The Gods

The Gods

One Summer Dream The black cat appeared, followed by Horace's TimeCraft. Then Charley and Culpepper in the aluminumsiding clad time machine. Pripchat sneered at the thing. 'Basic, ordinary. Typical American lines.

Author: Dave Jeanes

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781326816520

Category: Fiction


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Some people didn’t believe in Spaceships; until they saw a Spaceship. Some people didn’t believe in time-travel; until they travelled in time. Some people were prepared to believe in anything – even parallel universes. Some people didn’t believe in anything. Some people believed in something they could only hear. Some people believed in something only they could see. Fortunately, the Gods believed in them all...
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The Hands of Time

The Hands of Time

“But the Timecraft––” Cyrus answered his own question. “I'll tell you where it would leave us. The moment the decision would be made on that first Timecraft not to go back to October the fourteenth, our Timecraft–– which did make that ...

Author: Rob Addison

Publisher: Rob Addison

ISBN: 9780557157372

Category: Fiction

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What would you do if you discovered that the love of your life was destined to die 400 years before you were born? Join Paul Relevy and the crew of the Timecraft in a desperate race through time and space!
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Jewelry Making and Other Easy Past Time Craft Hobbies incl Parachord

Jewelry Making and Other Easy Past Time Craft Hobbies  incl Parachord

Author: Speedy Publishing

Publisher: Speedy Publishing LLC

ISBN: 9781633832893

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What are the benefits of jewelry making Jewelry making is a lovely way to pass the time, and it is also a good choice when you want to foster a sense of creativity within yourself. People have worn jewelry since ancient time for the sake of beauty, religion, status and more, and as you make your own pieces, it is very easy for you to imbue them with your own personal meaning. Jewelry making allows to make rings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants that all have their own meaning for you!
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Magnet Memories The Story of a Secret Series 1977 1987

Magnet Memories   The Story of a Secret Series 1977 1987

As they leave the area fast, he finds there is another timecraft in the city and a large power source nearby (though surrounded by no technology). The timecraft is near, so Cabin sets the TACTON to find it. Lost, Cherry discovers an ...

Author: Nick Goodman


ISBN: 9780244073688

Category: Performing Arts

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The TV series that was never made and that youÕve never heard of celebrates its 40th year with an exhaustive retrospective guide! Growing from a child's game, the bizarrely-titled The Magnet Editor ran for ten years and a breathtaking 47 series. In bringing the series to life, Nick Goodman drew from 70s pop culture including Doctor Who and The New Avengers, and shared it only with his bewildered mother and childhood friends. Jo Bunsell was one such friend and soon the pair would be transported into a shared universe of preposterous Ð and badly designed Ð monsters and non-stop adventure with their extraordinary and strangely-named hero, Cabin Relese. Goodman and Bunsell open up their archive of materials and memories, and take you on a roller-coaster ride into their world! Magnet Memories is an episode guide, a frank, critical, incredulous and nostalgic reflection, a snapshot of childhood in the 70s and 80s... and it's possibly the most wonderfully bonkers cult TV book ever published!
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Forged in the Fallout

Forged in the Fallout

Then goldcraft, mechcraft, bluecraft, and timecraft are all raised circles, meaning three to four points each. Average. Though a three in timecraft is about as high as you can get, most people are nulls or one ...

Author: Ben Green

Publisher: Loamseed Press

ISBN: 9781734821826

Category: Young Adult Fiction

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This genre-bending series takes you deep under the Rocky Mountains into the sci-fantasy kingdom of RIMDUUM. A world filled with neon dreams and nuclear magic. A coming-of-age dystopia centered around dungeons, family, and dangerous secrets—with all the young adult cyberpunk feels and plenty of action-adventure to keep you turning the pages. Clayson Spangler turned fourteen a couple of days ago—maybe. His father keeps the exact date under a mountain of secrets. But secrets have a way of getting out. On a tranquil evening in the Appalachians, Clayson's solitary life crashes into his family's impossible past: a kingdom under the Rocky Mountains; his mother enchanted to forget her own son; strange metal objects filled with magic; and his father’s most dangerous secret—mithrium—a metal strong enough to level cities. Now, Clayson’s father is on the run, his mother is on trial for treason, and Clayson is ordered to hide in the last remaining safehold—Tungsten City. To stay out of danger, he’ll need help from his new friend, Rugnus, a master of elemental magic, and Andalynn, the sister his father had kept hidden from him. But after years of secrets, Clayson won’t stand by as a world of enemies—both known and unknown—threatens to eradicate his family and ignite a war between the last two cities deep under the Rockies in the Kingdom of Rimduum.
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Serials in the British Library

Serials in the British Library

Continues : ID ( 1974 ) ISSN 0260-1680 Teaching drama : £ 2.00 per year Abbreviated key - title : Teach . drama LO / N - 1 : 1977 / 8* A = 1 * E = P.901 / 3060 * F = 8103 sb1000402 [ Timecraft ( Ashford ) ] Timecraft : ciocks & watches ...



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1) Full- and Part-time Craft Production Full- and part-time production is the mostcommon way thatarchaeologistscharacterize differences inproductionin- tensity (Costin 1991; Feinman and Nicholas 2000). Emile Durkheim (1933) and Gordon ...

Author: Kenneth G. Hirth

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781444336696

Category: Social Science

Page: 257

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Households are, without question, the most important social units in human society. They are interactive social units whose primary concern is the day-to-day well being of their kith and kin. Households reproduce themselves and provide their members with the economic, psychological, and social resources necessary to live their lives. Although households vary enormously in size and organization, they are the fundamental social settings in which families are defined and cultural values are transmitted through a range of domestic activities and rituals. Despite their many functions, it is the range and productivity of their economic activities that determine the success, survival and well being of their members. Households are the primary production and consumption units in society and provide the vehicle through which resources are pooled, stored, and distributed to their members. Survival and reproduction is their business and the work they do determines their success.
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New Approaches to Old Stones

New Approaches to Old Stones

It is highly unlikely that such an investment would not call for some type of claim of 'ownership', either by an individual or a group of individuals (be they domestic part-time craft specialists, clans, those living within a ...

Author: Yorke M. Rowan

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134949649

Category: Social Science

Page: 320

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Ground stone artefacts were widely used in food production in prehistory. However, the archaeological community has widely neglected the dataset of ground stone artefacts until now. 'New Approaches to Old Stones' offers a theoretical and methodological analysis of the archaeological data pertaining to ground stone tools. The essays draw on a range of case studies - from the Levant, Egypt, Crete, Anatolia, Mexico and North America - to examine ground stone technologies. From medieval Islamic stone cooking vessels and late Minoan stone vases, to the use of stone in ritual and as a symbol of luxury, 'New Approaches to Old Stones' offers a radical reassessment of the impact of ground-stone artefacts on technological change, production and exchange.
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