Ultimate Journey Death and Dying in the World s Major Religions

Ultimate Journey  Death and Dying in the World s Major Religions

Like taxes, death is inevitable. Everyone experiences it sooner or later. This book offers perspectives on death and dying from all major religions, written by experts in each of those religions.

Author: Steven Rosen

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9780313356094

Category: Religion

Page: 208

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Like taxes, death is inevitable. Everyone experiences it sooner or later. This book offers perspectives on death and dying from all major religions, written by experts in each of those religions. Focusing on the major world traditions, it offers important information about what death and dying means to those practicing these faiths. The second part of the book adds a necessary and truly unique perspective - a personal look at how people actually die in the various world religions, as told by a hospital chaplain, with anecdotes and experiences that bring the death process to life, so to speak. Each chapter engages the theology of each religion, giving quotes from the literature of their respective scriptural traditions, to explain the process of dying, death, and the afterlife. In doing so, each author draws on the history of his respective tradition and looks at real-life figures, exemplars of the tradition, showing how practitioners view death and hope to one day engage the death process themselves.
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Time Perspective Theory Review Research and Application

Time Perspective Theory  Review  Research and Application

In S. J. Rosen (Ed.), Ultimate journey: Death and dying in the world's major religions (pp. 1–20). London: Praeger. Smith, P. C., Range, L. M., & Ulmer, A. (1992). Belief in afterlife as a buffer in suicidal and other bereavement.

Author: Maciej Stolarski

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319073682

Category: Psychology

Page: 551

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This book is about time and its powerful influence on our personal and collective daily life. It presents the most comprehensive and up-to-date overview of contemporary knowledge on temporal psychology inspired by Zimbardo's work on Time Perspective (TP). With contributions from renowned and promising researchers from all over the globe, and at the interface of social, personality, cognitive and clinical psychology, the handbook captures the breadth and depth of the field of psychological time. Time perspective, as the way people construe the past, the present and the future, is conceived and presented not only as one of the most influential dimensions in our psychological life leading to self-impairing behaviors, but also as a facet of our person that can be de-biased and supportive for well-being and happiness. Written in honor of Philip G. Zimbardo on his 80th birthday and in acknowledgement of his leading role in the field, the book contains illustrations of the countless studies and applications that his theory has stimulated, and captures the theoretical, methodological and practical pathways he opened by his prolific research.
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Brahms s A German Requiem

Brahms s A German Requiem

Thompson , John M. “ Awakening to Mortality : Buddhist Views of Death and Dying . ” In Ultimate Journey : Death and Dying in the World's Major Religions , edited by Steven J. Rosen , 83–113 . Westport , CT : Praeger , 2008 .

Author: R. Allen Lott

Publisher: Eastman Studies in Music

ISBN: 9781580469869

Category: Music

Page: 510

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Examines in detail the contexts of Brahms's masterpiece and demonstrates that, contrary to recent consensus, it was performed and received as an inherently Christian work during the composer's life.
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Understanding Dying Death and Bereavement

Understanding Dying  Death  and Bereavement

Ultimate journey: Death and dying in the world's major religions. Westport, CT: Praeger Publishers. This book is written by different individuals who are experts on various religions. The focus is on the major world traditions and ...

Author: Michael R. Leming

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9780357034477

Category: Social Science

Page: 624

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Using a social-psychological approach, the new edition of this book remains solidly grounded in theory and research as it delivers practical information to help you examine your own feelings about -- and cope with -- death and grieving. Drawing from their decades of experience as teachers and researchers, the authors integrate stimulating personal accounts with numerous examples illustrating cross-cultural perspectives and the practical matters of death and dying. Coverage includes new information on opioids and suicide, critical sociology, middle-aged suicide, school shootings in the U.S. compared with other countries, U.K. and U.S. prison hospice programs, animal hospices, capital punishment, the high cost of saying goodbye and much more. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
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Soul Service

Soul Service

Rosen, Steven J., Ultimate journey: Death and Dying in the World 's Major Religions, Westport, CT: Praeger Publishers, 2008. Sanders, Mary Anne, Nearing Death Awareness: A Guide to the Language, Visions and Dreams of the Dying, ...

