The Case of Anthony Earl of Shaftsbury

As it was Argued Before His Majesties Justices of the Kings Bench, Trin. Term. 29. Car. 2. : Being Upon His Confinement in the Tower, &c. : with a Speech of this Worthy Earl, Pleading His Own Case and the Liberty of the Subject

Author: Anthony Ashley Cooper Earl of Shaftesbury

Publisher: N.A


Category: Great Britain

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The Return Of The Mentor

Strategies For Workplace Learning

Author: Brian J. Caldwell,Earl M.A. Carter

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135721505

Category: Education

Page: 256

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This is a book on the good practice of mentoring written by scholars and practitioners in education, health and industry. It considers the roles of the mentor-mentee in changing workplaces affected by external forces including technology, the economy and the dismantling of middle- management structures, and offers guidelines for those who seek good practice, and the nurturing of the individual in a caring and collaborative culture.; A brief history of mentoring and its subsequent usage is presented, with special attention paid to the gender issues. New concepts such as "shadowing" and "reflective interviewing" are introduced and explained, and strategies are presented in such a way that they can be applied and adapted in any setting. The whole process, therefore, aims to empower the professional in a school, university or industrial level, and with others, towards a more effective and perceptive practice.; All those involved in education and training of individuals at a school, college or industrial level training will find this useful.

The Return of the Armadas : The Last Years of the Elizabethan War against Spain 1595-1603

The Last Years of the Elizabethan War against Spain 1595-1603

Author: R. B. Wernham

Publisher: Clarendon Press

ISBN: 0191591742


Page: 466

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The defeat of the Spanish Armada did not put an end to Spanish sea power, nor to Spain's ambitions in northern Europe. By the mid-1590s Spain had recovered from the disaster of 1588, and the renewed naval wars together with the outbreak of rebellion in Ireland from the principal themes of this book. R B Wernham sets out to examine these major events of the last years of the Queen Elizabeth's reign and to assess their impact on English policy. Professor Wernham shows how much of the impetus in foreign policy derived from the Earl of Essex, whose personal ambition and practical incompetence brought frustration and danger, and ultimately led him through rebellion to the Scaffold. It was left to Mountjoy in Ireland, to Leveson and a new generation of sea commanders, and above all to Robert Cecil, to bring war and rebellion to a reasonably satisfactory conclusion. The Return of the Armadas is a superbly integrated and lucidly written study in grand strategy by a leading historian of Elizabethan affairs.

The Earl of Selkirk's Settlement

Author: John Halkett

Publisher: Applewood Books

ISBN: 1557099723

Category: History

Page: 308

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In 1811, on land he received as a grant from the Hudson Bay Company in what is now Manitoba, the Earl of Selkirk established the Red River Colony. The colony met with conflict from the very beginning and was dispersed in 1815. The following year Selkirk arrived from Scotland to supervise. Selkirk became embroiled in litigation with the North West Company and the Canadian government, Selkirk believing that the whole affair was a conspiracy against him and the Hudson Bay Company. He also believed the British government was trying to restrict emigration to Canada to support the economy. This book was published as evidence of Selkirk's thwarted intentions to create a land of opportunity and, further, to clear his good name.

The Return of England in English Literature

Author: M. Gardiner

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137026022

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 211

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This lively study provides an account of the 'fall and rise' of the English nation within the British discipline of English Literature between the late eighteenth century and the present day, offering a reconceptualisation of the relationship between English Literature and the formation of English cultural identity.

The Public Life of the Earl of Macartney

Author: John Barrow,George Macartney

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1108026192

Category: History

Page: 626

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George Macartney (1737-1806) had a long and distinguished political and diplomatic career. He held the post of Secretary for Ireland, was successively governor of Grenada, Madras and the Cape Colony, and served as trade envoy to Russia and China. The son of an Irish landowner, Macartney rose in his profession through diligent diplomacy, perseverance, ambition and integrity; he gradually advanced in both the British and Irish peerage. This two-volume biography by Sir John Barrow, who had accompanied Macartney to China and the Cape, was first published in 1807, and draws heavily on official documents from Macartney's periods in office. Volume 1 contains a chronological account of Macartney's professional life, focusing particularly on the challenges he faced while Governor of Madras in the 1780s, including military threats, wrangling over fiscal policies, the extension of Fort St George, and plans for a Madras police force.