Unleashing Manhood in the Cage

Unleashing Manhood in the Cage

This book uses a sociological and ethnographic lens to explore why MMA participants endure grueling workouts and serious injury.

Author: Christian A. Vaccaro

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9781498523776

Category: Social Science

Page: 142

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This book uses a sociological and ethnographic lens to explore why MMA participants endure grueling workouts and serious injury. The authors argue that the idolization of MMA participants from their supporters, each other, and culture more generally is linked to the creation of a type of publicly accessible and consumable form of masculinity.
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Pop Culture Matters

Pop Culture Matters

FOREWORd TO Unleashing Manhood in the Cage: Masculinity and Mixed
Martial Arts, by CHRiSTian A. VaCCaRO and MEliSSa L. SWaUgER, ixYxVii.
LanHaM, MD: LExingTOn BOONS, 2016. JaNUbOWSNa, HOnORaTa, AlEx
CHannOn, ...

Author: Martin F. Norden

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781527530683

Category: Social Science

Page: 341

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We immerse ourselves daily in expressions of popular culture—YouTube videos, hip hop music, movies, adverts, greeting cards, videogames, and comics, to name just a few possibilities—and far too often we pay only scant critical attention to them. The essays in this collection redress this situation by probing a wide range of topics within the field of popular culture studies. Written in engaging and jargon-free prose, contributions critically examine various offerings in film, television, social media, music, literature, sports, and related areas. Moreover, they often pay special attention to the ways in which these pop culture artefacts intersect with issues of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, and ability. Providing a rich mixture of broad perspectives and intriguing case studies, the essays form a compelling mosaic of findings and viewpoints on popular culture. Exploring everything from toxic masculinity in twenty-first century television programmes to gendered greeting cards and adult colouring books, this provocative volume is essential reading for anyone interested in that fabricated and all-pervasive environment we call popular culture.
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Hate in the Homeland

Hate in the Homeland

“MMAsculinities: Spectacular Narratives of Masculinity in Mixed Martial Arts.” PhD
dissertation, School of Graduate and Professional ... Unleashing Manhood in the
Cage: Masculinity and Mixed Martial Arts. New York: Lexington Books, 2016.

Author: Cynthia Miller-Idriss

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 9780691205892

Category: Social Science

Page: 272

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A startling look at the unexpected places where violent hate groups recruit young people Hate crimes. Misinformation and conspiracy theories. Foiled white-supremacist plots. The signs of growing far-right extremism are all around us, and communities across America and around the globe are struggling to understand how so many people are being radicalized and why they are increasingly attracted to violent movements. Hate in the Homeland shows how tomorrow's far-right nationalists are being recruited in surprising places, from college campuses and mixed martial arts gyms to clothing stores, online gaming chat rooms, and YouTube cooking channels. Instead of focusing on the how and why of far-right radicalization, Cynthia Miller-Idriss seeks answers in the physical and virtual spaces where hate is cultivated. Where does the far right do its recruiting? When do young people encounter extremist messaging in their everyday lives? Miller-Idriss shows how far-right groups are swelling their ranks and developing their cultural, intellectual, and financial capacities in a variety of mainstream settings. She demonstrates how young people on the margins of our communities are targeted in these settings, and how the path to radicalization is a nuanced process of moving in and out of far-right scenes throughout adolescence and adulthood. Hate in the Homeland is essential for understanding the tactics and underlying ideas of modern far-right extremism. This eye-opening book takes readers into the mainstream places and spaces where today's far right is engaging and ensnaring young people, and reveals innovative strategies we can use to combat extremist radicalization.
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Extreme Sports Extreme Bodies

Extreme Sports  Extreme Bodies

Unleashing Manhood in the Cage: Masculinity and Mixed Martial Arts (p. 2015).
Lanham, MD: Lexington Press. Vaccaro ... Managing emotional manhood:
Fighting and fostering fear in mixed martial arts. Social Psychology Quarterly, 74(
4), ...

