The Vibe

The Marketing Handbook for Every Product, Service and Industry

Author: Gary Bertwistle

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781742468365

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 208

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While most companies claim to have a brand, only a few make an authentic connection with customers or clients. The rest simply have a logo that gets slapped onto the side of a truck or onto a shirt. Today it's brands that will thrive and survive, and to build a brand, you need to create the right vibe around your business. In The Vibe Gary Bertwistle shares his secrets, stripping away the jargon and highlighting the essential thinking required before you spend time, money and energy on promotion and advertising. Whether you're a commercial, industrial, retail or service company, this book gives you the tools to create a powerful brand in the minds of your customers. Easy to understand, practical and relevant for businesses of all sizes, with real examples of Australian businesses -- The Vibe is what every brand needs!


Unlock the Energetic Frequencies of Limitless Health, Love & Success

Author: Robyn Openshaw

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1501163299

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 240

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In Vibe, bestselling author Robyn Openshaw reveals the difference between low vibration emotions (fear, anger, inertia) and high vibration emotions (love, inner peace, gratitude) and helps you dramatically impact your physical and mental well-being by raising your vibrational frequencies. The great Austrian scientist Nikola Tesla is a household name among today’s scientific community, known for his finding that all matter has vibrational energy, or electrical frequency, and that we are all electrical beings, made up of rapidly vibrating cells. Most of us are vaguely familiar with this concept, but we don’t realize the powerful implications this has for our choices every day—which foods to eat, how much water to drink, what we think about when we’re in the car or the shower, what our risk of disease is, and how we feel at any given moment are all affected by the power of vibration. Everything in health and wellness should revolve around the basic concept that what we choose to eat and what we choose to do lowers or raises our vibration. And that makes all the difference. Vibe explores the foods, natural substances, and lifestyle practices that can raise our vibrations. Robyn Openshaw reveals evidence that shows how drinking green juice, using certain essential oils, and engaging in yoga and meditation raises the frequency of the human brain and other organs. Living in a “high vibe” state can make us resilient to illness, fatigue, burnout, and depression. Readers will learn all about the low vibration emotions (fear, anger, inertia) and the high vibration emotions (love, peace, gratitude) and how to achieve higher vibrations in everyday living. Openshaw explores how the smallest changes in our life—from what we eat to how we think—can radically improve our mood, overall health, and quality of life.

Vibe Merchants: The Sound Creators of Jamaican Popular Music

Author: Ray Hitchins

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317002377

Category: Music

Page: 254

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Vibe Merchants offers an insider’s perspective on the development of Jamaican Popular Music, researched and analysed by a thirty-year veteran with a wide range of experience in performance, production and academic study. This rare perspective, derived from interviews and ethnographic methodologies, focuses on the actual details of music-making practice, rationalized in the context of the economic and creative forces that locally drive music production. By focusing on the work of audio engineers and musicians, recording studios and recording models, Ray Hitchins highlights a music creation methodology that has been acknowledged as being different to that of Europe and North America. The book leads to a broadening of our understanding of how Jamaican Popular Music emerged, developed and functions, thus providing an engaging example of the important relationship between music, technology and culture that will appeal to a wide range of scholars.

Reggae Vibe Summer Issue

Reggae Vibe Magazine

Author: Rasta Mahddy

Publisher: Reggae Vibe Magazine


Category: Music

Page: 52

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Reggae Vibe Magazine is a valuable resource for Reggae on the featuring news, music, interviews, reviews, style, and other interesting content. In this first issue, we feature an interview from DJ Yaadcore, Dutty Bookman and the Reggae Revival artist feature. Photos from various 2014 events from Jamaica, Miami to New York. Raging Fyah band, albums reviews and news about Shaggy, Queen Ifrica, Mavado, and many more.

Feelin' the Vibe

Author: Candice Dow

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 044655085X

Category: Fiction

Page: 300

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A decade ago, Clark Winston nearly had a nervous breakdown after the man of her dreams, Devin Patterson, left her to marry another woman. Soon after, her best friend, the mother of her niece, died, leaving Clark sole custodian of the 10-year-old. Knowing she had to pull herself together, she sought help at a mental health clinic run by an old college friend, Dr. Kenneth Winston. The attraction was instant, and they proved to be a perfect match. Now 10 years later, the past is behind her and she has a perfect career and family at hand. But then, in the blink of an eye, Devin reappears and a tumultuous affair ensues. Clark will now have to make the most important decision of her life-choose the man who broke her heart or the one who fixed it.

