Digital Youth, Innovation, and the Unexpected

Author: Tara McPherson

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 0262134950

Category: Education

Page: 259

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How emergent practices and developments in young people's digital media can result intechnological innovation or lead to unintended learning experiences and unanticipated socialencounters.


Author: Wendy Smith

Publisher: Wendy Smith


Category: Fiction

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I’ve told a lot of lies in my life. Mostly lies of omission. My best friends, Rebecca, Gemma, and Katya think I come from a rich family like they do. I don’t. We have a fancy lunch once a month at an expensive restaurant. I cut back on food the rest of the time to pay for it. My car sits in the garage unless I’m spending time with my friends. It’s cheaper to catch the bus. Now I have a new secret. The biggest of them all. I’m in love with Rebecca’s father. And I think he loves me back. Previously published under the pen name Ariadne Wayne.

Managing the Unexpected

Resilient Performance in an Age of Uncertainty

Author: Karl E. Weick,Kathleen M. Sutcliffe

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470534236

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 208

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Since the first edition of Managing the Unexpected was published in 2001, the unexpected has become a growing part of our everyday lives. The unexpected is often dramatic, as with hurricanes or terrorist attacks. But the unexpected can also come in more subtle forms, such as a small organizational lapse that leads to a major blunder, or an unexamined assumption that costs lives in a crisis. Why are some organizations better able than others to maintain function and structure in the face of unanticipated change? Authors Karl Weick and Kathleen Sutcliffe answer this question by pointing to high reliability organizations (HROs), such as emergency rooms in hospitals, flight operations of aircraft carriers, and firefighting units, as models to follow. These organizations have developed ways of acting and styles of learning that enable them to manage the unexpected better than other organizations. Thoroughly revised and updated, the second edition of the groundbreaking book Managing the Unexpected uses HROs as a template for any institution that wants to better organize for high reliability.

Unexpected Death in Childhood

A Handbook for Practitioners

Author: Peter Sidebotham,Peter Fleming

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470060964

Category: Medical

Page: 347

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For families who have experienced the death of a child, their private tragedy is all too often exacerbated by an inappropriate or incompetent professional response. For the professional charged with the responsibility of having to deal with unexpected child deaths, such as a pediatrician, a police officer, or social worker, this title offers guidance on how to respond adequately to this tragic event but also places the subject in a larger social context, examining the history, epidemiology, causes, and contributory factors surrounding the death of a child. The book also covers the prevalence and types of death, the role of the police in an unexpected child death, how to support families, how to undertake a serious case review, and how to prevent child deaths in the future. Part of the prestigious NSPCC Wiley Series in Safeguarding Children – The Multi–Professional Approach.

Unexpected Places

Relocating Nineteenth-Century African American Literature

Author: Eric Gardner

Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi

ISBN: 9781604732849

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 272

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In January of 1861, on the eve of both the Civil War and the rebirth of the African Methodist Episcopal Church's Christian Recorder, John Mifflin Brown wrote to the paper praising its editor Elisha Weaver: "It takes our Western boys to lead off. I am proud of your paper." Weaver's story, though, like many of the contributions of early black literature outside of the urban Northeast, has almost vanished. Unexpected Places: Relocating Nineteenth-Century African American Literature recovers the work of early African American authors and editors such as Weaver who have been left off maps drawn by historians and literary critics. Individual chapters restore to consideration black literary locations in antebellum St. Louis, antebellum Indiana, Reconstruction-era San Francisco, and several sites tied to the Philadelphia-based Recorder during and after the Civil War. In conversation with both archival sources and contemporary scholarship, Unexpected Places calls for a large-scale rethinking of the nineteenth-century African American literary landscape. In addition to revisiting such better-known writers as William Wells Brown, Maria Stewart, and Hannah Crafts, Unexpected Places offers the first critical considerations of important figures including William Jay Greenly, Jennie Carter, Polly Wash, and Lizzie Hart. The book's discussion of physical locations leads naturally to careful study of how region is tied to genre, authorship, publication circumstances, the black press, domestic and nascent black nationalist ideologies, and black mobility in the nineteenth century.

