American Cinema of the 2010s

American Cinema of the 2010s

Marvels of the Universe The Marvel Cinematic Universe spanned twenty-three films, all but the first two of which were ... Marvel (2019), premiered just seven weeks ahead of the conclusion of the two-part epic of Avengers: Infinity War ...

Author: Dennis Bingham

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 9781978814844

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The 2010s might be remembered as a time of increased polarization in American life. The decade contained both the Obama era and the Trump era, and as the nation’s political fissures widened, so did the gap between the haves and have-nots. Hollywood reflected these divisions, choosing to concentrate on big franchise blockbusters at the expense of mid-budget films, while new players like Netflix and Amazon offered fresh opportunities for low-budget and independent filmmakers. As the movie business changed, films ranging from American Sniper to Get Out found ways to speak to the concerns of a divided nation. The newest installment in the Screen Decades series, American Cinema in the 2010s takes a close look at the memorable movies, visionary filmmakers, and behind-the-scenes drama that made this decade such an exciting time to be a moviegoer. Each chapter offers an in-depth examination of a specific year, covering a wide variety of films, from blockbuster superhero movies like Black Panther and animated films like Frozen to smaller-budget biopics like I, Tonya and horror films like Hereditary. This volume introduces readers to a decade in which established auteurs like Quentin Tarantino were joined by an exceptionally diverse set of new talents, taking American cinema in new directions.
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The Whedonverse Catalog

The Whedonverse Catalog

3. Tie-in. Books. a. Novels. Irvine, Alexander. Phase One: Marvel's The Avengers. Little Brown, 2015. Irvine, Alexander. ... The Art of Marvel Avengers: Age of Ultron. Marvel, 2015. Surrell, Jason. The Art of Marvel: The Avengers.

Author: Don Macnaughtan

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476631608

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Director, producer and screenwriter Joss Whedon is a creative force in film, television, comic books and a host of other media. This book provides an authoritative survey of all of Whedon's work, ranging from his earliest scriptwriting on Roseanne, through his many movie and TV undertakings--Toy Story, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly/Serenity, Dr. Horrible, The Cabin in the Woods, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.--to his forays into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The book covers both the original texts of the Whedonverse and the many secondary works focusing on Whedon's projects, including about 2000 books, essays, articles, documentaries and dissertations.
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All of the Marvels

All of the Marvels

This is a huge treat for Marvel fans, but it’s also a revelation for readers who don’t know Doctor Strange from Doctor Doom. Here, truly, are all of the marvels.

Author: Douglas Wolk

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780735222168

Category: Literary Criticism

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The first-ever full reckoning with Marvel Comics’ interconnected, half-million-page story, a revelatory guide to the “epic of epics”—and to the past sixty years of American culture—from a beloved authority on the subject who read all 27,000+ Marvel superhero comics and lived to tell the tale “Brilliant, eccentric, moving and wholly wonderful. . . . Wolk proves to be the perfect guide for this type of adventure: nimble, learned, funny and sincere. . . . All of the Marvels is magnificently marvelous. Wolk’s work will invite many more alliterative superlatives. It deserves them all.” —Junot Díaz, New York Times Book Review The superhero comic books that Marvel Comics has published since 1961 are, as Douglas Wolk notes, the longest continuous, self-contained work of fiction ever created: over half a million pages to date, and still growing. The Marvel story is a gigantic mountain smack in the middle of contemporary culture. Thousands of writers and artists have contributed to it. Everyone recognizes its protagonists: Spider-Man, the Avengers, the X-Men. Eighteen of the hundred highest-grossing movies of all time are based on parts of it. Yet not even the people telling the story have read the whole thing—nobody’s supposed to. So, of course, that’s what Wolk did: he read all 27,000+ comics that make up the Marvel Universe thus far, from Alpha Flight to Omega the Unknown. And then he made sense of it—seeing into the ever-expanding story, in its parts and as a whole, and seeing through it, as a prism through which to view the landscape of American culture. In Wolk’s hands, the mammoth Marvel narrative becomes a fun-house-mirror history of the past sixty years, from the atomic night terrors of the Cold War to the technocracy and political division of the present day—a boisterous, tragicomic, magnificently filigreed epic about power and ethics, set in a world transformed by wonders. As a work of cultural exegesis, this is sneakily significant, even a landmark; it’s also ludicrously fun. Wolk sees fascinating patterns—the rise and fall of particular cultural aspirations, and of the storytelling modes that conveyed them. He observes the Marvel story’s progressive visions and its painful stereotypes, its patches of woeful hackwork and stretches of luminous creativity, and the way it all feeds into a potent cosmology that echoes our deepest hopes and fears. This is a huge treat for Marvel fans, but it’s also a revelation for readers who don’t know Doctor Strange from Doctor Doom. Here, truly, are all of the marvels.
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The Marvel Studios Phenomenon

The Marvel Studios Phenomenon

Inside a Transmedia Universe Martin Flanagan, Andrew Livingstone, Mike McKenny ... 3:16–28. Bordwell, David, Staiger, Janet and Thompson, Kristin. (1991), The Classical Hollywood Cinema: Film Style and Mode of Production to 1960.

