The Prepper with the Most Toys Wins! Prepping - It's Not Just for Doomsday

Author: George Edwin Boase

Publisher: Abuzz Press

ISBN: 9781632639301


Page: 184

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Departing from the usual gloom of the doom boom, "The Prepper With the Most Toys Wins" presents the positive nature of prepping, making life better today and secure tomorrow. With a lifestyle change, and use of renewable, sustainable and repeatable technology, survival doesn't necessarily mean sacrifice. Prepping means we take back our freedom and throw the monkey off our backs to become independent as our ancestors once were, but with advanced security and comforts. The ever-increasing angst of life today has shaped a growing portion of society we call preppers. With good intention, preppers too often prepare for the Hollywood "Mad Max" version of disaster. The actuality should be more like Gilligan's Island. As probable as finding ourselves missing phones, lights and motorcars, it's almost as certain bloodthirsty mutant gangs won't chase us across a wasteland. Too many are preparing shelters they hope they never have to live in, storing food they hope they never have to eat and stockpiling weapons and equipment they pray they never have to use. This is not how preparing for doom should be. Preparation for tomorrow should result in a better life today. A prepper is not someone suffering from paranoia. A prepper is one who clearly sees the difficulties people face on a daily basis. Rather than sit around and complain, they take affirmative action. They prepare! Preparing for survival is breaking away from the herd mentality. Prepping is a lifestyle change that results in a freedom few people enjoy today. We spend most of our day providing the basic needs for life. We obsess over health and security. We worry about the electric grid, the food supply and, most often, financial security. We worry about things we really have no control over. We are many slaves to the few masters. The prepper with the most toys wins! The grand prize is freedom. Preppers regain control to be their own master as our ancestors were long ago.