Vintage Vibe

Traditional Quilts, Fresh Fabrics

Author: Amber Johnson

Publisher: Martingale

ISBN: 1604684127

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 80

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From quilt designer and blogger Amber Johnson, these projects are a little bit vintage, a little bit modern and a whole lot of fun! You'll find plenty of eye candy in this colorful, sunny assortment for confident beginners and beyond. Choose from 14 bold patterns and learn valuable tips on fabric selection and quilting designs Try a variety of applique methods, including easy raw-edge applique Make cheery designs in a range of sizes, such as a Dresden Plate quilt and coordinating pillow


Author: Agata Starzynski

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 1452526923


Page: 42

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I can do it! As the saying goes, change your thoughts and change your world. However, a combination of personal and external challenges create stress and, therefore less blood flow to where a baby grows. Make a date to see matters differently and Lift Your Vibe!

I Prescribe A Positive Vibe

Author: Anthony G. Catalano

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1453502289

Category: Self-Help

Page: 73

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Anthony Catalano born in New York City on February 14th, 1961 to the parents of Vito and Gloria. In my first 24 years, I was an avid sports athlete, bartender, construction worker, cook, and motel manager. On December 2nd, 1985 while working I had a construction accident that left me a C4/C5 Quadriplegic. After adjusting to this new life style, I had a defining moment. I made a decision that I would challenge myself to overcome this life altering circumstance. So after soul searching I went back to school, and also learned how to drive with adaptive equipment in my van which gave me more independence. Now gaining control in this new challenge of life, I was finding happiness in my new world. I always was a very competitive person which helped me at this time in my life. Now 24 years later, married 16 years to my beautiful wife Linda, I am blessed to still have love in my heart and love for others. I believe in family traditional values, surround yourself with great friends, and love my Lord Jesus. With all these elements in my life, I found myself having a passion to write in hopes of making the world a better place. Giving a different view on all of life's trials and tribulations of you and I. Positive thinking is inner wealth and health. I hope we all can continue to grow and love as our journey continues. Have love in your heart...this is where it must start. Remember, giving is receiving. Always do your best, this is your daily test.

I Prescribe Another Positive Vibe

Author: Anthony G. Catalano

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1477176438

Category: Fiction

Page: 84

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THE JOURNEY CONTINUES What lies Ahead Awaits YOU Positive thinking gives you a more positive being. Positive thinking can keep you from sinking. This approach you must start believing. Positive or negative thinking is totally up to you. Now make the choice you know is best for you. Positive thinking is the way to go. This is true, I know. Negative thinking, don't let in. Positive thinking is the only way you will win. Now you see. The best is yet to be.

Did You Get The Vibe

Author: Kelly James-Enger

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.

ISBN: 0758290004

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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At the beep. . . "Tracy, are you there? It's me. . ." . . .Kate. Okay, first off--I'm coming to your party. But if I have to hang out with more lawyers tonight, I won't be responsible for what I say after the fourth drink. And no matter who you're trying to set me up with--and yes, you are--unless he gives me The Vibe, it's a no go. . . "Kate, put down the microwave popcorn. It's me. . ." . . .Tracy. Your best friend, remember? I so don't believe in that whole "Vibe" thing. Look at Tom--he didn't give off major sparks, but we're engaged now. And really, really happy. I think. . . . . .Leave a message "Tracy, I am an embarrassment to women. . ." Just tell me I didn't come off last night as a cyber-stalker in a push-up bra. That guy was totally hot, but I couldn't get a read on The Vibe. Should I call him. . .or just wallow in self-pity and ice cream? "Hey, Kate, can I tell you a secret?" I got The Vibe. Only it wasn't Tom. So tell me--please--what do you do when you get the right Vibe. . .for the wrong guy? Follow two Chicago best friends on a whirlwind trip through the ups and downs of romance--where what you feel is the only true guide to the real thing. . .