The Scholarship of Practice

Academic-Practice Collaborations for Promoting Occupational Therapy

Author: Patricia Crist,Gary Kielhofner

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135798192

Category: Medical

Page: 256

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Integrate the freshest research with clinical practice Occupational therapy (OT) practitioners often lack the fundamental skills to conduct or effectively use research, illustrating a disturbing gap between the advancement of theoretical concepts and the extent to which concepts are actually applied. The Scholarship of Practice: Academic-Practice Collaborations for Promoting Occupational Therapy closes this gap by presenting a conceptual framework that integrates theory and research with clinical practice. Leaders in the field provide insightful, thought-provoking ideas and strategies to promote research and facilitate effective new concepts and theories to hands-on practitioners. The Scholarship of Practice is a model that blends education with practice, dynamically applying theoretical principles of occupational therapy learned in the classroom to their actual clinical practice. This framework is a planned, focused, practice-relevant way to educate students, build a tradition of independent scholarship, consult with community-based organizations, and contribute to best occupational therapy practice. Case studies show how partnerships and collaborative efforts can foster and apply important advances and rehabilitative strategies within communities. Examples of faculty-practitioner partnering at Duquesne University and the approach to scholarship at the University of Illinois are clearly discussed. This cutting-edge compilation of ideas and research is extensively referenced and filled with useful diagrams and tables. The Scholarship of Practice: Academic-Practice Collaborations for Promoting Occupational Therapy discusses: evidence-based scholarship participatory action research single case study designs approaches that provide scientific evidence supporting OT services how theory, models, or frames of reference are modified as a result of practice demands or expectations best practices in education continuum of care services the “New Doors Model” that provides occupation-based services—while providing new opportunities for occupational therapists the Practice-Scholar Program at Duquesne University the Concerns Report Method research on the outcomes of practice that support improved services creative fieldwork education that engages students in the scholarship of practice and more! The Scholarship of Practice: Academic-Practice Collaborations for Promoting Occupational Therapy makes important, enlightening reading for occupational therapists, OT educators and scholars, and graduate students preparing for advanced roles in OT.

The Scholarship Manual

How to Find Money for College

Author: Sandra Joseph Taylor

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1449016928

Category: Education

Page: 44

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"The Scholarship Manual" is a step by step instruction manual with examples of every document needed to ensure maximum percentage of receiving scholarships and grants to attend college.

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

On its constitution and transformative potential

Author: Shirley Booth,Laurie Woollacott


ISBN: 0992236045

Category: Education

Page: 200

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This book makes a significant contribution to the literature on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). It provides both theoretical and practical insights that should be of interest to many SoTL scholars and practitioners worldwide. The theme of teaching and learning, and SoTL, as fundamentally communicative acts, connects the entire volume and will be picked up by SoTL scholars elsewhere as a useful and critical frame for future scholarship. The cases from South Africa and Sweden offer new perspectives on teaching, learning, and SoTL.ÿ

Engaging in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

A Guide to the Process, and How to Develop a Project from Start to Finish

Author: Cathy Bishop-Clark,Beth Dietz-Uhler

Publisher: Stylus Publishing, LLC.

ISBN: 1579224717

Category: Education

Page: 160

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This is a book for anyone who has ever considered engaging in the scholarship of teaching and learning – known familiarly as SoTL – and needs a better understanding of what it is, and how to engage in it. The authors describe how to create a SoTL project, its implications for promotion and tenure, and how it fosters: * Increased satisfaction and fulfilment in teaching * Improved student learning * Increased productivity of scholarly publication * Collaboration with colleagues across disciplines * Contributing to a growing and important body of literature

This guide provides prospective SoTL scholars with the necessary background information, foundational theory, tools, resources, and methodology to develop their own SoTL projects, taking the reader through the five stages of the process: Generating a research question; Designing the study; Collecting the data; Analyzing the data; and Presenting and publishing your SoTL project. Each stage is illustrated by examples of actual SoTL studies, and is accompanied by worksheets to help the reader refine ideas and map out his or her next steps. The process and worksheets are the fruit of the successful SoTL workshops the authors have offered at their institution for many years.

