Transforming Management Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques

Transforming Management Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques

Performance management is quite challenging and time-consuming in medium and ... which can transform their productivity, streamline their manager's review, ...

Author: Vikas Garg

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781000209983

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 200

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Transforming Management Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques redefines management practices using artificial intelligence (AI) by providing a new approach. It offers a detailed, well-illustrated treatment of each topic with examples and case studies, and brings the exciting field to life by presenting a substantial and robust introduction to AI in a clear and concise manner. It provides a deeper understanding of how the relevant aspects of AI impact each other’s efficacy for better output. It’s a reliable and accessible one-step resource that introduces AI; presents a full examination of applications; provides an understanding of the foundations; examines education powered by AI, entertainment, home and service robots, healthcare re-imagined, predictive policing, space exploration; and so much more, all within the realm of AI. This book will feature: Uncovering new and innovative features of AI and how it can help in raising economic efficiency at both micro- and macro levels Both the literature and practical aspects of AI and its uses This book summarizing key concepts at the end of each chapter to assist reader comprehension Case studies of tried and tested approaches to resolutions of typical problems Ideal for both teaching and general-knowledge purposes. This book will also simply provide the topic of AI for the readers, aspiring researchers and practitioners involved in management and computer science, so they can obtain a high-level of understanding of AI and managerial applications.
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Learning to Lead

Learning to Lead

Examines the goals, techniques, strengths, and weaknesses of five popular leadership programs and offers insight into the role training plays in the development of leadership In Learning to Lead, Jay Conger shares his undercover experiences ...

Author: Jay A. Conger

Publisher: Jossey-Bass

ISBN: UOM:39015028445198

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 234

View: 314

Examines the goals, techniques, strengths, and weaknesses of five popular leadership programs and offers insight into the role training plays in the development of leadership
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Transforming Local Government Executives Into Effective Managers

Transforming Local Government Executives Into Effective Managers

He is Chairman of C - Co Construction Management Corporation , a professional lecturer in Strategic Management at the Graduate School of De La Salle ...

Author: Isidro D. Carino


ISBN: UOM:39015040858535

Category: Government executives

Page: 395

View: 644

Categories: Government executives

Management for Sustainable and Inclusive Development in a Transforming Asia

Management for Sustainable and Inclusive Development in a Transforming Asia

Management for Sustainable and Inclusive Development in a Transforming Asia, sales manager or production ...

Author: Hiromi Shioji

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9789811581953

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 340

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This book identifies the ongoing management issues and compatible management systems for sustainable and inclusive development in a transforming Asia. In the dynamic process of economic development in Asia, many positive and also negative issues have arisen. Since the latter half of the 1990s, the network economy based on digital technologies began to be established and technological and cross-border transfer of managerial knowledge became easier. This change in technological and market structure now requires companies to meet another dimension of competition. In this new paradigm, many Asian companies are struggling with turbulent new managerial and organizational issues together with economic and social problems that concentrate at the bottom of the pyramid. This book elucidates these issues, keeping sustainability and inclusiveness in mind. The book is highly recommended not only for academicians but also business people who seek an in-depth and up-to-date overview of dynamically changing business and industrial structures in Asia focusing on sustainability and inclusion issues.
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Transforming Water Management in South Africa

Transforming Water Management in South Africa

The manner in which stakeholders interact in and through CMAs will, undoubtedly, transform the development and management of water information and hence ...

Author: Barbara Schreiner

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789048193677

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 278

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One of the early set of reforms that South Africa embarked on after emerging from apartheid was in the water sector, following a remarkable, consultative process. The policy and legal reforms were comprehensive and covered almost all aspects of water management including revolutionary changes in defining and allocating rights to water, radical reforms in water management and supply institutions, the introduction of the protection of environmental flows, and major shifts in charging for water use and in the provision of free basic water. Over ten years of implementation of these policy and legislative changes mean that valu­able lessons have already been learned and useful experiences gained in the challenge of effective water resources management and water services provision in a middle income country.
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HC 585 Transforming Contract Management

HC 585   Transforming Contract Management

23 C&AG's report, Transforming government's contract management, Paragraphs 12, 2.21 24 BQ 57 25 AQ 168 26 BQ 57 27 AQq 111-115, 216 28 BQ 101 29 C&AG's ...

