War on the Basepaths

War on the Basepaths

Based on detailed research and analysis, Tim Hornbaker offers the full story of Cobb’s life and career; some of which has been altered for almost a century.

Author: Tim Hornbaker

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781613217931

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 392

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During his twenty-four-year career, Ty Cobb was an MVP, Triple Crown-winner, twelve-time batting champion, and was elected in the inaugural ballot for the National Baseball Hall of Fame (along with Honus Wagner, Babe Ruth, Christy Mathewson, and Walter Johnson). As someone who retired from the game over eighty-five years ago, he is still the leader for career batting average, second in runs, hits, and triples, and a mainstay in dozens of other categories. However, when most people think of “The Georgia Peach,” they’re reminded of his reputation as a “dirty” player. It was said that got so many of his steals because he would sharpen his metal cleats and “spike” the second basemen if they would try to tag him out. It’s also said that he was rude, nasty, a racist, and hated by peers and the press alike. As author Tim Hornbaker did for Charles Comiskey in Turning the Black Sox White, War on the Basepaths is an unbiased biography of one of the greatest players to ever grace a baseball diamond. Based on detailed research and analysis, Tim Hornbaker offers the full story of Cobb’s life and career; some of which has been altered for almost a century. While he retired in 1928 and passed away in 1961, War on the Basepaths will show how Ty Cobb really was and place readers in the box seats of his incredible life. Skyhorse Publishing, as well as our Sports Publishing imprint, are proud to publish a broad range of books for readers interested in sports—books about baseball, pro football, college football, pro and college basketball, hockey, or soccer, we have a book about your sport or your team. Whether you are a New York Yankees fan or hail from Red Sox nation; whether you are a die-hard Green Bay Packers or Dallas Cowboys fan; whether you root for the Kentucky Wildcats, Louisville Cardinals, UCLA Bruins, or Kansas Jayhawks; whether you route for the Boston Bruins, Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadiens, or Los Angeles Kings; we have a book for you. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to publishing books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked by other publishers and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.
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Fall from Grace

Fall from Grace

From the author of Turning the Black Sox White (on Charles Comiskey) and War on the Basepaths (on Ty Cobb), Shoeless Joe tells the story of the incredible life of Joseph Jefferson Jackson.

Author: Tim Hornbaker

Publisher: Skyhorse

ISBN: 9781613219140

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 296

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Considered by Ty Cobb as “the finest natural hitter in the history of the game,” “Shoeless Joe” Jackson is ranked with the greatest players to ever step onto a baseball diamond. With a career .356 batting average—which is still ranked third all-time—the man from Pickens County, South Carolina, was on his way to becoming one of the greatest players in the sport’s history. That is until the “Black Sox” scandal of 1919, which shook baseball to its core. While many have sympathized with Jackson’s ban from baseball (even though he hit .375 during the 1919 World Series), not much is truly known about this quiet slugger. Whether he participated in the throwing of the World Series or not, he is still considered one of the game’s best, and many have fought for his induction into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. From the author of Turning the Black Sox White (on Charles Comiskey) and War on the Basepaths (on Ty Cobb), Shoeless Joe tells the story of the incredible life of Joseph Jefferson Jackson. From a mill boy to a baseball icon, author Tim Hornbaker breaks down the rise and fall of “Shoeless Joe,” giving an inside look during baseball’s Deadball Era, including Jackson’s personal point of view of the “Black Sox” scandal, which has never been covered before. Skyhorse Publishing, along with our Arcade, Good Books, Sports Publishing, and Yucca imprints, is proud to publish a broad range of biographies, autobiographies, and memoirs. Our list includes biographies on well-known historical figures like Benjamin Franklin, Nelson Mandela, and Alexander Graham Bell, as well as villains from history, such as Heinrich Himmler, John Wayne Gacy, and O. J. Simpson. We have also published survivor stories of World War II, memoirs about overcoming adversity, first-hand tales of adventure, and much more. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.
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Ty Cobb Unleashed

Ty Cobb Unleashed

Ty Cobb Unleashed fills the trickiest gaps, textually and graphically, on Cobb, especially on his overlooked post-career, 1929-61.

