This Other Eden

Author: Ben Elton

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448168244

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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SMALL, WELL APPOINTED FUTURE. SEMI DETACHED. If the end of the world is nigh, then surely it's only sensible to make alternative arrangements. Certainly the Earth has its points, but what most people need is something smaller and more manageable. Of course there are those who say that's planetary treason, but who cares what the weirdos and terrorists think? Not Nathan. All he cares is that his movie gets made and that there's somebody left to see it. In marketing terms the end of the world will be very big. Anyone trying to save it should remember that.

This other Eden

Canadian folk art outdoors

Author: Philip V. R. Tilney,Canadian Museum of Civilization,Bill Richardson

Publisher: Douglas & McIntyre Ltd

ISBN: 9781550546989

Category: Art

Page: 130

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By its very nature, folk art is hilarious, cranky, homely, beautiful or just plain charming, and appeals to almost everyone. Over the years, folk artists across Canada have produced an inventive and eclectic array of objects to decorate their homes, yards and gardens, creating their own personal Edens. This delightful book displays the wide range of folk art that decorates yards across the nation: whirligigs of loggers sawing, sea gulls flying, anglers casting, planes flying; weather vanes of improbable roosters and elegant horses and even surprised beavers; bird houses of fantastical and flamboyant architecture; lawn ornaments and yard sculptures of whimsical ducks, frogs, fish and other creatures; as well as original interpretations of family groupings, mythic figures and national icons such as Mounties. The accompanying text by Phil Tilney explores the history of folk art and its various forms, the story of the development of Canadian yard art and the place of gardens as a re-creation of Eden in classical, medieval and renaissance times in Europe as well as in Asia and Canada.

This Other Eden

Seven Great Gardens & 300 Years of English History

Author: Emma Gieben-Gamal,Andrea Wulf

Publisher: Little Brown

ISBN: 9780349116594

Category: England

Page: 592

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THIS OTHER EDEN is a captivating narrative of seven great gardens, beautiful canvases that represent not just pleasure grounds but a country's evolution. Showpieces of grand design, they are also barometers of social change; lasting reflections of intellectual endeavour, of religion and philosophy, science and technology, art and literature. From Robert Cecil's garden at Hatfield House, conceived by the famous botanist and plant-collector John Tradescant, who travelled widely to seek out unusual specimens, to Capability Brown, who 'improved' upon nature to create the archetypal English parkland; from Joseph Paxton, whose engineering feats at Chatsworth mirrored the great Victorian age of technology, to Getrude Jekyll, who turned back to nature and designed the English cottage garden renowned the world over, this beautifully illustrated book will join the ranks of other bestselling cultural histories of the garden such as Anna Pavord's THE TULIP and Simon Schama's THE EMBARRASSMENT OF RICHES.

This Other Eden

Aspects of the Natural History of the Outer Banks of North Carolina

Author: Huntington Cairns

Publisher: N.A


Category: Natural history

Page: 76

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This Other Eden

The Collected Poems of Richard de Zoysa

Author: Richard De Zoysa

Publisher: N.A


Category: Sri Lankan poetry (English)

Page: 32

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King Richard II

Third Series

Author: William Shakespeare,Charles R. Forker

Publisher: Cengage Learning EMEA

ISBN: 9781903436325

Category: Drama

Page: 593

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This richly annotated edition takes a fresh look at the first part of Shakespeare's second tetralogy of history plays, showing how it relates to the other plays in the sequence. Forker places the play in its political context, discussing its relation to competing theories of monarchy, looking at how it faced censorship because of possible comparisons between Richard II and Elizabeth I, and how Bolingbroke's rebellion could be compared to the Essex rising of the time. This edition also reconsiders Shakespeare's use of sources, asking why he chose to emphasise one approach over another. Forker also looks at the play's rich afterlife, and the many interpretations that actors and directors have taken. Finally, the edition looks closely at the aesthetic relationship between language, character, structure and political import.

Genre and Cinema

Ireland and Transnationalism

Author: Brian McIlroy

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135985057

Category: History

Page: 304

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This impressive volume takes a broad critical look at Irish and Irish-related cinema through the lens of genre theory and criticism. Secondary and related objectives of the book are to cover key genres and sub-genres and account for their popularity. The result offers new ways of looking at Irish cinema.