SoTL differs from scholarly and reflective teaching in that it not only involves questioning one’s teaching or a teaching strategy, but also formally gathering and exploring evidence, researching the literature, refining and testing practices, and finally going public. The purpose of SoTL is not just to make an impact on student learning, but through formal, peer-reviewed communication, to contribute to the larger knowledge base on teaching and learning.

While the roots of SoTL go back some 30 years, it was Ernest Boyer in his classic Scholarship Reconsidered who made the case for the parity of the scholarships of integration, of discovery, of application, and of scholarship of teaching as vital to the health of higher education. Glassick, Huber, and Maeroff ’s subsequent Scholarship Assessed articulated the quality standards for SoTL, since when the field has burgeoned with the formation of related associations, a proliferation of conferences, the launching of numerous journals, and increasing recognition and validation by institutions.


The Scholarship Thief

Author: Toi Nichelle

Publisher: Dream Loud Ink, Publishing

ISBN: 9780978681760


Page: 152

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The Scholarship Thief is my contribution to students searching for valuable information to help them through the process of funding their education. I have noticed that most students who are in school, or have finished are held captive to student loans. As a matter of fact, most students automatically accept student loans without taking the necessary time to find the scholarships that are out there to help. In my search, I have learned that it is possible to complete your degree debt free, and live a successful life that is waiting for you. The Scholarship Thief will provide helpful insight on how to write personal scholarship essays, searching for scholarships, tips on what to look for, encouragement and testimonials from everyday individuals who have completed the process and resources to assist with your journey. It is my desire to help students propel forward by sharing my experiences with them because I understand how hard it can be to complete your degree when you have no help. I also understand how important it is to reach out and help someone up along the way.

Doing the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Mathematics

Author: Jacqueline M. Dewar,Curtis D. Bennett

Publisher: The Mathematical Association of America

ISBN: 0883851938

Category: Mathematics

Page: 226

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The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) movement encourages faculty to view teaching “problems” as invitations to conduct scholarly investigations. In this growing field of inquiry faculty bring their disciplinary knowledge and teaching experience to bear on questions of teaching and learning. They systematically gather evidence to develop and support their conclusions. The results are to be peer reviewed and made public for others to build on. This Notes volume is written expressly for collegiate mathematics faculty who want to know more about conducting scholarly investigations into their teaching and their students’ learning. Envisioned and edited by two mathematics faculty, the volume serves as a how-to guide for doing SoTL in mathematics.

The Scholarship Search

A Guide to Winning Free Money for College and More

Author: Shayla R. Price

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595382290

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 60

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The Scholarship Search: A Guide to Winning Free Money for College and More is a great resource for college-bound students who are searching for ways to pay for their education. Author Shayla R. Price brings experience through her relentless pursuit to earning well over $100,000 in college scholarships. In an easy to read format, Price guides students on a journey toward college preparation and scholarship success. The Scholarship Search covers various topics, including: Writing a resume Selecting a college Tracking scholarship deadlines Preparing for college admittance Asking for recommendation letters Assessing your college expenses and much more! The Scholarship Search: A Guide to Winning Free Money for College and More is a useful resource for those preparing for college as well as parents and guidance counselors.

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Author: Rowena Murray

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)

ISBN: 0335237649

Category: Education

Page: 158

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The idea of a 'scholarship' of teaching and learning in Higher Education (HE) is relatively new and less mature, in some respects, than scholarship in some other disciplines. The first title, "The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education", is a 'keystone' for the "Helping Students to Learn" series in the sense that it binds it together, introducing the idea of scholarship in HE teaching and learning: what does 'scholarship' mean in this context, what is its purpose and value, how is it achieved, and what purposes might it serve for individuals and institutions? The series combines practical and theoretical material to support new lecturers. This book defines the field of HE teaching and learning, with an international frame of reference, including strategies for continuing professional development.The key objectives of the book are: to explore the meaning and nature of the scholarship of teaching and learning in HE from a range of perspectives; to analyse the forms and characteristics of this scholarship in practice; to introduce the theoretical underpinnings of a scholarly approach, pointing to a range of literature, directing readers to a range of perspectives in the literature; to discuss the purpose and value of scholarship in this area; to define and demonstrate scholarly approaches in this context; to define the field of HE teaching and learning, with an international frame of reference, including key debates; to propose strategies for continuing professional development in this discipline; to prompt readers to adopt a strategic approach to their development as teachers; and, to encourage and enable contributions to the scholarship of HE teaching and learning from across the disciplines.