Author: Howard W. Rosenberg


ISBN: 097255744X


Page: 554

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Was or was not Ty Cobb a racist? For three years, there has been an unresolved standoff between two 2015 biographies of the Hall of Fame player. One of the two, as of March 2018, was in the top 25 of baseball bestsellers on Amazon.com: the paperback version of Charles Leerhsen's Ty Cobb: A Terrible Beauty (Simon & Schuster). That book has been publicized well. A five-minute video that Leerhsen commissioned for 2017, as an exclusive to the Web site of conservative commentator Dennis Prager (https://www.prageru.com/videos/calling-good-people-racist-isnt-new-case-ty-cobb), has had around 3.5 million views, according to the link above. Although the paperback edition was issued in early 2016, the conservative news Web site the Federalist named it one of its notable books of 2017 (http://thefederalist.com/2017/12/15/the-federalists-notable-books-of-2017/). The other 2015 Cobb biography is Tim Hornbaker's War on the Basepaths: The Definitive Biography of Ty Cobb (Sports Publishing). One major subsequent try has been made to weigh in on Cobb and his alleged racism: Steven Elliott Tripp's 2016 Ty Cobb, Baseball, and American Manhood: A Red-Blooded Sport for Red-Blooded Men (Rowman & Littlefield). Tripp's book, while a worthy scholarly work, did not explicitly try to reconcile Leerhsen and Hornbaker. Howard W. Rosenberg is the definitive biographer of 19th-century Hall of Famer Cap Anson. That includes being the horse's mouth on Anson's racism (https://howardwrosenberg.atavist.com/racism-bbhistory), especially its alleged impact on the drawing of the sport's "color line" in the 19th century. In Ty Cobb Unleashed, he applies a similar comprehensive approach to Cobb, who is considered among whites the most disliked star white player of pre-steroid times. For weighing in on the two 2015 books, an effort that also includes redoing big parts of the Cobb story, Ty Cobb Unleashed may be among the most impactful baseball books in recent memory. Most previous books are not worth revisiting with the closest of scrutiny. But the two Cobb ones no doubt are, especially because, in media coverage, Leerhsen's more revisionist one has so dominated the other.

Dancing on the Basepaths

Dancing on the Basepaths

Like a netless tightrope walker , a single Fall can mean the crumpled end of
everything . Signs Stare at him from the clubhouse wall like angry faces : "
Winners make good things happen ! " and “ It's not a game On that baseball field ,
it's a war !

Author: Gene Fehler

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786411023

Category: Poetry

Page: 119

View: 943

This work is a three-part collection of baseball poems. Part One, entitled Baseball Snapshots, has 114 short, untitled poems written in free verse that provide images of baseball moments on and off the playing field. Part Two, A Baseball Potpourri, features 27 longer, titled poems with all but one written in free verse. Many of the poems found in the second part tell stories about particular baseball events in the lives of a variety of fictional people. Part Three, A Rhymed Registry: Player Clerihews, is a compilation of 348 clerihews written about players from the past hundred years. Each of the three parts has an introduction.
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My Life in Baseball

My Life in Baseball

"Highly successful in knitting together this story of the life of a most remarkable and dedicated player--perhaps the most spirited baseball player ever to have graced the diamond.

Author: Ty Cobb

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 0803263597

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 283

View: 772

"Highly successful in knitting together this story of the life of a most remarkable and dedicated player--perhaps the most spirited baseball player ever to have graced the diamond."--Library Journal. "I find little comfort in the popular picture of Cobb as a spike-slashing demon of the diamond with a wide streak of cruelty in his nature. The fights and feuds I was in have been steadily slanted to put me in the wrong. . . . My critics have had their innings. I will have mine now."--Ty Cobb "Frank, bitter, trend-setting autobiography."--USA Today Baseball Weekly "One of the most remarkable sports books ever written."--Los Angeles Daily News "The old Tiger still spits and snarls off the pages."--Cooperstown Review "Of Ty Cobb let it be said simply that he was the world's greatest ballplayer."--New York Herald Tribune (1961 editorial on Cobb's death) This Bison Book edition of My Life in Baseball is introduced by Charles C. Alexander, a professor of history at Ohio University, Athens, and the author of a biogrpahy of Ty Cobb.
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The Days of Wee Willie Old Cy and Baseball War

The Days of Wee Willie  Old Cy and Baseball War

Where he really stood out, how- ever, was on the basepaths. The former All-
American halfback was always looking for an opening that would allow him to
take an extra base. In July of 1901 a Detroit writer said, “Fultz is about the
headiest ...

