The Ra Contact Teaching the Law of One

The Ra Contact  Teaching the Law of One

This book is the transcript from the recording of that conversation between the Questioner and Ra. Through questions & answers, the metaphysical blueprint of spiritual evolution is explored, from the microcosm to the macrocosm, from the ...

Author: Carla L. Rueckert

Publisher: Ra Contact: Teaching the L

ISBN: 0945007981

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 540

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"I am Ra. We came to your peoples to enunciate the Law of One. We wished to impress upon those who wished to learn of unity that in unity all paradoxes are resolved; all that is broken is healed; all that is forgotten is brought to light." For thousands of years those of Ra have sought to teach the Law of One to seekers of truth on Earth who wished to learn of the unity or oneness of all things. This basic law of all creation is buried deep within each of our hearts because we really are one in love and in light, the building blocks of the universe. We are all manifestations of the One Infinite Creator. We are the Creator. We are not learning this law for the first time but are remembering it yet again as all mystics have taught throughout Earth's history. Our journey of self-realization is the discovery or remembrance of this essential truth, our essential identity. A waking up, as some have called it, within an illusion of separation. Don Elkins and Carla L. Rueckert worked together for 12 years to perfect the channeling process and receive philosophical inspiration and guidance from extraterrestrial sources. When Jim McCarty joined them in 1980 they began to receive a new and unique type of channeling contact from those of Ra. Through this contact, Ra shared information to help seekers of truth deepen their awareness and acceptance of self and other, and to help Earth move into the emerging fourth density of love and understanding. This book is the transcript from the recording of that conversation between the Questioner and Ra. Through questions & answers, the metaphysical blueprint of spiritual evolution is explored, from the microcosm to the macrocosm, from the particulars of life on this planet to the life of the cosmos, to the possibilities of healing, transformation, and self-realization for spiritual seekers and wanderers. * * * * * * * * * The Ra Contact: Teaching the Law of One Volume 2 contains Ra contact sessions 57-106. As with all L/L Research material, this book can be read for free in PDF form on the archive website
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The Ra Material Law of One

The Ra Material  Law of One

Is our universe intelligently designed?

Author: Jim McCarty

Publisher: Red Feather

ISBN: 0764360213


Page: 1070

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Is our universe intelligently designed? What are the possibilities of healing, transformation, and service? What is the Law of One? After 19 years of research into the channeling phenomenon that involved communications with members of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the One Infinite Creator, a group consciousness called Ra, who had evolved on the planet Venus, established contact with three dedicated seekers of truth to explore these and other questions. Ra said that all people and all of creation are One Being: the One Infinite Creator. They suggested that the process of learning to love (awakening to the "Original Thought") is studied via humanity's movement through all of time. The Ra Material sessions conducted by these three individuals examine the meaning of our cosmic existence and contain 106 transcripts of every conversation, including events leading up to first contact, and, in Book V, commentary about the contact. This 40th-anniversary boxed set includes all five books in hard cover.

Automatic Digital Recording of Hanford Reactor Outlet Water Temperatures

Automatic Digital Recording of Hanford Reactor Outlet Water Temperatures

O At 72 ° , contact CAC opens , de - energizing the translator magnets for the tens code . At 82 ° , contact CAO closes , extending ground through contacts S - RB - G and S - RA - K to relay K - IS . Relay K - IS energizes the motor ...

Author: D. E. Stephens


ISBN: UOM:39015086445403

Category: Analog-to-digital converters

Page: 76

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Instrumentation has been developed which automatically senses thermocouple voltages sequentially at a rate of three per second and records temperatures in digital form as received from an analog to digital converter. The temperatures are typed on a reactor face map and simultaneously coded into perforated tape; data from the coded tape are then transcribed on IBM cards in a form convenient for subsequent calculations. The nearly continuous display of tube power generation has given invaluable assistance in maintaining optimum pile power distributions and the coded data make possible many detailed studies of reactor dynamics, control, and reactivity balances.
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Type RA Impulse Operated Recording Demand Meters and RT Impulse Totalízing Relays CONTACT FINGER ADJUSTOR /\ be controlled by adjusting the position of the contacts relative to the cams. Each set of contact fingers can be adjusted ...

