The Sacred the Digital

The Sacred   the Digital

Video game studies are a relative young but flourishing academic discipline. But within game studies, however, the perspective of religion and spirituality is rather neglected, both by game scholars and religion scholars.

Author: F.G. (Frank) Bosman

Publisher: MDPI

ISBN: 9783038978305

Category: Religion

Page: 182

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Video game studies are a relative young but flourishing academic discipline. But within game studies, however, the perspective of religion and spirituality is rather neglected, both by game scholars and religion scholars. While religion can take different shapes in digital games, ranging from material and referential to reflexive and ritual, it is not necessarily true that game developers depict their in-game religions in a positive, confirming way, but ever so often games approach the topic critically and disavowingly. The religion criticisms found in video games can be categorized as follows: religion as (1) fraud, aimed to manipulate the uneducated, as (2) blind obedience towards an invisible but ultimately non-existing deity/ies, as (3) violence against those who do not share the same set of religious rules, as (4) madness, a deranged alternative for logical reasoning, and as (5) suppression in the hands of the powerful elite to dominate and subdue the masses into submission and obedience. The critical depictions of religion in video games by their developers is the focus of this special issue.
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Religions of Modernity

Religions of Modernity

The book's chapters, some by established scholars, others by junior researchers, document instead in rich empirical detail how modernity relocates the sacred to the deeper layers of the self and the domain of digital technology.

Author: Stef Aupers

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004184510

Category: Religion

Page: 273

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Religions of Modernity challenges the social-scientific orthodoxy that, once unleashed, the modern forces of individualism, science and technology inevitably erode the sacred and evoke the profane. The book's chapters, some by established scholars, others by junior researchers, document instead in rich empirical detail how modernity relocates the sacred to the deeper layers of the self and the domain of digital technology. Rather than destroying the sacred tout court, then, the cultural logic of modernization spawns its own religious meanings, unacknowledged spiritualities and magical enchantments. The editors argue in the introductory chapter that the classical theoretical accounts of modernity by Max Weber, Emile Durkheim and others already hinted at the future emergence of these religions of modernity
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Digital Performance

Digital Performance

As many writers have argued , “ modern temporality ... begins with the
replacement , during the late medieval period in Europe , of the cyclical ,
recurrent , or sacred time of religion , with a form of linear , progressive and
secular time centred ...

Author: Steve Dixon

Publisher: Mit Press

ISBN: 9780262527521

Category: Performing Arts

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In the past decade digital media has been increasingly incorporated into live theater and dance, and forms of interactive performance have emerged in participatory installations, on CD-ROM, and on the Web. This text traces the evolution of these practices, and presents accounts of key practitioners and performances.
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Art and Science of Management in the Digital Era

Art and Science of Management in the Digital Era

(Arthashastra, 6.1) In the case of conflict between the momentary and the sacred,
Kautilya sets the priority to support the eternal principles or the long-term views in
the following words: 'Whenever there is a disagreement between history and ...

Author: R. P. Banerjee

Publisher: Sage Publications Pvt. Limited

ISBN: 9789353885618

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 536

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A manager needs to perform the role of a leader, a consumer, a buyer, a maker, a worker, a messenger, an advisor and a guide to all other stakeholders in a business setting. Though the fundamentals of management are eternally same in nature, the learners and practicing managers should continuously sensitize themselves with the fundamentals in view of the changing times and circumstances. This book aims to be a guiding handbook for emerging and practicing managers in the ever-changing corporate world. Going beyond explaining just the basics of management, this book will help the readers understand the art of practicing management.
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The Sacred Formulas of the Cherokees

The Sacred Formulas of the Cherokees

Author: James Mooney

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 1463526016


Page: 138

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James Mooney (1861-1921) was an American ethnographer who lived for several years among the Cherokee. He worked on major studies of Southeastern Indians, as well as those on the Great Plains. In 1885 he began working with the Bureau of American Ethnology at Washington, D.C. The Sacred Formulas of the Cherokees Seventh Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, 1885-1886 contains selected from a collection of about six hundred, obtained on the Cherokee reservation in North Carolina. Subjects include medicine, love, hunting, fishing, war, self-protection, destruction of enemies, witchcraft, the crops, the council, the ball play. They formulas embody almost the whole of the ancient religion of the Cherokees.

The Sacred Revival

The Sacred Revival

In The Sacred Revival Kingsley Dennis describes a new form of energy that has entered our postindustrial epoch, uniting digital technologies with our sociocultural landscape, and fulfilling one of humanity's greatest needs--a connection ...

Author: Denis Kingsley

Publisher: Select Books (NY)

ISBN: 1590794338

Category: Philosophy

Page: 256

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In The Sacred Revival Kingsley Dennis describes a new form of energy that has entered our postindustrial epoch, fulfilling one of humanity's greatest needs--a connection with the transcendent. Now a new phase of development is emerging, a revival of an evolutionary, participatory-style consciousness. The Sacred Revival examines some of the sacred manifestations of this new age within social memes, popular culture, and revised projections of myth and magic. As we step further toward a planetary civilization where technologies are an extension of ourselves, Dennis discusses how each individual can act as a conscious agent in order to manifest their own sense of a sacred self, and how to influence and be a part of the grander sacred order. The Sacred Revival is an inspiring, thought-provoking, and forward-thinking examination of social, cultural, and personal development that is part of the newly unfolding era.
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Christian Sacred Music in the Americas

Christian Sacred Music in the Americas

Jesse is editor-in-chief of Sounding Spirit, an NEH-funded research lab and
digital publishing initiative promoting engagement with American sacred
songbooks copublished by ECDS and the University of North Carolina Press.
Jesse is ...

