The Science of Measurement

A Historical Survey

Author: Herbert Arthur Klein

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486144976

Category: Science

Page: 736

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Witty, imaginative coverage of metrology—concepts of weight, length, volume, temperature, time, nuclear radiation, thermal power, light, pressure, much more. Nontechnical. "Solid and entertaining."—Los Angeles Times.

Managing and Delivering Performance

Author: Bernard Marr

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 113643769X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 312

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Performance management is at the top of agendas in most government and public organizations, as well as many not-for-profit organizations. In this follow up to his successful book, Strategic Performance Management, the author focuses on the unique challenges public sector organizations face when tackling the issues of strategic performance management. Drawing on his extensive experience of working with numerous government, public sector, and not-for-profit organizations over the author covers: * The context of decision making in the public sector * The significance of the use of budgeting for performance management, and the impact of performance measurements on budgets * A huge range of underpinning cases and examples from the public sector, including cases on the Home Office and the NHS in the UK, and the US Air Force For senior executives in the public sector and government, and for faculty and students in the field this is the authoritative strategic level treatment of this fast-growing area.

Theory and Design for Mechanical Measurements

Author: Richard S. Figliola,Donald Beasley

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118881273

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 624

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Figliola and Beasley’s 6th edition of Theory and Design for Mechanical Measurements provides a time-tested and respected approach to the theory of engineering measurements. An emphasis on the role of statistics and uncertainty analysis in the measuring process makes this text unique. While the measurements discipline is very broad, careful selection of topical coverage, establishes the physical principles and practical techniques for quantifying many engineering variables that have multiple engineering applications. In the sixth edition, Theory and Design for Mechanical Measurements continues to emphasize the conceptual design framework for selecting and specifying equipment, test procedures and interpreting test results. Coverage of topics, applications and devices has been updated—including information on data acquisition hardware and communication protocols, infrared imaging, and microphones. New examples that illustrate either case studies or interesting vignettes related to the application of measurements in current practice are introduced.

Time and the French Revolution

The Republican Calendar, 1789-year XIV

Author: Matthew Shaw

Publisher: Boydell & Brewer Ltd

ISBN: 0861933117

Category: History

Page: 189

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A history of the innovation and effects of the French Republican Calendar.

The Mathematics of Measurement

A Critical History

Author: John J. Roche,ROCHE

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780387915814

Category: Mathematics

Page: 330

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The Mathematics of Measurement is a historical survey of the introduction of mathematics to physics and of the branches of mathematics that were developed specifically for handling measurements, including dimensional analysis, error analysis, and the calculus of quantities.

Encyclopaedia of Scientific Units, Weights and Measures

Their Si Equivalences and Origins

Author: François Cardarelli

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781852336820

Category: Computers

Page: 848

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This book will sell because everything that people do is measured in units of one type or another. Scientists use them all the time but they are also important in the study of history, geography and other academic disciplines as well as in the daily life of the more general reader.

The Chronic Crisis in Psychological Measurement and Assessment

A Historical Survey

Author: Scott T. Meier

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 1483271595

Category: Psychology

Page: 306

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The Chronic Crisis in Psychological Measurement and Assessment: A Historical Survey provides a historical survey of relevant concepts in psychological measurement and assessment. It does not delve into intimate details and complexities, but traces measurement and assessment controversies over time and across psychological domains. The main goal has been to approach the problems of measurement and assessment from the perspective of psychological theory. The book begins with an overview, a broad picture of how psychological measurement and assessment have evolved. Separate chapters present descriptions and interpretations of measurement issues that have been important over the lifespan of psychological science. Traditional approaches along with newer concepts and procedures are are discussed, along with an attempt to integrate the major themes that emerge from the historical survey with the ultimate purpose of reviewing and proposing new directions. This book is offered as a complement to existing texts in psychological measurement and assessment.

A Dictionary of Science, Literature, & Art

Comprising the History, Description, and Scientific Principles of Every Branch of Human Knowledge; with the Derivation and Definition of All the Terms in General Use

Author: William Thomas Brande

Publisher: N.A


Category: Art

Page: 1423

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Laying Down the Lines

A History of Land Surveying in Alberta

Author: Judy Larmour

Publisher: Brindle and Glass

ISBN: 9781897142042

Category: History

Page: 325

View: 7468


Between the Fourth Meridian and the Continental Divide is a vast land with some of the most varied landscapes, difficult terrain, and treacherous climates in Canada. The challenge of exploring, surveying and mapping the territory now known as Alberta holds some of the most fascinating stories in the 100-year-old province's history. From the first excursions of David Thompson and John Palliser to the ongoing work of surveying for industry and development, from the first hand-drawn maps and sextants to modern satellite imaging and computer modeling, historian Judy Larmour captures the grand arcs and the fascinating details of the dramatic centuries-long struggle to find and mark place.