Author: Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company


ISBN: CHI:098685454


Page: 444

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Nb3Sn Accelerator Magnets

Nb3Sn Accelerator Magnets Interstrand Resistance Contact resistances between adjacent strands inside each layer, Ra, and between strands from different layers, Rc, control eddy current magnetization and AC losses, as well as current and heat sharing ...

Author: Daniel Schoerling

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030161187

Category: Agriculture (General)

Page: 452

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This open access book is written by world-recognized experts in the fields of applied superconductivity and superconducting accelerator magnet technologies. It provides a contemporary review and assessment of the experience in research and development of high-field accelerator dipole magnets based on Nb3Sn superconductor over the past five decades. The reader attains clear insight into the development and the main properties of Nb3Sn composite superconducting wires and Rutherford cables, and details of accelerator dipole designs, technologies and performance. Special attention is given to innovative features of the developed Nb3Sn magnets. The book concludes with a discussion of accelerator magnet needs for future circular colliders.
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Contact Angle Wettability and Adhesion

Contact Angle  Wettability and Adhesion

(4) However, the assumption of Rtip ≫ RA ≫ r is not valid for nano-asperity contacts such as AFM tips with R ∼ 15 nm [20, 22, 25]. For clean silicon oxide surfaces, the contact angle is almost zero, giving rise to cosθ ≈ 1 and ...

Author: Kash L. Mittal

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9789004181021

Category: Science

Page: 400

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The topic of wettability (measured in terms of contact angle) is of tremendous interest from both fundamental and applied points of view, Wettability plays an essential role in many industrial processes, so an understanding of factors dictating wettability and how to modulate it is of paramount importance. In the last years there has been an explosive interest in superhydrophobic surfaces (i.e., surfaces with water contact angle of 150° or higher) because of their relevance/importance in many areas ranging from self-cleaning windows to nanofluidics. Also recently there has been heightened activity in the field of electrowetting. Contact Angle, Wettability and Adhesion, Volume 6 is divided into four parts: Part 1: Fundamental Aspects; Part 2: Wettability Control/Modification; Part 3: Superhydrophobic Surfaces; and Part 4: Surface Free Energy and Relevance of Wettability in Adhesion. The topics covered include: a guide to the equilibrium contact angles maze: fundamental aspects of wetting of rough and chemically heterogeneous surfaces: work of adhesion for rock-oil-brine systems; Is the world basic?; wettability control/modification using various approaches; superhydrophobic surfaces and ways to impart superhydrophobicity; adsorption on superhydrophobic surfaces; solid surface energy determination; surface modification of different materials; relevance of wettability and adhesion aspects in a variety of reinforced composites. In essence, this volume reflects the cumulative wisdom of many active and renowned researchers and provides a commentary on contemporary research in the fascinating world of contact angles and wettability. This volume and its predecessors (5 volumes), containing bountiful information, will be of much value to anyone interested/involved in controlling wetting phenomena and their applications.
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Prairie Directory of North America

Prairie Directory of North America

Little Moreau RA: The RA is mostly prairie and is located south of Timber Lake, SD off CR 5a. ö 4 ç > m ^ Call the Shade Hill RA at 605/374-5114. Standing Rock Indian Reservation: The reservation is located in Corson, Dewey, ...

Author: Charlotte Adelman

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780195366945

Category: Nature

Page: 685

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The second edition of Prairie Directory of North America is a comprehensive guide to locating North American public prairies, grasslands, and savannas.
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Department of State News Letter

Department of State News Letter

The Duckpin League shapes , sizes , and colors are swung into its competition games yours at the RA's popular dison ... Either contact RA Executive Secretary George Vanderwende on extension 4308 or leave your name together with your new ...

Author: United States. Department of State


ISBN: OSU:32435066729872

Category: Diplomatic and consular service, American


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Title 50 Wildlife and Fisheries Parts 600 to 659 Revised as of October 1 2013

Title 50 Wildlife and Fisheries Parts 600 to 659  Revised as of October 1  2013

An eligible permittee who does not receive an endorsement from the RA, must contact the RA no later than May 23, 2013, to clarify his/her endorsement status. A permittee who is denied an endorsement based on the RA's initial ...

Author: Office of The Federal Register, Enhanced by IntraWEB, LLC

Publisher: IntraWEB, LLC and Claitor's Law Publishing

ISBN: 9780160921582

Category: Law

Page: 902

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50 CFR Wildlife and Fisheries
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