Author: Christine Cowgill MS CRC

Publisher: BalboaPress

ISBN: 9781452566795

Category: Medical

Page: 186

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Whether you are a hospice professional, relative, or volunteer, this book will be of value to you in servicing the patient or your loved one as they approach their transition. Raymond Moody, MD, author of Life After Life Soul Service speaks to the medical professional, lay person, dying person and family member about treating the dying from a holistic perspective. It provides a detailed navigation to spiritual and complementary care, as well as examines the phenomenon of metaphysical experiences at death. This book offers ideas on how to honor your loved ones passing and assists with the process of how to choose the best hospice. Soul Service highlights the voices of medical professionals working from the highest level of service. It serves as a useful resource guide to the myriad organizations that are currently available to assist with the dying process.
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Call to Compassion

Call to Compassion

Reflections on Animal Advocacy from the World's Religions Lisa Kemmerer, Anthony J. Nocella ... for the anthology, Ultimate Journey: Death and Dying in the World's Major Religions (edited by Steven Rosen, Greenwood Publishing, 2008).

Author: Lisa Kemmerer

Publisher: Lantern Books

ISBN: 9781590562819

Category: Nature

Page: 303

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Covering doctrine and the lived experience of the world's religious practitioners, Call to Compassion is a collection of stirring and passionate essays on the place of animals within the philosophical, cultural, and everyday milieus of spiritual practices both ancient and modern. From Hinduism, Buddhism, and Daoism, through the Abrahamic traditions, to contemporary Wiccan and Native American spirituality, Call to Compassion charts the complex ways we interact with the world around us. Book jacket.
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Reflecting on the Inevitable

Reflecting on the Inevitable

Pyszczynski T, Greenberg J, Solomon S, Maxfield M. On the unique psychological import of the human awareness of mortality: Theme and variations. Psychol Inquiry. ... Ultimate Journey: Death and Dying in the World's Major Religions.

Author: Peter J. Adams

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780190945008

Category: Medical

Page: 264

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"Death studies have, over the last twenty years, witnessed a flourishing of research and scholarship particularly in areas such as dying and bereavement, cultural practices and fear of dying. But, despite its importance, a specific focus on the nature of personal mortality has attracted surprisingly little attention. This book breaks new ground by bringing together available ideas and research on the meaning of one's own death. Its content is organized around the question of how an ongoing relationship might be possible when the threat of consciousness coming to an end points to an unthinkable and unspeakable nothingness. The book then argues that, despite this threat, an ongoing relationship with one's own death is still possible by means of conceptual devices that help shape personal mortality into a relatable object. Four of these devices, or 'enabling frames', are examined: essential structures, passionate suffusion, point-of-transition and self-generative process. While each frame conceptualizes mortality differently, they share a capacity to move it from unintelligibility to something we can think and speak about, thereby enabling us to maintain an ongoing engagement. The final chapters explore ways in which pursuing a relationship with our own deaths could become a normal and acceptable activity throughout our lives"--
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The Jedi in the Lotus

The Jedi in the Lotus

Ultimate Journey: Death and Dying in the World's Major Religions, ed. (Westport, CT.: Praeger publishing, 2008). Essential Hinduism (hardcover, Praeger, 2006; paperback, Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield, 2008).