Author: Chuck Kimberly

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786494019

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 296

View: 288

This account of the four baseball seasons of 1900 through 1903 seeks to capture the flavor of the period by providing yearly overviews from the standpoint of each team and by focusing more deeply on 30 or more players of the era--not only such legendary stars as Cy Young and Willie Keeler, but also relative unknowns such as Bill Keister and Kip Selbach. Each team section is supplemented by a table providing the significant batting and pitching statistics for each regular team member. The major theme of the period was the baseball war between the National and American leagues from 1900 to 1903. But the broad multi-season, multi-team view allows varying the focus. The pennant races receive due attention but there are other aspects of the baseball drama, such as: the aging star who finds a way to extend his period of dominance (Cy Young); the young, unpolished phenom whose raw talent enables him to excel (Christy Mathewson); and the fierce competitor who risks injury to help his team (Joe McGinnity or Deacon Phillippe).
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Turning the Black Sox White

Turning the Black Sox White

Through rigorous research from the National Archives, newspapers, and various other publications, Tim Hornbaker not only tells the full story of Comiskey’s incredible life and the sport at the time, but also debunks the “Black Sox” ...

Author: Tim Hornbaker

Publisher: Sports Publishing

ISBN: 1683582764

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 408

View: 890

Charles Albert “The Old Roman” Comiskey was a larger-than-life figure; a man who had precision in his speech and who could work a room with handshakes and smiles. While he has been vilified in film as a rotund cheapskate and the driving force, albeit unknowingly, behind the actions of the 1919 White Sox, who threw the World Series (nicknamed the “Black Sox” scandal), that statement is far from the truth. In his five decades involved in baseball, Comiskey loved the sport through and through. It was his passion, his life blood, and once he was able to combine his love for the game with his managerial skills, it was the complete package for him. There was no other alternative. He brought the White Sox to Chicago in 1900 and was a major influential force in running the American League from its inception. From changing the way the first base position was played, to spreading the concept of “small ball” as a manager, to incorporating the community in his team’s persona while he was an owner, Comiskey’s style and knowledge improved the overall standard for how baseball should be played. Through rigorous research from the National Archives, newspapers, and various other publications, Tim Hornbaker not only tells the full story of Comiskey’s incredible life and the sport at the time, but also debunks the “Black Sox” controversy, showing that Comiskey was not the reason that the Sox threw the 1919 World Series.
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Legends of Pro Wrestling

Legends of Pro Wrestling

Details the lives and careers of the best professional wrestling figures of the last one hundred fifty years, including Bruno Sammartino, The Undertaker, and John Cena.

Author: Tim Hornbaker

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Inc.

ISBN: 9781613210758

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 560

View: 801

Details the lives and careers of the best professional wrestling figures of the last one hundred fifty years, including Bruno Sammartino, The Undertaker, and John Cena.
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Touching All the Bases

Touching All the Bases

THE WOMEN'S LEAGUE With the onset of World War II, several major league
executives led by Philip K. Wrigley started a women's professional baseball
league. The primary motive was to maintain interest in baseball while so many
major ...

Author: Thomas D. Phillips

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

ISBN: 9780810885530

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 274

View: 419

Past to present, this book covers baseball in its entirety, from its defining moments on the field to the outside-the-ballpark influences that have shaped the game over the years. Unique chapters—such as the impact of World War II, labor disputes, the legacy of Jackie Robinson, and the doping dilemma—complement accounts of milestone events, individual and team achievements, and the most famous games, plays, and players of the sport. Appendixes provide lists of World Series, batting and homerun champions, perfect games, award winners, and more. A comprehensive collection of baseball’s history, evolution, and memorable moments, Touching All the Bases will entertain, inform, and educate all those interested in baseball, whether a casual fan or a dedicated enthusiast.
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Fog of War

Fog of War

The Second World War and the Civil Rights Movement Kevin M. Kruse, Stephen
Tuck ... 64; Montye Fuse and Keith Miller, “Jazzing the Basepaths: Jackie
Robinson and African American Aesthetics,” in John Bloom and Michael Nevin
Willard, ...

