Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 1995

Author: David Leyton-Brown

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9780802036735

Category: Political Science

Page: 288

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Featuring essays on parliament and politics, Ottawa and the provinces, and external affairs, the Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs provides a comprehensive account of the year's events.

Monthly Labor Review

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Labor laws and legislation

Page: N.A

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Publishes in-depth articles on labor subjects, current labor statistics, information about current labor contracts, and book reviews.

Annual Reports in Organic Synthesis 1995

Author: Philip M. Weintraub

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 1483292762

Category: Science

Page: 457

View: 2010


This handy reference tool is an organized annual review of synthetically useful information. It abstracts synthetic reactions from the major chemistry journals of the past year and includes reactions and methods thatare new and reasonably general. The reactions are presented in a convenient pictorial format designed for rapid visual retrieval of information. The Journal of the American Chemical Society has aptly described this publication as an"aid to the harassed organic chemist who cannot keep up with the never-diminishing stream of new primary literature"and hails it"an outstandingly good buy." Clearly illustrated structures of compounds in every feasible synthetic pathway A general review of structure/activity information for each synthetic compound Extensive reference information provided on additional publications available for each reaction discussed The most comprehensive, reasonably priced compilation of its type

Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs


Author: David Mutimer

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9780802037152

Category: Political Science

Page: 320

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Featuring essays on parliament and politics, Ottawa and the provinces, and external affairs, the Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs provides a comprehensive account of the year's events.

Annual Review of Gerontology and Geriatrics, Volume 27, 2007

Biopsychosocial Approaches to Longevity

Author: Leonard W. Poon, PhD, DPhil,Thomas T. Perls, MD, MPH

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780826115386

Category: Social Science

Page: 296

View: 1407


Though exceptional human longevity has captured the imagination for millennia, it has been only in the past fifteen years or so that some of the secrets to very long lives are finally giving way to scientific inquiry. Written by an international group of experts, this year's review first considers the methodological and design dilemmas faced in conducting centenarian research. It then offers guidance in locating literature and data sources for primary and secondary information on centenarians and the oldest old. This section includes a list of the world's oldest persons and discusses the difficulties in compiling such a list. The remainder of the review is divided in three sections-the biology and genetics of longevity, the behavioral and social predictors of longevity, and methodological issues in qualitative and anthropologic approaches and the study of the very oldest old, supercentenarians, or those who live to 110 years or more. Data is drawn from studies undertaken among populations in diverse parts of the world.

NBER Macroeconomics Annual 1995

Author: Ben S. Bernanke

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9780262522052

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 356

View: 877


Contents : Wage Inequality and Regional Unemployment Persistence: U.S. vs. Europe, Guiseppe BErtola and Andreas Ichino. Capital Utilization and Returns to Scale, Craig Burnside, Martin Eichenbaum, and Sergio Rebelo. Banks and Derivatives, Gary Gorton and Richard Rosen. Exchange-Rate-Based Stabilizations: Theory and Evidence, Sergio Rebelo and Carlos Vegh. Inflation Indicators and Inflation Policy, Stephen Cecchetti. Recent Central Bank Reforms and the Role of Price Stability as the Sole Objective of Monetary Policy, Carl Walsh. Is Central Bank Independence (and Low Inflation) the Result of Effective Financial Opposition to Inflation?, Adam Posen. The Unending Quest for Monetary Salvation, Stanley Fischer.

A review of climate change scenarios and preliminary rainfall trend analysis in the Oum Er Rbia Basin, Morocco

Author: Anne Chaponniere,Vladimir Smakhtin

Publisher: IWMI

ISBN: 9290906359

Category: Climate change mitigation

Page: 16

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The paper reviews the existing tools methods and general literature which deal with the construction of climate change (CC) scenarios and with the assessment of impacts of these scenarios on water resources. It further examines the existing CC predictions specific to Morocco. The paper further describes the publicly available hydrometeorological time series data, which could be used to quantify the future CC scenarios for a river basin in Morocco (Oum er Rbia) and a smaller irrigation scheme within it (Tadla), located in the western part of the country. The data indicates that the impact of future CC on water resources at smaller scales such as smaller river basins, specific water resources and irrigation systems has to date not been properly addressed and, therefore, constitutes a niche for immediate research. This is, especially relevant in areas such as the Mediterranean region, which is predicted to be particularly affected by CC in the future. The preliminary trend analysis of available rainfall data suggests that the possible future CC impacts will decrease the precipitation in parts of the Atlas Mountains, which is the main source of water supply in western Morocco. The more recent data acquisition and the data from national sources in Morocco are necessary to further confirm/reject this hypothesis. The paper also discusses subsequent steps of the study of CC impacts on water resources in Oum er Rbia basin.