The Spanish Tercios 1536 1704

The Spanish Tercios 1536   1704

A mixed infantry formation made up of about 3,000 men armed with pikes, swords and handguns, the innovative and influential tercio or 'Spanish square' was the basic combat unit of the armies of Spain throughout much of the 16th and 17th ...

Author: Ignacio J.N. López

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781849087940

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A mixed infantry formation made up of about 3,000 men armed with pikes, swords and handguns, the innovative and influential tercio or 'Spanish square' was the basic combat unit of the armies of Spain throughout much of the 16th and 17th centuries. Arguably the first permanent tactical formation seen in Europe since the Roman cohort, the tercio was the forerunner of modern formations such as the battalion and regiment. The variety of different weapons fielded in the tercio meant the Spanish infantry could resist opposing cavalry forces while overcoming every kind of enemy infantry deployed against them. Featuring full-colour artwork and photographs of rare items held at the Spanish Army Museum, this study covers the whole period during which the tercios were active, opening with the third Italian war between the forces of France and the Holy Roman Emperor and concluding with the final transformation of the Spanish tercios into regiments in 1704.
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Understanding War

Understanding War

Ignacio and Ivan Lopez, The Spanish Tercios 15361704 (Oxford, UK: Osprey,
2012). Because of the Spanish terrain, infantry played an important role during
the Middle Ages, and the Spanish were among the first to successfully adapt to
the ...

Author: Christian P. Potholm

Publisher: UPA

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The third book in Professor Christian Potholm’s war trilogy (which includes Winning at War and War Wisdom), Understanding War provides a most workable bibliography dealing with the vast literature on war and warfare. As such, it provides insights into over 3000 works on this overwhelmingly extensive material. Understanding War is thus the most comprehensive annotated bibliography available today. Moreover, by dividing war material into eighteen overarching themes of analysis and fifty seminal topics, and focusing on these, Understanding War enables the reader to access and understand the broadest possible array of materials across both time and space, beginning with the earliest forms of warfare and concluding with the contemporary situation. Stimulating and thought-provoking, this volume is essential for an understanding of the breadth and depth of the vast scholarship dealing with war and warfare through human history and across cultures.
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The Spanish Civil War 1936 39

The Spanish Civil War 1936   39

... after Alexander 323–168 BC The Spanish Tercios 15361704 US 10th
Mountain Division in World War II Cumberland's Culloden Army 1745–46 The
Portuguese in the Age of Discovery c.1340– 1665 Polish Armies of the Partitions
1770–94 ...

Author: Patrick Turnbull

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By the spring of 1936 an armed clash was imminent between the forces of Spain's extreme Left and extreme Right. Viewed largely as a confrontation between democracy and fascism, the resulting civil war proved to be of enormous international significance. Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy intervened to assist General Franco, while the Soviet Union came to the aid of the Republican forces. This book explains the background to the war and charts the course of the nearly three-year long conflict through to General Franco's victory. Photographs and colour plates illustrate the uniforms and equipment of the Republican and Nationalist armies.
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Fighting in line pikemen and arquebusiers into a mixed square known as a tercio
, several of which are shown formation , however ... At the 1590s , drilling them
and instructing them in siege of Cuzco in 1536 , 190 Spanish soldiers basic
maneuvers . ... of Westphalia ends Thirty Years War 1704 Mughal emperor
Aurangzeb completes Mughal conquest of South India 1669 Socket bayonet
developed 1739 ...

Author: Roger Ford

Publisher: Dk Pub

ISBN: PSU:000060347992

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Tracing the history of weaponry from the earliest stone axes of prehistoric warfare to the high-tech world of modern-day military operations, an illustrated, comprehensive study combines close-up photographs, informative captions, and detailed descriptions to chronicle the evolution of military armaments.
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