Author: Kevin M. Kruse

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199913428

Category: History

Page: 256

View: 789

It is well known that World War II gave rise to human rights rhetoric, discredited a racist regime abroad, and provided new opportunities for African Americans to fight, work, and demand equality at home. It would be all too easy to assume that the war was a key stepping stone to the modern civil rights movement. But Fog of War shows that in reality the momentum for civil rights was not so clear cut, with activists facing setbacks as well as successes and their opponents finding ways to establish more rigid defenses for segregation. While the war set the scene for a mass movement, it also narrowed some of the options for black activists. This collection is a timely reconsideration of the intersection between two of the dominant events of twentieth-century American history, the upheaval wrought by the Second World War and the social revolution brought about by the African American struggle for equality.
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This was Lefty ' s calling after the war , and he ' s used it as a foundation for
dabbling in real estate and even getting licensed to deal in commodities futures
for a while . But the extras have never been schemes or hedges , and certainly
not ...

Author: Jerry Klinkowitz


ISBN: UOM:39015034262843

Category: Fiction

Page: 188

View: 342

It's a new season for the Mason City Royals, as the team enjoys the game--and the business--of minor league baseball
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The Empire Strikes Out

The Empire Strikes Out

In the short run, major leaguers usu- ally professed neutrality on the war.By 1916,
however, Ty Cobb did find positive similarities between the German kaiser's
strategy of frightfulness in war and his own theory about running the base paths.4

Author: Robert Elias

Publisher: New Press, The

ISBN: 9781595585288

Category: History

Page: 448

View: 432

Is the face of American baseball throughout the world that of goodwill ambassador or ugly American? Has baseball crafted its own image or instead been at the mercy of broader forces shaping our society and the globe? The Empire Strikes Out gives us the sweeping story of how baseball and America are intertwined in the export of “the American way.” From the Civil War to George W. Bush and the Iraq War, we see baseball’s role in developing the American empire, first at home and then beyond our shores. And from Albert Spalding and baseball’s first World Tour to Bud Selig and the World Baseball Classic, we witness the globalization of America’s national pastime and baseball’s role in spreading the American dream. Besides describing baseball’s frequent and often surprising connections to America’s presence around the world, Elias assesses the effects of this relationship both on our foreign policies and on the sport itself and asks whether baseball can play a positive role or rather only reinforce America’s dominance around the globe. Like Franklin Foer in How Soccer Explains the World, Elias is driven by compelling stories, unusual events, and unique individuals. His seamless integration of original research and compelling analysis makes this a baseball book that’s about more than just sports.
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Front Page

Front Page

As a sign of times ahead , Texaco announced ( bottom , column 8 ) that it had
begun gas rationing in four states for the first time since World War II . Page 184
The Robin Hood of the basepaths , as one fan termed him nicely - Lou Brock -
tied ...

Author: Bob Broeg

Publisher: River City Pub Limited

ISBN: UOM:39015012939503

Category: History, Modern

Page: 316

View: 582

Categories: History, Modern

Live All You Can

Live All You Can

the distance between bases, but they are likely to be much less than ninety feet
apart. ... face and try to take the ball even as it leaves the bat, as Joseph Hooker,
eventually famous as a Civil War general, said he had done as boy in the 1830s.