Author: Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Committee of Public Accounts

Publisher: The Stationery Office

ISBN: 9780215078957

Category: Public contracts

Page: 28

View: 254

The private sector delivers complex services on behalf of the public sector, to the value of around £90 billion, which represents half of public sector expenditure on goods and services. The public needs to have confidence that contracts are managed well by both government departments and the contractors themselves. The case of G4S and Serco overcharging the Ministry of Justice for years on electronic tagging contracts was the starkest illustration of both contractors' failure to work in the public interest and government failure to safeguard taxpayers' money. The electronic tagging case has served as a belated wake up call and, led by the Cabinet Office, the Government is now working to improve the way it manages its suppliers and contracted-out providers of public services. This report sets out four key areas for attention: contractors have not shown an appropriate duty of care in the use of public funds; quasi-monopoly suppliers squeeze out competition, often from smaller companies with specific experience; the way government contracts gives too much advantage to the contractors.
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Transforming Health Care Management

Transforming Health Care Management

Effective transformational projects demonstrated by these examples require deliberate planning, disciplined strategy, and tactical deployment structure.

Author: Ivan J. Barrick

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 9780763744502

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 236

View: 264

Using straightforward, accessible language, this groundbreaking resource is a comprehensive primer on the most progressive tools and techniques currently used for assessing healthcare systems and healthcare process effectiveness. Typically these tools are embedded in programs such as Total Quality Management, continuous process improvement, process reengineering, protocol redesign, or most recently, Six Sigma and organizational transformation. Transforming Health Care Management presents an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach while focusing on fundamental concepts. It will thoroughly prepare the reader to design, implement, manage, operate, monitor or improve technology, processes, and programs and is an ideal text for those studying healthcare information technology, operations research, systems analysis, process improvement, or informatics. Features: Chapters cover highly technical subjects using clear and accessible language. Vignettes from the author’s years of professional experience illustrate particularly complex concepts. Focuses on key concepts and applications rather than theory and jargon. Accompanied by a complete package of instructor resources (downloadable Instructor’s Manual, TestBank, PowerPoint slides) to facilitate teaching and learning.
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Reforming Transforming a Public Human Resource Management Agency

Reforming  Transforming   a Public Human Resource Management Agency

Finally, clearly written policies and procedures allow leaders and managers to exercise control by exception rather than micro-managing their staff.

Author: Ronald R. Sims

Publisher: IAP

ISBN: 9781607524380

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 333

View: 430

This book offers a firsthand look at the importance of human resource management (HRM) processes to not just one public agency but a large group of public administration entities that rely on a public HRM agency (the Personnel Board of Jefferson County) for its HRM processes. More specifically, the book describes a more than threeyear effort undertaken by the author as a federallyappointed court receiver to reform (or what some have referred to as “transform”) a public HRM agency from a model of inefficiency to one now considered “best in the business”. The book provides the details of the reform or transformation effort in addition to offering suggestions on how to bring about similar civil services and HRM reform in particular and government agencies in general. The book is intended to fill a gap in the current literature while serving as a key work that highlights the importance of bringing about change in a public HRM entity. Timely and topical, the book will be of great interest both to public administration personnel in general, and others in the fields of HRM and public sector management, and to management practitioners and others keen to inform their ability to bring about successful change.
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Development Management of Transforming Economies

Development Management of Transforming Economies

4. The increasing connection with the local NGAs (non-governmental actors). 374 Development Management of Transforming Economies.

Author: Fabiana Sciarelli

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137599117

Category: Science

Page: 499

View: 348

This insightful book offers a new and innovative tool in the study of development. The authors propose ‘The Overall Development Model’ which provides a strategy for long-term, sustainable and adaptable development for countries around the globe. Starting with a comprehensive study into what development is and how it is achieved, Development Management of Transforming Economies critically analyzes current development schemes within transforming economies and examines their various actors both international and local, public and private. It examines the implementation of health, education and economic strategies of countries in Africa and Asia that have either undergone a development process, experienced slow but steady progress, or are just beginning to pursue a development strategy. In considering human development as a whole, the authors assert a new method of development that includes the developing population, and highlights the need for countries to define their own unique development process.
Categories: Science

Transforming Managers

Transforming Managers

This book addresses theoretical ideas and mythologies in the examination of gendered organizations.

