Things That Sail

Things That Sail

Depicts ships through the ages and presents scientific principles of why things float and sail.

Author: Huck Scarry

Publisher: Crescent

ISBN: 0517616564

Category: Science

Page: 44

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Depicts ships through the ages and presents scientific principles of why things float and sail.
Categories: Science

Sailing Philosophy For Everyone

Sailing   Philosophy For Everyone

Catching the Drift of Why We Sail Patrick Goold. that it is and not simply because
of the other valuable things it brings. In other words, it is valuable for its own sake.
Some philosophers have argued that pleasure is an intrinsic value.When we ...

Author: Patrick Goold

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470671856

Category: Philosophy

Page: 216

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This volume reveals the wisdom we can learn from sailing, a sport that pits human skills against the elements, tests the mettle and is a rich source of valuable lessons in life. Unravels the philosophical mysteries behind one of the oldest organized human activities Features contributions from philosophers and academics as well as from sailors themselves Enriches appreciation of the sport by probing its meaning and value Brings to life the many applications of philosophy to sailing and the profound lessons it can teach us A thought-provoking read for sailors and philosophers alike
Categories: Philosophy

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Things That Go

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Things That Go

Chinese sailboats called junks were some of the first boats with sails that went up
and down. In bad weather, sailors lower the sails. A big sailing ship needs a big
push to go. A clipper ship has many sails to catch a lot of wind. Each sail is ...

Author: Karen de Seve

Publisher: National Geographic Books

ISBN: 9781426328060

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 128

View: 812

This charming reference book takes a closer look at the different ways people move from place to place, whether it is in a car, subway, hang glider, or submarine. More than 100 colorful photos are paired with age-appropriate text that explains how racecars, bicycles, rockets, and so many other modes of transportation work. This book inspires kids to be curious, ask questions, and explore the world around them.
Categories: Juvenile Nonfiction

Sail the Seven Seas of Freedom

Sail the Seven Seas of Freedom

Spend your time on the things you can change and don't waste your time or
energy worrying about things out of your control. We cannot change world
economics ... Again, sail your life to where you want to be. So how do we apply
the “doing ...

Author: Captain Rob Lee


ISBN: 9780982654200

Category: Education

Page: 72

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Sail the Seven Seas of Freedom is about changing the way you view the world and your life. The purpose of this book is showing you how to enjoy life each and every day. I will help you rediscover your core values and give you the strength to listen to your inner voice. I want you to stop living an unfulfilling deferred lifestyle and start living a happy, fun, exciting, and fulfilling lifestyle, one with complete freedom! My goal is to help you live the life of your dreams NOW by sharing how we left a normal life and began living the life of our dreams.
Categories: Education

Sail on Silvergirl

Sail on Silvergirl

I put her personal things into my student trunk. The trunk accompanied me
through many house moves and I finally reopened it in 2003 – over 30 years later
. I could not have done so before. In the trunk I found her diaries (which I cannot
recall ...

Author: Bill Unsworth


ISBN: 9780955856204

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 266

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'Jennifer Holly Stephens died on February 25th 1971 at five o'clock in the afternoon. I put her personal things into my student trunk. I finally opened it in 2003 over 30 years later. In the trunk I found her diaries ... '
Categories: Biography & Autobiography

The Big Book of Things That Go

The Big Book of Things That Go

Sailing dinghy A sailing dinghy is a small boat that one or two people can sail.
Mast Paddle wheel Handlebars Jet ski A jet ski is a bit like a water motorcycle. It
whizzes over the water at a great speed, bouncing over the waves. The rider
steers ...

Author: DK

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781465456687

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

View: 622

From a spectacular giant dump truck to a speedy little race go-cart, The Big Book of Things That Go is a visual and informative look at a subject that fascinates kids. Full of detailed artwork and photographs of real-life vehicles, The Big Book of Things That Go is an enticing collection of trucks, cars, motorcycles, and more that will excite every child. This visual guide features simple but informative text and interactive questions that encourage young children to make their own discoveries about the vehicles around them and how and why machines are useful. Broken into two-page-spread themes, young readers can learn about various vehicles including fire trucks, tractors, cranes, and much more. With striking images and informative text, The Big Book of Things That Go is the perfect guide for young readers who want to learn more about different machines used around the world.
Categories: Juvenile Nonfiction

The Works of Plato The apology of Socrates

   The    Works of Plato  The apology of Socrates

Whether , then , do men appear to you to wish the thing that they do from time to
time , or that for the sake of which they do ... manner those who sail on the sea ,
and those who carry on any other commercial business , do not wish the thing
that ...