Author: Jay Martin

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231519694

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 168

View: 293

Laying waste to the notion that Abner Doubleday established the modern game of baseball, acclaimed biographer Jay Martin makes a bold case for A. J. Cartwright (1820-1892), an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and avid ballplayer whose keen perception and restless spirit codified the rules of the sport and engineered its rapid spread throughout the country. Consulting Cartwright's personal correspondence and papers, Martin shows how this American archetype synthesized a number of elements from popular ballgames into the program, bylaws, and positions we find on the field today. After formalizing his blueprint, Cartwright worked tirelessly to promote baseball nationwide, appealing to both upper- and lower-class spectators and ballplayers and weaving a trail of influence across nineteenth-century America. Addressing the controversy that has roiled for years around the claims for Doubleday and Cartwright, Martin revisits the original arguments behind each camp and throws into sharp relief the competing ambitions of these figures during a time of aggressive westward expansion and unparalleled opportunities for individual reinvention. Martin's story of modern baseball not only offers a fascinating window into a thoroughly American phenomenon but also accesses a rare history of American ideals.
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Top Ten Baseball Stats

Top Ten Baseball Stats

Teammate Sam Thompson called Hamilton “ more daring and reckless ” on the
basepaths than Ty Cobb , later Thompson ' s Tigers teammate for a brief time . “
His work on ... You have to eliminate all fear and declare war on the entire league

Author: Bob Fulton

Publisher: McFarland Publishing

ISBN: 0786407190

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 266

View: 807

Everyone knows that the New York Yankees have made more Fall Classic appearances than any team in baseball. What team who made the World Series has the highest percentage of wins? Ted Williams was the last player to hit .400, but who was the last before the Splendid Splinter? Greg Maddux is the best precision pitcher in baseball today. Is he the greatest control artist ever? The answers to such questions are in this book. The author ranks the performance of players, managers, umpires and teams, using a variety of statistical categories and drawing from records that date as far back as the inception of the National League in 1876. The lists cover career, single-season and single-game leaders in regular-season, World Series and All-Star game play, in categories as common as home runs, batting average and pitching victories and as uncommon as inside-the-park homers, pitchers' batting averages, steals of home, oldest rookies and most lopsided World Series games.
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Baseball Golf Wars Women Puppies

Baseball  Golf  Wars  Women   Puppies

He had outstanding speed on the base paths which he demonstrated with his two
inside-the-park home runs in one game at Minnesota which tied a ML record. His
.308 batting average was a close third behind Twins' Rod Carew (.318) and ...

Author: Buck Peden

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781456758431

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 336

View: 749

I started my autobiography -- "Baseball, Golf, Wars, Women & Puppies" -- with a "grabber page" from my first trip to the Vietnam War on board the USS PERKINS (DD-877). Then, I followed with a chronological rendition which covered a trip to the Korean War and another to Vietnam during my 20 years in the U.S. Navy on three other different naval vessels, but began with the chronological format of a life of a “river rat” born somewhat infamously in 1932 on the banks of Memphis. My life in sports, approximately 16 years "moonlighting" as a photojournalist, my college education, followed by 12 years as executives with the Chicago White Sox (5) and Cubs (7), concluding with one of several ownerships of small companies rounded out my interesting career. I originally planned to continue with my three trips to the Vietnam and Korean Wars, including my injury and sad losses of shipmates and friends. Then, go to my childhood, parenthood, many exciting careers, etc., etc., etc. However, it didn’t take too long for me to decide the categories overlap in too many places. Hence, A few years later Elvis Presley arrived on the planet and eventually became internationally famous there. Memphis, long known as the “Home of the Blues,” was to become also famous as the home of the “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.” My first high school, Whitehaven, is only a few blocks from Elvis’ Graceland. And, my Southside High “bride” and I began training our dancing shoes to the big bands of the 40s and peaked with the rocking and twisting of the 50s and 60s. Although only a senior-to-be in high school, the Korean War found me an early enlistee. Why? Because I was a youngster almost entering teenage during World War II. Everything was thrilling about the “big one” for a boy that age. All the toys were guns, tanks, jeeps, warplanes, etc. The war movies were always exciting and, in most cases, the hero ended up with the female star. As I was a young budding teenager, females were becoming of more interest in my life. I have never met any male whose sex life began earlier than mine (older girls are great teachers). Also, the U.S. Navy aircraft pilots were my idols. Landing airplanes on a sea-going vessel was my kind of challenge. I was so “hooked” that I joined the Navy to become a fighter pilot. The recruiter was surprised at how I could identify all aircraft of nations involved in WWII. I even memorized the horsepower of power plant(s), plus the cruising and maximum speed, of each airplane. My favorite was our Corsair’s F4U, a gull-winged propeller fighter. It never occurred to me until this moment, recalling this tidbit, but one of these planes almost killed me. However, the “moonlighting” (working a civilian job at night) on shore duty between these wars helped prepare me for my career highlight era in Major League Baseball. There is no doubt about it, my “leash of life” is anchored to the sportsworld. My youth was playing or inventing sports orientated things. It gave me a second glance by people in the sportswriting and sportscasting fields. This all led to sports columnist and sports editor jobs in the newspaper business. This, along with learning the print business, was not only a challenge -- which I always relished -- but was mucho fun. The many hours and stress involved led to more and more alcohol. Which definitely made a “honky tonk man” out of me where there is plenty of wine, women, and song. The latter threesomes were like a personal little cloud that follows me throughout most of this autobiography. I wasn’t able to attend college fulltime until I finished my 20 years in the U.S. Navy. Then finishing “With Honors” gave my mother extreme pride after her total education was a small (12 total students) high school in sticks of Mississippi. I had almost completed by Masters Degree and CA Lifetime Teachers Credential when I got into Major League Baseball and went to Chicago.
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Baseball Fathers Baseball Sons

