Ultimate Horse Care

The Complete Veterinary Guide

Author: John McEwen

Publisher: Howell Book House

ISBN: 9781582451701

Category: Pets

Page: 272

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Whether in a parade, on the battlefield, behind a plow, or in the saddle, people have been enjoying the beauty, majesty, and strength of the horse for hundreds of years. Now more than ever horse owners are paying attention to how the horse functions and how to improve the quality of life for their equine companion. Ultimate Horse Care focuses on practical horse care for the modern horse. From common ailments to alternative methods of treatment, you will get to know your horse inside and out.

The Ultimate Guide to Horse Health & Care

The Novice Owner's Guide to Horsekeeping

Author: Lainey Cullen-McConkey

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1510745289

Category: Pets

Page: 120

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Find solutions to the most common problems faced by novice horse owners. Keeping your horse at home can be as wonderful and idyllic as it sounds, but there are also a lot of things which need to be taken into consideration to make sure you and your horse’s new home are ready. This book will guide you through some of the potential pitfalls, providing a simple and easily digestible overview of basic at-home horse health and care. With more than thirty years of experience, horse owner, trainer, and caretaker Lainey Cullen-McConkey offers expert insight on topics such as creating and maintaining a safe living environment for your horse, the basic rules of feeding and care, and invaluable advice on what to do if something goes wrong. Other helpful topics include: What to know before you bring home your horse Basic anatomy and systems of the horse Healthcare and monitoring Maintenance of property and pastures Suggestions on what to do if your horse is injured or ill And so much more! The Ultimate Guide to Horse Health & Care covers everything you need to know and do both before and after bringing your horse home.

The Ultimate Guide to Horse Feed, Supplements, and Nutrition

Author: Lisa Preston

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1510705368

Category: Pets

Page: 280

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A primary concern of all horse owners and caregivers is that their animals receive the proper feed and in the correct amounts. In seeking information about these matters, it’s easy for owners and caregivers to be lured in—and often misled—by advertisements and endorsements for vitamins, alternative medicines, and other supplementary products. Noted equine nutritionist Lisa Preston offers solid and sensible guidance in these and other areas in her wide-reaching Ultimate Guide to Horse Feed, Supplements, and Nutrition. Among the topics she covers are: • Formulating a correct dietary routine for your horse, pony, or mule based on such considerations as breed, age, and size, as well as locale, climate, and the activities in which they take part • Understanding the horse’s digestive system and related organs and the effects of various feeds on them • Feed-related diseases and other ailments: their causes, prevention, and treatment • The use and misuse of vitamins and other supplements • Understanding your veterinarian’s diagnoses, tests, and treatments • And much more Thoroughly researched using the latest scientific data and featuring dozens of tables, charts, and illustrations, The Ultimate Guide to Horse Feed, Supplements, and Nutrition belongs on the shelf of every horse owner.

The Ultimate Horse Behavior and Training Book

Enlightened and Revolutionary Solutions for the 21st Century

Author: Linda Tellington-Jones

Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books

ISBN: 1570765693

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 322

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Finally, a comprehensive collection of world-renowned equine expert Linda Tellington-Jones' healing equine bodywork and training exercises, for use both on the ground and in the saddle. In one fabulously illustrated book, those new to Linda's approach are provided with a clear, step-by-step introduction to the Tellington Method, while those familiar with her work finally have the ultimate go-to reference. The book is divided into three parts. Part One briefly explains the background of the Tellington Method and then discusses the reasons for unwanted behavior and poor attitude in horses. Part Two, arranged alphabetically, contains a compendium of 72 common behavioral, training and health issues, many of which horse people face on a daily basis. In this A to Z format, from Aggressive to Other Horses to Weaving, Linda discusses the possible reasons for these behaviors or problems and offers conventional methods of solving these challenges, as well as training solutions using the Tellington Method. Part Three presents—for the first time in one volume—the complete body of work that makes up the Tellington Method: the Tellington TTouches, Ground Exercises, and Ridden Work. At the end of this section, there is also a detailed case study, which includes 49 photographs showing every step along the way to successfully teaching your horse to load.