Author: Andrew Shenton


ISBN: 9781538148747


Page: 344

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This edited volume explores the richness and diversity of Christian musical traditions in the Americas. The essays present a cross-section of current scholarship on Christian sacred music and the approaches to studying them in context.

Implications of the Sacred in post modern Media

Implications of the Sacred in  post modern Media

Sacred Scenarios and Digital Narratives Larry Friedlander Once people began
writing and printing books , stories became words , words , and only words . In
pre - literate times , by contrast , stories were performances enacted in space and

Author: Johanna Sumiala-Seppänen

Publisher: Nordiskt Informationscenter for

ISBN: STANFORD:36105124274247

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 274

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Categories: Language Arts & Disciplines

Toward Digital Equity

Toward Digital Equity

Inventions and the Sacred Native people have always given careful attention to
the most sacred parts of ourselves , our mind . Even in the making of sacred
objects such as drums , pipes , paddles , and songs , Native people acknowledge
that ...

Author: Gwen Solomon

Publisher: Prentice Hall

ISBN: UOM:39015056160511

Category: Education

Page: 280

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Examines factors that collectively create and sustain the present inequalities in student access to digital technologies, and discusses some of the challenges and opportunities for addressing the issue. The 15 chapters explore philosophical and sociocultural aspects of digital equity, consider the needs of particular populations of learners, and suggest organizational structures and policies for instituting systematic change. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR.
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Digital Type Specimens

Digital Type Specimens

Beside being my friend , and a very worthy ecclesiastic , he is the brother of a
great friend of mine , who has a great name in the republic of letters , and among
the sacred orators living . Do please be liberal of your favors to him during the
brief ...

Author: Ben Rosen

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Incorporated

ISBN: UOM:39015019611030

Category: Architecture

Page: 534

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Poetics Journal Digital Archive

Poetics Journal Digital Archive

Technicians of the Sacred: A Range of Poetries from Africa, America, Asia,
Europe and Oceania, 2nd ed., revised and expanded, by Jerome Rothenberg (
Berkeley: University of California Press, 1985) Technicians of the Sacred is
unique ...

Author: Lyn Hejinian

Publisher: Wesleyan University Press

ISBN: 9780819571236

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 1755

View: 279

The highly influential Poetics Journal, whose ten issues were published between 1982 and 1998, contributed to the surge of interest in the practice of poetics. Edited by internationally recognized poet/critics Lyn Hejinian and Barrett Watten, the journal presents major conversations and debates, and invites readers to expand on the critical and creative engagements they represent. This archive re-presents virtually all the articles originally published in Poetics Journal, organized alphabetically by author and in searchable form. It features indexes by contributors, keywords, and volume. The writing that appeared in Poetics Journal reflects the development of a range of creative and critical approaches in avant-garde poetry and art over two decades. In making this content newly available, the editors hope to preserve the generative enthusiasm for innovative writing and art it represents, while encouraging new uses and contexts. A Guide to Poetics Journal is also available, see for more information.
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Materiality and the Study of Religion

Materiality and the Study of Religion

This book contributes to and evaluates this material turn, presenting thirteen chapters of new empirical research and theoretical reflection from some of the leading international scholars of material religion.

Author: Tim Hutchings

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781317067993

Category: Religion

Page: 246

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Material culture has emerged in recent decades as a significant theoretical concern for the study of religion. This book contributes to and evaluates this material turn, presenting thirteen chapters of new empirical research and theoretical reflection from some of the leading international scholars of material religion. Following a model for material analysis proposed in the first chapter by David Morgan, the contributors trace the life cycle of religious materiality through three phases: the production of religious objects, their classification as religious (or non-religious), and their circulation and use in material culture. The chapters in this volume consider how objects become and cease to be sacred, how materiality can be used to contest access to public space and resources, and how religion is embodied and performed by individuals in their everyday lives. Contributors discuss the significance of the materiality of religion across different religious traditions and diverse geographical regions, paying close attention to gender, age, ethnicity, memory and politics. The volume closes with an afterword by Manuel Vásquez.
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On the Road with Your Digital Camera

On the Road with Your Digital Camera

Mountain trekking Mid Free Ass Sxe : Pway of covering the reportaret fectations
The Spirit of Asia Journeys to the Sacred Places of the Eas ! THE JOE THE

