The Renewal of Epic

The Renewal of Epic

This work considers various modes of allusion to Homer in Apollonius' Argonautica, with particular reference to the poem's adaptation of recurrent scenes in Homer, the relationship of the Argonauts' voyage to Odysseus' wanderings and the ...

Author: V. Knight

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004329775

Category: Literary Criticism


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This work considers various modes of allusion to Homer in Apollonius' Argonautica, with particular reference to the poem's adaptation of recurrent scenes in Homer, the relationship of the Argonauts' voyage to Odysseus' wanderings and the treatment of the gods.
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The German Verse Epic in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

The German Verse Epic in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

We have already briefly indicated how in connection with the problem of the
cultural development of a society, the whole question of the renewal of the epic in
our age, and of the possibilities of such a renewal, becomes part of the larger ...

Author: Heinz Juergen Schueler

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9789401509596

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The almost complete disregard of the verse epic as a genre still worthy of meaningful discussion and earnest investigation is all too apparent in German literary criticism. The only attempt to view the genre in its evolution through the centuries is Heinrich Maiworm's valuable but necessarily somewhat perfunctory historical survey of the German epic which appeared in the second volume of Deutsche Philologie im Auf,iss. There is as yet, however, no literary study of the German verse epic in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, a period which is of particular interest to such a study and indeed crucial to the genre itself, since it was during this period that the novel claimed its final and apparently irrevocable victory over its predecessor, a form which had once been hallowed but was now declared a dead genre. It is not the lack of sufficient material that could explain this neglect, for in terms of sheer quantity and, we believe, not quantity alone, there is enough material for more than one study. The prime purpose of this work, then, is to attempt, if not to fill this conspicuous gap, at least to begin narrowing it somewhat, and in so doing to determine in how far the continuing existence of this vacuum in German literary appreciation is in fact justified.
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Epic and Empire in Vespasianic Rome

Epic and Empire in Vespasianic Rome

I demonstrate that Valerian vates use their divinely authorized skill to aid in the
forward progress of the epic voyage ... Valerius' poetic enterprise allows for a
renewal of epic in the wake of Lucan's Civil War, a 'starting over' made possible
by ...

Author: Tim Stover

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199644087

Category: Foreign Language Study

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This volume offers a new interpretation of Flaccus' Argonautica, a Latin epic poem. Stover's approach to the text is both formalist and historicist as he seeks not only to elucidate Flaccus' dynamic appropriation of Lucan, but also to associate the Argonautica's formal gestures within a specific socio-political context.
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Canaanite Myth and Hebrew Epic

Canaanite Myth and Hebrew Epic

The Ark was borne in solemn procession from the battle-camp across the Jordan
at Abel-shittim to the river and from thence to the shrine at Gilgal where a
covenant-renewal ceremony was consummated. The crossing of the Jordan
which was ...

Author: Frank Moore CROSS

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674030084

Category: Religion

Page: 394

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Categories: Religion

Epic Encounters

Epic Encounters

80 The Washington Post's language for speaking about a civil rights victory — a "
new birth of freedom" and the "renewal of faith" — once again linked domestic
racial issues to the victory of "democratic institutions" in a worldwide contest.

Author: Melani McAlister

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520244990

Category: History

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A well-received study of how the US has defined itself against and with the Middle East since WWII in terms of pop culture, religion, politics, and foreign policy. Now with a powerful concluding chapter discussing the region's post-9/11 landscape as interpreted through five iconic images.
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The Sanskrit Epics

The Sanskrit Epics

Broader studies of the epics ( since the Critical Editions ) The publication of the
Critical Editions , permitting a clearer view of each , has been a major factor in the
renewal of interest in the two epics . Nevertheless , many of the studies ...

Author: J. L. Brockington

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004102604

Category: Literary Criticism

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Mah bh rata (including Harivam a) and R m yan a, the two great Sanskrit Epics central to the whole of Indian Culture, form the subject of this new work.The book begins by examining the relationship of the epics to the Vedas and the role of the bards who produced them. The core of the work, a study of the linguistic and stylistic features of the epics, precedes the examination of the material culture, the social, economic and political aspects, and the religious aspects. The final chapter presents the wider picture and in conclusion even looks into the future of epic studies.In this long overdue survey work the author synthesizes the results of previous scholarship in the field. Herewith a coherent view is built up of the nature and the significance of these two central epics, both in themselves, and in relation to Indian culture as a whole.
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Virgil a Study in Civilized Poetry

Virgil  a Study in Civilized Poetry

Though he had some later influence ( as we shall see ) , he was not able to
renew epic by changing its content . So Antimachus of Colophon , at the end of
the century , based his own renewal of epic not on any novelty of subject - matter
- he ...

