An Unknown World

An Unknown World

The Earth was alive and we all, nearly everyone in the world, felt it as alive with a feeling that came from the unknown ... acceptingthe same emanations and radiations from FatherSunandHis own enveloping universe of celestial worlds ...

Author: Jacob Needleman

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101601310

Category: Philosophy

Page: 240

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What is the purpose of life on Earth? Philosopher Jacob Needleman frames man's role on the planet in a completely new and fresh way, moving beyond the usual environmental concerns to reveal how the care and maintenance of a world is something vital and basic to our existence as authentic human beings. In some of his most deeply affecting writing, Needleman draws on his childhood experiences with a terminally ill friend whose impending death forces the young boys to face questions of the meaning of existence at an early age—questions that Needleman carried with him in his explorations of science and philosophy throughout his career as a scholar of religions. The conclusions that he reaches will give all of us a new sense of the purpose of our lives and the planet we live on.
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Journey Into An Unknown World

Journey Into An Unknown World

Often this last rune left as a blank, But, I have included both because in my opinion, the creation symbol pertains to the unknown on Earth, whereas the blank is applicable to The Universe. To many people it still has the same ...

Author: Dr. Margaret Rogers Van Coops

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781481707411

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 584

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This inspiring work delves into the cosmology of multi-dimensional spiritual existence. Beginning with the “Word” as vibrational consciousness, this book takes you on a journey through the principles of creation, separation the descending and ascending currents, faith, intuition, belief and evolution The various sub-divisional cosmologies of the seven archetypes and planes of existence are viewed. Also, incarnation, reincarnation and the Akashic Records are explained as an inter-relationship with the deep-subconscious and the Chakras. Of particularly unique interest is the principle of soul fragmentation that the book discusses throughout the text. The Way To Oneness concludes with the practical steps and techniques for emotional balancing and relaxation, disciplinary exercises and various other psychic tools such as astrology, numerology, graphology and palmistry. Recommended for all practitioners seeking insight into higher knowledge; James Ravenscroft: Whole Life Times – March 15, 1990.
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Quantum Mind

Quantum Mind

29.1 The universe according to Riemann The simplified version of Riemann's fourdimensional universe can be understood as ... If you went beyond the limits of the known world, you would enter the unknown world, the universe to the right.

Author: Arnold Mindell, PH.D.

Publisher: Deep Democracy Exchange

ISBN: 9781619710146



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Quantum Mind. The Edge Between Physics and Psychology This is the second edition with new preface from the author. In a single volume, Arnold Mindell brings together psychology, physics, math, myth, and shamanism – not only mapping the way for next-generation science but also applying this wisdom to personal growth, group dynamics, social and political processes, and environmental issues. Beginning with a discussion of cultural impacts on mathematics, he presents esoteric but plausible interpretations of imaginary numbers and the quantum wavefunction. In this context he discusses dreams, psychology, illness, shape-shifting (moving among realities), and the self-reflecting Universe – bringing in not only shamanism but also the Aboriginal, Greek, and Hindu myths and even sacred geometry from the Masonic orders and the Native Americans. The book is enriched by several psychological exercises that enable the reader to subjectively experience mathematics (counting, discounting, squaring, complex conjugating), physics (parallel worlds, time travel), and shamanism (shape-shifting).

A Chosen Destiny

A Chosen Destiny

It is planet earth and all the planets known and unknown in our universe. “The unknown world is the spirit world. It is where our individual souls reside, in a manner of speaking. Souls are the spiritual energy of human beings.

Author: Benedict Mejilla

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 9781770977884


Page: 152

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Life is not what it seems. We should be open to all possibilities of what life could be about and what life has to offer. Edward, the main character goes through life's journey. This person is a decent, educated, family oriented, and self-driven individual. He is hard working and plays by the rules, yet life still fails him. Something else out there is affecting him and telling him to wake up to something different, something more beautiful. Life itself opens up to him because he dares to open up to the possibilities. This story blends realism, mysticism, spirituality, psychology, and science together in an intriguing and inspirational plot. Although the book is in a fictional category, it has an element of a self help/non fiction genre as well. ... Dare to be reflective about the true nature of our reality. ... Dare to realize that perhaps there is more to us than first meets the eye. ... Dare to be spiritual. ... Dare to realize that our common experience is deceptive, and allow yourself to open up to other possibilities. ... Dare to have the courage and wisdom to say on your death bed, "I have lived a full life," and not say, "What if my life has been all wrong?"



There you are sentenced to go by the order of Krzza, Emperor of the Universe!” Perhaps the spine twisting laugh emitted by the Wrongness ... “What good will that do us, stranded here on an unknown world in an unknown universe!” “Ayhuu!

Author: Ralph Milne Farley


ISBN: 9781312955547

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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FIRST EDITION: This novel was written by 18 science fiction authors in a round-robin format--each chapter by a different author (or in the case of one chapter, two writers). Alpha Centauri versus the Solar System. A great space adventure story.
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The Unknown World of the Universe

The Unknown World of the Universe

This book presents the astrophysics of galaxies since their beginnings in the early Universe. This First Edition is extensively illustrated with the most recent observational data.