The Scholarship & Financial Aid Solution

How to Go to College for Next to Nothing with Short Cuts, Tricks, and Tips from Start to Finish

Author: Debra Lipphardt

Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Company

ISBN: 1601382618

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 144

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College costs are continuing to rise, with a four-year private school averaging $22,218 and a four-year public school averaging $5,836 for the 2006-07 school year. The good news is that more than $134 billion in financial aid is available. The Scholarship & Financial Aid Handbook will show you how to earmark some of that money for your college education, ensuring that you will be able to afford a higher education.In this book, you will learn about the different types of scholarships, including those based on academics, awards, honors, leadership, test scores, extracurricular activities, majors, community service, volunteer work, essays, financial aid, minority status, even some unusual ones. You will learn how to determine your eligibility for these scholarships, as well as how to enlist the help of your parents, how to recognize and avoid scholarship scams, how to create a résumé, how to ask and who to ask for letters of recommendation, how to ace interviews with scholarship committees, and how to prepare for your interview. Additionally, you will discover where to look for scholarships, from your school to local organizations, businesses, and online. You will be provided with tips on filling out applications and tips for writing essays, as well as how to alter your essays for multiple uses. Also included are possible essay topics, sample interview questions, and information on state grants, FAFSA, and work study. The Scholarship & Financial Aid Handbook is intended to be a guide for students, parents, and school personnel to assist students in finding and obtaining scholarships. The author uses her years of experience and exhaustive research to help you benefit from scholarships. Even if you do not have above average grades, participate in lots of extracurricular activities, or have an abundance of extracurricular activities, you can find money to go to college. Just read this book and apply the techniques found within.

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Reconsidered

Institutional Integration and Impact

Author: Pat Hutchings,Mary Taylor Huber,Anthony Ciccone

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118086704

Category: Education

Page: 224

View: 6514


Praise for The Scholarship of Teaching and LearningReconsidered "A worthy capstone that pulls together two decades of CarnegieFoundation projects on the scholarship of teaching and learning.The authors review the genesis of these ideas and envision a futureof continued integration of a culture of evidence in the world'suniversities and colleges. Projects end but the workcontinues." —Lee S. Shulman, president emeritus, The CarnegieFoundation for the Advancement of Teaching, and Charles E. DucommunProfessor of Education emeritus, Stanford University "This book captures the most important lessons from a decade ofthoughtful experimentation with methods to improve the learningoutcomes of American college students. The authors have deepexperience in institutionalizing various approaches that have beendevised and endorsed by faculty in many kinds of higher educationsettings. It will be a manual for those seeking to improve theirown teaching and learning outcomes." —Katharine Lyall, president emerita, University ofWisconsin System "The authors recount the history of research into one's ownteaching, further develop its conceptualization, and makerecommendations for how to bring it into the mainstream.Collectively, they have been at the center of the movement and havewritten, spoken, strategized, and organized conversations andscholarly work on the topic for many years. They present richexamples from many different environments and an unwavering visionof the benefits of the scholarship of teaching and learning and itspotential." —Nancy Chism, Indiana University School of Education,Indianapolis "This book reframes the literature on the scholarship ofteaching and learning, faculty development, assessment, and thefuture of higher education. The writing sparkles with freshanalysis on teaching, learning, academic culture, and thepossibilities for change. This book will help both individualfaculty and entire institutions to enhance scholarly teaching andto deepen student learning." —Peter Felten, assistant provost and director, Centerfor the Advancement of Teaching and Learning, and associateprofessor of history, Elon University