Train Tracks

Work, Play and Politics on the Railways

Author: Gayle Letherby,Gillian Reynolds

Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic

ISBN: 9781845200831

Category: Social Science

Page: 288

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This book provides an in-depth exploration of trains and train travel. Letherby and Reynolds have conducted extensive research with all those concerned with trains, from leisure travelers and enthusiasts to railway workers and commuters. Overturning conventional wisdom, they show that the train has a social life in and of itself and is not simply a way to get from A to B. The book also looks at the depiction of train travel through cultural media, such as music, films, books and art. Letherby and Reynolds consider the personal politics of train travel and political discussion surrounding the railways, as well as the relationship trains have to leisure and work. The media often paints a gloomy picture of the railways and there is a general view that that the romance of train travel ended with the steam locomotive. This book shows that this is far from the case.

Teaching with Sociological Imagination in Higher and Further Education

Contexts, Pedagogies, Reflections

Author: Christopher R. Matthews,Ursula Edgington,Alex Channon

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9811067252

Category: Education

Page: 187

View: 4067


This book uses research and personal stories from university lecturers to explore pedagogical strategies that illuminate how students’ minds can be ‘switched on’ in order to unlock their extraordinary potential. It presents diverse ways to create inspiring learning environments, in chapters written by internationally respected experts in the broad field of the social sciences. Each author illustrates how – through their unique teaching philosophies and practices – they seek to enhance students’ experiences and promote their critical thinking, learning and development. The respective chapters provide conceptual arguments, personal insights and practical examples from a broad range of classrooms, demonstrating various ways in which students’ sociological imagination can be brought to life. As such, the book is both practical and theoretical, and is primarily aimed at educators working in both higher and further education institutions who wish to develop their understanding of classroom pedagogy as well as gain practical ideas for teaching and learning in the social sciences.


Author: George Revill

Publisher: Reaktion Books

ISBN: 1861899750

Category: Transportation

Page: 288

View: 7713


In the nineteenth century, railways were viewed as a symbol of progress and confidence in technological modernity. In the twenty-first century, the frustrations of gridlocked traffic, record-high gas prices, and the looming fears of climate change have transformed the railway system once again into a symbol of hope that provides the possibility of an environmentally sustainable future. In Railway, George Revill examines the technology and politics of railway history, as well as related themes such as mobility, identity, design, marketing, and sustainability. In both practical and symbolic senses the cultural meanings of railways continue to play a role in how people organize and respond to modern environments, social problems, and technologies. Revill draws from art, literature, music, and film to illustrate how the railway carries meaning for all of us—creating connections and separations, detachment and involvement—from the routine commuter to the enthusiast. As Revill shows, railways inform our everyday language—from fast-track to side-track to going off the rails—and continue to fascinate us today. In this wide-ranging and well-illustrated look at railways across the globe, Revill ultimately reveals how central they are to our understanding of modern everyday life.

Methodological Reflections on Practice Oriented Theories

Author: Michael Jonas,Beate Littig,Angela Wroblewski

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319528971

Category: Social Science

Page: 261

View: 6879


This volume presents a comprehensive overview of methodological issues and empirical methods of practice-oriented research. It examines questions regarding the scope and boundaries of practice-oriented approaches and practice theory. It discusses the potential advantages and disadvantages of the diversity resulting from the use of these approaches, as well as method and methodology-related issues. The specific questions explored in this volume are: What consequences are linked to the application of a praxeological perspective in empirical research when it comes to the choice of methods? Is there such a thing as an ideal path to follow in praxeological empirical research? What relationship is there between qualitative and quantitative approaches? What differentiates practice-based social research from other perspectives and approaches such as discourse analysis or hermeneutics? The contributions in this book discuss these questions either from a methodological point of view or from a reflective perspective on empirical research practices.