Author: Michael A. Freeman

Publisher: Cengage Learning Ptr

ISBN: 1592004970

Category: Photography

Page: 176

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"On the Road with Your Digital Camera" outlines the facts that a beginning digital photographer needs to know in order to be successful while traveling. Rather than merely focusing on digital photography technique, this book offers in-depth coverage of topics such as planning and preparing for photography trips (researching locations, camera choice, and maneuvering through security and customs) and issues the traveling digital photographer may encounter on the trip (weather, obstructions, photo etiquette, legal restrictions and releases). Current travel photography books cover film photography and digital photography only briefly, if at all. In keeping with technological changes, this book focuses strictly on digital travel photography and addresses topics unique to this technology. It also focuses less on the art of digital travel photography and more on the practicalities of traveling with and setting up equipment.
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Digital Gardens

Digital Gardens

The cultural theorist Walter Benjamin ' s concept of the work of art in the age of
mechanical reproduction , which announced the loss of aura , of unique standing
, and the sacred , has been followed by the advent of a " hyperreal " – that is , a ...

Author: Louise Dompierre

Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press

ISBN: UOM:39015045677179

Category: Art and technology

Page: 123

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Five artists respond through their work to technology's impact on the environment and on personal lives, acknowledging the mutations that nature, subordinated to technology, is undergoing.
Categories: Art and technology

Digital Freedom

Digital Freedom

The new rules of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services make it
difficult for doctors to keep the “ sacred secrets ” of their patients because ,
effective April 14 , 2003 , the rules authorize doctors , hospitals , and other health
- care ...

Author: Narain Dass Batra

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Pub Incorporated

ISBN: UOM:39076002658271

Category: Computers

Page: 265

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"In Digital Freedom, N. D. Batra explores the tension between the boundlessness of the Internet and the boundaries of the marketplace, as well as the resulting impact on human expression, privacy, and social controls. This book is an exploration of and a meditation on the question: How much freedom does a person need? This question evokes Tolstoy's parable, "How much land does a man need?" Is individual freedom an acquired taste, much like one's love for symphony orchestra? Or, is it a necessity? Digital Freedom explores this issue and its far-reaching implications - including surveillance, intellectual property, and copyright - from the perspective of an evolutionary, self-organizing social system. This fascinating system both creates and assimilates innovations and, in the process, undergoes reorganization and renewal."--BOOK JACKET.
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Virtually Sacred

Virtually Sacred

World of Warcraft is virtually sacred: a digital arena for secularized, quasireligious
practice. And this accounts for much of its appeal. Certainly not all players are
religious in their engagement with the game; however, many are, and all benefit ...

Author: Robert M. Geraci

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199379972

Category: Religion

Page: 352

View: 339

Millions of users have taken up residence in virtual worlds, and in those worlds they find opportunities to revisit and rewrite their religious lives. Robert M. Geraci argues that virtual worlds and video games have become a locus for the satisfaction of religious needs, providing many users with devoted communities, opportunities for ethical reflection, a meaningful experience of history and human activity, and a sense of transcendence. Using interviews, surveys, and his own first-hand experience within the virtual worlds, Geraci shows how World of Warcraft and Second Life provide participants with the opportunity to rethink what it means to be religious in the contemporary world. Not all participants use virtual worlds for religious purposes, but many online residents use them to rearrange or replace religious practice as designers and users collaborate in the production of a new spiritual marketplace. Using World of Warcraft and Second Life as case studies, this book shows that many residents now use virtual worlds to re-imagine their traditions and work to restore them to "authentic" sanctity, or else replace religious institutions with virtual communities that provide meaning and purpose to human life. For some online residents, virtual worlds are even keys to a post-human future where technology can help us transcend mortal life. Geraci argues that World of Warcraft and Second Life are "virtually sacred" because they do religious work. They often do such work without regard for-and frequently in conflict with-traditional religious institutions and practices; ultimately they participate in our sacred landscape as outsiders, competitors, and collaborators.
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New Paradigms for Bible Study

New Paradigms for Bible Study

3 Entering Sacred Digital Space Seeking to Distinguish the Dreamer and the
Dream Richard Thieme Defining the Challenge The " Study " of " Sacred Texts "
in the Digital Era The quotation marks around " study " and " sacred texts " signify
that ...

Author: Robert M. Fowler

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 0567026604

Category: Religion

Page: 287

View: 152

Provides an overview of various models of reading the Bible in the Third Millenium.
Categories: Religion

Jazz Journal International

Jazz Journal International

689 BBC CD 689 Featuring John McCormack , Anni Frind , Richard Crooks ,
Donald Novis and Ernest Lough and including The Rosary , Ave Maria , In A
Monastery ...



ISBN: UVA:X001961496

Category: Jazz


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Critical Digital Studies

Critical Digital Studies

Sacred. Fiction: The. City. of. Banaras. Sing a song or Laugh or Cry or Go away. '
Please,' by Nanao Sasaki1 Let us go on a pilgrimage to a city that is all about
existence and sustenance. If we turned our clocks back about 5,000 years, we ...

Author: Arthur Kroker

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9781442614666

Category: Social Science

Page: 610

View: 970

An indispensable resource for instructors and students in digital studies programs, Critical Digital Studies is a comprehensive, creative, and fascinating look at a digital culture that is struggling to be born, survive, and flourish."--Publisher description.
Categories: Social Science