Author: Roy Moodley

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135358556

Category: Education

Page: 256

View: 203

In the 1990s, considerable changes in the political and social world have impacted on the character of both public and private organizations. At a time of increased uncertainty and insecurity in these organizations, new ways of managing and being managed have emerged. Recognising that organizational life is part reflective and determined by dominant social discourses, factors of gender will inevitably be central to the dynamics of organizational change. This book addresses theoretical ideas and mythologies in the examination of gendered organizations. The need to examine men in relation to family, law and society in general is growing, and this book extends this interrogation to work and organizational life. It will be of interest to students in management studies, public sector management and those involved in public policy making as well as students and academics within gender studies and sociology.
Categories: Education

Transforming New Technologies into Cash Flow

Transforming New Technologies into Cash Flow

THE MANAGERS' DILEMMA: TWO DIFFERENT MANAGEMENT WORLDS An important and complex underlying reason for many of the difficulties managers encounter when ...

Author: J David Lichtenthal

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317954750

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 260

View: 283

Create market-focused strategies that make maximum use of your company’s technologies What separates the best from the rest among professional managers? The ability to constantly create, rethink, and revamp strategies by creating and applying powerful new concepts. But a major problem for managers in technology-intensive companies is how to successfully integrate their choice of technologies into competitive market strategies. Transforming New Technologies into Cash Flow develops and applies a simple but powerful new set of concepts to help managers in technology-intensive companies integrate their technology choices with marketing strategies that drive profits high and keep cash flowing. This unique book helps managers map and plan new strategic paths that successfully integrate bundles of technologies, product functionalities, end-user segments, and market networks to create market-focused strategies and competitive differentiation. The book uses case examples and provides a “Management Application Toolkit” of simple and tested maps, worksheets, and interactive cash flow spreadsheets to connect strategic path choices to long-term net cash flow that results in real financial success. Transforming New Technologies into Cash Flow examines: a management process perspective the importance of creating market focus strategic paths; integrating technology choices organizing management teams around strategic paths major management problems with new technologies strategic path mapping, analysis, and integration managing the technology development and adoption processes integrating strategic path bundles: managing transformation processes creating powerful competitive differentiation creating “hot” zones on strategic paths driving cash flow with stategic paths the critical role of pricing and much more! Transforming New Technologies into Cash Flow is an essential professional resource for senior and middle multifunction managers in technology-intensive companies, technical, R&D, and engineering managers, and managers in executive education workshops. This book is part of The Foundation Series in Business Marketing, which also includes Fundamentals of Business Marketing Research and Fundamentals of Business Marketing Education: A Guide for University-Level Faculty and Policymakers (Series Senior Editor: J. David Lichtenthal, PhD, MBA, Zicklin School, Baruch College, City University of New York).
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Transforming Russian Enterprises

Transforming Russian Enterprises

It is Voronov's view— shared widely among Russian top managers— that there is no role for a trade union to fulfill at employee-owned companies.

Author: John Logue

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0313287481

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 285

View: 515

Unique case studies of Russian enterprises, their legal and internal structure, management philosophy, and economic performance.
Categories: Business & Economics

Transforming Gender and Development in East Asia

Transforming Gender and Development in East Asia

To be a manager is more than a matter of ability ; it also depends on other factors such as experience , resources , and connections . Female managers tend ...

Author: Esther Ngan-ling Chow

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415924928

Category: Social Science

Page: 268

View: 964

Bringing together a collection of original essays from top scholars in the US and Asia, this book explores the centrality of gender in the process of economic development in East Asia, with fresh and informative perspectives.
Categories: Social Science

Transforming Public Health Practice

Transforming Public Health Practice

Leadership and Management Essentials Bernard J. Healey, Cheryll D. Lesneski. program managers will bear this concept in mind when deciding how to eliminate ...

Author: Bernard J. Healey

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118089934

Category: Medical

Page: 416

View: 924

This text provides students a foundation in public healthpractice and management, focusing on developing the knowledge andskills required by the real world of public health. The authors ofTransforming Public Health Practice explain the drivers of changein public health practice, key success factors for public healthprograms, dealing with the chronic disease burden, the impact ofnational health policy on public health practice, and tools forunderstanding and managing population health. Transforming Public Health Practice covers core leadership andmanagement skills, covering areas such as politics, workforce,partnership and collaboration, change management, outcomesorientation, opportunities for improvement, health equity, andfuture challenges. Case studies highlight innovations in healtheducation, working with people with disabilities, partnerships inresponse to disease outbreaks, and health programs. Learningobjectives, chapter summaries, key terms, and discussion questionsenhance each chapter. A downloadable instructors' supplement isavailable on the companion Web site for the book.
Categories: Medical

Transforming Museum Management

Transforming Museum Management

Collections/curatorial department The Collections Department included three full-time staff members: a collections manager, an assistant curator, ...