The Unexpected Bride

Author: Debra Ullrick

Publisher: Steeple Hill

ISBN: 9781459202580

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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After the disaster of his first marriage, Haydon Bowen has no intention of marrying again. Unfortunately, his brother has some intentions of his own, and plans to see to it that Haydon finds happiness once more. So he answers a "groom wanted" advertisement—in Haydon's name—and sends Haydon to meet his new bride at the stagecoach stop! For beautiful, cultured Rainelle Devonwood, any dangers she may face in the Idaho Territories are preferable to staying with her abusive brother. So even when Rainee learns she's a mistakenly ordered bride, she won't let Haydon drive her away. She's up to the challenge of life on the difficult, demanding frontier…and the greater challenge of opening Haydon's heart again.

Unexpected Blessing

Living the Countercultural Reality of the Beatitudes

Author: Cameron Lee

Publisher: InterVarsity Press

ISBN: 9780830832460

Category: Religion

Page: 211

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We have always needed God's blessing, though we forget this when the course of life seems smooth and steady. But when trouble visits, we turn to God and invoke his favor. Yet do we really know what we are asking for? And is it possible to live in such a way that blessing becomes part of the very fabric of life? (from the Introduction)When someone says, "God bless you," what does it mean? What does the blessing of God on our lives look like? Too often Christians have understood God's blessing in terms of the priorities of our popular culture. But in the Christian life, blessedness is more than good fortune, emotional happiness or material prosperity. True blessing runs counter to how the world operates and only comes through participating in the kingdom Jesus announced.One set of lenses for viewing this blessed life is found in the Beatitudes of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. The Beatitudes are not a set of moral rules or a how-to manual. Nor are they "Eight Simple Steps to God's Blessing" or a self-improvement plan designed to guarantee God's favor. Instead, Cameron Lee sees the Beatitudes as a window through which we may view the new landscape that Jesus called the kingdom of heaven. He illustrates the nature of this kingdom by contrasting each Beatitude with the ways that our self-centered culture tugs at us. His exposition helps us reevaluate our cultural assumptions and challenge the world's values. As we live in light of the Beatitudes, those around us will see the appealing uniqueness of God's kingdom. And we will discover life as God meant it to be--marked by wholeness, transformation and freedom.

Sara's Unexpected Detour

A Short Story

Author: Reba Rymers

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781453573488

Category: Fiction

Page: 106

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Sara Hill is excited to start the weekend which promises a wonderful time with Matt Sames, the man of her dreams, at her best friend Jennys wedding. Although the trip is only three hours long, Sara takes an unexpected detour to another dimension and never arrives at her parents home in Houston, as expected. Will she make it to the wedding? Will she ever be able to get back? As search parties look for her, she is nowhere anyone can find her. Shes sheltered by a group of rebels who insist shes there to save them from being totally annihilated.

Facing the Unexpected

Disaster Preparedness and Response in the United States

Author: Ronald W. Perry,Michael K. Lindell,Kathleen J. Tierney

Publisher: Joseph Henry Press

ISBN: 0309186897

Category: Science

Page: 320

View: 6066


Facing the Unexpected presents the wealth of information derived from disasters around the world over the past 25 years. The authors explore how these findings can improve disaster programs, identify remaining research needs, and discuss disaster within the broader context of sustainable development. How do different people think about disaster? Are we more likely to panic or to respond with altruism? Why are 110 people killed in a Valujet crash considered disaster victims while the 50,000 killed annually in traffic accidents in the U.S. are not? At the crossroads of social, cultural, and economic factors, this book examines these and other compelling questions. The authors review the influences that shape the U.S. governmental system for disaster planning and response, the effectiveness of local emergency agencies, and the level of professionalism in the field. They also compare technological versus natural disaster and examine the impact of technology on disaster programs.