Author: Martin Flanagan

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781501311864

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Marvel Studios has provided some of the biggest worldwide cinematic hits of the last eight years, from Iron Man (2008) to the record-breaking The Avengers (2012), and beyond. Having announced plans to extend its production of connected texts in cinema, network and online television until at least 2028, the new aesthetic patterns brought about by Marvel's 'shared' media universe demand analysis and understanding. The Marvel Studios Phenomenon evaluates the studio's identity, as well as its status within the structures of parent Disney. In a new set of readings of key texts such as Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the thematics of superhero fiction and the role of fandom are considered. The authors identify milestones from Marvel's complex and controversial business history, allowing us to appraise its industrial status: from a comic publisher keen to exploit its intellectual property, to an independent producer, to successful subsidiary of a vast entertainment empire.
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Black Panther

Black Panther

Available: (accessed August 11, 2019). ... “Assembling the Avengers: Reframing the Superhero movie through Marvels' Cinematic Universe.

Author: Terence McSweeney

Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi

ISBN: 9781496836106

Category: Performing Arts

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Black Panther is one of the most financially successful and culturally impactful films to emerge from the American film industry in recent years. When it was released in 2018 it broke numerous records and resonated with audiences all around the world in ways that transcended the dimensions of the superhero film. In Black Panther: Interrogating a Cultural Phenomenon, author Terence McSweeney explores the film from a diverse range of perspectives, seeing it as not only a comic book adaptation and a superhero film, but also a dynamic contribution to the discourse of both African and African American studies. McSweeney argues that Black Panther is one of the defining American films of the last decade and the most remarkable title in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (2008–). The MCU has become the largest film franchise in the history of the medium and has even shaped the contours of the contemporary blockbuster, but the narratives within it have almost exclusively perpetuated largely unambiguous fantasies of American heroism and exceptionalism. In contrast, Black Panther complicates this by engaging in an entirely different mythos in its portrayal of an African nation—never colonized by Europe—as the most powerful and technologically advanced in the world. McSweeney charts how and why Black Panther became a cultural phenomenon and also a battleground on which a war of meaning was waged at a very particular time in American history.
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Jack Kirby Checklist Gold Edition

Jack Kirby Checklist Gold Edition

A B B R E V I A T I O N S 3 ACTION COMICS National Periodical Publications (DCComics) See Adventure Comics, Superman, ... Marvels of All Time 100PSS 100 Page SuperSpectacular 48FA 48 Famous Americans AA Amazing Adventures AAAWAY Archie.

Author: TwoMorrows Publishing

Publisher: TwoMorrows Publishing

ISBN: 9781605490052

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Page: 120

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The most thorough listing of Jack Kirby's work ever published! Building on the 1998 Silver Edition, this new, fully-updated, definitive Gold Edition compiles an additional decade's worth of corrections and additions by top historians, in a new trade paperback format with premium paper for archival durability. It lists in exacting detail every published comic featuring Kirby's work, including dates, story titles, page counts, and inkers. It even cross-references reprints, to help collectors locate less-expensive versions of key Kirby issues, and includes an extensive bibliography listing books, periodicals, portfolios, fanzines, posters, and other obscure pieces with Kirby's art, plus a detailed list of Jack's unpublished work as well. This edition includes a complete listing of the over 5,000-page archive of Kirby's personal pencil art photocopies, and scattered throughout are dozens of examples of rare and unseen Kirby art, making this a must-have item for serious Kirby collectors and eBay shoppers!
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Forthcoming Books

Forthcoming Books

Pub . by Universe ) St Martin Burgunder , Lee B. Managing the Legal Aspects of Technology . ... 24.95 ( 0-8488-1775-3 ) Amereon Ltd. - Half of Paradise . ... The Art of Desire : Erotic Treasures Augustine's Practical Philosophy . 248p .

Author: Rose Arny


ISBN: UOM:39015046790948

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