Colonial fantasies

conquest, family, and nation in precolonial Germany, 1770-1870

Author: Susanne Zantop

Publisher: Duke Univ Pr


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 292

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Since Germany became a colonial power relatively late, postcolonial theorists and histories of colonialism have thus far paid little attention to it. Uncovering Germanyrs"s colonial legacy and imagination, Susanne Zantop reveals the significance of colonial fantasies-a kind of colonialism without colonies-in the formation of German national identity. Through readings of historical, anthropological, literary, and popular texts, Zantop explores imaginary colonial encounters of "Germans" with "natives" in late-eighteenth- and early-nineteenth-century literature, and shows how these colonial fantasies acted as a rehearsal for actual colonial ventures in Africa, South America, and the Pacific. From as early as the sixteenth century, Germans preoccupied themselves with an imaginary drive for colonial conquest and possession that eventually grew into a collective obsession. Zantop illustrates the gendered character of Germanyrs"s colonial imagination through critical readings of popular novels, plays, and travel literature that imagine sexual conquest and surrender in colonial territory-or love and blissful domestic relations between colonizer and colonized. She looks at scientific articles, philosophical essays, and political pamphlets that helped create a racist colonial discourse and demonstrates that from its earliest manifestations, the German colonial imagination contained ideas about a specifically German national identity, different from, if not superior to, most others.

Therapie im literarischen Text

Johann Georg Zimmermanns Werk Über die Einsamkeit in seiner Zeit

Author: Markus Zenker

Publisher: Max Niemeyer Verlag Gmbh & Co


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The Swiss author Johann Georg Zimmermann (1728'1795) is widely regarded as a prototype of the physician-cum-writer. The present monograph stems from the research field of literary anthropology. It begins by investigating Zimmermann's views on human destiny in the contemporary context. Subsequently five sets of issues are addressed as the basis for an analysis of his magum opus Ãber die Einsamkeit (On Loneliness) (1784/85). In an attempt to situate it in the contemporary landscape, the analysis inquires into the literary features of Zimmermann's oeuvre against the background of the epoch in which it was written. It also sets out to pinpoint links between Zimmermann's works and the history of medicine and science, as well as delineating the author's specific brand of pious Enlightenmentalism.

Das Leben und Wirken von James A. Garfield

eine Schiderung seiner Kinderjahre, seines Jugendstrebens, seiner Entwidelung zu einem charaktersesten Manne, seiner Energie als Soldat, seiner Karriere als Staatsmann und seiner Erwahlung zum Praesidenten ; nebst der Beschreibung seines tragischen Todes

Author: John Clark Ridpath

Publisher: N.A



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