Treasures Into Tractors

Treasures Into Tractors

This volume reveals the extent of the Soviet governmentÕs voluntary ÒrealizationÓ of RussiaÕs cultural patrimony between 1918 and 1938 and its consequences for both the international art market and the perception of Russian art.

Author: Anne Odom

Publisher: Hillwood Museum Bookshop

ISBN: STANFORD:36105124169728

Category: Art

Page: 424

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Sixteen scholars from Russia, Vienna, and the United States explore the fate of Russian art collections and libraries following the Russian Revolution in 1917, the institutions and individuals responsible for their sale, and the prominent collectors, libraries, and museums that acquired them. Unlike the widely publicized controversy surrounding Soviet-Nazi war loot and its restitution, the sales of the interwar period are not well known outside a small scholarly community. This volume reveals the extent of the Soviet governmentÕs voluntary ÒrealizationÓ of RussiaÕs cultural patrimony between 1918 and 1938 and its consequences for both the international art market and the perception of Russian art. The imperial Easter eggs by FabergŽ and Old-Master paintings purchased by Andrew Mellon from the State Hermitage and now in the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. are the most celebrated works that changed hands. Equally significant are the bibliographic rarities from imperial libraries, icons and liturgical art from churches and monasteries, and antiques, furnishings and fine art from estates, palaces, and private homes. Anne Odom is curator emerita at Hillwood Estate, Museum, and Gardens in Washington, D.C. Wendy R. Salmond is professor of art history at Chapman University in Orange, California. See the review in the New York Times:
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America s Scientific Treasures

America s Scientific Treasures

In 1918, when agriculture was moving from animal to mechanical power, the
company bought the Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company of Waterloo, Iowa, and
added tractors to its manufacturing line. By the end of World War II, the John
Deere ...

Author: Stephen M. Cohen

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780197545508

Category: Science

Page: 544

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"Over twenty years have passed since the First Edition was published in 1998; in that time changes both technological and human have occurred. Regarding human changes, we regret the death of one of the co-authors, Dr. Paul S. Cohen, just as preparations began in 2004 for the Second Edition. Hence this book has a new co-author, Dr. Stephen M. Cohen. The basic premises and criteria for inclusion in our book, however, have not altered. The GPS has rendered the art of map-reading nearly obsolete and many sites have added instructions to their facilities. Thus we have removed the need for us to include detailed directions. In addition the Internet now provides most of us with a ready and quick fountain of site information, sometimes accurate, and occasionally not. This information includes details about most of the sites we have chosen to include in the Second Edition, such as temporary exhibits, changeable daily schedules of lectures, and guided tours. In fact, many websites even provide driving directions. By request of our readers we have included information about how to go to sites by public transportation. In the Second Edition, we continue our focus on providing an ancillary background to each site, including some of the unusual, unique, or important aspects of its collection. As before, at least one of the authors has visited practically every site we discuss. We now include each site's own website and unusual directions such as latitude and longitude to correct for occasional errors in GPS directions or when a site may be reached by water as well as land. Because this book showcases science and technology for a worldwide readership, we now indicate metric units as well as English units for all measurements. This edition now lists treasures in all fifty states. We have split America's Scientific Treasures into three separate volumes, highlighting different geographical areas of the United States: the East Coast, the Midwest, and the West. In this way, you, the user, can more easily carry this book as you travel"--
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The Buried Treasures

The Buried Treasures

“Casting off” in this case meant climbing aboard two ancient Nuffield tractors.
Nuffields are popular with the fishermen because they are rugged and have the
minimum of moving parts to be infiltrated by salt and sand. They are stripped to
the ...

Author: R. W. F. Poole

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781326128401

Category: Biography & Autobiography


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R W F Poole has had a long a varied career as a columnist and author, with a unique viewpoint and writing style. The Buried Treasures or R. W. F. Poole brings together more than 100 articles from his columns from various (and varied) publications on subjects as different as Hunt Balls and dancing to black pudding and homemade cider.
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The Empress of Art Catherine the Great and the Transformation of Russia

The Empress of Art  Catherine the Great and the Transformation of Russia

Olga Neverov and Dmitry Pavlovich Alexinsky, The Hermitage Collections:
Volume I: Treasures of World Art (New York: Rizzoli, ... 11 Anne Odom and
Wendy R. Salmond, eds., Treasures into Tractors: The Selling of Russia's
Cultural Heritage, ...

