The Rahat-Us-Sudur Wa Ayat-Us-Surur

Being a History of the Saljuqs

Author: Muhammad Ibn Ali Ibn Sulayma Ar-Rawandi

Publisher: Cosimo, Inc.

ISBN: 1616404620

Category: History

Page: 622

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Note: Body of book is in Arabic; preface is in English. The Rahat-Us-Sudur Wa Ayat-Us-Surur is a rare and unique account of the history of the Saljuq dynasty of Persia. Aside from a helpful introduction in English about the work and its author, the entirety of the text is in Persian. It was originally written in naskh and dates back to the 1st of Ramadan, 635, or April 17, 1238. The manuscript covers the rule of the Saljuqs, who were in power in Persia from 1037-1194, and contains first-hand accounts of the decline and fall of the empire, as the author was a favorite courtier of Sultan Tughril and had access to privileged court information. The editor, Muhammad Iqbal, also includes cross-references to Ibn-ul-Athir and al-Bundari, two independent authorities on Saljuq history. MUHAMMAD IBN ALI IBN SULAYMAN AR-RAWANDI belonged to a family of scholars and professors in Rawand, a small neighboring town to Kashan. As a young boy, severe famine in Isfahan and the death of his father interrupted his studies. Eventually, his uncle Taj-ud-din became his guardian and teacher, and Ar-Rawandi became proficient in calligraphy, book-binding, gilding, law, and theology. His talents brought him favor with the last Sultan of the Saljuq family, who valued education and the art of calligraphy and gilding. This connection helped him write The Rahat-Us-Sudur Wa Ayat-Us-Surur, an extensive Saljuq history.