Author: Brooks Otis

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

ISBN: 0806127821

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 436

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In this classic study, Brooks Otis presents Virgil as a radically different poet from any of his Greek or Roman predecessors. Virgil molded the ancient epic tradition to his own Roman contemporary aims and succeeded in making mythical and legendary figures meaningful to a sophisticated, unmythical age. Otis begins and ends his study with the Aeneid and includes chapters on the Bucolics and the Georgics. A new foreword by Ward W. Briggs, Jr., places Otis’s groundbreaking achievement in the context of past and present Virgilian scholarship.
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Epic of Being George Washington

Epic of Being George Washington

atmosphere of renewed hope for Rome. For example, the crisis and the
restoration that took place during the time of Augustus in the years 29-27 B.C.
can be considered similar to the story of the crisis with the Aequians and the
Sabines, ...

Author: Festus Ogunbitan

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781475952148

Category: History

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Purpose of writing this play is to reclaim the dream of the Father of our Nation, President George Washington by adapting his brainy quotes into Greek style epideictic drama. Also, I wish to explore the conflicts and issues in dialectic of exchange and reply in the political responses of King George III of England, and President George Washington who represented the thirteen colonies of America in the struggle for America’s Independence and democratic rule. I have dramatized President Washington, and King George III’s arguments based on the articles of the Declaration of Independence through the logic of stated assumptions, and unstated assumptions to discuss the logical soundness of the disputes made by each faction on monarchy and democratic rule. I have critically analyzed their line of reasonings with the method of Aristotle’s catharsis and intellectual purification of the soul. Although democracy has been around since the time of the Greeks, but I have examined the recurring ideologies in the evolution of democracy from the Roman era through the overthrow of King Tarquin the proud, 496 B.C., and the emergence of the first twenty senators or Rex Sacrorum, to the foundation of the new democratic system of government, and the reaffirmation of another four year period of presidency during the period of Quinctius Cincinnatus 456 B.C.. The collapse of the full establishment of democratic government came during the time of Julius Caesar 44 B.C. in the early Roman Republican period; but hope for a free and fair world of democratic government of the people, by the people, and for the people returned through President George Washington in the 1776 A.D. According to Charlene Spretnak in The Resurgence of the Real--Body, Nature, and Place in a Hypermodern World, this evolution of political governance can be called a ‘social process of culture.'
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Homer and the Epic

Homer and the Epic

With the renewal of Greek , he came forth into the daylight , though it was rather a
revival or avatar of his genius than the knowledge of his works which gave
inspiration to Scott . Not till the French Revolution , and the storm of changed
opinion ...

Author: Andrew Lang

Publisher: London ; New York : Longmans, Green

ISBN: IND:39000005881300

Category: Calypso (Greek mythology) in literature

Page: 424

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Categories: Calypso (Greek mythology) in literature

The Victoriad or The new world an epic poem

The Victoriad  or  The new world  an epic poem

Argument : ALASTOR having been joined by Guiscard , who had been
commissioned by Fidalma to seek him out , proceeds with his companion across
the Atlantic in order to procure succour from the American Republic for the
renewal of the ...

Author: Edmund Frederick J. Carrington


ISBN: OXFORD:590205982



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The Lusiad or the Discovery of India An epic poem Translated from the original Portuguese with an introduction and notes by William Julius Mickle L P

The Lusiad  or  the Discovery of India  An epic poem  Translated from the original Portuguese with an introduction and notes     by William Julius Mickle  L P

The time appointed for the renewal of his combat with Argantes being expired ,
thc latter sends a fresh defiance to the camp . Tancred being absent , no christian
knight dares accept the challenge . Godfrey , indig . nant at their cowardice ...

Author: Luiz de CAMÕES


ISBN: BL:A0017787066


Page: 381

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Epic and Other Higher Narratives

Epic and Other Higher Narratives

... published under the auspices of the Committee on Intercultural Studies of the
International Comparative Literature Association , may be thought of as a sequel
to The Renewal of Song : Renovation in Lyric Conception and Practice ( Seagull

Author: Shankman Steven

Publisher: Pearson Education India

ISBN: 8131716023

Category: Cross-cultural studies

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Categories: Cross-cultural studies

Jerusalem delivered an epic poem tr into Engl Spenserian verse together with a life of the author interspersed with transl of his verses to princess Leonora of Este by J H Wiffen

Jerusalem delivered  an epic poem  tr  into Engl  Spenserian verse  together with a life of the author  interspersed with transl  of his verses to princess Leonora of Este  by J H  Wiffen

The timne appointed for the renewal of his combat with Argantes being expired ,
the latter sends a fresh defiance to the camp . - Tancred being absent , no
Christian knight dares accept the challenge . — Godfrey , indignant at their
cowardice ...

Author: Torquato Tasso


ISBN: OXFORD:590963583



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Reconstructing the Epic

Reconstructing the Epic

The Renewal of Epic . Responses to Homer in the Argonautica of Apollonius .
Leiden . Koenen , L . , Luppe , W . / Pagan , V . , 1991 . “ Explanations of
Callimachean aitia ” . ZPE 88 , 157 - 164 . Kolde , A . , 2006 . “ Euphorion de
Chalcis , poète ...