Baseball Fathers  Baseball Sons

To begin, 1941-45 are the war years; 1946- 50 represent the return to pre-war
baseball. The last years of the fifties represent the era with the fewest stolen
bases. The years 1961-65 are the first five years of expansion baseball, and for
this ...

Author: Larry Ekin

Publisher: Betterway Books

ISBN: 1558702261

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 191

View: 467

Discusses the statistics and accomplishments of fathers and sons who have played professional baseball.
Categories: Sports & Recreation

Eyewitness Baseball

Eyewitness Baseball

Americans had been playing another ball game with bases called “ town ball ”
since after the Revolutionary War . By the 1840s , sportsmen in several
Northeastern cities were gathering regularly to play several variations of what
they called ...

Author: James Kelley

Publisher: Dk Pub

ISBN: 0756610621

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 63

View: 377

Text and detailed photographs present the history, techniques, and interesting facts of baseball.
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Written accounts mention games of “ base ” being enjoyed by General George
Washington ' s Revolutionary War soldiers ... The Massachusetts , or New
England , game , which was closely related to town ball , featured 60foot
basepaths and ...

Author: David Nemec


ISBN: 0785314067

Category: Baseball

Page: 576

View: 130

Everything you would want to know about America's favorite game. Many pictures and stats, makes a great gift for the baseball enthusiast.
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" Now, in The People's Game, the authors offer the first book devoted entirely to the history of the game outside of the professional leagues, revealing how, from its early beginnings up to World War II, baseball truly became the great ...

Author: Dorothy Seymour Mills

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199879267

Category: Social Science

Page: 672

View: 769

In Baseball: The People's Game, Dorothy Seymour Mills and Harold Seymour produce an authoritative, multi-volume chronicle of America's national pastime. The first two volumes of this study -The Early Years and The Golden Age -won universal acclaim. The New York Times wrote that they "will grip every American who has invested part of his youth and dreams in the sport," while The Boston Globe called them "irresistible." Now, in The People's Game, the authors offer the first book devoted entirely to the history of the game outside of the professional leagues, revealing how, from its early beginnings up to World War II, baseball truly became the great American pastime. They explore the bond between baseball and boys through the decades, the game's place in institutions from colleges to prisons to the armed forces, the rise of women's baseball that coincided with nineteenth century feminism, and the struggles of black players and clubs from the later years of slavery up to the Second World War. Whether discussing the birth of softball or the origins of the seventh inning stretch, the Seymours enrich their extensive research with fascinating details and entertaining anecdotes as well as a wealth of baseball experience. The People's Game brings to life the central role of baseball for generations of Americans. Note: On August 2, 2010, Oxford University Press made public that it would credit Dorothy Seymour Mills as co-author of the three baseball histories previously "authored" solely by her late husband, Harold Seymour. The Seymours collaborated on Baseball: The Early Years (1960), Baseball: The Golden Age (1971) and Baseball: The People's Game (1991).
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