Author: Plato


ISBN: NLI:1248729-20

Category: Philosophy


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Categories: Philosophy

Sailing Strategy

Sailing Strategy

Those who go out just to sail around – and very pleasant it is, too – are probably
content to take things as they find them, making the best use of what is available
in the way of wind and current. They will probably ascertain if there are any local

Author: Ian Proctor

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781408138854

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 176

View: 459

Sailing Strategy is considered a racing classic. Long out of print, it has champions who have been petitioning hard for its reissue. It is considered the best book ever written on the subject, and presents in detail techniques which are still completely relevant and applicable today. The author provides a very thorough analysis and explanation of how to read the wind and currents in all conditions on a racecourse, and explains how a good knowledge and understanding of their vagaries by the racer can be used advantageously to enhance boat performance on the racecourse, and carry both helm and crew further up the fleet. For any racer wanting an 'edge' (as any competitive sailor will always be aiming for) the reissue of this long out of print gem will be a godsend. A modern classic and an ideal companion to the recently reissued Start to Win, Sailing Strategy also has a new Foreword by Bob Fisher, Yachting Correspondent for The Guardian, and columnist for Yachts and Yachting. The reissue of this classic will be welcomed by novice and experienced racers alike.
Categories: Sports & Recreation

The Crypt Or Receptacle for Things Past

The Crypt  Or Receptacle for Things Past

But where the object is to overtake an enemy , when sailing on a wind , avoid ,
above all things , crowding too much sail . If sailing free , the contrary maxim may
hold good ; but how can we suppose that a vessel , constructed on calculations ...



ISBN: CHI:095342099

Category: Great Britain


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Categories: Great Britain

The Crypt or Receptacle for things past and West of England magazine New ser of The Crypt and Wheeler s Hampshire and West of England magazine

The Crypt  or Receptacle for things past  and West of England magazine  New ser   of The Crypt and Wheeler s Hampshire and West of England magazine

But where the object is to overtake an enemy , when sailing on a wind , avoid ,
above all things , crowding too much sail . If sailing free , the contrary , maxim
may hold good ; but how can we suppose that a vessel , constructed on
calculations ...

Author: Crypt and West of England magazine


ISBN: OXFORD:590274884



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Magic Apples

Magic Apples

Sail out to sea and do new things. Grace Murray Hopper We tend not to choose
the unknown, which might be a shock or a disappointment or simply a little
difficult to cope with. Andyet it is the unknown with all its disappointments and
surprises ...

Author: Lee Steels

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781499066043

Category: Fiction

Page: 382

View: 445

MAGIC APPLES is a daily reader with 366 reflections to mull. The topics are broad in scope with a liberal approach. Drawn from the authors experience as a teacher, parent, coach, musician and big kid, the reflections are an eclectic mix of food for thought. Every 6th day is a silly story intended to produce those healing endorphins we all need to keep our equilibrium. There are plenty of opportunities to laugh, cry and to agree or disagree. If you need to escape from autopilot and enhance your life-long learning skills, MAGIC APPLES should give you lots to chew on. If you desire a modern approach to traditional tales, new ways to love your fellowtravelers and the chance to laugh at the human condition, a magic apple each day will be to your delight.
Categories: Fiction

2015 Writer s Market

2015 Writer s Market

We look for unique ways of viewing sailing. Skim old issues of Sail for ideas
about the types of articles we publish. Always remember that Sail is a sailing
magazine. Stay away from gloomy articles detailing all the things that went wrong
on ...