Author: Evina Sistakou

Publisher: Peeters Pub & Booksellers

ISBN: UOM:39015075649981

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 210

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The Trojan war inspired a multifaceted mythological tradition which evolved through a variety of artistic devices - oral and written poetry, prose, iconography. In the open system of Trojan war narratives, Homer represents the dominant line, while the cyclic, lyric and tragic poets offer a host of alternative versions. Reconstructing the Epic builds on the premise that the reception of the Trojan myth by the Hellenistic avant-garde reflects their aesthetic and ideological distancing from the elevated genres of the past, particularly the epic. The book monitors the various stages of this modernistic reaction to the literary tradition: the avoidance of the Trojan muthos as narrated in the Homeric epics; the rewriting of the Trojan stories which derive from the Epic Cycle, lyric and dramatic poetry; the incorporation of Trojan episodes into idylls, elegies and epyllia; and the working out of a new Trojan myth recounting, among other things, how the archetypal war hero, Achilles, is eventually transformed into an ardent lover.
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The Epic Gaze

The Epic Gaze

Vision, Gender and Narrative in Ancient Epic Helen Lovatt ... Unlike Apollonius'
Phineus he is not squalid, and is given a sense of renewal by the Argonauts'
rescue: ille ducem nec ferre preces nec dicere passus amplius, hic demum vittas

Author: Helen Lovatt

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781107276536

Category: Literary Collections


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The epic genre has at its heart a fascination with the horror of viewing death. Epic heroes have active visual power, yet become objects, turned into monuments, watched by two main audiences: the gods above and the women on the sidelines. This stimulating, ambitious study investigates the theme of vision in Greek and Latin epic from Homer to Nonnus, bringing the edges of epic into dialogue with celebrated moments (the visual confrontation of Hector and Achilles, the failure of Turnus' gaze), revealing epic as massive assertion of authority and fractured representation. Helen Lovatt demonstrates the complexity of epic constructions of gender: from Apollonius' Medea toppling Talos with her eyes to Parthenopaeus as object of desire. She discusses mortals appropriating the divine gaze, prophets as both penetrative viewers and rape victims, explores the divine authority of epic ecphrasis, and exposes the way that heroic bodies are fragmented and fetishised.
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Tragic Epic Or Epic Tragedy

Tragic Epic Or Epic Tragedy

Klein , T. M. ( 1983 ) . “ Apollonius ' Jason : Hero and Scoundrel . ” QUCC 42 :
115-26 . Knight , V. ( 1991 ) . “ Apollonius , Argonautica 4.167-170 and Euripides '
Medea . ” CQ 41 : 248-50 . Knight , V. ( 1995 ) . The Renewal of Epic : Responses

Author: Julie M. Nishimura-Jensen


ISBN: WISC:89056766520

Category: Narrative poetry, Greek

Page: 434

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Categories: Narrative poetry, Greek

Claudian and the Roman Epic Tradition

Claudian and the Roman Epic Tradition

CHAPTER 5 Enemies of Roman order The annual renewal of the fasti
represented the eternal renewal and circularity of Roman time on a small scale;
when viewing Roman history as defined by Virgil and Ovid as a time (or epic)
without limit, ...

Author: Catherine Ware

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781107013438

Category: History

Page: 266

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The historical importance of Claudian as writer of panegyric and propaganda for the court of Honorius is well established but his poetry has been comparatively neglected: only recently has his work been the subject of modern literary criticism. Taking as its starting point Claudian's claim to be the heir to Virgil, this book examines his poetry as part of the Roman epic tradition. Discussing first what we understand by epic and its relevance for late antiquity, Catherine Ware argues that, like Virgil and later Roman epic poets, Claudian analyses his contemporary world in terms of classical epic. Engaging intertextually with his literary predecessors, Claudian updates concepts such as furor and concordia, redefining Romanitas to exclude the increasingly hostile east, depicting enemies of the west as new Giants and showing how the government of Honorius and his chief minister, Stilicho, have brought about a true golden age for the west.
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Parzifal a Knightly Epic

Parzifal  a Knightly Epic

This inability of the unbaptized to behold the Grail , and the renewal of the power
of the stone every Good Friday are the two most direct proofs of the Christian
nature of the Talisman to be found in the poem . As remarked in Note to Book ix .

Author: Wolfram (von Eschenbach)


ISBN: PRNC:32101074768951

Category: Perceval (Legendary character)


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Categories: Perceval (Legendary character)

Ty gar ja and the Renewal of Tradition

Ty  gar  ja and the Renewal of Tradition

This is found in the treatise entitled Bharata Šāstra , and the devotion is depicted
in the Rāmāyaṇa epic , the Bhāgavata Purāṇa and the Mahābhārata epic .
These were the constant elements of the songs Tyāgarāja composed and taught
to ...

Author: William Joseph Jackson

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publ.

ISBN: 8120811461

Category: Carnatic music

Page: 304

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Tyagaraja 1767-1947 is the most celebrated of South Indian musician saints. This book explores some of the growth processes, the transmission patterns and the cultural creativity involved in South Indian bhakti traditions, using examples of Tyagaraja`s life story, songs and social signigicance as case studies.
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Bibliographic Index

Bibliographic Index



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