Author: Susan Jaques

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781681771144

Category: Art

Page: 480

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Ruthless and passionate, Catherine the Great is singularly responsible for amassing one of the most awe-inspiring collections of art in the world and turning St. Petersburg in to a world wonder. The Empress of Art brings to life the creation of this captivating woman's greatest legacy An art-oriented biography of the mighty Catherine the Great, who rose from seemingly innocuous beginnings to become one of the most powerful people in the world. A German princess who married a decadent and lazy Russian prince, Catherine mobilized support amongst the Russian nobles, playing off of her husband's increasing corruption and abuse of power. She then staged a coup that ended with him being strangled with his own scarf in the halls of the palace and herself crowned the Empress of Russia. Intelligent and determined, Catherine modeled herself off of her grandfather in-law, Peter the Great, and sought to further modernize and westernize Russia. She believed that the best way to do this was through a ravenous acquisition of art, which Catherine often used as a form of diplomacy with other powers throughout Europe. She was a self-proclaimed "glutton for art" and she would be responsible for the creation of the Hermitage, one of the largest museums in the world, second only to the Louvre. Catherine also spearheaded the further expansion of St. Petersburg, and the magnificent architectural wonder the city became is largely her doing. There are few women in history more fascinating than Catherine the Great, and for the first time, Susan Jaques brings her to life through the prism of art.
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Stalin s War

Stalin s War

... Treasures from the Hillwood Museum, by Anne Odom and Liana Paredes
Arend, 45. New York: Antique Collectors Club Ltd., 1998. Odom, Anne, and
Wendy R. Salmond, eds. Treasure into Tractors: The Selling of Russia's Cultural
Heritage, ...

Author: Sean McMeekin

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9780241366455

Category: History

Page: 848

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'Gripping, authoritative, accessible and always bracingly revisionist' Simon Sebag Montefiore 'An accomplished, fearless and enthusiastic "Myth-buster" ... McMeekin's book will make us re-evaluate the war and its consequences' Margaret MacMillan, Financial Times In this remarkable, ground-breaking new book Sean McMeekin marks a generational shift in our view of Stalin as an ally in the Second World War. Stalin's only difference from Hitler, he argues, was that he was a successful murderous predator. With Hitler dead and the Third Reich in ruins, Stalin created an immense new Communist empire. Among his holdings were Czechoslovakia and Poland, the fates of which had first set the West against the Nazis and, of course, China and North Korea, the ramifications of which we still live with today. Until Barbarossa wrought a public relations miracle, turning him into a plucky ally of the West, Stalin had murdered millions, subverted every norm of international behaviour, invaded as many countries as Hitler had, and taken great swathes of territory he would continue to keep. In the larger sense the global conflict grew out of not only German and Japanese aggression but Stalin's manoeuvrings, orchestrated to provoke wars of attrition between the capitalist powers in Europe and in Asia. Throughout the war Stalin chose to do only what would benefit his own regime, not even aiding in the effort against Japan until the conflict's last weeks. Above all, Stalin's War uncovers the shocking details of how the US government (to the detriment of itself and its other allies) fuelled Stalin's war machine, blindly agreeing to every Soviet demand, right down to agents supplying details of the atomic bomb. 'McMeekin's approach in Stalin's War is both original and refreshing, written as it is with a wonderful clarity' Antony Beevor
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Forest Treasures

Forest Treasures

In Cyprus , these planted . By constructing gradoni at in " giant gradoni ”
constructed by tractor tervals of 20 to 25 feet , the ground is have come to be
known as " Catastrips ” partially cultivated thus costs are lowered . ( strips dug by
Caterpillars ) ...