The Ultimate Equestrian Training Diary

Manage Your Horse's Care, Document Your Riding Lessons, Set Focused Goals, and Track Your Competition Results in This All-In-One Equestrian Performance Diary

Author: Howtodressage

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781795480727

Category: Pets

Page: 208

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ALL-IN-ONE EQUESTRIAN PERFORMANCE DIARY The only diary you need to help you take care of your horse, achieve your training goals, and be successful in the competition arena. Suitable for All Disciplines Do you do dressage, showjumping or eventing? What about vaulting or carriage driving? Or do you do a bit of everything? No worries, whatever you do you'll be able to record it in this equestrian diary. Designed for up to 2 Horses Have more than one horse? No problem at all. There's no need to buy two diaries because this one will hold the details, care records, competition records, and more of up to two horses. Manage Your Horse's Care Everything you need to help you keep your horse in tip-top condition. Including farrier, working, vet visits, vaccinations, feeding plan, dentist visits, saddle fitting, and more! Document Lessons Keep a record of your riding lessons to review and evaluate when needed. There's space to detail who you had your lessons with along with what you learned and what you need to practice. Competition Results Regardless of what discipline you do, there's space for you to record your competition results and other horsey achievements throughout the year. There's even space for you to record the details of competition venues and to make any notes. Undated 52-Week Diary A full 52 week diary, with one week per double page. Because it's undated, you can start using this diary at any time of the year and still get full use out of it. And if your horse has some time off, no problem, just pick up where you left off. Performance Goals Evaluate you and your horse's current performance and note what you both need to work on. As you work through the diary you'll be prompted to set targets for the weeks and months ahead and also reflect on the previous week and month's performance. Motivational Quotes It's not always going to be plain sailing, and in times when things get particularly difficult, you'll find some motivational quotes to help get you through. These quote pages are decorated with large patterns that you can also color should you need a calming activity. For more information and for photos of the diary, please visit https://equestriandiary.howtodressage.com Created by How To Dressage - https://howtodressage.com

The Ultimate Guide to Raising Farm Animals

A Complete Guide to Raising Chickens, Pigs, Cows, and More

Author: Laura Childs,Jennifer Megyesi,Jessie Shiers,Kate Rowinski,Michael Levatino,Audrey Levatino

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1510701125

Category: House & Home

Page: 224

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Imagine putting together a big breakfast using the eggs straight from your own chickens, or bacon straight from the pig. This is a sort of ideal that many dream of, but few ever get to experience. Now with The Ultimate Guide to Raising Farm Animals, that dream can be turned into a reality, and also be so much more. In The Ultimate Guide to Raising Farm Animals, you will learn how to take care of chickens, pigs, sheep, cows, and other livestock. Each chapter will be dedicated to a different animal, and you will not only learn how to take care of them, but also what sort of things you can get from them. If you want to save money, become more self-sufficient, or enjoy healthier locally sourced food, The Ultimate Guide to Raising Farm Animals is the book you need.

The Ultimate Guide to Horse Breeds

Author: Andrea Fitzpatrick

Publisher: Chartwell Books

ISBN: 0785834672

Category: Pets

Page: 448

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"For centuries, society could not have functioned without the horse; not only was it used for transportation, it was also a working animal on farms, in mines, and on the battlefield. this diversity consequently led to the development of myriads of breeds throughout the world. Climatic and geographical differences, not to mention the intervention of man, also played their part in forming the breeds. Those originating in desert areas not only had fine coats to enable them to deal with hot daytime temperatures, they were also hardy enough to withstand plummeting temperatures at night. At the other extreme, breeds living in colder lands developed heavier, thicker coats to make them impervious to wind and rain. man was not content to let evolution take its natural course, however, and decided to take a hand in the matter, interbreeding horses with different characteristics to produce and accentuate specific qualities. thus the different breeds were developed to fit their roles. Warhorses became large and stocky, able to carry medieval knights in heavy chain mail, while draft horses were bred for strength to till the land or to heave heavy carts across difficult terrain. The ultimate breeding triumph is undoubtedly the Thoroughbred, which was developed for the racecourse, and therefore pleasure. It is aristocratic and finely-tuned and its bloodlines are in many of the modern breeds we know today. It is responsible for adding quality, beauty, speed, and stamina. Not content with a comprehensive coverage of the horse breeds and types of the world, there are also sections on care to give the reader a complete and rounded insight into the pleasures, as well as problems, of looking after horses."--cover flaps


The Ultimate Treasury

Author: John Woodward

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1465407790

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 160

View: 8254


For every young horse fan and any child who's ever dreamed of having his or her own pony, comes this lavishly illustrated guide to the amazing world of horses. Readers will learn more about the history of horses, from how they evolved and were domesticated, to the world of working horses in the nineteenth century, to the Spanish Riding School's stunning snowy white stallions. Feature spreads provide even more compelling details covering topics as diverse as famous horses in literature, heroic horses in battle, and stunt horses in Western movies. There are even breed profiles so readers can identify their favorite types of horses, as well as a valuable introduction to the practicalities of horse care and riding lessons-making this an all-in-one, go-to companion for every horse lover.