Religious Ideology and the Roots of the Global Jihad

Salafi Jihadism and International Order

Author: J. Turner

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137409576

Category: Social Science

Page: 209

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The events of 9/11 prompted questions as to the origins, nature and purpose of international jihadist organisations. In particular, why had they chosen to target the US and the West in general? Turner's book provides a unique, holistic insight into these debates, taking into account historical perceptions and ideology as key factors.

The Roots of Calypso

A Short Passage Into the World of Calypso

Author: George D. Maharaj

Publisher: George D. Maharaj

ISBN: 9780973490404

Category: Calypso (Music)

Page: N.A

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The Roots of New World Horsemanship

Author: Deb Bennett

Publisher: Amigo Publications, Inc.

ISBN: 9780965853309

Category: Nature

Page: 422

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Business as Usual

The Roots of the Global Financial Meltdown

Author: Craig J. Calhoun,Georgi M. Derluguian

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 0814772773

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 312

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From religious tomes to current folk prophesies, recorded history reveals a plethora of narratives predicting or showcasing the end of the world. The incident at Waco, the subway bombing by the Japanese cult Aum Supreme Truth, and the tragedy at Jonestown are just a few examples of such apocalyptic scenarios. And these are not isolated incidents; millions of Americans today believe the end of the world is inevitable, either by a divinely ordained plan, nuclear catastrophe, extraterrestrial invasion, or gradual environmental decay, Examining the doomsday scenarios and apocalyptic predictions of visionaries, televangelists, survivalists, and various other endtimes enthusiasts, as well as popular culture, film, music, fashion, and humor, Daniel Wojcik sheds new light on America's fascination with worldly destruction and transformation. He explores the origins of contemporary apocalyptic beliefs and compares religious and secular apocalyptic speculation, showing us the routes our belief systems have traveled over the centuries to arrive at the dawn of a new millennium. Included in his sweeping examination are premillennial prophecy traditions, prophecies associated with visions of the Virgin Mary, secular ideas about nuclear apocalypse, the transformation of apocalyptic prophecy in the post-Cold War era, and emerging apocalyptic ideas associated with UFOs and extraterrestrials. Timely, yet of lasting importance, The End of the World as We Know It is a comprehensive cultural and historical portrait of an age-old phenomenon and a fascinating guide to contemporary apocalyptic fever.

Apostle Paul's Case: The Root of the Lie We Have Been Told for 2000 Years

Author: F.P. Josh

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency

ISBN: 1631351923

Category: Religion

Page: 78

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Could it be that the turbulent times we live in today stem from false teachings by Paul the Apostle in the first century? Inside, author F.P. Josh takes a fascinating look at the time of Jesus and the conflicts between the teachings of Paul and Apostle Peter. Using scripture, Josh makes the case that Paul changed some of the laws handed down by God in the Old Testament, and twisted some of the teachings of Jesus to suit his purposes. The author goes on to show how Paul changed his personal story many times to keep himself from running afoul of the local Jewish priests and the Roman Empire. Why is it that this controversial figure is responsible in part for fourteen of the twenty-seven books in the New Testament? His epistles are considered important writings in the foundation of the Christian faith. Josh believes that Paul often served his own interests and angered God in the process. The world is now paying the price for that as we are punished us for following Paul?s teachings rather than the original laws prescribed in the Old Testament. Is it too late for us? Can we turn from those teachings to save our world and ourselves? Apostle Paul?s Case: The Root of the Lie We Have Been Told for 2000 Years is an eye opener and is a must-read for anyone wishing to truly understand the Bible and follow Jesus Christ in truth.

A Sense of Power

The Roots of America's World Role

Author: John A. Thompson

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 1501701770

Category: History

Page: 344

View: 1968


Why has the United States assumed so extensive and costly a role in world affairs over the last hundred years? The two most common answers to this question are "because it could" and "because it had to." Neither answer will do, according to this challenging re-assessment of the way that America came to assume its global role. The country's vast economic resources gave it the capacity to exercise great influence abroad, but Americans were long reluctant to meet the costs of wielding that power. Neither the country's safety from foreign attack nor its economic well-being required the achievement of ambitious foreign policy objectives. In A Sense of Power, John A. Thompson takes a long view of America's dramatic rise as a world power, from the late nineteenth century into the post–World War II era. How, and more importantly why, has America come to play such a dominant role in world affairs? There is, he argues, no simple answer. Thompson challenges conventional explanations of America's involvement in World War I and World War II, seeing neither the requirements of national security nor economic interests as determining. He shows how American leaders from Wilson to Truman developed an ever more capacious understanding of the national interest, and why by the 1940s most Americans came to support the price tag, in blood and treasure, attached to strenuous efforts to shape the world. The beliefs and emotions that led them to do so reflected distinctive aspects of U.S. culture, not least the strength of ties to Europe. Consciousness of the nation’s unique power fostered feelings of responsibility, entitlement, and aspiration among the people and leaders of the United States. This original analysis challenges some widely held beliefs about the determinants of United States foreign policy and will bring new insight to contemporary debates about whether the nation should—or must—play so active a part in world politics.

The Roots of Participatory Democracy

Democratic Communists in South Africa and Kerala, India

Author: M. Williams

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230612601

Category: Political Science

Page: 215

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This book compares the Communist parties of India and South Africa in their pursuits of socialist democracy. Williams looks at their organizational characteristics, party history, and their competing tendencies, as well as how they have pushed forward their similar ideologies within their unique political and economic environments.

At the Root of Things

The Subatomic World

Author: Palash Baran Pal

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1466591293

Category: Science

Page: 215

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At the Root of Things: The Subatomic World is a journey into the world of elementary particles—the basic constituents of all matter in the universe—and the nature of the interactions among them. The book begins with a summary of pre-quantum physics and later tackles quantum physics, which is essential for the study of elementary particles. The book discusses the emergence of quantum theory from studies in heat radiation and the photoelectric effect as well as developments that led to the concept of duality between particles and waves. Also discussed is how quantum theory helped to better understand the structure of atoms and the discovery of particles that were not constituents of atoms, such as the positron and the muon. Dozens of particles that were discovered experimentally in the 1950s and the 1960s are described along with fundamental particles—quarks and leptons. The book concludes with a discussion on fundamental interactions, the basic nature of quantum theories surrounding these interactions, and a discussion of how these interactions might be unified. At the Root of Things: The Subatomic World is written in non-technical language making it accessible to a broad audience. It helps outsiders understand the subject in a non-mathematical manner and inspires them to learn more about this interesting field.

The Roots of Catastrophe

The 1972 Case History

Author: Rolando V. Garcia,Pierre Spitz

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 1483160564

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 212

View: 4992


Drought and Man: The 1972 Case History, Volume 3: The Roots of Catastrophe is a two-part book that focuses on the structure roots of catastrophe, as well as case studies in this field. The book begins with an explanation of drought, agricultural production, self-provisioning, food insecurity, and social disjunctions. The case studies presented focus on disjunction between sectors and within agriculture in Latin America; regional and subregional disjunctions in Northeastern Brazil; political will and disjunction in Tanzania; and colonial disjunction in the Sahelian countries.