Life among the Ruins

Cityscape and Sexuality in Cold War Berlin

Author: J. Evans

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230316654

Category: History

Page: 317

View: 8469


As home to 1920s excess and Hitler's Final Solution, Berlin's physical and symbolic landscape was an important staging ground for the highs and lows of modernity. In Cold War Berlin, social and political boundaries were porous, and the rubble gave refuge to a re-emerging gay and lesbian scene, youth gangs, prostitutes, hoods, and hustlers.

Transport Policy: Learning Lessons from History

Author: Colin Divall,Julian Hine

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1134808526

Category: Political Science

Page: 224

View: 8014


The key aim of this volume is to demonstrate ways in which an understanding of history can be used to inform present-day transport and mobility policies. This is not to say that history repeats itself, or that every contemporary transport dilemma has an historical counterpart: rather, the contributors to this book argue that in many contexts of transport planning a better understanding of the context and consequences of past decisions and processes could lead to more effective policy decisions. Collectively the authors explore the ways in which the methods and approaches of historical research may be applied to contemporary transport and policy issues across a wide range of transport modes and contexts. By linking two bodies of academic research that for the most part remain separate this volume helps to inform current transport and mobility policies and to stimulate innovative new research that links studies of both past and present mobilities.

Time, Consumption and Everyday Life

Practice, Materiality and Culture

Author: Elizabeth Shove,Frank Trentmann,Richard Wilk

Publisher: Berg

ISBN: 1847886248

Category: Social Science

Page: 256

View: 7889


Has material civilization spun out of control, becoming too fast for our own well-being and that of the planet? This book confronts these anxieties and examines the changing rhythms and temporal organization of everyday life. How do people handle hurriedness, burn-out and stress? Are slower forms of consumption viable? In case studies covering the United States, Asia and Europe, international experts follow routines and rhythms, their emotional and political dynamics and show how they are anchored in material culture and everyday practice. Running themes of the book are questions of coordination and disruption; cycles and seasons; and the interplay between power and freedom, and between material and natural forces. The result is a volume that brings studies of practice, temporality and material culture together to open up a new intellectual agenda.

Writing the Rails

Train Adventures by the World's Best-Loved Writers

Author: Edward C. Goodman

Publisher: Black Dog & Leventhal Pub

ISBN: 9781579122058

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

View: 9119


Rich and inviting, this collection of 101 train travel stories, both fact and fiction, by renowned writers from around the world and throughout history, is a feast for the armchair vagabond. The stories, essays, historic accounts, poetry, songs and other pieces that comprise this impressive anthology have been carefully selected from the widest range of sources to reflect the glories of travel by rail, from the Orient Express to the New York City subway. So many of the world's great writers have celebrated train travel, and here they are in one collection-Mary McCarthy on the Italian railways; Paul Theroux on the old Patagonia Express; Lewis Carroll from Through the Looking Glass; F. Scott Fitzgerald from Tender Is the Night; Ian Fleming, Walt Whitman, Carl Sandburg, Langston Hughes, Rudyard Kipling-by turns funny, exciting and moving, and a joy to read throughout. Whether your true love is travel, great literature or trains, you'll get lost in this eclectic and exotic compilation that extends to all parts of the globe and deep into the imaginations of our finest writers.

British Railway Enthusiasm

Author: Ian Carter

Publisher: Manchester University Press


Category: History

Page: 336

View: 432


This is the first academic book to study railway enthusiasts in Britain. Far from a trivial topic, the postwar train-spotting craze swept most boys and some girls into a passion for railways. For many in this cohort, train spotting ignited a lifetime's interest. British Railway Enthusiasm traces this postwar cohort and those who followed, as they moved through the life cycle. As the years turned these people invigorated different sectors in the world of railway enthusiasm--train spotting, railway modeling, collecting railway relics--and then, in response to widespread grief at main line steam traction's death, Britain's now-huge preserved railway industry. Today this industry finds itself riven by tensions between preserving a loved past which ever fewer people can remember and earning money from tourist visitors.