Author: Steven Rosen

Publisher: Arktos

ISBN: 9781907166112

Category: Fiction

Page: 188

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The Jedi in the Lotus is the first-ever examination of the Star Wars universe from a Hindu perspective, illuminating many hitherto undiscovered aspects of the background and meaning of the widely acclaimed film series. We are shown how its creators were influenced by the famed mythologist, Joseph Campbell, whose reading of the ancient Indian Epics, the Ramayana and Mahabharata, can be seen throughout the Star Wars films. This book also demonstrates how the metaphysical understanding of the Jedi Knights and the divinity conceived of as 'the Force' have resonances with teachings passed down by Hindu gurus and mystics for centuries, and how fantastic worlds and technology similar to that of the Star Wars universe were described in myths that are millennia old - and may even have had some basis in reality. Finally, The Jedi in the Lotus shows us how the Hindu traditions at the basis of Star Wars offer an alternative vision to the purely materialistic, soulless world of modernity. Steven J. Rosen (Satyaraja Dasa) is an initiated disciple of His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. He is also founding editor of the Journal of Vaishnava Studies and associate editor of Back to Godhead. He has published twenty-one books in numerous languages, including the recent Essential Hinduism (Rowman & Littlefield, 2008); The Yoga of Kirtan: Conversations on the Sacred Art of Chanting (FOLK Books, 2008); and Krishna's Other Song: A New Look at the Uddhava Gita (Praeger-Greenwood, 2010). 'In conclusion, I can only say that The Jedi in the Lotus is a breakthrough book when it comes to understanding the mythic depth of the Star Wars epics. Steven J. Rosen uses his masterful grasp of the Eastern traditions to explain the secrets of the most successful film series ever. This book also shows us why Joseph Campbell loved the wisdom tales from India, and, for those who found the Star Wars adventures memorable, this is a truly illuminating book.' - Dr. Jonathan Young, from the Foreword
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The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Religion and Social Justice

The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Religion and Social Justice

The Arabic word asbab is the plural of sabab, meaning “reason,” “cause,” or “occasion,” and nuzul means to descend, ... Timani, Hussam (2008) Ultimate Journey: Death and Dying in the World's Major Religions, Steven J. Rosen (ed.) ...

Author: Michael D. Palmer

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781444355376

Category: Religion

Page: 664

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The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Religion and Social Justice brings together a team of distinguished scholars to provide a comprehensive and comparative account of social justice in the major religious traditions. The first publication to offer a comparative study of social justice for each of the major world religions, exploring viewpoints within Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Confucianism Offers a unique and enlightening volume for those studying religion and social justice - a crucially important subject within the history of religion, and a significant area of academic study in the field Brings together the beliefs of individual traditions in a comprehensive, explanatory, and informative style All essays are newly-commissioned and written by eminent scholars in the field Benefits from a distinctive four-part organization, with sections on major religions; religious movements and themes; indigenous people; and issues of social justice, from colonialism to civil rights, and AIDS through to environmental concerns
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Takfir in Islamic Thought

Takfir in Islamic Thought

N.c. Matba'at al-I'timād, n.d. Timani, Hussam S. Modern Intellectual Readings of the Kharijites. New York. Peter Lang Publishing, 2008. “Death and Dying in Islam.” In Ultimate Journey: Death and Dying in the World's Major Religions, ed.

Author: Hussam S. Timani

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9780739194263

Category: Religion

Page: 124

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This book provides a comprehensive overview of the concept of takfīr in Islamic thought. It discusses the concept in the doctrines of the major theological schools and in the thought of prominent medieval Muslim theologians.
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Library Journal

Library Journal

... of religions , Univ . of Chicago ) of Latter - day Saints , which , along with Ultimate Journey : Death and Dying in the takes particular pains to show the outsider the Community of Christ , is the primary World's Major Religions .



ISBN: UCSC:32106017989127

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Teaching Death and Dying

Teaching Death and Dying

The faculty also evidenced some of the common bifurcation in talking about ''religion'' and ''spirituality,'' ... thus mandated to take a broad approach; and it is comparative in nature, covering the world's major religions as well as a ...

Author: Christopher M Moreman

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199715015

Category: Religion

Page: 304

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The academic study of death rose to prominence during the 1960s. Courses on some aspect of death and dying can now be found at most institutions of higher learning. These courses tend to stress the psycho-social aspects of grief and bereavement, however, ignoring the religious elements inherent to the subject. This collection is the first to address the teaching of courses on death and dying from a religious-studies perspective.
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The Ultimate Travel Guide to Thailand The Most Exotic Destination in South East Asia

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Thailand  The Most Exotic Destination in South East Asia

neighboring hills, he practiced severe Tapas (austerities) and Pranayama (breath control) for six years, during which time he almost starved to death and became exceedingly weak. He finally realized that starvation did not serve his ...

