The Things We Don t See

The Things We Don t See

'We don't know. But she told us not to look into any more of this. Really angry about it. We're not sure why, but, yeah. It doesn't read as an innocent thing to do, does it?' 'I wouldn't read too much into it,' she says.

Author: Savannah Brown

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9780241346334

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 384

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The new gripping YA thriller from online sensation Savannah Brown, author of The Truth About Keeping Secrets, Graffiti, and Sweetdark. Perfect for fans of Karen McManus, Holly Jackson's A Good Girl's Guide to Murder and E. Lockhart's We Were Liars. When fledgling singer Roxy Raines vanishes from the tiny resort of Sandown, the island's locals refuse to talk about it to any outsiders, dismissing Roxy as a teenage runaway. Thirty years later, seventeen-year-old Mona Perry is convinced there's something more sinister at play. Armed with a suitcase and a microphone - to record her findings for her podcast's listeners - the troubled teen is on a deadline: one hot summer is all she has to get to the bottom of Roxy's story. But as Mona gets drawn into the strange goings on of this isolated community, it becomes clear that nothing is as it seems. Least of all Mona's own past, and the disappearance of someone else, someone much closer to her... How far will she go to uncover the truth? Praise for The Things We Don't See: 'A propulsive mystery driven by beautifully raw narration . . . Brown's prose reads like a live wire.' Rory Power, author of Wilder Girls 'A beautifully written mystery with a host of fascinating characters' Vincent Ralph, author of Are You Watching?
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Things We Didn t See Coming

Things We Didn t See Coming

Liz giggles as I yank the bag away from her, then she sees the rat and goes quiet. I tell her, “Find a better starter than those sheets. ... Hair burns, it smells like popcorn, and then it's another thing we don't have to keep clean.

Author: Steven Amsterdam

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781407092379

Category: Fiction

Page: 208

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Opening on the eve of the millennium, when the world as we know it is still recognisable, we meet the nine-year-old narrator as he flees the city with his parents, just ahead of a Y2K breakdown. Next he is a teenager with a growing criminal record, taking his grandparents for a Sunday drive. In a world transformed by battles over resources, he teaches them how to steal. In time we see him struggle through strange, horrific and unexpectedly funny terrain as he goes about the no longer simple act of survival. Despite the chaos of his world, he keeps his eyes on the exit door, his heart open and his mind on what he thinks is going to happen next. Longlisted for the Guardian first book award.
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The Things We See in the Light

The Things We See in the Light

'Are you seriously telling me that no guy has ever tried flirting with you at the gym?' Clearly, it has happened to Lara, ... I know I sound a bit whiney, but I don't want Lara to taint the one simple thing in my my workout.

Author: Amal Awad

Publisher: Pantera Press

ISBN: 9780648676973

Category: Fiction

Page: 264

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In the cafe, I watch as a woman takes a photo of her plate – an impressive, glossy lime-coloured dessert with shards of chocolate perched on top. I want to feel that ease and confidence, too. Like this is my city again, and I know my way around it. Eight years ago, Sahar pursued her happily ever after when she married Khaled and followed him to Jordan, leaving behind her family, her friends and a thriving cake business. But married life didn’t go as planned and, haunted by secrets, Sahar has returned home to Sydney without telling her husband. With the help of her childhood friends, Sahar hits the reset button on her life. She takes a job at a local patisserie run by Maggie, a strong but kind manager who guides Sahar in sweets and life. But as she tentatively gets to know her colleagues, Sahar faces a whole new set of challenges. There’s Kat and Inez, who are determined that Sahar try new experiences. Then there’s Luke, a talented chocolatier and a bundle of contradictions. As Sahar embraces the new, she reinvents herself, trying things once forbidden to her. But just when she is finally starting to find her feet, her past finds its way back to her.
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Shudder s Creepshow From Script to Scream

Shudder s Creepshow  From Script to Scream

Of course, the extra space considerations arent only for the things we see on screen but, as important, for the things we dont see. On the show, theres so much puppeteering and practical effects, all of which needs to be considered and ...