Author: Jesper Andreasson

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319972381

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 248

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This book investigates extreme sports, defined as sports in which athletes challenge and transgress societal perceptions of what is humanly possible to achieve, in terms of physical training and bodily development/performance. Situated within a growing body of literature analysing the impact of new training trends on an individual’s body, identity, lifestyle and perception of his/her social surroundings, Extreme Sports, Extreme Bodies focuses on the gendered and embodied experiences of bodybuilding, Ironman triathlon, and mixed martial arts. Through their ethnographic analysis, Andreasson and Johansson present a unique and updated account of the increasing phenomenon of extreme sports and extreme bodies in contemporary Western society, grounded in the sociology of sport, body studies and embodiment literature.
Categories: Sports & Recreation

Masculinity in the Modern West

Masculinity in the Modern West

... for the paramilitary / terrorist organization known as Project Mayhem , which
unleashes a more concerted assault upon ... cages as protection against bears
and big cats and wolves that pace and watch us from outside the cage bars at
night .

Author: Christopher E. Forth

Publisher: Palgrave MacMillan

ISBN: STANFORD:36105131756632

Category: History

Page: 285

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Across the Western world "crisis" is the word most commonly used to describe the state of masculinity today, but how new is this idea? Can we identify a time when masculinity was actually stable and secure? Masculinity in the Modern West engages with these questions by examining how traditional ideals about male physical prowess have clashed with the lifestyle changes that accompanied the rise of modern civilization since 1700. In countries like America, Britain, France, Germany and Russia, modernity bolstered male dominance in commerce, politics, technology and the world of ideas; yet images of masculinity have continued to be haunted by the negative effects that polite, cerebral, consumerist and sedentary lifestyles might have on the minds and bodies of men. Modernity thus exercises a double logic that supports male privilege while diminishing the physical difference used to legitimate that privilege. By focusing on the male body, this wide-ranging study proposes that "crises" of masculinity may be structural, and thus inescapable, features of life in our world.
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Inside netted wire cages , not unlike an animal zoo , sat a half dozen very - black
and “ burly " blacks ( well - built whites are always . described as ... as part of their
jobs to drum up business , would bait the whites with their own challenges to
everything from their marksmanship to their manhood . ... Here was unleashed
legally out in the open all the pent - up hatred , all the snarling animal instinct , all
the ...



ISBN: IND:30000080744687

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Categories: African Americans

The Secrets Of Lord Lynford Mills Boon Historical The Cornish Dukes Book 1

The Secrets Of Lord Lynford  Mills   Boon Historical   The Cornish Dukes  Book 1

The primal woman in her, so rarely unleashed, had rattled the bars of her cage,
thrilling at the masculinity on show, a reminder that she wasn't dead after all. It
was an uncomfortable revelation. Eliza closed her eyes. It had been so long
since ...

Author: Bronwyn Scott

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 9780008901196

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

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He’s destined never to marry She might change his mind...
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New York Theatre Critics Reviews

New York Theatre Critics  Reviews

And George Hearn is funny and touching as Albin , the oddest of innocents who
erupts into femininity or masculinity as his emo ... We paradox : Hermau nas
written a Mom - type must be unleashing some kind of energy , " song for “ La
Cage ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105013408831

Category: Theater


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Consists of theater reviews from various newspapers, magazines, and broadcast stations.
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Dad and Son

Dad and Son

A Memoir about Reclaiming Fatherhood and Manhood Arthur C. Klein ...
Stretching his front paws as far up the trunk as he could , he would unleash a
furious clamor , as if his full repertoire of sounds alone - throaty growls , yips and
bazooka barkscould ... He never bit anyone or even attacked his cage
companion , Larry .

