The Scopes Trial

A Brief History with Documents

Author: Jeffrey P. Moran

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

ISBN: 9780312294267

Category: Education

Page: 230

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Uses previously unpublished documents to provide an introduction to the 1925 Scopes trial, the landmark case about teaching evolution in the classroom.

Matthew Ritchie. The Morning Line

Author: Matthew Ritchie

Publisher: Walther Konig


Category: Art

Page: 151

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The Morning Line is a 17-ton aluminium structure, which Matthew Ritchie calls a permeable 'anti-pavilion', a ruin and a monument all in one. Its form corresponds with Ritchie's efforts to create a coherent system of signs through art. The plans, sketches and computer animations in this book present The Morning Line as a highly complex structure, its fractal beauty captured in Todd Eberle's stunning photographs. In-depth texts and interviews between Ritchie and the architects involved discuss this 'anti-pavilion' as an interdisciplinary piece, somewhere between art, architecture, music, mathematics, cosmology, and science. English and Turkish text