Author: Dennis L. Prince

Publisher: Titan Books

ISBN: 9781803363387

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 248

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Shudder’s Creepshow: From Script to Scream is the official behind-the-scenes book featuring the spine-tingling stories and tantalizing talent behind The Creepshow series. Shudder’s Creepshow: From Script to Scream, produced by AMC Networks Publishing and Creepshow showrunner and executive producer Greg Nicotero (The Walking Dead), is a coffee-table book which brings fans behind-the-scenes of the acclaimed Creepshow series with deep dives into its riveting origins, gripping development, provocative production, sinister special effects, and much more. Features a foreword by legendary storyteller Stephen King and an afterword by horror aficionado Kirk Hammett, Metallica’s lead guitarist. Based on the hit anthology series from Nicotero, Cartel Entertainment, Striker Entertainment, and in partnership with Titan Books, the book is written by Dennis L. Prince, designed by John J. Hill, and co-produced by Julia Hobgood. The series has been heralded as “an irresistibly macabre package,” (Slant Magazine) and “an undeniable love letter to all generations of horror fans,” (CBR), and over three seasons, has been one of the most watched programs on Shudder.
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Life Reconstructed

Life Reconstructed

But because they did things that were beautiful, we think of the beauty of their character and their inner spirit. The things we see become less, and the things we cant see become more. Google a photo of Abraham Lincoln.

Author: Kim Harms

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781641706278

Category: Self-Help

Page: 224

View: 638

A raw, heavily-researched guide for women facing breast cancer, mastectomy, and reconstruction written by a survivor.
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Graduate Admissions Tests in 30 Days GMAT GRE LSAT TOEFL IELTS

Graduate Admissions Tests in 30 Days  GMAT  GRE  LSAT  TOEFL   IELTS

... visionary; imaginary; produced by imagination; Ex. fanciful scheme Mnemonics • fancy (Tag: Fancy things is something like we dont see very regularly in day to day life rather than in occasions i.e, imaginay egs painting competions ...

Author: Prof N L Shraman

Publisher: The Memory Guru of India


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 580

View: 908

The student of GRE and SAT have to memorize the word of Barron,s which is very painful and time consuming.During my exams I had short time for preparation and I made about 200 mnemonics of Barron,s word list which helped me to finish my preparation in two months.After my exam made more mnemonics and this books has about 3000 Barrons word mnemonics which will help the student to complete his/her preparation in 1 month!(which normally takes 6 months). So cheer up and use this book to save your time and also get relieved from the pain of memorizing Barron,s word. - Prof N L Shraman, Mnemonist (One of the top 20 Mnemonists of the world)
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We Dont Talk About That

We Dont Talk About That

The excitement to see us so unexpectedly slowly gave way to more practical considerations. Aunt Irene took charge, ... After all the things we had seen and done, this couldn't be so bad, just smelly. I have always had a sensitive nose ...

Author: Giselle Roeder

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 9781460232088

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 258

View: 261

Millions of women were abused and raped during the final stages of WW II, and while the attitude among many survivors is "We don't talk about that," this woman has found the courage to place her memories on record. Growing up in a rural village in Pomerania, Gila's tranquil life turned tragic when the fighting approached her neighborhood. Her father was captured and taken to Siberia while she and her family became displaced persons and joined the trek of thousands "on the road to nowhere." She was witness to gruesome acts of violence that quickly aged her before her years. She barely survived diphtheria and later, recovering from typhoid fever, she took responsibility for her three siblings while her mother worked. Despite her interrupted schooling through circumstances beyond her control, Gila's determination empowered her to become a Physical Education teacher and successful competitive kayaker. The division of Germany into East and West with its political ramifications caused her to escape to West Germany. Here she was able to fulfill an old dream despite having to face new challenges, including an unwanted affair. Gila's story is one of heartache, courage, pain, love, liberation and reclaiming life....
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With God All Things Are Possible

With God All Things Are Possible

world to be something better, that our future can be solid in the knowing of such Peace and way to be.. That amoungst the nations war does not exist because what we have seen again and again is WAr is a personal choice development, ...