Author: Arthur C. Klein

Publisher: Champion PressLtd

ISBN: 0940601117

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 144

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Categories: Family & Relationships

Post Script

Post Script

... she may prowl and yowl in her cage , but once unleashed , she is capable of
binding , injuring , or capturing the male in ... man , and the baritone Bacall , like
so many of Hawks ' actresses ... is not so very far distant from boyish masculinity .



ISBN: STANFORD:36105010569049

Category: Motion picture plays


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Essays in film and the humanities.
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Song of the Lark

Song of the Lark

Breathless , she fought the hot sensation rising within her as his skillful fingers
teased the taut peaks of her breasts and unleashed a pulsing sweetness
between her legs . “ You're so beautiful , ” he breathed huskily ... She felt the
pressure of his manhood through his trousers pressing against her abdomen ,
and her heart pounded as if it would burst from her rib cage . At the same time ,
that nagging inner ...

Author: Sonya Birmingham

Publisher: Leisure Books

ISBN: 0843943939

Category: Fiction

Page: 361

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Backwoods mountain beauty Jubilee Jones is drawn to bitter widower Stephen Wentworth when he hires her to care for his troubled, mute young son, despite her anger at the Wentworths because of her brother's crippling logging accident. Original.
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Criminal Intimacy

Criminal Intimacy

... of ' art ' and ' high culture , Mayne asserts , “ are thus given free rein to unleash
the perverse , the hybrid , the grotesque . ... If only I could get laid by a real man , ”
one prisoner tells another wistfully in The Big Bird Cage , " I think I could stand it .
... 178 Central to that imaginary was the association of prison lesbianism with the
overlapping and linked phenomena of female masculinity , sexual predation ...

Author: Regina G. Kunzel


ISBN: UOM:39015082710768

Category: History

Page: 371

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Sex is usually assumed to be a closely guarded secret of prison life. But it has long been the subject of intense scrutiny by both prison administrators and reformers—as well as a source of fascination and anxiety for the American public. Historically, sex behind bars has evoked radically different responses from professionals and the public alike. In Criminal Intimacy, Regina Kunzel tracks these varying interpretations and reveals their foundational influence on modern thinking about sexuality and identity. Historians have held the fusion of sexual desire and identity to be the defining marker of sexual modernity, but sex behind bars, often involving otherwise heterosexual prisoners, calls those assumptions into question. By exploring the sexual lives of prisoners and the sexual culture of prisons over the past two centuries—along with the impact of a range of issues, including race, class, and gender; sexual violence; prisoners’ rights activism; and the HIV epidemic—Kunzel discovers a world whose surprising plurality and mutability reveals the fissures and fault lines beneath modern sexuality itself. Drawing on a wide range of sources, including physicians, psychiatrists, sociologists, correctional administrators, journalists, and prisoners themselves—as well as depictions of prison life in popular culture—Kunzel argues for the importance of the prison to the history of sexuality and for the centrality of ideas about sex and sexuality to the modern prison. In the process, she deepens and complicates our understanding of sexuality in America.
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American Fiction 1865 1940

American Fiction  1865 1940

... a sustained attack on the aesthetic decadence of Wilde and Pater and a plea
for what Norris called ' manliness ' in literature . ... The passions that Norris
unleashes in his Polk Street dentist lead inevitably to murder by way of lust ,
greed , and the most startlingly sadistic rape fantasies . ... money and the equally
useless symbolic canary in its gilded cage – provides a surreal and unexpected
conclusion .

Author: Brian Lee

Publisher: London ; New York : Longman

ISBN: STANFORD:36105003786063

Category: American fiction

Page: 300

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Categories: American fiction

Dictionary of Literary Biography Yearbook 1994

Dictionary of Literary Biography Yearbook 1994

Author: Clark Layman Bruccoli

Publisher: Gale / Cengage Learning

ISBN: 0810357054

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 400

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Updates entries already published and supplements the Dictionary of Literary Biography series with entries on newly prominent writers.
Categories: Biography & Autobiography

The Bulletin

The Bulletin

... region of her midriff between northern Tasmania and the southern outcrop of
her rib cage , she triggered a worldwide ... Little could Ms Spears have imagined
the horror show she was unleashing . ... And he may well be tempted read as a
badge of masculinity , defiance of in future , as may others of his sex , to wanthe ...