Author: Stamatis Stamatopoulos

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781628902839

Category: Travel


View: 557

This is a complete and the only travel guide out there with over 200 pictures and maps to prepare and benefit all future travelers to enjoy their traveling experience to this amazing country in South-East Asia. Readers will feel captivated, intrigued and fully informed about the Thai history, religion, visas, weather, seasons, transportation, Thai people and culture, Thai dishes, Thai fruits, places to eat, scams and problems, things to avoid, things to do, shopping, attractions, entertainment, nightlife, white water rafting, diving destinations, most popular places to visit, accommodation, useful phone numbers, websites, embassies, police, immigration, post offices, hospitals, Thai language, Thai dictionary with over 700 words and phrases. Please know that I do not get commission from any of the Hotels, Restaurants, etc. I mention in this travel guide, and I guarantee the information I provide in a single copy, won’t be found in any book store or on the internet. Please check my previews version reviews.
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Bringing Death to Life

Bringing Death to Life

An Uplifting Exploration of Living, Dying, the Soul Journey and the Afterlife Patricia Scanlan, Aidan Storey, Dr Mary Helen Hensley, ... Again, we find in the world's third largest religion the idea that death is just a passage.

Author: Patricia Scanlan

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781473681927

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 288

View: 737

Take a heart-lifting journey into the great unknown ... In Bringing Death to Life, well-known author Patricia Scanlan, along with soul friends and metaphysical healers Dr Mary Helen Hensley, Aidan Storey and Pamela Young, shine a light into an area that they believe needs to become part of the ordinary conversation of life, not to be feared or avoided in our communications, but recognised, understood, accepted: death. Patricia, whose experience of the loss of her parents was the catalyst for this book, shares her own journey through grief, while Aidan, Mary Helen and Pamela -- who have abilities to channel, communicate with angels, and intuit and heal between this life and the next -- share personal experiences along with insight into death and the afterlife gained through their work. Included are chapters on facing fear of death, being present during death of a loved one, the aftermath of loss, and connecting to signs and messages from beyond, along with remarkable stories of the afterlife in the everyday. Prayers, affirmations and messages from the angels also make up this special, thought-provoking and ultimately deeply comforting book.
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Answering the Toughest Questions About Heaven and Hell

Answering the Toughest Questions About Heaven and Hell

What Do the World's Major Religions Say? The same is true for those in the world who are religious: Life after death is a slam dunk. Since their beginning, the great world religions— Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, ...

Author: Bruce Bickel

Publisher: Bethany House

ISBN: 9781441230805

Category: Religion

Page: 176

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Bestselling Authors Tackle Difficult Issues for Believers and Doubters When it comes to the big questions about heaven and hell--Are these real places? Will God really send people to hell? What will we actually do in heaven?--Bruce Bickel and Stan Jantz don't pretend to have all the answers. But they do know how to wrestle with uncertainty and doubt. They welcome questions, and in these pages they ask some of the most important ones you have about heaven and hell. With candor, insight, and a disarming touch of humor, they provide some answers to these critical questions, yet they leave enough space--and grace--for you to keep wrestling, asking, and seeking Truth. There is no shame in asking--after all, even some of the greatest men and women in the Bible had doubts. Don't let your questions go unanswered. What you find might just change your life.
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What Really Happens When You Die

What Really Happens When You Die

As thermodynamic beings in a thermodynamic universe, our very existence is time travel because time is the dimension along ... A trip around a circular dimension of time, in which we end up where we started, is the ultimate journey.

