provides a biblical resource for the novel, God in Sandals. Through the author's comments and reflective questions, readers are ushered into the ancient Christian practice of meditative prayer and journaling-to imagine and reflect upon the mystery of Christ's person-and his love. Readers are given many thoughts to ponder that awaken us to the meaning of Christ's life. Through imagined "eyewitness" accounts of those who knew Jesus, we experience him too. As we "walk" with Jesus through his life-we see him with new eyes and we understand that God is with us, and that he came that we might intimately know him. A free, printable group leader's guide is available on the author's website at
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Life of John Chrysostom

Life of John Chrysostom

He never warped justice knowingly , and when convinced of his wrong - doing , he desisted without hesitation . Such will he appear to us in his opposition to Chrysostom at Constantinople . He was induced to go thither by a letter from ...

Author: Friedrich Matthaeus Perthes



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Management of the Tongass National Forest

Management of the Tongass National Forest

To independent people who still live traditionally , depending on land and sea for livlihood and sustenance , it is a warped justice indeed that protects the multi - national long term contract holder who is subsidized 366.

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs. Subcommittee on Public Lands


ISBN: UCR:31210012663751

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Nigerian Female Dramatists

Nigerian Female Dramatists

However, the warped justice of the Alkalis is not made for the rich. When the rich drinks and gets drunk, the law does not punish him because he belongs to a higher class. Thus, there are two laws: one guiding the lives of the rich and ...

Author: Bosede Funke Afolayan

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000361797

Category: Drama

Page: 192

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This book showcases the important, but often understudied, work of Nigerian women playwrights. As in many spheres of life in Nigeria, in literature and other creative arts the voices of men dominate, and the work of women has often been sidelined. However, Nigerian women playwrights have made important contributions to the development of drama in Nigeria, not just by presenting female identities and inequalities but by vigorously intervening in wider social and political issues. This book draws on perspectives from culture, language, politics, theory, orality and literature, to shine a light on the engaged creativity of women playwrights. From the trail blazing but more traditional contributions of Zulu Sofola, through to contemporary postcolonial work by Tess Osonye Onwueme, Julie Okoh, and Sefi Atta, to name just a few, the book shows the rich variety of work being produced by female Nigerian dramatists. This, the first major collection devoted to Nigerian women playwrights, will be an important resource for scholars of African theatre and performance, literature and women’s studies.
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The Letters of Norah on Her Tour Through Ireland

The Letters of  Norah  on Her Tour Through Ireland

... by the number of houses licensed to sell liquor to be drunk on the premises which are required for the drouthy part of the population . He is accused of having warped justice to favor his friends in his capacity of magistrate .

Author: Norah


ISBN: NYPL:33433069334997

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Now it was Birbal's turn to look sheepish. I am sorry, Your Majesty. I'll serve dinner immediately. The next day, the poor Brahmin was given his prize of gold coins. Thank you, Your Majesty. There is no warped justice with you.

Author: Editor (Wilco Publishing House)

Publisher: Wilco Publishing House


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One of the nine gems in the court of Emperor Akbar, was Birbal who not only entertained Akbar, but also saved him in many embarrassing situations. His matchless wit always outwitted even his enemies during his association with Emperor Akbar. The Akbar & Birbal series consist of some of the stories which focus on the brilliance of Birbal while dealing with any situation. These stories will not only entertain you, but also amaze you with the solutions that Birbal comes up with. This is Book II of the Akbar & Birbal series. This is part of the spectacular WILCO PICTURE LIBRARY (WPL), slated to be a 500 plus titles series, pioneering the innovative way of enlightening on various subjects in a fun-filled way via a comic format artwork, full of colorful illustrations along with simple but interesting narration and dialogues, thereby making story-telling and enjoyable experience.
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