The Wrong Kind of Snow

How the Weather Made Britain

Author: Antony Woodward,Robert Penn

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780340937884

Category: History

Page: 396

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It is a fact universally acknowledged that the British are obsessed with the weather. This is not surprising as no country in the world has such unpredictable weather, with such power to rule people's lives. THE WRONG KIND OF SNOW is the complete daily companion to this national phenomenon. From the Spanish Armada to the invention of the windscreen wiper, each of the 365 entries beautifully illustrates a day in the weird and wonderful history of the British and their weather. 31 January: The Big Freeze of 1963 brings the FA Cup competition to a halt: every football pitch in Britain is frozen: the third round takes 66 days to complete: the Pools Panel is formed as a result. 9 February: British Rail blames the 'Wrong Kind of Snow'. It was a journalist's phrase, but on this day in 1991 it stuck to the beleagured BR like flesh to ice. 15 July: The exceptionally hot and steamy summer of 1858 caused the Great Stink of London, resulting in the building of London's sewage system, still in use today. On the same day in 1930, rainfall in Yorkshire was so heavy that the Whitby lifeboat makes a rescue two miles inland. 10 September: A violent storm rather than British sea power defeats the Spanish Armada in 1588. Had the weather held and the fleet reached home, it would have been hailed as a Spanish triumph. Four centuries later, bad light and rain stop play at the Oval . . . And much much more.

Britty Britty Bang Bang

One Man's Attempt to Understand His Country

Author: Hugh Dennis

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0755364309

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 215

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Hugh Dennis' hilarious and insightful exploration of the changing image of Britain and Britishness will enthral those who love Outnumbered, The Now Show, Mock the Week and quintessentially British humour. 'Utterly readable and laugh-out-loud funny' - Stephen Fry Hugh Dennis has secretly been worrying about what being "British" meant for nearly a decade, ever since his friend Ardal O'Hanlon had told him in passing that he was the most British person he had ever met. Hugh was unclear whether he was being praised, teased, vaguely insulted or possibly all three - because it has always been very difficult to know how to feel about being British. In 2012 we surprised the world. Not only did we provide an Olympic Games much better than Mitt Romney expected, or the French hoped, we also presented a completely new face - a gleaming fresh vision of Britain. Who thought that the country we knew so well would suddenly nip up into the national loft and bring down so much we had all forgotten about? What are our great traditions? Are we really good at inventing stuff? Are we obsessed by the weather? Did we invent Democracy? Who was Kenneth Branagh meant to be in that opening ceremony? Frankly this country has got some explaining to do... What readers are saying about Britty Britty Bang Bang: 'Pure Hugh Dennis! Witty Britty! A witty anecdote in every other sentence' 'An amusing yet also enlightening trawl through British history and cultural values' 'Hugh Dennis writes very much in character - highly amusing and observant'

Keeping the Uk Moving

Report, Together with Formal Minutes, Oral and Written Evidence

Author: Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Transport Committee

Publisher: The Stationery Office

ISBN: 9780215559395

Category: Automobile driving in bad weather

Page: 132

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This report examines how snow chaos in December 2010 closed Heathrow, disabled parts of the rail network and disrupted many roads. More can and should be done to ensure UK transport networks continue to operate in severe winter weather, the Commons Transport Committee finds. The welfare of air and rail passenger must be taken more seriously and better real time information must be provided to road users. In its report the Transport Committee calls for additional investment and coordination by government to: ensure the final version of the Department for Transport's Climate change Adaptation Plan refers to the future risk of severe winter weather; improve resilience of the third rail network south of the Thames, with a long term aim to install a more resilient method of electrification; oversee airport planning for major incidents including snow chaos, particularly at Heathrow and review airport regulations to ensure they take account of this; permit airport operators to reclaim the cost of looking after stranded passengers when airlines fail to discharge their responsibility to do this; provide better online advice for individuals and communities about tackling problems arising from severe winter weather; launch a high profile campaign to increase the proportion of motorists taking precautions for driving in winter weather; develop clearer snow and ice risk travel warnings for freight vehicles similar to those for strong winds; investigate the case to provide the Met Office with more money to improve its long range forecasting capability sufficient to improve the way transport operators can warn passengers.

Essential AS Geography

Author: Simon Ross,John Morgan,Richard Heelas

Publisher: Nelson Thornes

ISBN: 9780748751754

Category: Geography

Page: 408

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Essential AS Geography provides comprehensive coverage of the range of subjects and themes for AS Geography. The book has been designed to smooth the transition between GCSE and A Level standard and rapidly instil confidence in the first year student, providing the means to achieve examination success.


A Scientific and Cultural Exploration

Author: Giles Whittell

Publisher: Atria Books

ISBN: 198210547X

Category: Science

Page: 256

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Brimming with interesting facts and surprising anecdotes, this scientific and cultural history opens our eyes to the wonders of one of nature’s most delicate, delightful, and deadly phenomena: SNOW! Perfect for fans of The Hidden Life of Trees and Rain. Go on an extraordinary journey across centuries and continents to experience the wonders of snow; from the prehistoric humans that trekked and even skied across it tens of thousands of years ago to the multi-billion-dollar industry behind our moving, making, and playing with snow. Blending accessible writing with fascinating science, Giles Whittell explores how snow dictates where we live, provides us with drinking water, and has influenced countless works of art and more. Whittell also uncovers compelling mysteries of this miraculous substance, such as why avalanches happen, how snow saved a British prime minister’s life, where the legend of the yeti comes from, and the terrifying truth behind the opening ceremony of the 1960 winter Olympics. Filled with in-depth research and whip-smart prose, Snow is an eye-opening and charming book that illuminates one of the most magnificent wonders of nature.

Mr Majeika and the Ghost Train

Author: Humphrey Carpenter

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141944366

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 96

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'Do be careful, Mr Majeika, there might be real ghosts in there.' When Class Three and Mr Majeika get on board a ghost train, they are in for a surprise. Real ghosts appear and the wicked Wilhemina Worlock isn't far away. But Jody comes to the rescue - with a dragon to help her!