Author: Andrew McLauchlin

Publisher: Arcturus Publishing

ISBN: 9781784281885

Category: Science


View: 702

What happens to us when we die? It's a question that has exercised humanity's finest minds for thousands of years. Most have sought the answer in religion; others have looked to philosophers, to the supernatural, or, more recently, to evidence from 'near death' experience. But never, it seems, to science. Yet that's where the answer appears to lie. Specifically, in cosmology, the study of the history and future of the universe. Taking his inspiration from Stephen Hawking's groundbreaking A Brief History of Time, author Andrew McLauchlin brings his background as a physicist to bear on this fascinating subject. He examines developments in cosmology and shows how they point to a conclusion about the dimension of time that has very real implications not only for the universe but also for us. What Really Happens When We Die? is a journey of discovery into a realm that offers an astonishing explanation for one of life's imponderables.
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Someone You Love is Dying

Someone You Love is Dying

It is a land we shall eventually know only when we ourselves make that ultimate journey . ... Primitive religions have not usually postulated a hierarchy of rewards and punishments in the world of the dead . All major contemporary ...

Author: Martin Shepard

Publisher: Ace Books

ISBN: UOM:39015015275301

Category: Death

Page: 219

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Or is it merely a word game that a skeptic engages in to prove his own prejudgment — that the dead cannot go on living ? ... It is a land we shall eventually know only when we ourselves make that ultimate journey .

Author: Martin Shepard

Publisher: Permanent PressPub Company

ISBN: PSU:32239001167010

Category: Self-Help

Page: 208

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Meditations, quotes, and interviews with terminally-ill patients and their loved ones address how individuals react to death.
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Journey To The Future

Journey To The Future

“Among the world's major religions,” Soluna continued, “only the Jewish faith has a positive vision of the longterm ... the Jews from bondage and bring the ultimate return of the Messiah to Jerusalem, leading to a Paradise on Earth.

Author: Guy Dauncey

Publisher: Agio Publishing House

ISBN: 9781927755358

Category: Fiction

Page: 442

View: 469

In this blockbuster novel, young protagonist Patrick Wu visits a future world - Vancouver in 2032 - brimming with innovation and hope, where the climate crisis is being tackled, the solar revolution is underway and a new cooperative economy is taking shape. Dauncey's "brilliant book shows solutions to the climate crisis that offer a future rich in opportunity and joy" - scientist and award-winning broadcaster David Suzuki. Scientists, activists and politicians are enthusiastic in advance praise for Guy Dauncey's ecotopian novel, Journey To The Future. From Elizabeth May, NDP MP Murray Rankin and UK Green Party leader Caroline Lucas, to activists Tzeporah Berman, Angela Bischoff and Bill McKibben, and scientists David Suzuki, Andrew Weaver and Elisabet Sahtouris, the endorsements for Guy Dauncey's new book are united: Journey To The Future is a gamechanger that must be widely read. In this blockbuster novel, young protagonist Patrick Wu visits a future world - Vancouver in 2032 - brimming with innovation and hope, where the climate crisis is being tackled, the solar revolution is underway and a new cooperative economy is taking shape. But enormous danger still lurks. David R. Boyd, co-chair of Vancouver's Greenest City initiative, says Journey To The Future is "an imaginative tour de force, blending science, philosophy and fiction into a delightful story about how we can and must change the world." About the author, Guy Dauncey Guy Dauncey is a futurist who works to develop a positive vision of a sustainable future and to translate that vision into action. He is founder of the BC Sustainable Energy Association, and the author or co-author of ten books, including the award-winning Cancer: 101 Solutions to a Preventable Epidemic and The Climate Challenge: 101 Solutions to Global Warming. He is an Honorary Member of the Planning Institute of BC, a Fellow of the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland, and a powerful motivational speaker.
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The Encyclopedia of World Religions

The Encyclopedia of World Religions

Usually though not always they are regarded with fear and apprehension; benign visitors from the world of the dead are more often referred to as spirits. Belief in ghosts is perhaps not a major focus of most religions, but it is related ...

Author: Robert S. Ellwood

Publisher: Infobase Publishing

ISBN: 9781438110387

Category: Religion

Page: 514

View: 665

Contains nearly 600 brief entries on the world's religious traditions.
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