Author: Robert Lee Brewer

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781599638607

Category: Reference

Page: 922

View: 342

The most trusted guide to getting published! Want to get published and paid for your writing? Let the 2015 Writer's Market guide you through the process with thousands of publishing opportunities for writers, including listings for book publishers, consumer and trade magazines, contests and awards, and literary agents. These listings include contact and submission information to help writers get their work published. Beyond the listings, you'll find all-new editorial material devoted to the business and promotion of writing, including advice on pitching to agents and editors, managing your freelance business, and building a readership. This edition also includes the ever popular--and updated--pay-rate chart, plus dozens of articles and essays like these: • Kate Meadows, freelance writer and editor, shares seven habits of financially savvy writers. • Carol Tice, professional writer, teaches you how to build your writing career with social media. • Dana W. Todd, public relations professional, explains how to successfully pitch you and your work like a PR pro. You also gain access to: • Lists of professional writing organizations • Sample query letters • A free digital download of Writer's Yearbook featuring the 100 Best Markets Finally, NEW TO THIS YEAR'S EDITION is an exclusive webinar "How to Find More Success Freelancing," taught by Robert Lee Brewer, editor of Writer's Market. It takes a lot more than flawless writing to be a freelance writer. This hour-long webinar will help you to increase your chances of success. You'll learn the current freelance landscape, how to find freelance opportunities, how to secure assignments, negotiating strategies, and more. Whether the goal is to publish a book, write a magazine article, or freelance for local businesses, this webinar is for writers looking to find more success with their freelancing and ultimately make more money. "Every writer needs a toolbox filled with craft, a drop of talent, and hope. Successful writers know they must add the Writer's Market. You should too." -Barbara O'Neal, author of The All You Can Dream Buffet, 7-time RITA award-winner, and RWA Hall of Fame member "The business of writing is unnecessarily intimidating. Editors want good writing, so why can it be so hard to get published. Writer's Market helps make sense of that big question, offering the kind of straight-shooting advice writers needs. I bought my first copy over a decade ago and still feel grateful that I was able to send my first submissions without embarrassing myself. Writer's Market is an invaluable tool that I find myself recommending again and again." -Erica Wright, author of the novel The Red Chameleon and poetry collection Instructions for Killing the Jackal, as well as Senior Editor for Guernica Magazine
Categories: Reference

The Holy Bible Translated from the Latin Vulgate Stereotype Edition

The Holy Bible  Translated from the Latin Vulgate     Stereotype Edition

... of brought before Cesar : and behold God hath them , swiinining out , should
escape . given thee all thein that sail with ... the fourteenth night was boards , and
some on those things that become , as we were sailing in Adria , about longed to



ISBN: BL:A0017096186


Page: 1223

View: 430


How come How so That s how things travel

How come  How so  That s how things travel

Sailing on the wind Wind engine The sails of a sailboat act like its engine!
Usually a sailboat has two sails – mainsail and jib.The mainsail is the large sail
that captures the power of the wind and makes the boat move. Its vertical side is ...

Author: R P Subramanian

Publisher: The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)

ISBN: 9788179935453

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 46

View: 787

The world is on the move. Animals,plants, and manmade vehicles—all are equipped to move in different ways. Learn all about things on the move—from snails and manta rays to cars and spacecrafts.
Categories: Juvenile Nonfiction

Stress Free Sailing

Stress Free Sailing

I take great comfort from reading in Eric Hiscock's Wandering Under Sail 'that I
bought my boat on a Wednesday, sailed her away on Thursday and ... may
remind you of things that you had forgotten and I may raise issues for

Author: Duncan Wells

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472919755

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 160

View: 441

The vast majority of sailing yacht scenarios comprise a couple sailing the boat together, and needing to carry out all manoeuvres and activities themselves with no help from a back-up crew. Their boat handling, navigation, sail handling, anchoring and mooring skills all have to be carried out both efficiently and effectively, preferably with the minimum of physical effort (to conserve energy). But most sailing technique books assume a crew of 3 or 4, all willing to lend a hand. This book is therefore a first, addressing the most common sailing scenarios that anyone cruising will have to deal with, and providing clever, original, highly effective (and most importantly successfully tried and tested by the author) techniques and solutions for dealing with the huge variety of essential operations on a boat – from sail setting and reefing, to picking up mooring buoys in a variety of wind and tide situations, anchoring, berthing and leaving a pontoon shorthanded, picking up a man overboard, sailing in fog and heavy weather – and even going up the mast. This book will be a godsend to anyone sailing single or shorthanded – including couples with young children who need to be supervised by one parent whilst the other runs the boat. Organised into techniques for different cruising scenarios, the book features step by step sequential photos showing exactly how to approach each situation and carry out the task in hand.
Categories: Sports & Recreation

The Psychology of Sailing for Dinghies and Keelboats

The Psychology of Sailing for Dinghies and Keelboats

One characteristic of many top sports performers is their ability to pinpoint things
that they can control, and to work at these, rather than concerning themselves
with things that are outside their control. Examples of controllable factors in
sailing ...