Author: Stephanie Puttbrese

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781796033267

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 386

View: 235

THEE UNFOLDING- THIS BOOK "WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE"~~FROM THE BIBLE SCRIPTURE MATTHEW 19:26! CONSIST OF MY 1ST 2 STORIES TO THE WORLD (FOLLOWING MY DREAMS- THE STORY & CHANGING THE WORLD..... ALONG WITH ALL THE OTHER WRITINGS THAT WERE BIRTHED INTO EXISTENCE BETWEEN MY 1ST STORY IN 2013, A SECOND STORY IN 2016, AND THE MAKING OF THIS BOOK IN THE SUMMER OF 2019. ALL THESE STORIES AND WRITINGS HAVE BEEN PIECES OF MY SOUL BIRTHED ONTO PAPER TO UNDERSTAND ALL THAT I AM HERE TO TEACH, INSPIRE, AND WITNESS THE SOUL OF A BOOK IN THE MAKING OF- ****My 1st Story (Following My Dreams-The story) took 3 months to complete! I started that story during one of LIFES Greatest Turning Moments for me; As I went through those moments I wrote this story! This STORY I poured my HEART into! I poured my LIFE into this STORY, and I BELIEVE it was THIS STORY that took the burden, and all the weight off me! I seriously couldn't stop WRITING, and 3 months later my 1ST STORY was BIRTHED into EXISITENCE! Whats even more crazy is there was no plan for this story to happen! it happened as life was unfolding in the most peculiar way, during one of life Biggest turning points- after i had already been pursing an aspect of my Dream with my 1st website, and after my 1st orginal Dream veture- of going through a company to patent my Invention/Idea! In the midst of ALL that my 1st story was Birthed into Existence! It was A moment I Truly SEEN ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD- and though that became the title of my book and I wrote that verse in my 1st story( different ways-- many times) more than enough times; I did not know that would eventually be the TITLE to My Book!**** ****MY SECOND STORY 'CHANGING THE WORLD' I WROTE THE 1ST HALF OF MY STORY BY PEN AND PAPER IN MY SPIRAL NOTEBOOK AFTER ONE MORNING I SAT DOWN WITH A DIVINE FLAME OF INSPIRATION THAT SAID THE TIME IS NOW. I SAT DOWN AND STARTED WRITING MY SECOND STORY TO THE WORLD AND 2 WEEKS LATER MY SECOND STORY WAS BIRTHED INTO EXISTENCE! WHATS EVEN MORE SPECIAL IS AFTER I WROTE THE 1ST HALF OF THIS BOOK WHICH WAS 18 PAGES FRONT AND BACK- TOOK 3 DAYS WHILE I WORKED, MANAGED LIFE AND KIDS; I STOPPED WRITING TO TYPE UP WHAT I HAD! AGAIN I HAD A DIVINE INSPIRATION AND I WROTE 2 PARAGRAPHS THAT I KNEW WERE THE START TO MY SECOND HALF, AND THE ENDING PARAGRAPH TO MY BOOK- AND GUESS WHAT -THEY WERE! !!WHATS EVEN MORE SPECTACULAR IS THIS BOOK WAS CREATED AFTER ITS VERY FABRICS IN MOTION WERE PUT ON MY 1ST VISION BOARD IT WAS CREATED FROM! FROM THE MAKINGS OF MY 1ST BOOK AND THE FABRICS IT WAS PULLED FROM! WHO WOULD OF THOUGHT! WHO WOULD OF THOUGHT! :) :) :)**** ABOUT THE BOOK- ****MY 1st story is all about my Dedication to the “Dream Process,” each step I took to get there-- along with my Dedication to GOD & GODS Dedication to me through my soul process; the world that was revealed to me, and My life that revealed God/The Universe are always working through YOU, and for YOU, to have the very Best Life, Contribute to the World, Find your Creativity and Passions- --and Follows Your Dreams until thee very End of Time*** ****This 2nd story was my story to the World felt through my pain, and seen through my eyes! Its about how each ONE of us has something in us that has the Power to INSPIRE--and that just 'ONE’ person CAN Change the World! Just ONE! Or, if nothing else 'JUST ONE' can make the world "THINK"- and sometimes that's enough to Change it! Read my story to see America is still the land we are looking for and each one of us has the Power to lay witness to this COUNTRY & WORLD Being more than GREAT!!!**** ****my other stories are writings that go with my 1st 2 stories and what it means to see and feel, and write in witness to LIFE’S UNFOLDINGS AND the many WONDERS and AWE of our GOD ABOVE**** More than anything this Book is to ‘Truly Witness’ with ALL THE POSSIBILITY OF--- “WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE TRULY POSSIBLE”
Categories: Biography & Autobiography

The Staff of Ira

The Staff of Ira

Tudo walked to her, “Trust me we would never hurt you.” “I'm not afraid of you,” Lola said. “This is something you dont see every day. ... “The stories that has been passed down to us, will live in our heart, our children forever.

Author: Carl Sheffield

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781532016738

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 118

A time long ago, on the planet of Boldly, a race was on the verge of extinction with little hope left to find a way to stop it. The leader and his scientist tried taking DNA from other species on the planet to create a new life form. A new life they did create, yet it was not acceptable. The scientist told the leader, A female we must have. This statement brought many questions as to how or where. The only females on the planet were infertile. As they sat and pondered as to how they would come about such females, an idea occurred. Lets build a ship, said the scientist, to carry us to other worlds in search of a female.
Categories: Fiction

The Complete Calvin and Hobbes

The Complete Calvin and Hobbes


Author: Bill Watterson

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

ISBN: 0740748475

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 492

View: 862

Brings together every "Calvin and Hobbes" cartoon that has ever appeared in syndication, along with stories and poems from classic collections.
Categories: Comics & Graphic Novels