ISBN: UOM:39015082348478



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The Treasure Hunt Club

The Treasure Hunt Club

Nick carefully studied the large open field before him. It was obviously a hay
meadow, and it had been recently cut. In fact, Nick could see two tractors at one
end of the field. One was pulling a hay rake that raked the loose hay into neat

Author: Michael Scott Clifton

Publisher: Tate Publishing

ISBN: 9781617395802

Category: Fiction

Page: 356

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'What is the Lost Treasure which you seek?' When Nick Hollister saw these brilliantly glowing words appear in The Book of Lost Treasures, he thought his luck had finally changed. After losing his job, his girlfriend, and being beaten up by archrival Carter Cannon in the space of mere hours, the chronically unemployed and underachieving Nick had reached a new low, even for him. When a chance encounter with the eccentric Hank Harper, the new owner of an antique store in town, leads to the purchase of a mysterious painting, Nick soon discovers an equally mysterious book hidden within the frame of the painting. The book proves to be able to produce maps revealing the location of long lost treasures. In the course of forming The Treasure Hunt Club with four close friends, Nick meets and falls in love with Abby Summers. Soon, The Book of Lost Treasures leads Nick, Abby, and the other club members on a cross-country trek from tiny D'Lo, Mississippi, to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to Arlington, Virginia, as it reveals the locations of many lost treasures, including a stolen shipment of Union gold from the Civil War era. Although these discoveries make Nick and the other club members wealthy beyond their wildest dreams, the sudden riches bring with them their own set of problems, and Nick learns ownership of The Book of Lost Treasures comes with a heavy price. In The Treasure Hunt Club, author Mike Clifton takes readers on an exciting journey of adventure filled with love, loss, and self-discovery.
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Hidden Treasures

Hidden Treasures

... sacrifice for the greater good are typified by the field kitchen , white tent , trailer
, the caterpillar - tractor and the endless black furrows plowed into the low
horizon . In America , some may grin at the idea of big Russian women driving
tractors .

Author: Vern G. Swanson

Publisher: University of Washington Press

ISBN: UOM:39015033986202

Category: Art

Page: 205

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Seventy-seven artists are represented with paintings created at the height of their careers.
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European Art at Dartmouth

European Art at Dartmouth

1 , Letter to Baron van Hazerswoude , April 8 , 1784 , 2v . 103 . Bowen , A
Pioneer Museum in the Wilderness , 11 . 104 . On the Bartlett donation , see
Anne Odom , “ American Collectors of Russian Decorative Art , ” in Treasures into
Tractors ...

Author: Hood Museum of Art

Publisher: University Press of New England

ISBN: UOM:39015077133315

Category: Art

Page: 222

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Second in a series of publications presenting the Hood s extensive and varied collections"
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Sea Fisheries Their Treasures and Toilers

Sea Fisheries  Their Treasures and Toilers

It consists of jetties at right angles to the shore , running out towards the channel ;
they are over 200 yards long . The trawlers can enter at any state of the tide . The
wharves are provided with mechanical tractors on rails and electric cranes .

Author: Marcel Adolphe Hérubel


ISBN: UOM:39015067216922

Category: Fisheries

Page: 366

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The Kids Catalog of Bible Treasures

The Kids  Catalog of Bible Treasures

Coming Home to Israel The Bible in Super - Modern Israel Modern Israelis are as
modern as Americans are . They honk their car horns and speed along the
highways talking on cellular phones . Tractors plow their fields . Cranes swing
steel ...

Author: Chaya M. Burstein

Publisher: Kids' Catalog

ISBN: PSU:000045212543

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 142

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Presents text, cartoons, crafts, maps, portraits of Biblical figures, games and related activies as resources for reading and understanding the Bible, particularly the part known as the Old Testament.
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Visual Resources from Russia and Eastern Europe in the New York Public Library

Visual Resources from Russia and Eastern Europe in the New York Public Library

With the fall of the imperial Russian empire and the ascendancy of the Soviet
Union , books , works of art on paper , and ... New York Public Library , 2000 ) ,
and ( forthcoming ) Anne Odom and Wendy Salmond , eds . , Treasures into
Tractors ...