Author: Khaleel Alwahsh

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 9798500022349


Page: 108

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Galaxies are the places where gas turns into luminous stars, powered by nuclear reactions that also produce most of the chemical elements. But the gas and stars are only the tip of an iceberg: a galaxy consists mostly of dark matter, which we know only by the pull of its gravity. The ages, chemical composition and motions of the stars we see today, and the shapes that they make up, tell us about each galaxy's past life. This book presents the astrophysics of galaxies since their beginnings in the early Universe. This Second Edition is extensively illustrated with the most recent observational data. It includes new sections on galaxy clusters, gamma ray bursts and supermassive black holes. Chapters on the large-scale structure and early galaxies have been thoroughly revised to take into account recent discoveries such as dark energy.The book also examines ways of observing galaxies across the electromagnetic spectrum, and explores dark matter through its gravitational pull on matter and light. This book is self-contained, including the necessary astronomical background, and Quran backup.

Why Are We Conscious

Why Are We Conscious

Objects may also exist in that world, made up from these ingredients in some unknown way. ... lifetime of the universe (which I take to be about 13 billion years) the unknown world will have come to share the same average temperature as ...

Author: David E.H. Jones

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781351681315

Category: Mathematics

Page: 258

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There are two huge gaps in scientific theory. One, the contradiction between classical and quantum mechanics, is discussed in many publications. The other, the total failure to explain why anything made of atoms (such as ourselves) can be conscious, has little acknowledgement. The main thesis of this book is that to be conscious at all, you need an unconscious mind. The author explores the idea that this mind sometimes makes contact with a whole unknown world, sporadically revealed by paranormal effects, but perhaps discoverable by hitherto uninvented scientific instruments. The book looks at the notion of the unconscious mind, one of the most important hypotheses of the twentieth century. Psychiatrists often deploy it rather informally, but there is no accepted theory of it. No region of the human brain seems to hold it. The author delves into the notion that the unknown world exists and is very weakly coupled to the physical world. He ponders the properties it may have to allow this coupling, looks at several paranormal effects scientifically and points out that many of them seem to imply brief but dramatic changes of the forces between atoms—a possible effect of the unknown world, unexamined by physical science. No existing publication seeks to talk both about paranormal mysteries and scientific theory. If scientists know about the gaps in existing knowledge, they might initiate research into such gaps, or notice experimental oddities they now gloss over. If the general public was aware of the gaps in physical theory, they would be less overwhelmed by the intellectual diktats of some scientists.
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The Origin of God

The Origin of God

We only have the impresion that it belongs to our Universe,and we find it even more peculiar because we don't know our own Universe,and moreover,we refer to an unknown world with the notion of"Our Universe". "What do you claim, ...

Author: Sorin Cerin

Publisher: Virtualbookworm Publishing

ISBN: 9781589398924

Category: Fiction

Page: 736

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The author is the main character of this work in which he travels through other dimensions and the origin of the universe is revealed to him.
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Architectural and Urban Reflections after Deleuze and Guattari

Architectural and Urban Reflections after Deleuze and Guattari

The most significant segmentation in the narrative map of Odysseus is the 'clean cut' between the 'real' world, and the 'mythical universe' – as Vidal Naquet suggests. I will prefer to call them 'known world' and 'unknown world'.

Author: Constantin V. Boundas

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781786605993

Category: Philosophy

Page: 316

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This volume brings together architects, urban designers and planners and asks them to reflect and report on the (built) place and the city to come, in the wake of Deleuze and Guattari.
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Modeling Gateway to the Unknown

Modeling  Gateway to the Unknown

How can it be known that there is a common world which scientists collectively study by experimentally exploring it ... or diminishing the human Umwelt, rather than that they are revealing more of a universe which was, neutrally, there.


Publisher: Gulf Professional Publishing

ISBN: 9780080536644

Category: Science

Page: 278

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Edited by Daniel Rothbart of George Mason University in Virginia, this book is a collection of Rom Harré's work on modeling in science (particularly physics and psychology). In over 28 authored books and 240 articles and book chapters, Rom Harré of Georgetown University in Washington, DC is a towering figure in philosophy, linguistics, and social psychology. He has inspired a generation of scholars, both for the ways in which his research is carried out and his profound insights. For Harré, the stunning discoveries of research demand a kind of thinking that is found in the construction and control of models. Iconic modeling is pivotal for representing real-world structures, explaining phenomena, manipulating instruments, constructing theories, and acquiring data. This volume in the new Elsevier book series Studies in Multidisciplinarity includes major topics on the structure and function of models, the debates over scientific realism, explanation through analogical modeling, a metaphysics for physics, the rationale for experimentation, and modeling in social encounters. * A multidisciplinary work of sweeping scope about the nature of science * Revolutionary interpretation that challenges conventional wisdom about the character of scientific thinking * Profound insights about fundamental challenges to contemporary physics * Brilliant discoveries into the nature of social interaction and human identity * Presents a rational conception of methods for acquiring knowledge of remote regions of the world * Written by one of the great thinkers of our time.
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