Author: Ian Brown

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781408124468

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 112

View: 816

The Psychology of Racing for Dinghies and Keelboats is an inspirational practical guide to mind training for racing sailors. Aimed at aspiring dinghy sailors as well as yacht racers, the style is light, friendly and conversational - designed to inspire, guide and promote positive analytical thinking amongst racers of all levels, with the aim of helping them find the inner resolve and mental strength required to be a winner. Packed with tables, tick boxes and exercises as well as thought-provoking quotes from successful international sailors, it is delightfully free of psychobabble and tedious theory - a really practical guide that will be invaluable to all racers of all levels and abilities.
Categories: Sports & Recreation

The Synthetic Ones

The Synthetic Ones

they will travel high into the air, and explode in the air, and destroy the flying
machines there as well as the things that sail. We will send them up so that they
will be like showers of sparks, rising from a great fire, until the whole ocean shall
be ...

Author: Lionel Roberts

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781473203723

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 250

Is there a Destiny? Does Fate impose a limit? What Barrier stands between man and the creation of life? Since the legendary failure of the ill-fated Frankenstein, man has tried time and time again to pass those limits. He has created androids, clumsy robots of flesh and blood. He has made men of metal and servants of plastic, with wheels for limbs and magnetic tapes for voices. Man has made things by cross breeding the animal kingdom and destroying Nature's intentions...but man has never yet made man. Or has he? Forbisher thought that he had the answer. It wasn't a clumsy Synthetic. It wasn't an Android, or a Robot, it was a real flesh and blood human being. The beautiful woman in his arms was the product of a laboratory experiment, not the result of a natural biological process. But how could he prove it?
Categories: Fiction



We're all part of something much bigger than ourselves? I'm losing faith, Dad. I'm
feeling so small and insignificant ... Back then I always knew that things would get
better, that the shift would end. Which brings me to my leg. The bone may be ...

Author: James Patterson

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780316032506

Category: Fiction

Page: 300

View: 409

Since the death of her husband, Anne Dunne and her three children have struggled in every way. In a last ditch effort to save the family, Anne plans an elaborate sailing vacation to bring everyone together once again. But only an hour out of port, everything is going wrong. The teenage daughter, Carrie, is planning to drown herself. The teenage son, Mark, is high on drugs and ten-year-old Ernie is nearly catatonic. This is the worst vacation ever. Anne manages to pull things together bit by bit, but just as they begin feeling like a family again, something catastrophic happens. Survival may be the least of their concerns. Written with the blistering pace and shocking twists that only James Patterson can master, SAIL takes "Lost" and "Survivor" to a new level of terror.
Categories: Fiction

Blart 3 The boy who set sail on a questionable quest

Blart 3  The boy who set sail on a questionable quest

Blart remembered the wizard had said that the mirror showed pictures of things
that were happening at the same time in different places. If this was Capablanca's
physical state at this moment, then it was futile to believe that he could come to ...

Author: Dominic Barker

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781408838730

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 336

View: 298

Princess Lois has been kidnapped by Anatoly the Handsome, who wants to marry her. Cue 'damsel in distress' to be rescued by none other than our own heroic Blart. He sets out on the good ship The Golden Pig with Olaf the innocent - who believes what everyone says all the time - and Kupverstich the Strange - an explorer-come-scientist whose ingenious explanations for the natural world have one thing in common: they're all wrong. They must battle cut-throat pirates, a sixteen-tentacled octopus, escape the suffocating bureaucracy of Triplicat, where they are briefly marooned, not to mention evade the Guild of Assassins, who have a contract to kill Blart, in their selfless (well, almost) bid to rescue poor Lois. But will they make it in time?
Categories: Juvenile Fiction

Free Pirates for Hire Setting Sail

Free Pirates for Hire  Setting Sail

I can also fix things that are broken. If the owners of one of these two prosperous
farms need any of my wares or services, I am more than willing to trade my
services for a home cooked meal. Anyone who is interested in my wares, please
form ...

Author: Eric C. Geary


ISBN: 9781105310515

Category: Fiction

Page: 164

View: 685

On Dawnya's sixteenth birthday she officially became a citizen of South Dalron and received word of her great uncle's death. In his will he left Dawnya a riddle with the hope of leaving IronSprings behind and traveling the world as the Captain of the legendary ship, The Sea Dryad.
Categories: Fiction