Author: Yuha Jung

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000408263

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 134

View: 357

Museums must change to illuminate the histories, cultures, and social issues that matter to their local population. Based on a unique longitudinal ethnographic study, Transforming Museum Management illustrates how a traditional art museum attempted to transform into a more inclusive and community-based institution. Using open systems theory and the Buddhist concept of mutual causality, it examines the museum’s internal management structure and culture, programs and exhibitions, and mental models of museum workers. In providing both theoretical and practical foundations to transform management structures, this accessible volume will benefit stakeholders by proposing a new culture and structure to arts institutions, to change practice to be more relevant, diverse, and inclusive. This book will be an invaluable resource for researchers and advanced students of museum studies, cultural management, arts administration, non-profit management, and organizational studies.
Categories: Business & Economics

Transforming Japanese Workplaces

Transforming Japanese Workplaces

These management practices are similar to, and more comprehensive than, what Appelbaum and colleagues (2000) proposed as parts of the high-performance work ...

Author: Takashi Sakikawa

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

ISBN: 9780230299917

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 223

View: 781

Although Japanese companies have not have been in the spotlight in recent years, it would be almost impossible to gain an understanding of them and their management practices and organizations without noting the transformations they have undergone in over a decade since the new millennium. It is imperative to bridge the gulf between what is known about Japanese companies in their heyday and what is unknown about them struggling to survive and transform in the past decade or more. In this volume, the author explores the transformations that have taken place in Japanese workplaces in the last twelve years, in terms of management practices, particularly in the areas of human resource management (HRM) and organizational culture.
Categories: Business & Economics

Transforming Political Leadership in Local Government

Transforming Political Leadership in Local Government

In view of the extensive involvement of city managers in policymaking, the issue of political control in council-manager government is a critical one.

Author: R. Berg

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9780230501331

Category: Political Science

Page: 236

View: 179

Local governments throughout the west are undergoing a transformation of their leadership styles and structures. Some countries have abandoned traditional systems of collective or committee based decision-making in favour of Cabinet models or, more radically, a directly-elected executive mayor, while others have strengthened existing mayoral systems. There are a few exceptions to this trend. Based on original research in eleven countries the book assesses these changes in terms of their implications for political accountability, the role of lay politicians, political recruitment, the professionalization of leadership, and relations with the bureaucracy.
Categories: Political Science

Transforming HR

Transforming HR

Scale of Maturity in People Management & Using Employees Technology • Happy to take responsibility for their own career path, benefits, motivation, ...

Author: Mark Withers

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136433788

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 372

View: 849

Deliver greater value to your organisation through HR transformation. Transforming HR, Second edition offers robust, practical advice on changing the way human resource management is undertaken, walking you through the transformational process from initial planning to the evaluation of outcomes. Since the first edition of the book many organisations have restructured their HR functions and invested in better HR information systems but with new issues emerging all the time, the journey towards transformation must continue. To support this journey the authors draw on their own experience and insights in this new edition, which features: *Practical tools and approaches to guide planning, implementation and evaluation of transformation strategies aimed at increasing the value of HR’s contribution in organisations *New chapters on HR’s value proposition, Web 2.0 and benefits realisation to demonstrate their critical role in transformation *Cutting edge research on topics such as the use of social media technology by HR, with views and experience from senior practitioners across a broad range of organisations *Fresh thinking on the people agenda to be addressed by progressive HR functions Intended as an inspiring, hands-on guide to planning, implementing and evaluating transformation strategies, Transforming HR, second edition is an essential companion as you work to increase the value of HR in your organisation.
Categories: Business & Economics

Transforming State Enterprises in Poland

Transforming State Enterprises in Poland

and link managerial compensation to profits, at the same time clarifying the position and rewards for management following privatization so that the ...

Author: Brian Pinto

Publisher: World Bank Publications


Category: Government business enterprises

Page: 43

View: 714

Categories: Government business enterprises