Author: Hee-Gwone Yoo

Publisher: Ross Pub Incorporated

ISBN: UOM:39015079300144

Category: Art

Page: 268

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Progressive Farmer

Progressive Farmer

scrap metal is another man's treasure . ... of friends who spend most of their spare
and even some nonspare time converting rusted junk into shiny treasures .



ISBN: UCAL:$C58025

Category: Agriculture


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Art of the Royal Court

Art of the Royal Court

Treasures in Pietre Dure from the Palaces of Europe Wolfram Koeppe, Anna
Maria Giusti, Cristina Acidini Luchinat, Metropolitan ... Also to be published as a
separate volume , Treasures into Tractors : The Selling of Russia's Cultural
Heritage ...

Author: Wolfram Koeppe

Publisher: Metropolitan Museum of Art New York

ISBN: UOM:39015073677984

Category: Art

Page: 412

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"In the royal and princely courts of Europe, artworks made of multicolored semiprecious stones were passionately coveted objects. Known as pietre dure, or hardstones, this type of artistic expression includes?paintings in stone,? which were composed of intricately cut separate pieces that were made into magnificent tabetops, cabinets, and wall decorations. Other works included vessels and ornaments carved with virtuosic skill from a single piece of rare and brilliant lapis lazuli, chalcedony, jasper, or similarly prized substance; exquisite objects such as boxes, clocks, and jewelry; and portraits of nobles sculpted in variously colored stones. Derived from ancient Roman decorative stonework, the art of pietre dure was developed in Renaissance Florence, where the manufacture of such objects was enthusiastically sponsored by Medici princes. Ideally suited for ostentatious display, the works sent an unmistakable message of wealth and political might that was understood in centers of power everywhere. From Italy the medium spread across Europeto Prague, Madrid, Naples, Paris, and later Saint Petersburg. Precious and fragile, pietre dure objects are rarely brought together in large numbers. This richly illustrated catalogue contains more than 150 masterworks from across Europe, dating from five centuries, including almost every artistic use of semiprecious stone during this time as well as some of the finest examples of the medium. Eight essays by European and American experts discuss the individualized development of pietre dure in every European region, the latest developments in scholarship, the interrelationships between art and dynastic politics and between cultures, and a variety of techniques used to produce these luxurious masterworks."--Metropolitan Museum of Art website.
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Canadian American Slavic Studies

Canadian American Slavic Studies

British Member of Parliament , Sir Martin Conway , was shown the crown jewels
and other treasures on a visit to Moscow ... luxury , " while others agreed with one
curator of the jewels , who thought they should turn " diamonds into tractors .

Author: Charles Schlacks


ISBN: STANFORD:36105132658332

Category: Europe, Eastern


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A quarterly journal devoted to Russia and East Europe.
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The Treasures of the Snow

The Treasures of the Snow

Talking of machines , ' said Fagge , ' how long do you think it will be before the
ground ' s fit for a tractor ? ' Well , if this weather holds . . . ' Some of the high
ground ain ' t too bad ' . . . ' I ' m starting mine on Monday if there ' s no rain
between ...

Author: Sheila Kaye-Smith

Publisher: London : Cassell

ISBN: UCAL:$B242805


Page: 270

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Adventures in Reading Treasures

Adventures in Reading  Treasures

You men and women working in the workshops , working on the farms ; makers
of tanks and of tractors , fitters of wings to metal birds which have not left the nest
as yet , which yet must try their flight ; sowers of seed in season , planters of little ...

Author: Dorothy Nell Knolle


ISBN: STANFORD:36105049370294

Category: Readers


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Salvaged Treasures

Salvaged Treasures

All stuff not worth greater pressure to pry off stubborn vagers : some prefer to cut
most of saving goes down into the ... tractors I spoke with said that they Strip off
the sheathing about either is light to handle and much dismantle buildings until ...

Author: Michael W. Litchfield

Publisher: Van Nostrand Reinhold Company

ISBN: UVA:X000543300

Category: Architecture

Page: 253

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