ISBN: UCSC:32106018030608

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Henry Moore at Dulwich Picture Gallery

Henry Moore at Dulwich Picture Gallery

46 ) a smaller form is glimpsed through the strings like a bird in a cage , an early
precursor of the later internal ... of the end – Donatello was a modeller , and it
seems to me that it is modelling that has sapped the manhood out of Western
sculpture . ... It seems extraordinary that this work , surely the most accessible of
all Moore ' s masterpieces , should have unleashed the critical firestorm that it did

Author: Henry Moore

Publisher: Scala Books

ISBN: UOM:39015060361352

Category: Art

Page: 176

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This beautifully designed catalogue encompasses the most important themes to be found in the art of Henry Moore, one of the best known British modern masters and a superb sculptural draughtsman. It presents both his sculptural works and his works on paper, in a wide variety of media, from maquettes to finished works; from working sketches to finished drawings; from earliest student work to the maturity of the 1960s; and from tiny pebble carving to massive cast bronze. Written by some of the leading experts in the field, it includes a contribution by Ann Garrould, Henry Moore's niece, who worked closely with her uncle and was intimately involved with the early days of the Henry Moore Foundation. Published to accompany the exhibition at Dulwich Picture Gallery, London, a large part of the book features works from the remarkable and varied collection of Robert and Lisa Sainsbury, subsequently given to the Sainsbury Centre at the University of East Anglia, Norwich. Moore's sculptural monuments reflecting his romantic response to nature, will always look best in a landscape setting and some of the most spectacular pieces will be exhibited in the beautiful garden at Dulwich Picture Gallery against the backdrop of Sir John Soane's famous building. SELLING POINTS: *This publication explores the most important themes in Henry Moore's art, including the family point of view, written by his niece, Ann Garrould *It is a new approach to design, incorporating intense color backdrops, dynamic angles and unfamiliar details of the works *Written by acknowledged experts in the field 90 colour illustrations
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Strikebreaking Intimidation

Strikebreaking   Intimidation

Mercenaries and Masculinity in Twentieth-century America Stephen Harlan
Norwood. Bennett , advertising his ... Bennett kept cages of lions and tigers at the
end of a tunnel leading away from his brick castle near Ann Arbor , one of his five
homes . In 1937 he even ... But Bennett easily thwarted the campaign during its
early stages by unleashing massive violence and by using his control of
Dearborn ' s ...

Author: Stephen Harlan Norwood

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press

ISBN: WISC:89076968163

Category: History

Page: 328

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Strikebreaking and Intimidation: Mercenaries and Masculinity in Twentieth-Century America
Categories: History

Psychiatric Music Therapy in the Community

Psychiatric Music Therapy in the Community

Suddenly , she becomes aware that she feels trapped in a cage like a savage
animal ready to pounce . I ask the ... A pounding session unleashed the deadly
anger she felt toward the intruder - lover - she almost tears the pillow to shreds ,
and her hands bleed from the force of her fury . She fears the power of his
masculinity and of all men , for they are cruel , ruthless , and victimizers of women
. The test ...

Author: Florence Tyson

Publisher: Barcelona Pub

ISBN: UCLA:L0091348987

Category: Psychology

Page: 398

View: 859

Florence Tyson was a pioneering music therapist who practiced in New York City from 1958 to 1995, and founded the Creative Arts Therapy Center. This anthology includes all published work by Tyson, and never-before published material written by and about her. The collection is presented in six sections: the therapeutic relationship, case studies, information about the Center, the use of music in treatment, interviews, and perspectives on Tyson and her work.
Categories: Psychology