Rabbit Hunting

Author: Dave Fisher

Publisher: Woods N' Water, Inc.

ISBN: 9780970749369

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 194

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"To stand along high on a stump and hear the hounds screaming at the top of their lungs. To see months of training culminate in a spectacular run, and finally see the rabbit coming full throttle straight for you. And to see him almost frozen in an instant of time as the shot connects and he tumbles into three inches of fresh snow; that is what rabbit hunting is all about." It's hard not to agree. Written by one of the country's most renowned cottontail hunters, this guide will give you all the necessary strategies and cottontail facts you need to get out there and experience this fun for yourself. Providing thirty years' worth of trial-and-error methods, tips, and techniques for consistently taking cottontails, this book explains everything from how to hunt rabbits in bad weather and why they "hole up" to training beagles and tips for hunting with a small pack of hounds. Author Dave Fisher has been involved in hunting and the outdoors since he was a child. For over thirty-three years, he has raised and trained hundreds of dogs, mostly beagles, for hunting rabbits.

The Rabbit Hunter

Author: Lars Kepler

Publisher: Joona Linna

ISBN: 9780008205935

Category: Detective and mystery stories

Page: 528

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You are his prey... The sixth gripping thriller in Lars Kepler's bestselling series featuring Joona Linna. Perfect for fans of Stieg Larsson and Jo Nesbo.There's a face at the window.A masked stranger stands in the shadow of a garden, watching his first victim through the window. He will kill him slowly - play him a nursery rhyme - make him pay.A killer in your house.The police offer ex-Detective Joona Linna a chance to clear his name: help Superintendent Saga Bauer track down the vicious killer terrorising Stockholm, before he strikes again.Only one man can stop him.Now Joona stands between a disturbed predator and its prey. He must catch a killer who hunts in the shadows and who is dangerously close to losing control...

Kinzua Country Hunting

Author: Russell Skalyo

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 1387184512


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Social Dynamics

Author: Brian Skyrms

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199652821

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 339

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Brian Skyrms applies adaptive dynamics (of cultural evolution and individual learning) to social theory, investigating altruism, spite, fairness, trust, division of labor, and signaling. Correlation is seen to be fundamental. Spontaneous emergence of social structure and of signaling systems are examined in the context of learning dynamics.

Hunting and Fishing in the New South

Black Labor and White Leisure after the Civil War

Author: Scott E. Giltner

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9781421402376

Category: History

Page: 240

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Giltner’s thorough research using slave narratives, sportsmen’s recollections, records of fish and game clubs, and sporting periodicals offers a unique perspective on the African-American struggle for independence from the end of the Civil War to the 1920s.

Hunter (Joona Linna, Book 6)

Author: Lars Kepler

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 0008205922

Category: Fiction

Page: 528

View: 790

It begins with a nursery rhyme. Nineteen minutes later you die... The sixth gripping thriller in Lars Kepler’s bestselling series featuring Joona Linna. Perfect for fans of Stieg Larsson and Jo Nesbo.

Rabbit Boss

Author: Thomas Sanchez

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 9780307497482

Category: Fiction

Page: 544

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The legendary, epic novel tells the story of four generations of the Washo in Nevada and Eastern California--a story of dreams, dying, the loss of power, death and apotheosis.

Deer Hunting in Paris

A Memoir of God, Guns, and Game Meat

Author: Paula Young Lee

Publisher: Travelers' Tales

ISBN: 1609520815

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 360

View: 8388

What happens when a Korean-American preacher’s kid refuses to get married, travels the world, and quits being vegetarian? She meets her polar opposite on an online dating site while sitting at a café in Paris, France and ends up in Paris, Maine, learning how to hunt. A memoir and a cookbook with recipes that skewer human foibles and celebrates DIY food culture, Deer Hunting in Paris is an unexpectedly funny exploration of a vanishing way of life in a complex cosmopolitan world. Sneezing madly from hay fever, Lee recovers her roots in rural Maine by running after a headless chicken, learning how to sight in a rifle, shooting skeet, and butchering animals. Along the way, she figures out how to keep her boyfriend’s conservative Republican family from “mistaking” her for a deer and shooting her at the clothesline.