Trail Guide to Movement

Building the Body in Motion

Author: Andrew Biel

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780991466627

Category: Science

Page: 265

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"Trail guide to movement is a companion book to Trail guide to the body: a hands-on guide to locating muscles, bones and more. While Body covers the hands-on subject of palpatory anatomy, this text explores how bones, fasciae, joints, muscles and other structures come together to produce human movement. Body puts your hands on the tissues; Movement wraps your mind around the body. The intent of this book is to serve as an introduction to the study of human movement for students, practitioners and instructors"--Introduction (page 2).

The Bodymind Ballwork Method

A Self-Directed Practice to Help You Move with Ease, Release Tension, and Relieve Chronic Pain

Author: Ellen Saltonstall

Publisher: North Atlantic Books

ISBN: 1623172918

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 184

View: 4306


Release stress and tension in the body using only rubber balls with this illustrated, step-by-step guide Yoga and bodywork teacher Ellen Saltonstall introduces a self-directed, gentle practice to help release tension in the body. The Bodymind Ballwork Method features the use of rubber balls in a range of sizes to support, massage, and stretch the body in specific places, with clear instructions for techniques from head to toe. An integrative body-mind practice, Bodymind Ballwork works to relieve soft tissue pain as well as emotional stress and trauma and is designed to empower readers to maintain their own health and mobility.

The rocket book

a guide to building and launching model rockets for teachers and students of the space age

Author: Robert L. Cannon,Michael A. Banks

Publisher: Prentice Hall

ISBN: 9780137822447

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 224

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The Horseman's Guide to Tack and Equipment

Form, Fit and Function

Author: Cynthia McFarland

Publisher: Western Horseman Book

ISBN: 9780762786268

Category: Pets

Page: 189

View: 7416


Provides concise descriptions of the equipment necessary for riders at all levels and every kind of competitive event as well as explaining its proper use and care.