Tracking & the art of seeing

how to read animal tracks & sign

Author: Paul Rezendes

Publisher: Camden House Pub


Category: Nature

Page: 320

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A comprehensive guide to animal tracking covers rodents, rabbits, weasels, racoons, foxes, wolves, coyotes, deer, sheep, elk, moose, and bears

Tracking and the Art of Seeing 2e

How to Read Animal Tracks and Sign

Author: Paul Rezendes

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0062735241

Category: Nature

Page: 336

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In this newly revised and updated edition of his highly acclaimed field guide, renowned nature photographer and tracking expert Paul Rezendes brings the fields and forests to life with his unique observations on North American wildlife and their tracks and sign. Illustrated with hundreds of his original photographs, Tracking & the Art of Seeing provides complete information on the behavior and habitat of over 50 animal species and shows you how to identify animals by their tracks, tail patterns, droppings, dens, scratches and other signs.

The Natural History of Canadian Mammals

Author: Donna Naughton,Canadian Museum of Nature

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 1442644834

Category: Nature

Page: 784

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"The selection of species to include in this book was based on two principles: 1. Those that in recent times had a viable, naturally occurring wild population in Canada, its continental islands, or in the marine waters of its continental shelf ... [and] 2. Species introduced into Canada by humans"--P. xiv.

Life Traces of the Georgia Coast

Revealing the Unseen Lives of Plants and Animals

Author: Anthony J. Martin

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 0253006090

Category: Science

Page: 692

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Have you ever wondered what left behind those prints and tracks on the seashore, or what made those marks or dug those holes in the dunes? Life Traces of the Georgia Coast is an up-close look at these traces of life and the animals and plants that made them. It tells about the how the tracemakers lived and how they interacted with their environments. This is a book about ichnology (the study of such traces), a wonderful way to learn about the behavior of organisms, living and long extinct. Life Traces presents an overview of the traces left by modern animals and plants in this biologically rich region; shows how life traces relate to the environments, natural history, and behaviors of their tracemakers; and applies that knowledge toward a better understanding of the fossilized traces that ancient life left in the geologic record. Augmented by numerous illustrations of traces made by both ancient and modern organisms, the book shows how ancient trace fossils directly relate to modern traces and tracemakers, among them, insects, grasses, crabs, shorebirds, alligators, and sea turtles. The result is an aesthetically appealing and scientifically accurate book that will serve as both a source book for scientists and for anyone interested in the natural history of the Georgia coast.

Gathering Places

Aboriginal and Fur Trade Histories

Author: Carolyn Podruchny,Laura Peers

Publisher: UBC Press

ISBN: 0774859695

Category: Social Science

Page: 344

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British traders and Ojibwe hunters. Cree women and their metis daughters. These people and their complex identities were not featured in history writing until the 1970s, when scholars from multiple disciplines began to bring new perspectives to bear on the past. Gathering Places presents some of the most innovative approaches to metis, fur trade, and First Nations history being practised today. By drawing on archaeological, material, oral, and ethnographic evidence and exploring personal approaches to history and scholarship, the authors depart from the old paradigm of history writing and offer new models for recovering Aboriginal and cross-cultural experiences and perspectives.

Outdoor Family Guide to Rocky Mountain National Park, 3rd Ed.

Author: Lisa Gollin Evans

Publisher: The Mountaineers Books

ISBN: 1594854998

Category: Travel

Page: 222

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* A family-focused guidebook to one of the country’s most popular national parks * Written by a family-travel expert * Fully revised and updated bestselling guide—over 20,000 copies sold A seasoned family-travel writer and mother of three, author Lisa Gollin Evans describes more than 50 trails suitable for families, including those with younger children or needing wheelchair-accessible routes. Features: • at-a-glance Hike Finder and Wildlife Locator charts • info on picnic sites, fishing holes, mountain biking, rock climbing, horseback riding, and rafting • details on finding park views and sights, as well as flora and fauna

Black Bear

North America's Bear

Author: Stephen R. Swinburne

Publisher: Boyds Mills Press

ISBN: 1629792616

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

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Three species of bear inhabit North America: the grizzly, the polar bear, and the black bear. But the American black bear is truly North America's bear, found only in North America. Black bears range from Canada to Mexico, from New England to California. There may be as many as 750,000 black bears roaming the forests and mountains of the continent. With its large population, and with more people moving into black bear territory, it's important that we understand this magnificent animal. Stephen R. Swinburne takes us to where black bears live. He joins biologists in search of bears in the Pennsylvania woods, where a mother bear is examined and her cubs tagged. He visits a "school teacher" for orphaned cubs who teaches them how to survive in the wild. Along the way, he offers his personal observations together with fascinating facts about black bears and their world. (Did you know that in the autumn, black bears consume as much as twenty thousand calories a day? That's equivalent to forty-two hamburgers!) With stunning full-color and archival photographs, this lively book shows how North America's bear behaves and survives.

Field Guide to Animal Tracks and Scat of California

Author: Lawrence Mark Elbroch,Michael Kresky,Jonah Evans

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520951646

Category: Science

Page: 398

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Spotting an animal’s fresh footprints in the wild can conjure a world for the hiker: Why did the deer tracks disappear? Where did the cougar turn off the trail? What does it mean when two sets of footprints seem to coincide? This beautifully illustrated field guide, the first devoted to the tracks and signs of California animals—including birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates like spiders and beetles—blends meticulous science with field experience to provide an engaging companion for both armchair exploration and easy field identification. Filled with useful tools for the wildlife expert, and essential background and visual aids for the novice, including in-depth information about the ecology of each species, this book goes beyond basic recognition of types to interpret what animals leave behind as a way of "seeing" how they move through the world.

The Wild Within

Adventures in Nature and Animal Teachings

Author: Paul Rezendes,Bill McKibben,Kenneth Wapner

Publisher: Booksurge Llc

ISBN: 9781439231043

Category: Nature

Page: 238

View: 461


A dramatic, deeply spiritual book, The Wild Within is one of those rare books with the power to change the way we see ourselves-and make the natural world come alive.